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Bamba Snack Quest

Bamba Snack Quest WalkthroughBamba Snack Quest is another new and really cute point and clic type advanture game in Hebrew. In this game you try to help little baby whose snacks stolen by an evil squirrel and your task is to get his snacks back. Currently there are 4 episodes available, but you'll have to unlock them one by one to play, with another 5 coming up between now and the beginning of December. Good luck and have fun! [Subbed by John]

Updated: New episodes are available.

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       Anonymous  11/1/07, 1:11 PM  


im a bit stucked in 4..just dont know what to do..i can get the bottle..but dont know what to do with it

haha..ok i got it

ha ha done it now...

First time commenter.
I know I will probably figure it out myself eventually, but how do I get past the bottle in level 4? I keep throwing it back to the water.


what a cute little game only one very annoying thing about it Screen Four will not load argggggggggh

GAH, i think im on scene four(wasnt paying attention), the one with the bottle, whale, ocean, hermit crab, blah blah. The whale blows water, but that hasnt helped me yet. I can click on the stick with string, then click on the left hermit crab, and it taps on it, but doesnt do anything when i click on the other one but shrug... i got the pearl and threw it at the starfish, allowing me to jump ther and get the bottle...but the bottle hasnt helped me...i tried to take some things to other things to possibly attach them, but it always makes me throw them back into the water ><

any help?

ANY help at all....

get the crab to move to the other shell by hitting it with the pearl. then get the bottle and replace it with the first shell. Get another pearl and make it move back , then retrieve the bottle and combine it with the pole and string and fish it to the whale and he gives you a ride.

Ok i dont want to sound stupid but i know i do but i cant get past the first one with the stop light lol... i cant reash the red paint???? Pleaseeee help

       Anonymous  11/2/07, 6:09 AM  

you can reach the red paint by taking it with the right stick of the tree, but at the prcise moment the bee is bugging the painter.
I had to try a couple of times as well.
paint the orange red, and use the other stick still left at the tree to change the colour on the traffic-light

       Anonymous  11/2/07, 6:11 AM  

precise i ment, not prcise

Lovely looking game and not too difficult.I look forward to the next 5

Super cute, and not too tough. Looking forward to next 5.


lvl 1
-Click right stick
-pick it up
-click bug then red paint can while its buggin the painter
-click oranges
-click red paint
-click stick attached to tree
-click cross walk YOU'RE DONE!!

lvl 2
-click tool box
-click bush then click the box you revel
-click facet for hose
-in side crane click 1=2 2=1 3=1 then green button
-outside click hook
-in side crane click 1=1 2=2 3=3 then green button
-out side click hose
-click hole YOU'RE DONE

lvl 3
- click pipes till every one is connected and connected to gold and red
-click faucet then bump close to you then turn it
-click grass
- click turtle x2(second after you get faucet handle)
-click other bump turn faucet
click key then lock YOU'RE DONE

lvl 4
-click blue shell then pearl
-click closest shell on far rock
-click starfish then rock
-click bottle jump back to middle
then one before shells replace one shell
-click blue shell then pearl
-hit one with crab
- jump to bottle click stick with string then bottle trow to whale YOU'RE DONE

lvl 5
-click Pick ax then rock and lemur
-click meat click hole then pot
-click feather then python
-click hole then pot
-click lemur click bone and half coconut click guy garding cave
:):):)YOU'RE DONE:):):)

were is the meat is it in the hole and also were is the bone the only one i see is on the zuloo or whatever he is?

For cave level, take gem from door, snake will take in mouth. Line up prisms so that when you click on the spider the light beams hit the gem. Take gem to statue. Line up prisms again so that they hit gem. Statues eyes light up, stairs appear and voila!

did that native with the spear tell me to "F" off?

Im stuck in part six. Im in a sort of cave and try to put the diamonds in the right order but its very difficult please help me with it

already done waiting for part 7

done part 7!
the cave door has a green stone.
click on it ;
after that click the hole!

soon u gotta play ur way ard,
click the spider to unveil the light.
make the light shine onto the green diamond the monster is holding.

it is drop later, take and put on the statue.

after that, play with the light, and the light is to shine onto the green stone again.

i cracked level 6

I think i beat it...

can someone tell me what I need to do on 5 as I followed the walkthrough: click Pick ax then rock and lemur
-click meat click hole then pot
-click feather then python
-click hole then pot
-click lemur click bone and half coconut click guy garding cave
were is the meat?

also were is the bone?

New chapter (level with croc), try to play the mushrooms in a correct order and a worm will come.

anyone done level 7?

i can get the worm to the 5th hole and can't get him to the last hole 2nd from the top 1 time, top 3 and second from the top 1 time that puts him in the 5th hole.any help?

yes, finnished level 7

you have to play on the mushrooms in a correct order and a worm will come.

the order is if we say that the top mushroom is 1.


solution level 7

klick the on the mushrooms in a correct order and a worm will come.

the order is if we say that the top mushroom is 1.


klick on branch above mushrooms and the worm will climb up.
The bird moves the worm over the the other side.

klick on dragon and it will put out his tongue.

klick on the thing that is above the drogons head.

take dragons key, try to open door.

klick on dragons head. Now you can use the key to open door.

thank you very much!!

absolutely clueless on level 6...any help please??

someone help me out please with my questions?

Level 6

Put the shells in the wright place.
If a shell is correct, a skull will lit green. When all 8 skulls are green your done.

I give up asking for help as no-one wants to

reddc do keep asking for help, there is usually someone out there...sometimes they havent seen your comment, so try a little later on to see if someone has written

Reddc the meat is in the pot, when you try to get it the parrot beats you to it. The parrot then eats the meat and has the bone. When the snake is on the tree with the coconuts and the parrot on the other the lemur scares the parrot who drops the bone for you to combine with the half coconut and become a native. Hope that helps you.

anyone in the laundry room? I have a hairbrush and don't know what to do. Anyone ?

lori, pull the towel down from above you, and there are some buttons behind it, one of them opens the fire cover under the washing machine, put the hairbrush in there to feed the fire.

Okay, I got across the "roller" but stuck a lock things. Anyone got any ideas?

line up the key holes and drop the pins up them in

The meat is in the pot, but where is the bone?

Ok, the bone comes if you immediately click the lemur right after throwing the thing from the whole in the pot, then you click the bone that the bird drops right away.

I am confused about #7. I don't see any mushrooms there, only gems. I don't know which way to turn them. I just know that I clicked on the green gem up the stairs and the dragon thing got it, and I still do not know how to click the gems. :(

No, wait, that's still level 6 after I get the door open by placing the shells in the right place, sorry! How do I click the gems?


Level 8: Don't bother with the sock. Pick up the brush and place it in the furnace. Take the towel off the machine to the right. Throw it in the laundry, the arm will present it to the eye and throw it on the roller, which will stop. Click on the far end near the locked box, line up the slots, open the box, get detergent.
Put detergent in the washing machine. (press yellow button to open/close). Pick up the gray towel off of the roller, wash it in the machine, retrieve it, you will put it on, jump in the laundry.

Ok, waiting for #9!

what am i doing wrong? i can't get 8 to come up. it isnt showing available yet

I can't get level 8 either. Have played each level as it has become available and have been waiting for this level...all I have is a black and white picture with the number 8, but when I click on it, nothing happens. It MUST be available as other people have obviously played it already!

i've checked alot of other sites too and can't get it to come up

I got it to work by replay level 7 then i got to level 8

I'm stuck in level 6. I can't light the green stone on the statue. Can anybody help me? Please!

Forget it, I got it! :-)










Full, if you go to the Nordinho forums, do a search for "Bamba Snack Quest", it should give you a better walkthru for #4. I can't post a link on here, otherwise this post will be deleted.

On Nov 27, 2007 5:59 AM, full wrote:
> full has left a new comment on the post "Bamba Snack Quest":
> Hello,
> Does anybody know if there is a possibility to go directly to whatever (new)
> scene?
> It´s because i can´t get past level 4, the one with the shells and the
> bottle etc. The game becomes extremely slow here and that´s why i can´t get
> through.
> Thanks;)

freewaydog, please add only your comment. You add also others' comment below your comment, and this makes the page very long;)

@Escapegames24, sorry, I add other's comments in order to make it easier to tell what I am replying to and what I mean.

       Anonymous  11/27/07, 11:16 PM  

escapegames24 and freewaydog,

Thank you both for the reactions to my earlier posted comment,
wich i actually deleted myself, because i didn´t read the intro to the game first where it says very clearly that all levels should be played ONE by ONE. Sorry for the inconvenience caused between the two of you.
Keep the good games coming.....!

No problem, Full!

Thanks Niff for your help.

GAH i clicked on the detergant stuff before i put the hairbursh in the fire, now i cant put it down, i think i have to start over ><

nvm i started over and got past the laundry room part =D

Oh, I think you must replay level 7 in order to play level 8...level 7 was easy, so it shouldn't be that hard...

i can't pass the 7th level. would someone help me ?

Bamba Snack Quest Walkthrough (Thanks to Kadi Vutt)

Part 1

1) Click on the branch next to the baby (on your right)

2) Pick up the branch

3) Click on the bee (up in the right corner) and quickly click on the red paint pot on the ladder (up left)

4) Pick up a orange (from the wagon on your left)

5) Dip it into the red paint

6) Click on the other branch

7) Cross the road

Part 2

1) Click on the red toolbox

2) pick up the secateurs

3) click on the green bush on your right

4) click on the crate

5) put the levers in right order to get the hook down (first in the middle, second & third lever in the first hole)

6) get out of the crane

7) click on the hook

8) get back into the crain and push the levers again to lift up the hook (first lever in first hole, second lever in the middle hole and third lever in last hole)

9) get out of the crain and turn off the water by clicking on the water tap (bottom right corner)

10) click on the hose

Part 3

1) Pick up the red thing and attatch it to the thing right next to the baby's head (on the right side of the hole)

2) move the pipe peaces so they are all connected

3) turn on the water by clicking the red thing

4) pick up some green leaves (on the floor, right under the baby's feet)

5) throw it into the water (click on the rock looking thing that is floating on the water)

6) take off the red thing and click on the tortoise

7) Put the red thing back on the wall (as you have gotten to the other side) and click on it

8) a key floats to the surface, pick it up

9) click on the padlock

Part 4

1) click on the shell that is next to the baby (it opens)

2) pick up a pearl

3) on a other stone there are two seashells, throw the pearl at the seashell that is on the left (a crab should run out of it)

4) take another pearl and throw it at the rock where there are two starfish on it (they should fall into the water)

5) jump on that stone

6) pick up the bottel

7) jump back to the big rock

8) now jump to the small rock next to the seashells

9) pick up the shell on your left

10) jump back to the big rock

11) pick up another pearl an throw it at the seashell on the right

12) jump back to the small rock and pick up the bottle and a stick with white string from the water

13) click on whale (up left corner)

Part 5

1) pick up grub ax

2) click on sand near the stone (bottom right)

3) click on monkey

4) click on the pot on your left (a bird comes and takes away the bone)

5) click on the hole near the chest (you get some berries)

6) throw them into the pot

7) get the birds blue feather (that fell on the ground)

8) tickle the snakes tail (click on itt with the feather)

9) take some more berries

10) throw them into the pot and quickly click on the monkey

11) bird trops the bone, pick it up

12) pick up a half of coconut

13) click on the guard

14) you see the seashells, shuffle them around until all the skulls are green

Part 6

1) click on the green crystal on the door where the baby entered

2) notice the spider up in the sealing

3) set the white crystals so that when you click on the spider the light will hit the green tentacle

4) now pick up the green crystal and place it in the statues hand

5) then flip the white crystals again so that the light would hit the green crystal

6) a staircase opens, go down

Part 7

1) click on the green vine right above the mushrooms

2) now click the mushrooms (start counting from the upper mushroom) 2,1,1,1,2,3 (so you see the green worm moving on hole by hole down the screen)

3) wait until the worm crawls into the nest and the bee has droped the worm into the flower

4) now push on the dragons head (his tounge will come out) quickly click on the flower (above dragons head)

5) click on the key and then on the door (the key won't reach)

6) so click on the dragons head again (he will bite through the chain)

7) pick up the key and open the door

Part 8

1) click on the dirty towel that is hanging on the right

2) throw it into the dirty clothes basket and wait until the the tentacle takes it and throws it on the machine

3) machine stops, walk across (push on the crate)

4) stop the turning circles so the black spots would be in line with the black stripes above

5) push in the golden spears

6) take the soap and cross over again

7) push the yellow button on the machine (up right)

8) pour the soap into the washing machine

9) take off the dirty towel from the roatating machin and throw into the washing machine

10) push the yellow button again and then push the

11) take the brush from the ground

12) push the red button (a panel opens under the washing machine) throw the brush in there

13) push the green button

14) push the yellow button and get the clean towel from the machine

15) click on the dirty laundry basket

The End

So, pt. 9 will be out tom'w, right? :)

I need help. I can't read Hebrew. Is there any way this game can be changed to English?

@Jadefox, you don't need to read Hebrew, just follow the walkthrus here. I can't read Hebrew, either.

Thanks Freewaydog! And also to EscapeGames24...leave Freewaydog alone, I just saw something on here that was a mile long. Try and get along with people. And no need sending me any hate msg, I won't get upset and I won't reply back.

Anyone doing the last one, I've got a key, cheese is now by the mouse hole, tugged on the clock but can't reach the stone.

I've finished the last one. It's a real funny game !

For the last one, you'll need to free the squirell : the key is hidden under the carpet (bottom-right)

Completed it, how cute is that squirrel!!

compleated last level. had a bit of trouble cos a few items didnt load the first time. had to reload. my daughter and i realy enjoyed it. wish they would make one in english tho. but still a good game.

@Karen, thanks! Now, anyone care to do a walkthru for #9 for me? I could really use it!

can someone please help, got the squirell out but stuck now. please help.

yes me too. i patted the little bugger on the head and he giggled at me now im stuck

ok reload your game. the clock has a pine cone on it and you have to pull the pine cone. it did not show up till i reloaded yhe game

that was such a cute game what a shame that was the last episode.

Combine the red and blue crystals to make purple. Push the colored button and the peppers slide over and the big guy puts a pepper in the cooking pot. He eats it and runs away.

Ok, FINISHED!! What a cute game! I hope they make more! :)


1.First, grab the red chrystal, thats easy to get.
2. Then u need yellow chrystal from mouse..the cheeze is on red hook, move the chrystal aside.hook will come down..put cheeze beside hole after making mouse move there.
3. Now you need to free squirrel, find key,..that im sure u can do..then put key on the hook, once you have made the colour orange, with crystals..this will free squirel.
4. Once the squirrel is free, he will get u the blue chystal.Put it in its place.
5. Next you want to make the colour green with chrystals..hit button and it will move closer to the monster troll.
6. Then make the colour purple..so that when u ,move the peppers, they will be in place of where the green ones were..(garlic).
7.The troll will then add the peppers to the sauce..causing him to run away.
8. Now u should have plain view of the white crystal..The little squirrel friend will help you.
9.Very last step, you will need to make a colour to make squirel, get ladder for you...The End.

I'm stuck on level 6 can anyone help me. I can't get the white crystals to line up with the green crystal

This comment has been removed by the author.

fun game =]

last few levels were pretty easy...but so were the rest lol...i can read hebrew, but cant translate it lol

I like the game, it was fun and cute. I'm not so fond of the snack itself though, it tastes kind of weird. In the last chapter (the one with the cooking troll), you might notice a cookbook open next to him. The words are a recipe for some form of cooked squirrel which was probably why the squirrel was locked up in the cage in the first place.

Such a chweeeeeeeeeeet game!

Help!!! Im RLY stuck on lvl 6. how do you get the light crystals to hit the green crystal in the staue's hand?!

what green crystal

i beat the whole game do u need any help
if so let me know

beat level 9 if u need any help on any levels let me know.

hello anybody playing still im giving help if u need it

ya plz i need help..

cleared it..yes!!!

yumpi did u beat the game? if not then wat u need help on

HOW DO U DO #4????????????? I HAVE NO CLUE!

little help here !!i need a alt link, cant load this one anyoneknow of any

       Anonymous  6/18/08, 10:04 PM  

Where is the orange crystle?

I love these games a lot,
but in last level, the squirrel is free to go but he want give me the blue crystal ... any hints ? tyvm.

found it, click clock and blue crystal will fall out.

stpgurl666 ... there isn't a orange crystal.

the game just wont start the screen is black and nothing appears :(( this has been going on for 5 days now.. :(( i can;t play it from any site at all what is happening?? please tell mec :(

This comment has been removed by the author.

Um well I really need level 9 up now
can someone tell me what ya do caus eit just loooooks weird

bbgirl can you tell me level 9! please...:D


dont worry I found it

its a recipe for squirrel soup

I can't get the squirrel to get the blue gem

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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