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Sphere Core Help[REPLAY] Sphere Core Escape is another point and click type escape room game by John Feltham. In this game, again you are trapped in a room and you need to escape from the room by searching and finding items and clues. You have to look everywhere in the room to find items. Then use them to figure out the game. Good luck and have fun!

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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Sphere Core Walkthrough
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at the point where i have 3 pieces to the puzzle...glass of steaming water...thing in the enertron left cube -- whats up with the screw in the floor??

got the screwdriver in same place i got the thing that went in the enertron...stuck again

Hi Heather, got to the same place, have put tiles on wall (where the green one was) ane go a circuit and have a 3 digit code

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one of the blue tiles in kitchen is the 4th circuit...then rearranged them on board and pressed electricity button...saw circuit go through but nothing seemed to happen

It activates the round thingy....still working on the key pads...do you have a round white one sitting in the screen

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OOOPs was watching the birds playing outside my window and fiddling with the buttons and its opened the cylinder, but I dont know what I did because I wasnt watching....I got a foetus...yuk!

ok I have gotten both canisters into the camera thingy...it sprouted a head and feet...now what?

Ive only got a head, is there another "bit" to find? Ive got to go soon as my lunch is nearly over...

When he stands up, and the head appears, it's as if he's on metal feet.

can't get the damn canisters into the open eye bit....agh, I'll blame it my mouse

the canisters go into the part that opens and closes in the center when you use the remote control thingy and press what kind of looks like a "V"

Anyone know what to do with the steaming cup of water?

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they won't go in, its open...thought it might be a bug so I restarted...I'll keep trying

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i poured the boiling water into glass and put it in the 'Enertron'

flashkatek...did you complete the circuit board and turn it on?

use the kettle to boil water, fill it in the sink, and put it back to boil. then click glass to fill with steaming water.

If I recall correctly, the glass was under the metal panel you used the screwdriver to undo. There were 3 things there.

yes, completed circuit board, turned it on...it buzzed then pressed the 'v' on the key pad thingy...eye hole opened but those cannisters won't go in. maybe I've not done something...any hints?

You guys lost me way back there. I have no idea what you're talking about. I have a steaming cup of water in the entertron, the activated tiles, a blue sphere stand, and some numbers. No idea what this screw does, but at one point in time, the game shaked after messing with the screw. Don't believe anything happened.

glass in in the floor boards I think, below the camera eye...where the screw driver was, in teh top corner

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the thingy from the smoking canister, kind of looks like an embryo, goes on the left of the enertron with a cylinder on the right, hit the green button, take canister. Do the same with the steaming water and other cylinder. Then both can go into "camera robot".

the glass is like a faint line, its not very clear

Ah thank you....found the glass....angelle, open the panel with the screwdriver...dont know the code for the red canister...just fiddled a bit

code for canister is behind wallpaper...gotta figure out which # equals with symbol:)

O_O I've been trying that...I must be retarded.

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Well tami what now....done all that and put both canisters in the ball thing (has a red belly button)

Ah, nevermind. Have to use the part that you...don't usually unscrew screws with. =\ I was striving for perfection, there.

My robot thingy has a yellow or blue button...how'd you get red?

Has anyone figured out the rising screw table? What it is for?

Nope...neither that nor the steaming glass of water....hmmm...

Yep..its organe/yellow

I pressed a few buttons on the keypad and the whote sphere is now smoking and hovering above its blue stand

Where is smoking cannister? Have put one thing through enertron with water now missing item to put in left side for the second???

Got to go....so close to the end, but stuck...lost the glass in the enectron. Retrieved the two canisters....

pressed a few more and an alien's head is now sticking out the top

If you take the canisters back out of the robot, the steaming one kinda finds a place hovering over the screw in the floor at it's highest setting. Also, one of the canisters fits back into the enertron. Still lost on what to do with the steaming water.

I put the water on the left, and a canister on the right; put it in the "camera eye". Tried doing the same, but the water won't go back in, and the canister is stuck in the enertron.

Yep, how weird....

stuck now..but I used that glass of steaming water inthe left hand side of the enertron with one of hte cannisters and it dissappeared, try it with the last cannister. Although I have no idea what it did

Also tried putting both canisters in there...

for the 2nd canister, you need the little "embryo" looking thing from the smoking canister under where you unscrew the metal plate from the wall.

I had another go at the keypad and a blue laser came out ofh te alien's mouth and now the hovering cannister (over the screw) is glowing

Nothing is smoking.

put the glowing cannister into the alien's tummy and now can;t get it out

Except for the glass of water, that is. I still have no body parts.

Flashkatek...i just got that too...and I was able to retrieve that canister from the top of the screw...but now...what to do with it?

played with the keypad again and the spehere opens up, closed the eye bit and the floor opens...ESCAPED!!

...I must really suck at this...

WOOHOO!! OUT!!! It's a 3 digit combination of those symbols and then it like cracks in half and this orange scanner looking thing appears for about 5 seconds then the floor is your way out! Thanks for all the help everyone:)

escape now! after put the blue canister(glowing) into the robot again and press keypad!!

Angelle you dont suck,....its just luck solving some of these...step by step...also anyone worked out which symbol with which number?

Hmmm. Still can't find the embryo thing, help please!

I don't think the code is important, just any three pushes... or you can try the 534 number.

What is important is taking out one canister, putting in the other, then both, etc, until you have the changes. I think I had the yellow canister in, and then got the laser from the mouth. I can't recall if I took it out, then put in the blue one, and got the ball floating, then put both in, with button pushes in between.... Duh. It's late, I'm tired, but free!

Help! I can't find the 4th tile! Have the 1 already there, 1 from cupboard and 1 from above cupboard. Had to restart the game and had all 4 before!

Think I have tried every number symbol/number combination to make 534. It is supposed to be 534 right??

ok, got it...back on track.

can anyone put walktrough? i finished till this box started glowing on the screw, put it in the ball...but now alien is gone... and i still cant c a way out...

yeaaaaaaah, i made it, am out *1.st time totaly on my own*juhuuu*

Can you help me please honeybee? I am still furiously searching for that 4th tile!!!

ahh please help. ive got ne canister into the eye of the big sphere, and ive got the other canister still in the enetron.. except its not doing anything! what is supposed to happen??

can anybody post a walkthrough?

cat the 4th tile is over the sink its a blue tile

Okay. I've put all four tiles in the electric thing and set that going. I've unscrewed the metal sheet to get two canisters and a keypad. I got screwdriver (used, obviously) and glass, used kettle to boil water and fill glass, before putting a glass and a canister into the Ecotron and getting a glowy canister. Opened the eye using the V button and put the glowy canister inside. Put the other canister in the Ecotron again, not sure what to do now.

My only guess is that I have to open the canister under the area I unscrewed, but I can't figure out the combination. D:


I already have that blue tile, plus the 1 from the cupboard and the 1 already there. Still can't find the 4th. Have given up for todya.

can't figure the canister either. driving me nuts!!!!!!!!1

where is the screwdriver¡¡¡¡ can anyone tell me please¡¡¡¡ i'm going crazy¡¡¡¡¡

click under the blue rings on the floorboards at the view of the eyeball/camera thing, click the middle of the screen until the floorboards disappear and screwdriver and glass are there.

cat it is in the electron

some body PLEASE help me get the canister that is under the panel you unscrew OPEN PLEASE!!


can anyone tell me where the white tile is, i found it before but the game has a glitch with the enertron so i had to restart but i can find it now

I just can't find any fetus in this game... Where did you find it? Please, be specific, because I've been clicking madly, without any result... Thanks!!!

help please, where is the smoking canister? Thanks


1. On starting the game, click towards the bottom of the screen (just above the inventory) to look down at the floor. Remove the floorboards and collect the screwdriver and the glass. The starting screen will be referred to as "North".

2. Go to the west wall and collect the kettle from the table.

3. Also collect the tile with part of the circuit board on from the right enertron alcove.

4. Go to the south screen. Open the cupboard door and remove the wooden tile containing the second part of the circuit board.

5. Drag the kettle from the inventory to the sink, in order to fill the kettle.

6. Use the screwdriver on the four screws around the metal plate on the wall, to remove it. When it falls off, collect the two power cores and the remote from inside.

7. There is a piece of wallpaper just above the sink which can be clicked on. Doing so will reveal the code to the Cryo Unit (534).

8. Just above and to the left of the sink is a tile which can be clicked. This is the final piece of circuit board.

9. Click on the Cryo Unit, and enter the code (534). The numbers ARE in english, they are just heavily modified (perhaps the digits 3 and 4 are the most recognisable, the rest are 1, 2 and 5, it should be simple to work out which is which as they are in order).

10. Remove the frozen embryo from the cryo unit.

11. Go to the east screen. Drag each of the tiles collected so far onto the tile rack on the right of the screen, in order to reveal the pieces of the puzzle.

12. Drag the puzzle pieces from their rack onto the circuit board. When a piece is dragged onto a part of the puzzle, it will lock in place until the power button is pressed. If you make a mistake, just press the power button and it will release the pieces so they can be corrected. When the puzzle is correctly assembled, press the power button to activate the power to the magnetic coils under the sphere.

13. Go back to the Enertron (west). Drag the kettle back to it's stand in order to boil the water.

14. Drag the glass onto the kettle to create a glass of hot water.

15. Drag the embryo from the Inventory onto the left alcove of the enertron. Drag the first power core to the right alcove. Hit the power button to create the Ice Power Core. Remove the power core and embryo from the enertron.

16. Repeat the above process with the glass of hot water and the second power core to create the Hot Power Core.

17. Go back to the Sphere.

18. Click the remote button in the inventory to make the sphere remote visible on the screen.

19. Click button 1 (same symbols from the cryo unit) to open the Sphere Iris.

20. Drag the Ice Power Core into the hole and close the iris again.

21. Press button 2 to cause the sphere to levitate, and lower it's legs.

22. Press button 3 to activate the Head. This is as far as you can get using the Ice Core. The Sphere needs more power to move onto the next stage.

23. Remove the Ice Power Core and replace it with the Hot Power Core. The machine will still not activate it's the 4th button until it's target is ready:

24. Go to the south screen, and click on the large screw in the floor until it is at it's highest setting. Drag the Ice Power Core ontop of the screw.

25. Go back to the north and press button 4. A beam of energy should be fired by the head, and strike the Ice Power Core, converting it into the Super Power Core. Click on it to collect it.

26. Go back to the north screen, remove the Hot Power Core, and insert the Super Power Core.

27. Press button 5 on the remote. The Sphere should open, and begin charging up for it's final ability.

28. After a short animation, the sphere will vanish, taking with it part of the room, leaving a hole in the wall. Click on the hole to Escape.

The screwdriver isn't working for me. How do I unscrew the metal plate?

Me to cannot get the scewdriver to open the metal piece on the wall and how can yoy tell if the kettle filled with water its impossible?

you dont use the tip of screwdriver you use the middle of it and put the kettle on the area and if steam is coming out you know its full

about the ting on the wall if u rite click on ur mouse on it and press zoom in you'll see that there are 4 screws I tink dats y it's not openin.
If anyone needs help wit anything just let me know I'm out

If u put the kettle bac on where u got it from it will boil and you'll know it's full

Thanks for your help

i cant get the screw driver to work i've used the middle part but it still doesnt work

I am totally confused (nothing new there then lol) were it says:

16. Repeat the above process with the glass of hot water and the second power core to create the Hot Power Core.

I have tried that but its not allowing the second power core in the enertron for some reason, I got the first one done by using the frozen embryo and the first power core and that worked what am I doing wrong?

Shanzak keep at it just use around the middle of the screwdriver over the bolts and the metal plate will fall off, I had the same trouble as you but it finally worked.

it seems to me that the symbols somewhat look like the numbers. the strange W one looks like a 4, the G looks similar to 5, and the one that DOES look like 3, well looks like 3.

put the blue canister(that you made with the embryo) on the swivel seat...put orange canister (made with hot water) in the sphere... then fire the blue laser out of it's mouth. The canister on the swivel is now white and glowing. Put it in the sphere and the floor opens!

i put the screwdriver on the panel but nothing happen.
How did you unscrew the panel ?

thanks for the walkthrough

no matter how much i drag the kettle (with steam coming out of it, i cant get it to go into the enertron. what am i doing wrong?

oh wait...the walkthrough says to drag a glass to the kettle...where the heck is a glass?!!

Oh I got it, anyone looking for the glass should look under the floorboards more closely :)


caught this on the replay. Not a bad game, but a bit more trial and error than I like for getting the robot operational.


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