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Guest House Escape Walkthrough

Guest House Escape

[REPLAY] TerminalHouse - Guest House Escape is another Japanese point and click room escape game developed by Gump for Terminal House. In this game, you try to search around the room to find items, clues, hints and solve puzzles in order to escape the guest house. Good luck and have fun!

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Guest House Walkthrough
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cool, first one...anyone playing?

So far I have a blue key and have seen a couple numbers in odd shapes

Actually, I used the blue key, got green book, and found strange red shape that i used....anyone here?

The music is freaking me out, but sound might be important...i dont even know why its freaking me out lol

Im fairly far into the game but I cannot remeber everything I did, if your stuck somewhere let me know I'll see if I can help, but I am also stuck at a certain point.

I accidentally clicked an ad, but i managed to save right before the screen changed, that does come in handy!

Oh, finally someone else is here lol...I don't know if i want to play it, because with the strange symbols it seems there may equations or some sort of math- figuring out thing, and i dont think i would be able to figure it out on my own, and it just doesn't seem fun lol...I'll keep playing for a bit, but I have to go soon anyway

I hate when that happens. Why do the ads have to be so close to the game? ::grumble::stupidmarketing::grumble::

I figured out how to do the numbers. tell me what numbers you have so far maybe theyre the same for each person.

Ok, maybe I'll work on it tomorrow, i gotta go...Good luck, Mae. =]

thanks. night :)

hi,im glad you are here.

i guess your past the first screen, im still on it.

what do you mean by first screen?

I think I need someone to wack me in the head cause I did pretty good on my own but now I'm stuck.

9143 code to open safe. find green book, red key and what looks like a light bulb?

Red keys goes to closet, the tube on the shelf goes to the mask, that thing that looks like light bulb.

I've got the pod unlocked to I can go in whenever I want.

Red key opens closet.

Hey everyone...
So I got all the shapes and put them in the right spot in the box. And I figured the hieroglyphics add up to what the shapes are or the shapes add down to what the hieroglyphics are and you then use those numbers to enter in the boxes with their respective hieroglyphics...but now I don't know what to do. I got this bag thing, a hose and a can of anyone?

gonna have to go soon.

did you open the pod Cory?

I think I have everything, but a piece of metal or switch for the O2 machine. I've got the numbres for the symols figured out. I have opened the locker, and got the big thing on the floor working. I have placed an 02 mask on the chick. I have given her one of each energy drink. I just can't get the 02 machine to work. Needs somthing to turn on the power box I think.

take the cap off the oxygen and put the oxygen in the box over the pod that had the gauge on it.

you mean the closet thing? yeah...but if you mean the actual

Im stuck where you are Greg.

Until finally I could finish a game ... it is very easy!

5= eye with 3 triangles above. 2= diamond with 3 triangles above. 6= three half moon. 7= eagles flying?

the pod should have a blue ball glowing in it. connected to the pod is a box on the wall, the box had a little door under th gauge open that and put the o2 in.

how vivi how?

okay...did that...what next? maybe I can get it from then on..maybe. lol

After you solve the color blocks, put the numbers into each box after purple light goes on on the pod. Put can of O2 into the chamber and then push button on the pod. Place mask on the girl, between her fingers get the coin. I took the coin and got the yellow can of energy drink, I did try to get the blue but nothing happened. Now i'm stuck

I have gotten all the numbers completed, and placed the correct numbers on the symbols to activate the pod. I have opened the pod, and given the girl one of each of the drinks. I have placed a o2 mask on here. I have the O2 can in what looks like a respirator. I think I need a switch or metal object to connect the power (see box to the left of the respirator). After that I think I can open the doors.

im stuck very sad want to cry have to go to sleep soon its almost 2am here can hold it off much longer cause I have to take medicine that will make mesleppy before I go to bed. sorry I babble.

sittnsolo, place the coin in the machine, and hit the button for one of the drinks (blue I think). look at the drink, and open it. Give the drink to the girl. There is another coin on top of what looks like the power box. Use this for the other drink, open and give to girl. You should have a tub, and a mask, combine them, and place over her mask. I'm stuck there. I need power for the respirator

how did you get the second energy drink?

after you give the girl the drinks on her left side of her head is a fuse

which box had the coin on it?

the second coin is on top of the power box. Its the small bottom box between machine and the pod. Zoom in once, don't open it, and click above it, right where the conduit comes into the top. You will see the xecond coin ontop against the wall. Take, put in machine, and hit the other drink buttom.

Inside the capsule has another currency in the hands of it

okay lemme check:

the eyes with three triangles=5

the bear claw looking thing=2

the three half moons=6

the hawk thing=7

Is that all the numbers I need?

I'm out. Take fuse, place in the power box. Go back to respirator and press the button. Go to door, and pull the blue handle on the left. Watch the rest.

thank you

anyone else playing?

yay now I can go to bed!!! Thanks. hope everyone has a good night.

is people and 23:00 here are 05:05

After you place the fuse go to the box that had the prple handle once you pull it the girl will pull the pink handle too

I think the number is useful to you
5+5+5+5=20 5+2+5+2=14 6+6+5+2=19 2+5+6+8=21
you got the number,you will find that it's easy to go out

how do you get the big thing on the floor to work? I'm stuck. Someone, help!

big thing on floor? you mean the through the posts.

anyone know if your supposed to wait for girl to wake long? Or is it supposed to be automatic?

cory, close lid, go pull blue handle, the rest is movie mode. Make sure the respirator is working as well.

I'm out. Cory: the hawk thing is 8 not 7. my mistake. sorry,

I did EVERYTHING RIGHT! Grrr. She won't drink the drinks though....hum...the blue lever won't pull. (IQ is dropping here!)

got it. The numbers I had were different though. They must vary. If you can get all the patterns, it is fairly simple to figure out.

Well. I've got the girl her oxygen mask and gave her the energy drink. i don't know what to do now.

That's okay Joe. I figured that part out. I did everything right but still...the girl is not awake, I want to just shoot her or something!

Each time you play the numbers chages, so each one has to calculate it, it's easy.
After to give her the second drink go to the box ofthe blue interruptor......finish

I got all that..the problem is that she won't drink it.

Have you opened the drinks

OMG! OMG! That's all I had to do? Wow. I feel...extremely stupid. I'm depressed. lol. thanks.

I'm free! Ending was stupid. The guy doesn't even look like a guy. oh well, fun game.

It was fun

for those looking for a metal thingy for power box... Check under girl's head. (you might notice that the msk is in the way, though)

for those looking for a metal thingy for power box... Check under girl's head. (you might notice that the msk is in the way, though)

WALKTHRU time!! Please?

okay number are diff each time
Can find the 2nd simbole the one with 3 jaggy point.
getting a bti stuck on th emath part of this one

do i have to do anything with the green book once i have got the code for the combnation safe?

i've done everything but the purple switch just cant be turned!!i have the metal thigh that linz mentioned but dont know how/where to use anyone playing?????plz heeeeeeeelp!

i figured it out!!!!im out!!!yiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiha!

okay i have managed it, I like that one

Linz & Poisongirl, since you guys got out successfully, please post a walkthrough! Thanks!

freeway you need help ?

where is a coin for the energy drink machine and where do you find the shape for the box that has three spikes on it?

one of the coins are on top of the fuse box

Blue shape is next to the soda box to the right

I'm not very good in doing walkthroughs but here it goes

1 coin on top of fuse box

blue puzzle on right of soda Machine

Blue key in box right of door

pink or somthing in box left of door

put blue key in box get green book

Look at safe bottom are some symbles look at book for the numbers that match the symbles it may change from game to game in safe you get yellow symbol puzzle, key for locker, mask,

use key on locker get H2o can, hose, and pink puzzle.

now you should have all the puzzle symbols

put the symbols in the box were you got the green book

in the room there are symbols with numbers on them the numbers are the = to the symbols you put in the box so if it's 24 the four symbols must add up to 24.

If this does not change I hope this helps you.
The eye 3
Foot 5
Moon 8
Bird 7

Look at the box's on the walls with the symbols put in the numbers that are for that symbol

the light on the machine should turn red.

open and you see a girl get the fuse from around her head left side and the coin from her hand.

now go and get the drinks from the soda machine and open them I gave her both drinks

then put mask and the hose together
put in on her face

take cap off the H2o and put that into the box above the machine with the girl

put fuse in the fuse box and put the button to start the H2o going
put the fuse in the fuse box

go to the left of door and pull the blue handle and your done

I hope this helps like I said am not the good in making walkthroughs

Good luck all

I made it with a little help. But this is fun, because the actions make sense!

anyway since people want one, here is a walkthrough.

Here's a couple of tips before you start.

1) Don't forget to save!
2) The print screen tool is useful for making note of things you see.
3) Click on EVERYTHING. Look around corners.

Okay, now for the walkthrough.

1) Click on the space between the wall and the pod, that is in the shadow to the left of the pod. You will see a shape and a number that you have to take note of.

2) Go left once.

3) Open the smaller cabinet that is below the larger one. Take note of that shape and number as well. Close the cabinet, and click on the top of it, just at the base of the pipe leading out of the cabinet. Take the silver coin that is there. Next look around the corner to the right of the vending machine. Again, it's around the bottom of the shadow. You should be taken around the right side of the machine. Pick up the shaped block that you see.

4) Go left once.

5) Open the cabinet on the right and take the blue key.

6) Go left once.

7) Open the cabinet on the left and take the shaped block. Zoom out. On the same screen you can see a white shape on the wall near the floor. Take note of the shape and number again.

8) Go left once.

9) Use the blue key to unlock the cabinet on the extreme right. Take the green notebook.

You should now have two shaped blocks of various colours. Put these into the corresponding holes in the cabinet. Black symbols should appear next to them. These are equations that you will have to solve later.

10) Examine the green notebook and take note of the corresponding figures. Which symbol belongs to which number? Go to the safe and look at the white symbols under the keypad. These represent the numbers and the order in which you should put them on the keypad. The numbers on the pad are the same format as a telephone keypad:

1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9

IMPORTANT: The numbers in the green notebook and in the shaped symbols vary with each game played!

Take all the contents of the safe:
a) A red key
b) A transparent object, which is a face mask
c) Another shaped object, which you can put in the slot in the cabinet.

11) Use the red key to unlock the green closet. Again, take note of the symbol and shape on the inside of the door. Take all you can from the closet:

i) A hose from the top shelf
ii) An oxygen canister from the bottom (you can uncap this first)
iii) The fourth and final shaped block. (Put this with the others)

12) Keep the cabinet with the coloured blocks inside open, and look at the numbers inside shapes that you have taken note of. It is easy to use simple mathematics to obtain the first symbol, the eye. Simply divide the corresponding number by four.

Continue down the following equations to get all the numbers of the symbols, which I shall name the paw (the one that looks like an angular paw), the crescent moons (the one that looks like 3 crescent moons) and the hawk, which is the last symbol in the fourth line.

13) In various other cabinets around the room, as you may have discovered, are those symbols and a space for a number. Click on that number until you have the numbers that you obtained from the equations earlier. Once you have filled all four boxes correctly,

14) If you get it right, you should be able to see a glowing blue light at the pod. You can now open the pod. Inside you will see something sticking out behind the woman's head, on the left. Take it, it is a fuse. Also, take the gold coin that she holds in her hand. You should be able to see it faintly through her fingers.

15) Go to the vending machine screen. Put the silver coin in the machine and get the blue drink. Put the gold coin in the machine and get the yellow drink. Open both drinks by clicking on the can's tabs in the zoomed-in object view.

Zoom out, and open the smaller cabinet. Place the fuse inside.

16) Go back to the pod area. Put the oxygen canister in the cabinet with the pump, and press the grey button. The red light should come on and the oxygen pump through. Attach the face mask to the hose: when in the enlarged object view for the face mask, click on the hose and then click on the face mask.

17) Open the pod and place the face mask on the girl.

18) Remove the mask, and give the girl both energy drinks. Put the mask back.

19) Now go to the white door. On either side are cabinets that hold levers, blue and pink. You won't be able to pull the pink one, so pull the blue one.

20) Watch and enjoy. You have escaped!

I hope this is correct and helpful to anyone who is having problems. Feel free to post any corrections if I have made any error.

I just realised that I was slow and somebody had posted a walkthrough a lot earlier. Sorry for doubles. But I hope it is useful anyway. I enjoyed it because the puzzles make sense.

Nice music. Game not too hard or too easy. I like this one a lot. =)

how did you get the numbers that go with the symbols,like bear ,flying bird? i think these numbers change to,if i am doing old numbers right.

i forgot did you use the green book to get the numbers for the symbols for hawk bear etc?

What's the significance of the strange symbols? That one with the hawk looks like the Triforce on Link's sheild, and the eyeball looks like the blue hair-marking that Venom has in Guilty Gear..

The ones with the numbers below them. Those ones!

Help I have all the pieces fitted in the box the numbers I have are 17,22,18,8 what are you supposed to do with these numbers?

Now thats what I think of when I wanna play a room escape game,
logical and very enjoyable, and no need for help, yay!

@reddc where did you get your numbers? I don't think they are right. the numbers should be able to be plugged into the boxes that correspond to the pictures.

Thanks, Charmaine, that helped a lot. The only thing is you forgot to say to take the cap off the can, but that was covered in the previous walkthru.

Dont panic, I think the numbers change with each game.....I had the same as reddc, so my combination was 2,7,9,4

my numbers are 17 18 8 22 ..
someone here has the same numbers but he doesnt know the answer too..
can someone help me?

oh thanks redroober i didnt see your comment ( :

beautiful game. loved an actual story and pleasant music and smooth graphics

nice game. very nice to have one where everything is logical, instead of absurd/random.

please help me i have done everything numbers, energy drink, mask, she breathing seems ok so y cant i pull the levers pink or blue ?

o my its ok i sussed it i needed to put mask back on ooopsss

Glitch? I was having a spaz attack because I had all the numbers correct, but I couldn't get the blue light on... so if you have put all your numbers in the big boxes and it still won't work, try cycling them through again.

umm i have like the birthday sign thing what do i do with them im really confused

Where in the walkthru are you at?

i need help with the puzzle piece codes i have them in and i gto my numbers they are 8,18,17 and 22(going from top 2 bottom in the puzzle piece slots)

omg so stupid ending totally not worth it

OMG - I must be dense. The symbols in the fuse bos with all the fuses in are different to the symbols in the green book and I can't work it out, Someone Please HELP ME.
I understand that the numbers change with each play, but someone must be able to post a step by step for working this out.

Ok i've gotten every block into the box. numbers range from top to bottom 12, 16, 24, 23. And there not a paw or eye or what ever, there the Zodiac symbols mainly Cancer the Crab, Gemini the Twins, Scorpio the Scorpion, and Torus the Bull. Though others might have it different than I do. Also I can't find the 2nd coin and i've already gotten the first drink from the vending machine.

on one of the walkthroughs i read it said to open the green closet using the red key....where's the green closet?

awww so cute but it seems sad i dont know why but it is its so cute the girl is alive!!!!i love the game is there another game??

isnt it so cute cuz the girl is alive!!!!alive i tell you ALIVE!

so cute tho =]

How can I open the can, where ?

and how to uncap the oxygen canister

wow.. i liked this game and the music!


Click to the left of the chamber on the floor. Note the number and shape that is written on the ground. Back out, and go left.
There are 2 boxes on the center wall. Click the upper box, and note the symbol. Back out.
click the lower box. Open it and note the number and shape, then click the top center of the box. Collect the coin behind the pipe. Back out twice.
click to the right of the soda machine near the floor. Pick up the puzzle piece. Back out, and go left.
Click on the large box on the wall. Note the symbol and collect the blue key. Back out, and go left.
To the left of the door, along the floor, there is something written on the wall. Click on it and note the number and shape. Back out.
Click on the large box to the right. Note the symbol and collect the puzzle piece. Back out, and go left.
Click the large box on the right. Use the blue key to unlock it. Open the box and take the green book. Back out.
Click on the keypad in the lower left. Note the symbols below the keypad. double click on the green book and open it. figure the correct numbers for the symbols(numbers are random each time you play). Close book. Enter the code into the keypad.(keypad is standard phone layout)
Click on the three items in the safe(red key, mask, and puzzle piece). Click on safe door to close it.
Click on upper left box. Note symbol. Back out.
Use red key on door. open door. Note number and shape on the door. collect tube from top shelf. collect can and puzzle piece from bottom of closet.
Open right box. Place puzzle pieces in the correct slots. correlate the values of each puzzle pieces from the numbers you found around the room. Solve each equation to figure out the numbers each of the symbols are equal to.
Go around the room to each of the boxes with symbols, and click on the number until is is the right one for each symbol. this powers up the chamber at the first screen.
Go back to the chamber and click the button in the center of the chamber. there's a girl in the chamber. click the coin underneath her hands. click on the fuse(barely sticking up) to the left of her head. back out, and go left.
click on the coin slot of the soda machine. Buy the 2 different sodas with the 2 coins you found.
click on the small box(bottom center), and open it. place the fuse in the slot. back out, and go RIGHT.
double click the large can, and take off the lid. It's a can of O2. double click each soda and open them. double click the mask and then click on the hose and attach it to the mask.
Click on the box with the purple thing on the wall. Open the small panel on the left. put the O2 can in the slot. Close the door, and push the button above it. Back out.
Open the chamber again. use each can of soda on the girl's mouth. Use the mask on her mouth. Back out, and go RIGHT twice.
Click on the small box to the left of the door. Open it and click on the Blue handle. Watch the ending cutscene.

EQUATIONS->Blocks with number

3 squares->24

1 square,2 triangles->12

3 triangles->16

2 squares,1 triangle->23

and ive helped lazy bums to decipher the code-------->

2 persons->3

the crab->5

the horse->8

the lobster->7

and after you type in there will be a purple light on the bed

this is the best so far

sry bout the note but the number changes every time so sry

how did evry1 figure out what each of the different shapes number is?

i have no idea! i've only got two...

       Anonymous  12/16/07, 12:25 PM  

fun game, i wish medicine was so easy....

So why will nobody tell anyone els what the equation is. Dose it have to do with some number that I can't see somewhere, and no I don't mean the one's inside the shapes of the puzzle peaces that I see everywhere! I know it has to do with the puzzle peaces, (which I have already found, and put in the box) and some symbols, but I have not seen a bear claw or a half moon. I am guessing the eye, and the hawk are in the green book which I already have, and used to open the safe, but really all that I need to help me finish the game is the exact way to solve the "equation"! I figured out what and where everything els is and how to use it I just can't figure out this dam equation that everybody keeps talking about!

The hawk, eyes, paw thing are zodiac symbols! the one to the right of the door is Cancer, the on to the right of that is Scorpio. The one to the left of the door is Gemini, and the one to the left of that is Capricorn!

Liked the puzzles, pretty simple though. Got stuck because I didnt realise you need to click randomly about the place to find hidden things. Pretty annoying.

Guest House Solution, including logic and equasions

1) go left, click on fuse box but do not open, click on conduit on the top, there is a blue coin. Take the coin
2) go left again, open box (not pink switch), inside is Cancer symbol. Take blue key.
3) go left again, open box (not blue switch), inside is Gemini symbol. Take orange shape.
4) go left again, use blue key on locked box. open, take green folder. Place orange shape in apropriate position (4th shape slot) in the box. this reveals:
cancer + gemini + sagitarious + scorpio = [shape]
5) go left, left to the fusebox, open and reveals the shape symbol with the number "21". This means that the 4th line of the lock box equals 21.
6) go left, left to the safe, click on it, it reveals the following symbols:
>man sitting
>long tube on side
>man standing
7) double click on green folder, then click on it again when it is center screen. It reveals that the coded number is 9143. Enter this in the safe. Take oxygen mask, red key, yellow shape.
8) open lock box, place yellow shape in 1st slot. it reveals:
gemini added 4 times = ?
9) use red key on closet. Open, there on the door is the drawing of the lovk box slot 1 shape. it says 20. Therefore gemini equals 20 divided by 4, which is 5. Take hose from top shelf, can and pink symbol from bottom of closet.
10) Place symbol in lock box slot 3. it reveals:
sagitarious + sagitarious + gemini + cancer = ?
11) go left, look down near floor mid left and click on faint white symbol on the wall. It shows lock box slot 2 shape with the number 14 inside. therfore it equals 14.
12) go left, open the monitor with the purple pump and the gage on it. Double click the O2 can, click on the top to pop it off. place it in the chamber next to the pump. Double click the mask and put the air hose on it. Click on the middle right corner of the cryopod and it zooms in on the lockbox slot 3 shape image, which has 19 in it.
13) go left, click around the bottom right edge of the soda machine. find & take blue shape.
14) go to lock box, place blue shape, revealing final zodiac equasion in slot 2:
gemini + cancer + gemini + cancer = 14
since gemini is 5
therefore cancer is 2
-Slot 3 reads sag x 2 + 5 + 2 = 19
19 - (5 + 2 = 7) = 12, divided by 2 (sagitarious times 2) = 6
therefore sagitarious is 6
-Slot 4 reads 2 + 5 + 6 + scorpio = 21
21 - (2 + 5 + 6 = 13) = 8
therefore scorpio = 8
15) go around the room and open the zodiac boxes and set
-Sagitarius = 6
-Gemini = 5
-Cancer = 2
-Scorpio = 8
16) The cryochamber now has a blue flashing light, press the button next to it. Inside is a blue woman. Click behind her chin to get the fuse. Click under her hand between her fingers to get the yellow coin.
17) go to fusebox and put in the fuse
18) go to drink machine and use coins to get the drinks. First blue, then yellow, the coins match the energy drinks.
19) turn on the oxygen pump on the wall with the dark red light.
20) Open cryochamber again. Double click on each can and pull the tab. Feed her the blue can and the yellow can. put the air mask over her mouth. Her vitals should get strong.
21) Close hatch and open blue handle left hand door pull switch box. Pull. End Sequence.

What a gr8 game.
Gr8 walkthrough Charmaine tyvm

Stupid girl doesn't get up until you pull the blue lever, somehow she escapes the locked pod. Very good game still.

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