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November 27, 2007

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FWG The Journey Walkthrough

FWG The Journey

The Journey HintsYou've just escaped from a Mental hospital with two of your buddies. After getting out of the hospital you were separated from your friends and lost in the city. You really want to get to your home in the country, but Mental workers and police are looking for you. Your objective is to get out of the city without being caught. You'll need to click on everything and figure out the puzzles. Remember - timing your clicks is very important in some instances. Hint - when you see Spider Man - click on him or an area you want him to take you before he passes by you. Good luck and have fun!

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spiderman took me to a ledge and now i am stuck

clikc on the other roof top and the aloien will blow up a ballon and flat there

im stuck after you grab the hot air ballon and it take you backto where you started anyone playing???

click on birds to eat a lot, then one of them poops on window. use lift from window washer

before going with spiderman, click bird to make a p.. on the window, when cleaner comes up go in his elevator, and take the nitro, go up and then click the spiderman to take You to the balcon, then click the roof with electric box, spoil the box, then return to the previous roof, throw the fired nitro in the window below, next back to the roof with electric box and go down to the camera man, click him three times, and then heli comes up..... then fall down on the boxes.... and i am here till now :)

ok this is what i have so far


birds pooped
picked up little black thing
used spiderman
gone to other rooftop
used electric
used hot air ballon to send me back
thrown somthing somewhere
caught things on fire and burnt all the wires(dunno if im meant to that bit)
then all i can do is click on the bixes and he floats there then im stuck!
i think im suppose to do something with the man in the window but i cant work out wat!
any suggestions?!?!!?

       Anonymous  11/27/07, 12:15 PM  

I can't throw th nitro into the window below...the window just opens and shuts. Any help?

       Anonymous  11/27/07, 12:21 PM  

You have to catch the nitro on fire first. When you fry the electric panel, click on the fire at the top.

okay, so get the bird to poop on the window, get on the lift, grab the nitro then go back up to the orange building.

Get Spiderman to take you to the ledge, then float to the blue building. blow the transformer and click the flames.

Now click the right balloon and when he pulls out a camera click him and get back to the orange building.

Now throw lit nitro into building and watch people jump. This knocks down the wires.

Go back to poop building and go down and grab wire that fell on right side of building, go back to orange rooftop.

Open window with man and click him, fun ensues.

Click boxes and you float down to them.

This is as far as I have got.

Keep getting stuck on the boxes.

I also get stuck on the boxes must be missing somthing

I can get to the boxes either by helicopter or rope, but can't proceed.

when you click on the left hotair balloon, the cops and the abulance go there and they are gone for a few seconds. i think that's when you get down from the ladder from the blue building

I thought so too Lazy, but didn't work for me. Ended up in the back of the ambulance.

nope, i was wrong, the people come and get you anyway, from the south side of the town.

Makes more sense to me to keep the rope and go to boxes on helicopter, and then rope down to ground. That also DIDN'T work. lol

there's a helicopter?

I can't seem to get spiderman to do anything more than take me from the orange building to the small ledge. Anyone else hvae a different experience ??

not so far patty.

Yeah Lazy. Described in an earlier message above.

       Anonymous  11/27/07, 1:34 PM  

Another way to get to the ledge is to click on one of the people jumping out of the burning building, but then it seems the only place to go is on the boxes and I can't seem to get down from there.

train weck is a nice diversion, but still can't escape

Interesting Mark. I clicked on both burning people and jumped to the ledge twice. Still stuck though.

OK, while clicking wildly, I've discovered that if you get Spider-Man to come back while you're on the boxes, make sure you click on the Orange tower as he's winging by. You will grab his web and get back up top and Spider-Man will fall to his death and the ambulance will take him away. See if this helps anyone.

Grn, that was fun, thanks. Got off the boxes finally.

Can only call the helicopter once.

i still don't get it. what helicopter? where is it?

Has anyone else gotten the box to fall on the ground and the trash truck to show up? I got on the boxes from the helicopter and then again with the wire and the second time a box fell and broke. When the trash truck showed up I jumped in and then got busted on my way out of town.

Lazy.... read the blog from out666 from earlier. Describes how to get the helicopter.

Actually I'm pretty sure you gotta hit the boxes 3 times. Once from the fire jumpers, once from the helicopter, and once with the wire.

After you get the box to fall wreck the train and then the trash truck will drive you out of town and you win. Am I the first?

Dragon I think you have it !!! Once you get ready to jump on the boxes for the third time, create the diversion with the balloon and train. Lets you get passed the roadblock, hopefully.

Have to get the timing right

Patty create the diversion once you are on the boxes and the truck is just sitting there.

Thanks Dragon. don't think I would have ever figured all that out !!!!

I did it! THX DRAGON!

Can someone explain how you can get the helicopter? I can't find out666's previous message about it.

Oooh, I hate timed games. They make me stressed >_<

Okay, here it goes:

1. click birds 3 times to get them to poop on window
2. when washer gets to poop, click and ride down
3. grab the black can and then ride back up
4.scramble to the next building across rope
5. use spiderman to get to ledge
6. go to blue building by clicking roof, then click box 3 times
7. use fire on box to light black can.
8. click right balloon and click him again when he pulls out camera
9. now back on original roof, click window and burn building.
10. as people are jumping, click them (right as they jump) and land on pink ledge
11. click on boxes
12. click director to bring back spiderman
13. just as his first string appears, click where it attaches to the burning building
14.go to poop building and get rope in bottom right corner
15. go back up and to next building and use rope on the guy in the window.
16. repeat steps 11, 12, and 13
17. Repeat step 5
18. click on the pole on the right and go down to the camera guy, click him 3 times
19. helicopter will appear and start to take you away.
20. click youself once over the street, and then a second time over the boxes, you will fall onto boxes for a 3rd time.
21. click left balloon
22. once train crashes, cops will go away, click on trash truck

congrats, you have won


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Click birds 3 times
Click the window washer when he’s up to your level
Get the black cylinder
Click the window washer to go back up
Click the rope between the blue building you’re on and the orange building
Click the director twice to get Spiderman coming
Click on Spiderman when he’s next to you
Click roof of right blue building to float over to it
Click the electical box 3 times to make it start on fire, and click it again when it’s on fire to light the cylinder on fire
Click the right-most balloon to set it in motion, then click it again when it’s near you
This takes you back to the orange building. Click its window and you’ll throw the fire inside.
Jump on one of the guys jumping out of the orange building’s window to get to the green roof.
Click on the boxes to float down to them.
Call Spiderman again. This time, click where his web connects to the orange building. You have to be quick.
Crawl down the rope back to the blue building. Ride down and pick up the rope from the right side. Ride back up.
Crawl back to the orange building.
Click twice on the 4th window in the green building. Click on the boxes again.
Spiderman again - back to orange building.
Spiderman one more time - to green building.
Click roof of blue building again to float down.
Click the pole between the blue building and pink building to climb down.
Click the camera man 3 times to get captured by the helicopter.
Click on the green guy twice - the second time when you’re over the boxes.
Click the left-most balloon to set that part in motion and move the cop car and ambulance.
When they clear out, click on the garbage truck to jump down and ride out.

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