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SSSG16 - Super Sneaky Spy Guy 16: Sneaky Goes to Space Walkthrough

SSSG16 - Super Sneaky Spy Guy 16: Sneaky Goes to Space

Super Sneaky Spy Guy Goes to Space WalkthroughSSSG 16 - Super Sneaky Spy Guy 16: Super Sneaky Spy Guy Goes to Space is the 16th episode of SSSG - Super Sneaky Spy Guy point and click adventure game series created by Self Defiant for Melting Mindz. Sneaky has been sent to the Embrillian space station to find the missing Embrillanaut Vincent. He hasn't been in contact for several weeks and the space station is totaly in his hands! Sneaky never knows what he may encounter on his missions, this one is no different! Good luck and have fun!

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any1 here?

Yes...but I have to go soon for a couple of hours...talk about a feast of goodies this morning!!

I have a rubber band, an empty syringe and a green key (used mug and coathanger). I'm stuck..

oh wait i used found a door i hadn't been in. now i've used the elevator.
i love these games.

hullo,i got stuck in the screen of the aliens,i got a blue key but i can't get it off the items so i can't use.now i'm going to start again, any help.sorry about my english.

       Anonymous  10/26/07, 11:51 PM  

Hello, can´t use the items neither, only examine them. Does anyone know how? Thanks :)

on the item screen, if you double click the item goes in the box for a closer look. but to use them, i've just clicked on them once so they arent in the box and it gets a message about combining/using. then i close the items and click on wherever i want to use it. hope this helps!

is any1 here? i enter aroom with exercise's machines and now i can't go out from here,it seems nothing works.heeeelp!!!

how you use mug and coathanger

i think i have to start again for the second time¡¡¡¡¡i'm getting nervous.sorry the english.

How exactly do you get the green key?

thanks cazoob i'll try it

yes that works¡ in the place where is a box on the wall that says:bad ,i found something white hanging on the wall when you zoom it appears a grey thing and it doesn't go to the items.any1 knows what it's

mug - go to kitchen. fill with water. microwave it. then use on ice sculpture. get coin for vending machine gum.

coathanger - combine with gum and use to get green key from one of the grates in the hallway leading toward the elevator.

Hello it's 9 o'clock in the morning in my timezone. what timezone are you all in

it's 5:12pm here. melbourne australia

frantus,the green key is in the place where the elevator is.zoom one of the grids .i hope you unde.rstand my bad english.here in argentine it is 4:14 am

i live in buenos aires

Pat-e thats a long way from europe. seem to get stuck after getting the green key any1 any ideas :(

in the blue book on top shelf, there is a code and a knife hiden in back page

cazoob, how did you enter the elevator?

I,ve been in a room with green embryos hanging in tubes and a machine that needs a code but I can't find it back

where to use the green key?

sure it's a long way from europe.i don't know where can i use the green key and de bandit.any ideas

Perth Australia 3.50 pm....done everything, only have green key, elastic band, syringe and knife....trying to work how to pop the balloon...dont know what to do with the green key

oh wow. i've finally finished. that caused a few brain meltdowns.

um i think i got in the elevator by taping the wires back together in that machine in the middle room.

green key is used on the 2nd floor.

lockt where are you from exactly?i have cousins in spain,italy and scotland.

pat-e , i think that box u found show the cut red wire from main room cupboard, and seems to be a blur picture in the circle shape

cazoob,which of the items did you use to repair the wires?

cazoob, with what did u taoe the wire? cant pop the balloon ever

thanks cc .do you know how to repair that wire ?

you need level 2 dart for the balloon.
the tape is in the biohazard box with the aliens.

cazoob, thanks, but how to open the cupboard in alien room?was the code from the book ?

Is the box code numbers or letters?

just got it, its the time in his bedroom clock !

yeah bedroom time.
later when you need a royal code, it's 10. but i dont remember why.

i'll try again later because here in bs.as it is 5:20 am and i have to go to sleep.thanks all of you.bye bye

I have a rubber band, a knob, a syringe and a small disk.

I need something for the computer on the room with the robot, I've no idea what to do on the room with the stereo, i need a code for a big closet (???) and the chemistry, I need a code for the "danger bad" and i need something that is missing from the room with the austronat suit.

can somebody help????

got to go guys, good luck, will try later
thanks for your help cazoob

In the room with the astronaut suite, the knob goes in the place where it says something is missing.

thanks. i found that. but i cannot figure out the code out of that room (the danger box). on the 2nd floor, there is a hint on the room with the screen (showing the word DANGER in red the global and a blue box with the number2). But don't know what to do....

All I have left is the syringe...use most of my stuff in the room with the robot and blue containers...need code...

where did you use the disk and the rubber band???

Used the disc on the stereo and rubber band in the room with the blue containers (you need three other items)

One the second floor, how do you repair the wire???

where can i use the green key? please help

on the room with the bed (on the 2nd floor), there is a screw under the pillow. use the screw to repair the wire.

on the room with the bed (on the 2nd floor), there is a screw under the pillow. use the screw to repair the wire.

i cant find the room with the bed in the 2nd floor. maybe i have to unlock the door first but i dont know how.

from the main room you should use the door which is not shown...accros the door leading to the elevator

how do I fix the wires on the second floor, anybody...

the green key is used on the closet on the 2nd floor, on the left door and the on the door on the end of the corridor. the close has a greek keyhole.

Still stuck....help with codes anyone?

1st floor with exercise equipment tv - green
1st floor medicine cabinet - dark blue
2nd floor movie room - blue
2nd floor bedroom tv - red

put disk into stereo and watch the pattern of colors, enter the numbers into the danger box

Thank you..........

got stucked.... on the room with the robot, on the room with the chemistry and the big closet need a code...

still have a syringe, a rubber band and a capsule with a green liquid inside.

please help

In the bedroom on the 2nd floor move the garbage can and get the peg. After short circuting the robot use the peg and rubber band on the computer.

Have a new item and filled the syringe, but getting tired....playing in the laboratory (anyone seen the green or red square codes?)


I used the syringe filled with green on the chemistry set and caused an explosion which gave me the code for the blue/green/red square closet.

Has anybody figured out the code for the computer or managed to unlock the cupboard in the first floor hallway yet?

i'm trying to combine the syringe with the capsule but it doesn't work... any ideas???

Thank you got that now, any help with the code for the box in with the blue containers? Go to go soon and make dinner.....am I close to the end?

Select the capsule and point the end of the syringe in the green goo

egali, you have to get them both in the square then click on the syringe.

thanks... that worked...

How can i take the green key? Idon't understand!!

combine the hunger and the gam and grab it

In English - Wire Hanger and Gum (from the vending machine)

I have to go, please help with the code for the room with the robot....

The mirror on the first floor has a comment about a 5 pointed star. Don't know what it means though, but probably something to do with the computer. Any help?

There is also one on the door of a room on 2nd floor (with two circles)

Oh the pain...got to go...the cat is crawling up the wall with hunger and the husband is moaning...wish I could finish...help what do I do with the glass tube?

please help with robot got puddle on floor but thats it stuck now.

someone please help this is driving me mad what do i do with the robot?? all i have is a puddle on the floor?

Put the corns in the puddle.

Go outside where you found the capsule. Click on the stars and you get the "starnumber" to use on the computer. That´s what the picture in the locker with de blue and green dot + the star means..

Grrr, I am stuck with the syringe but no capsule.. how do you get outside.. it tells me there is something missing, the light is green though. I have used everything I have..

you have to put a knob (small cogwheel)there where it says something is missing. Don´t really remember where I got the knob from...

thanks...been everywhere a few times looking. anyone else remember?

in the elevator when u get 2 floor

but it steel wont open
can someone help me?

You have to use a knife. The knife is in a blue book on the top shelf (in a bookshelf on first floor).

Anyone know what to do on 3rd floor with glass tubes?

Gotta go will look later to see if
anyone out

this stinks. I get the mug to fill up with water, but then when I try to microwave it, it just empties out again. any suggestions?

how do u use ur items?

go to "items", double click on the coffee mug, close "item", then when your mug is still highlighted click on the sink, the message says : the mug is now filled with water. when your mug with water is still highlighted, click on the microwave, the message says : the water in mug is too hot. that's all i can remember from that part... i hope it helps.

to use an object : go to items, double click on the object (you'll see it in detail on the right), then close "items", then click the place you want to interact.
to combine an object : go to "items", double click on object (you'll see it in detail on the right, then click on the other object just once, you'll see message of "combined/used" then click once more. two things will be combined... To use your new object, use directions above.

thanx I'll try it again

nope still wont let me microwave the water. Just empties the mug everytime I click on the microwave.

how odd. I just filled the mug, then dumped it on the sculpture and got the coin. No microwaving needed.

maybe that's a bug... it happened to someone else from another site and says restarted the game and now it's ok. you are lucky...

chrissy, there´s a picture on the wall (on 2nd floor I think) with 4 blue squares. Those squeres symbolize the tubes on the 3rd floor. In other words put the tubes in the same height as shown on the wall...

can sum1 plz tell me were i can use the green key tried left door on 2nd floor and on box in the machine on 2nd floor still no joy. plz help

i'm having the same problem, it's not working on any of the doors. also need help with the chemical-gadget. any ideas?

Any1 playing this game and if so what else do you need for the door lock in the spacesuit room put the handle in still wont turn. I found the gym room and robot room used all my items just need code for comp now ANY1?

have u found the gym retrogal because u use it in there dont know how i missed it 4 so long but when u see the danger sign on wall try door at end of room or use arrow key to back it quite confusing cos i was sure i'd been in every room

just started the game and can't find the mug or gum have hanger,syrings, key that opened the box with the wires need some help please!

sorry put that wrong u pop the balloon with the dart in the gym and get a blue key which when u use leads to a place were u can use green key if that makes any sense

found code fix wires went to the 2 floor found screw still can't find mug or gum to get the key from the first floor. is there anyone there please help.

where did you guys find the knob and the green capsule!?! and how do you short circuit the robot?!

ok so im not sure what to do here just joined today...umm...the only things ive found are a mug, syringe, and a blue key..ive used the mug to get the coin to get the gum but from there i need help...

donkystar or jaigh
can you please help going crazy
can't find the mug or the coin looked high and low.
Thank you

sorry ATV im not even sure where i found the mug..and when you find the mug you put water in it from the kitchen then put it in the microwave and pour it on the ice sculpture and it gives you the coin to use on the vending machine then get the gum..i need help to find the hanger...

is anyone else having problems with this game? I have had to restart 5 times because as soon as I get the gum it wont let me do anything else.

yes..im going through the same crap..its frustrating...have you found the hanger yet?

atvcountry..i honestly cant remember where i found the mug. but you need the mug to get the coin. after you find the mug you fill it with water and put it in the microwave then pour it on the ice sculpture and then you get a coin. then use the coin on the vending maching and get gum. then combine the gum with the hanger and you can get the green key!

can anyone tell me where the GD hanger is...lol...

the hanger is in the bathroom. you open one of the stalls and it's hanging on the door of the stall!

thank you very much..i am happy about that...

ok so i got the green key thanks to you guys now what does it go too..lol

if i remember correctly..you use it on a room on the 2nd floor...

green key: on the second floor take the left door in the round main room, go to the door at the end of the floor, there are green and blue lockers. one of the blue ones has a green keyhole.

is there anybody in here who knows how to short circuit the robot?!?

thank you very much...i just got on the second floor so you've helped me out alot...

Jaigh, I think, we need some water, but I can't get the syringe in the little hole :-(

you're welcome, dorky :-)

on the first level i picked up a red key does that go to the door on the second level round main room? and whats the code to the box that says "BAD" on the first level?

you have to find the straw which is in the game room on the second floor and put it in the hole in the water jug thingy...and then a puddle shoots out of it and lands on the floor. but you have to get th robot to walk over it somehow..not sure how to do that yet!

i got the box open in the second floor main room and it has a wire that keeps "falling out" does anyone know how to fix it?

1st floor with exercise equipment tv - green
1st floor medicine cabinet - dark blue
2nd floor movie room - blue
2nd floor bedroom tv - red

put disk into stereo and watch the pattern of colors, enter the numbers into the danger box

dorkystar you have to go to the bedroom on the second floor and move the pillow away from the bed and you'll get a screw and then put the screw in the box with the wires. and thats how you fix them

youre such a big help..thanks CELE and Jaigh!!

found the mug it's 2 floor in the bedroom behind the blue wastebacket

no sorry it's a peg still looking for the mug

ok so i got the numbers and im not sure what order they go in...

you know what?!?! i give up on this one...i have absolutely no clue on what to do with the robot after you get a puddle on the ground..and i've been working on this for like ever..so im off to another one...maybe i'll have better luck with that one!! peace out ya'll

ty jaigh, but I can't take the straw up.
And yes, the red key goes to the curciut box. For the danger box you need a disc and use it in the stereo room. look for the colors on the floor, and then find the places with tvs, they show you squares in the right colors.

mug was somewhere on the first floor, on some table, I think. It's a green cup, maybe that will be useful.

ok so i got the puddle on the floor...and im not sure what to do about that..how do i obtain the disc and what is the rubber band for?

i used the disc..and im not sure what the code is...does anyone know it...

put the kernel in the puddle, then you can use the peg
can't remember, where the disc was. maybe in the room down the main hall on the second floor (you can't see the door, but you can find it by using the coursor)

for me the colors was green, dark blue, green, red and blue

cele thank you I am still looking I restarted the game just to make sure it was working right going cazy look for the F$%$ing mug. cele if you think of anything let me know Thank you so much !!

does anyone know what the peg is for?

atv, I opened the game in a new tab: mug is in the library (right door the main room and then the first door on the left ;-)
the peg goes in the computer behind the roboter, then use the rubber.

Cele you are a lifesaver thank you so much I feel so stupid I never Saw that right door THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!

you're welcome :-) by the way: you can also find a bood there with a code in it and with a knife in the last page.
I can't find the password for the computer in the room with the roboter *grmbl*

gwwthe star looks familiar to the one in the green locker where you got the disc...just a thought

ok so im not sure how to use the syrenge...lol..im stuck....

wow, still don't know the password, but after putting the rubber on the console, you can go back down to the 1 floor to the room with the space suit, turn the wheel and go outside. there you can pick up a capsule AND you can click on the stars. I think, I have to build this 5-pointed star, but I didn't managed until now

       Anonymous  10/27/07, 1:29 PM  

I'm in a room 2nd floor with 3 glass doors and a chem set. What's the code. It makes no sense to me! Any help please.

How do you get the chemistry set to explode. I have the green syringe, and the bottle things fill up with a purple or red liquid but then I don't know, and it's really tricky 'cause depending on where I click the set minimizes from the close up view...help?

Oops, I did it. If you find the rights stars, you'll get the picture from the locker, so you know you're right. But still don't see, where this will get me to.

What is the Royal Code?

the royal code is 10

I did the green liquid in the chemical device, but nothing happened. The star gave me a number, when I came back inside. I wrote this number in the box next to the roboter, now I can go to the 3. floor

what stars were the right ones because ive been clicking like freakin crazy...lol

what does the green goo filled syringe do? i dont know what to do with it...

Stars: the one right of the bottom of the door, the third one down in the left row under the earth and then in the right corner under the green plante NOT the 3 on the bottom and NOT the 2 under the planet, but the 5 inbetween (it's hard to discribe and my english is not so good, sorry)

on space you gotta make the shape that's in the locker....then you go back inside and se the number on the window... after that you put that number on the computer and zap!!! level 3 is unlocked

       Anonymous  10/27/07, 1:54 PM  

Made it to 3rd floor but still need danger code and three color code. HELP

ok people, a silly cry for help: where's the dart to pop the balloon in the gym? Please?

On the third floor is an orange and a green line, so I thought green and orange would do something with the chemistry, but nothing happened

I'm out. Without solving the chemistry thing. I just went up third floor, there you have to solve the glass tube thing (you can find the solution on a floor in the second floor, I think it was the one to the bedroom) and wooops there you go :-)

the danger code is 63652 for those who need it..

i need help trying to get to the locker room with the picture of the star so i can get the star area taken care of....HELP PLEASE!!

Retro, the dart is on the second floor in the game-room.

I can'y get the glass rods to work. HELP!!!

Dorky, it was in the room, where you used the green key, I think, somewhere behind the left door from the main room. The picture was in the right green locker.

thanks cele, but my green key won't open anything, so i can't get to the gameroom...i think?

Retro, you need a red key to open the curcuit in the main room, then you need the screw from the bedroom I think to fix the wire, and voila, the left door opens. (Bedroom is down the main room, you can't see the door, but you can find the dart to go there)

I can't get my rubber band to attach to the console...where should I be clicking?

Ok, I replayed. Game room is on second floor, right door in main room, then door at the end of the corridor

The Glass Rods on the 3rd Floor will not work for me. what do I have to do?

For rubber: first put it over the peg, then you will be asked, if you want to attach it to the knob, so just bend it over there, it worked for me.
For the glass tubes I think it was this (clockwise): at the top (12 o'clock) half way up, the rest down.

thanks Cele. I got it and now I'm out.

Thanks Cele! :)

tx again cele, but all i got frm the bedroom was a screw and wooden peg, no dart....

I'm glad I help :-)

Oops, silly me, thanks a bundle Cele, kept missing that door....

alright i code the code from the stars and now im not sure what to do with it..anyone know..?

Dart is in the play room, right door down the corridor. And if you are there, put one of the couches away, you will find something useful ;-)

has anyone gotten the whole chemistry BS figured out?

Go back to the roboter and write the code in the field in the black box, Dorky

thank you so much CELE!!!

       Anonymous  10/27/07, 2:29 PM  



the glass tubes do they have something to do with the shapes on the wall on level two..the ones just outside the room?

A long way up in the comments somebody said, you could make a blow up in the chemistry, but I didn_t managed to and I didn't need it. Still wondering why, but it worked without it.

im so stuck on the glass tube thing...anyone gotten it figured out yet??

Yes Dorky, that's the code, I think.
Nerd: the knob is just outside the lift on second floor. there is a hole in the wall, but you need the knife from the library in the first floor to open it.

okay so i tried it and nothing happened?

For the glass tubes I think it was this (clockwise): at the top (12 o'clock) half way up, the rest down.


Dorky :-)))

I'm finally out too....thank you all for all the help...tough one...couldn't have done it with out yah. Goodnight all!

Anyone got a walkthrough please?

what is the "royal code" for the 2nd flr movie room

Walk Through For the First Level.
~Look at the clock. The time it is stuck on is important.
~Click on the door, exit the room and click on the next door to go to the control room.
~Click on the door to your left.
~Click the first aid kit and get the syringe.
~Go into the door at the end of the hallway.
~The Bio Hazard box and enter the time from the bedroom.
~Get the Electrical tape.
~Click on the middle door and go into the bathroom.
~On one of the stall doors there is a coat hanger. Get it.
~Exit this hallway and enter the door on the right of the control room.
~Enter the first door on the Left.
~Get the mug from the table.
~Click on the blue book on the top shelf of the book case. This click has to be perfect and kinda on the edge of the black book.
~Click the back cover towards the top. That will turn the page and you will see a tear at the top left. Click the light blue surrounded by dark blue and get the knife.
~Exit this room and click the Bio-Hazard Box.
~The code for this is 63652. Though I don’t know why.
~Click the red button and BAM its green.
~Go back to the Control room and back to the Kitchen.
~Fill the mug with water and put it in the microwave.
~When the text says the water in the mug is now hot, pour it on the goose ice sculpture to get the coin.
~Insert the coin into the vending machine. Get the gum from the vending machine.
~Go into Items and click the gum and then combine with the coat hanger.
~Go back to the control room.
~Click at the bottom of the screen as if to go back to the bedroom.
~Pick up the blue key.
~Go back to the control room.
~Use the blue key on the panel of the controls.
~Tape the broken wires together.
~Go to the Middle door.
~Click the first grate on the floor and you see a gree key. Use the Coat hanger with the gum on the end to get it.

You are can now go to the second floor.

Walk Through for the Second Level.

~When you get to the second Level, use the knife in items to get the panel off the left.
~Pick up the knob.
~Go into the control room on this level and to the door on the right.
~The last door in the hallway is the game room.
~Get the dart from the dart board and the straw from behind the chair.
~Go back down to the first floor and go into the room with the astronaut suit.
~Click the astronaut suit to get the rubber band.
~Attatch the knob to the box next to the green light.
~Go out into space.
~You will see 5 stars to the bottom right click them all, to make a 5 pointed star.
~Pick up the capsule by the door.
~Go back into the space station.
~On the window will be a number. It changes everytime. Remember this number for the robot/computer room.
~Go to the exercise room and use the dart to pop the balloon.
~Pick up the Red Key.
~Go back second floor. And into the control room.
~Click the bottom of the screen to go into the bedroom.
~Behind the wastebasket is a peg.
~Under the pillow is the screw.
~Use the red Key on the panel on the 2nd floor control room.
~Use the screw to keep the wire from falling out.
~Now you can go into the room on the left.
~Get the popcorn kernals out of the movie room.
~Go to the room with the robot.
~Use the straw in the open container.
~This will create a puddle.
~Use the kernals to draw the robot over.
~Go to the computer and insert the peg into the hole.
~Use the Rubber band to keep the sweitch over.
~The code is the one from the window on the first floor.
~You can now go to the 3rd floor!

The way you beat the glass tubes is the top tube is 1/2 way down and the rest are all the way down.


is anyone playing this game?
i need help

What do you need help with?

The way you get the DANDER code is.... Go to each tv screen, each screen shows a color square, the screen shows 6 green ones, 3 purple squares in the first aid kit, 5 red squares on the other tv screen, and the blue square = 2, after when you put the disk in watch where the light hits the color squares. Green Purple, Green, Red, Blue= 63652

Also on the 3rd floor on the right side is an orange line and on the right is a green line, go to the chemistry lab... on the left side fill tube with orange..and then click your capsule in the items section and put in the right tube, Kaboom! Numbers show on the doors 130 on the middle door enter 1 on red, 3 on blue and o one green , middle door opens

What's the number for the biohazard box at beginning of game? I've tried the time from the clock but nothing works

I forgot when your in the chemistry lab first put in orange on the left then but in any other color on the right After put the goo from the capsule into the same right tube Mixture goes Kaboom! Leaving you with a three digit code. Input it and recieve a glass rod. The numbers change. At first I got 130 this time I got 180

Thanks a lot for the walkthrough i heart eeyore

you know you said in the walkthrough about watching the time on the clock well I entered it into the machine the clock said 10.30, am I doing it right by putting 10.30pm as nothing is happening?

put 1030
How can i take the popcorn?

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