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Esklavos Chapter 10 Walkthrough

Esklavos Chapter 10

Esklavos 10 WalkthroughEsklavos C10 is tenth chapter of Esklavos point and click adventure game created by Federico Rutenberg. In this chapter, you have to point and click on right places to collect somethings and solve puzzles in order to figure out the game. Good luck and have fun! [Subbed by Martin Bak]

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I subbed this game. I shure hope someone will help me playing it soon. I keep speaking with the monkey and i guess that it's what to do to get forward in the game, but the conversation is not quite logical

the link is not working....

Should be this:


So how do we get past the talkative monkey?

I lifted the rock and got a snake, now what?

I threw the snake at the mouse and the game siezed up, I restarted the game and now it won't let me in, what's going on?

Ok, you have to get the monkey angry. To do this, when he talks about the uru, tell him the uru want's to make skin out of him. Once he is angry, end conversation.

With Floda, use the snake on the nest. Clik again on the snake, you wll get an egg. Have Virop throw the egg at the monkey who will throw it to the uru.
Whilst doing that, have Floda put the snake near the mouse. Leaves will fall on the uru and he will fall.

You can move on but i'm stuck now!

Say to the Ape that the Uroz is going the make a coat out of his fur. Then give him the egg (you'll get it if you use the snake with the nest). When the Uroz is aiming throw the snake to the branch with the mouse. After that you will get into the passage. Very sad end

I get the guys to hoist up to the bones, but, can't do anything after that.

anyone else still playing?? cant get bones.

ok, kids jumpin on cushion. Anyone pleeeezzzzz

If I could give this kid a Rockstar maybe he would jump a little higher for me!!!!!

arg, i just can't get that stupid monkey to talk about the uru :s what exactly is it that he have to say? (sorry for my english, i'm from Denmark :D)

I dont get the bones either. I've taken the wood and broke it in the slot. I allso have a feather. When Naedrin is selectet a green bug is coming out af the scull when click'd. but i can't do anything with it.

don't worry, i've got it..

This comment has been removed by the author.

martin: you have to use the feather on the uru who sleeps, and when he opens his mouth then click on the skull and he will lift his head, and you can get the cushion. hope it helps?

i'm out. break wood in slot, use wood on pillow, you should get it from there.


mange tak, men jeg har fundet ud af det :D. ved du hvordan man får knoglen? :s

sorry everyone..

I just get the bone.

1. click floda, then the bone
2. click virop, then the bone
3. click naedrin, then the cushion


jeg er ude, har du brug for hjælp? :')

sorry again..

Please post your comments only in english;)

Thanks for your understanding.

Can you tell more specific about the bone. İ cant do as you said.

Oh, i got it..
No need help. İ am out.

I am also not able to do anything with the bones. I click floda, and then the bones. I click virop, and then the bones. When I click naedrin, and then the cusion, or anything, he shrugs.


First you need to get the cushion. Let Naedrin tickle the sleeping uru with the feather. When he opens his mouth, quickly klick the scull. A bug will come out and bite him. Virop can now take the cushion.
place cushion on stone. use broken wood on it. Then do as Fung said:

1. click floda, then the bone
2. click virop, then the bone
3. click naedrin, then the cushion

and you will get the bone. Use it in slot

Could someone please explain how to get the snake? I have made the monkey angry, but virop just lifts the rock and when I clisk on snake, nothing happens. I have tried changing over to Floda whilst Virop is holding rock and seeing if he can get snake...but no luck!
Thank you :)

you are doing right! click Virop, let him lift the stone. quick klick Floda and click snake under rock. You can pick as many snakes as you want...

wow - sad ending

i can't get the darn monkey mad. he has succeeded in making me mad though.

never mind got it how aggrevating

Ok i am totally still stuck on monkey can not get him to do anything!!! I tell him about the skin everytime and all i get is the stupid not monkey language PLEASE help!!!!!!!!!!

Really sad ending... Waiting for c11 :´(

When he gets angry, put End conversation, following you should get the snake, the egg and have the monkey angry, when you have all this you need to throw the egg with virop to the monkey and put the snake with the mouse, this will do the uro fall.

1) Speak to the monkey until he ask you about the uru and answer him about the coat that the uru is planing to make with his skin, then the monkey get angry and then end the conversation.

2) With Virop lift up the rock and with floda, quickly, get the snake of under the rock.

3) With Floda throw the snake to the nest and quickly pull the tail of the snake, you'll get the snake again and an egg.

4) This is fast, throw the egg to the angry monkey and he will throw it to the uru, now quickly, with Floda throw the snake to the mouse at the tree, near of the ants, and the ants will fall to the uru and the uru will fall. Now you can pass through the bridge. If everything fails, make it over since the step 1.

5) You will arrive to a cave and it'll be urus spleeping, touch the symbol in the center of the room, and you'll meet a kid. Use this kid to get a feather, and get the wood too.

6) Now, touch the crane and a insect will rise from the crane in the direction of the uru. Touch him with the feather and quickly touch the crane, and when the uru sneeze, take the pillow.

7) With Floda use the wood and put it in a hole in the right side of the symbol and the wood will break.

8) With the kid, put the pillow in the rock and use the broken woods to cut the pillow.

9) Now, quickly, with Floda touch the skelleton up of the symbol and quickly with Virup make the same, and then, with the kid touch the cut pillow and the kid will fly and take the bone.

10) Use the bone with Floda and put it in the hole.

Something very sad it's gonna happend, but you'll win and that's what counts xD

I do NOT like this game. These games are supposed to be fun. This one is too sad at the end.

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This game is for adults. I wouldn't like me kids playing such a game, where made up characters die this way. Games should teach them how to think strategy and using brains... sad ending :S

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