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Nigepico Escape 1.2 Walkthrough

Nigepico Escape 1.2

[REPLAY] Gotmail - Nigepico Escape 1.2: Escape the Hair Salon is another Japanese point and click escape the room game developed by IDAC for Gotmail. In this escape game, you try to escape from the hair salon by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Nigepico 1.2 Walkthrough
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got blue key, some card, batteries, hairdryer, some blade, comb, mannequin with hair, shard of glass, phone, mouse, remote, grey key, and polisher.
used everything except glass ( well used that but dunno what to do with it), comb and blade.
stuck :(

ah right and have to do soemthing with a red book but dunno what

found a card sort thing a blue key a comb a phone and a remote for the air con, Stijn where did you find the batteries?

i have bleu ang grey key, card, dool,mobile phone, mouse, remote(all used)
also, glass, comb, hairdrier (where i used it on the window and got the word wiecar) and glass.

and razor.
what about the red book?

batteries: check the mouse
mouse is near computer

Konstantina: if you click the red book it says it looks suspicious
so i figured we might have to do something with it :)
if you use the glass on one of the windows you see the message in the dirty window in normal script ( not mirrorscriptdunnohowyoucallit :))

yeap! the red book has smt to do..
about the mirror i can't use it..where to put it excactly?

found it!

it wasn't so hard to read it backwards...
i didn't need the mirror..

if you stand in front of second or third mirror from the left just drag the glass on the mirror

i said window sorry

yea was kinda stupid but well :)
argh pressed refresh on the wrong window os gotta start teh game again :/

what about the chair and mirror next to a/c?
the one that says that there's smt terrible in the mirror?

there is a number on de backside of the card

watch the mirror for some time
scared the hell out of me first time :)

OMG!!! i'm soooo scared!!! in the mirror there is a ghost!!!!!!!!

you use the number behind the card on the cell phone

What about the cryptic blah-blahs in the Notebook?

i found a anti-ruster!
it's on the top of the door on the left! just click the hanging...i don't know the word and click it again

yea got that anti rust thing
use on the razor
then i slashed about everythign in the room with it but cant find anything

That's a speaker.
I can't get the glass thingy. Help!

i put the batteries in the remote and put on the airco.
something fell out but i cant find it

i cant find the razor, hairdryer

That's a key near the left door.

Where is the glass piece? I know where the broken mirror is, but I can't find that stupid shade.

glass piece is behind the mirror
you could see that on the picture you found in the register

has anyone found what to do with the razor?
i tried to cut almost everything in the rooms but without any luck

had the brilliant idea of cutting the picture in the register but that didnt work either :)

I haven't managed to open the register yet *blush*

i tried to cut the little carpet..!

number on back off card is for phone
in phone you find pass for computer
in computer you find pass for register :)

I guess so, but I think I am a moron because I can't enter letters on the register.

for the register you need a pasword(hidden in the laptop.click the icons and use the bar to scroll down) and the blue key.

OMG thanks konstantina...


you have to scroll down in those text files
in one of them is the pass for th eregister :)
cmon the more ppl are slashing things the quicker we get out! :)

blade: use comb on the doll!!

you are welcome!
anyone opened the door on the left?

Hey! You can use the comb on the tekstfiles on computer. Dont know why?

some kidn of code prolly :o
to use somewhere :)
thx martin

Hmmm... Working on code

hmm letters on hte glass are kinda up and down
some hint with how to use the comb?
things of comb or also up and down

Only on the correct register text file code, the comb will snap in a fix position if you drag it and let it go.
Don't know if that's important though...
That gives

h t h i

I still can't get to the car shop :(

myea but where to put it
seems like i still havent got some item
empty spot next to razor :)
hthi aint in the text file where my code was
so that doenst matter that much i think

thanks martin!
yeap, but what this mean Stijn?

i'm clueless
and that red book annoys me :)

ufffff i'm out

Very clever basses, now...
why don't you give us poor people a hint? *g*

found it!!
combine these letters with the letters from the mirror!!

it says white chair!!!

and gold key in chair
but cant seem to use it on the door

ah nm its onthe window door :)

damnit. thx :)

i'm out!!

when you find the letters hthi
put the mirror on the pc. then go to the chair click it and slash the back of it!
get the gold key and you're out!

nevermind i found it.i believe that you cut a chair

thank you everyone!!

Where did you find the glass?

The glass is behind the broken mirror but first you need open the register.

where can I use the glass piece??

the laptop does not accept the code from the cell phone :-(((

i cannot use the glass on the mirror... :( may be it is the wrong mirror...pls help

hooray!!!!!!! i did it

what is the code for the laptop? I've tried the one in the phone but is doesnt work

where is the card! I searched nearly everywhere....

sorry, got it.

Could somebody post a walkthru, please?

laura maybe you put in a wrong letter because you cant see the bottom of the letters the password is what you found from the message on the phone qbytgubp

hey does anyone know where to use the glass i know its on the second or third mirror to the left but exactly where do i have to put it?

for the new people who have been reading these posts and going crazy about the glass and mirror prob first you have to turn on the heater and plug in the dryer next to the mirror and then go to the second to left mirror and drag the glass to it to see the message

call me crazy but I cannot find the blowdryer anywhere! So I guess until I find it I'm stuck. Someone please tell me where to locate it!

use the silver key to unlock the right side door and lft of the left chair is hair dryer.

Jenny, blowdryer is in the locked room to the right of the first row of chairs... behind the first chair.

I'm unable to use the razor on the white chair!?

where is the glass ?

Please I am going nuts!!! Where is the razor??

karen, use comb on manequin head for razor

Thank you Christine

welcome... now I can't do the mirror thing... I've read all the posts over and over !?!?

what falls out of the air con? and where did it go....cant find it

kelly, it's on the ground by the door in the very first scene.. a silver key

got the key now.... thanx...but stuck again

finally out... don't think I could've ever done this one alone !!

This looks identical to the escape the hair salon from last year


I think you're a right, except this is in English, that is the difference I think!

is the register code actually hthi? or is it something like bthj or whatever, cause these freaking developers don't know how to properly size a text box? i'm assuming the letters correspond to a phone keypad.

no.... you have to scroll down on one of the files to get register code



You're on the right track, but those four letters are used with something else for a clue. The code ur looking for is on the laptop under one of those files, then u gotta scroll down to see code...

what now done hairdryer on window got message cannot use glass anywhere so im stuck help im going nuts ha

@ al: got it. i'm out.

@ debs08: turn around to face the mirrors opposite the window. it's the second mirror from the left; you should see the black outline of the window in it. use the glass there.

im also stuck on glass....

I cannot use the glass on any mirror. Nothing happens at all.

hey where is this card that everyone keeps talking about and whats the password for the cell phone

pas. for the laptop is fgwlf7yd you can't see a half of the letter

pasword for the mob. is on the back of the blue card.

the bateries ar in the mouse the mouse is behind the laptop just a little pies is visible

can I get a hint on where to use the razor?

I must be doing something really wrong. please help. Cannot access laptop.

the blue card is near the fourth yelow chair, click two times on the trashcan.

te phone is in the shelf of books behind a book

I have turned on the heater and plugged in the hairdryer and followed everyone's instructions as to what to do with the mirror and still nothing is happening. Why isn't the hairdryer doing anything for me? It says it's plugged in and turned on??? Anyone else having the same trouble?

patty - one of the letters is cut off on the bottom...


jenny - did you 'use' the dryer on the dirty window?

i'm not so far i haven't a razor:(

you write in big letters?

jkstraw, yes I am putting the hairdryer on the dirty mirror and nothing happens. Maybe a bug?

the psw for the laptop is fgwlf7yd

you have to 'swipe' over the window with the dryer to get the letters to show

OK I figured out you have to drag the hairdryer around the dirty mirror for a while until the letters appear.

Sorry but I must be stupid. Been looking for a manequin to get the razor for about an hour. Has my game got a bug? Please help, I'm going mad.

The mannequin head is in the back room with the broken mirror behind the right chair...

found the letters on the dirty mirror...now realy stuck..helllppp

I can't get into the back room, can someone tell me how?

I must be an idiot, I've followed everyone's instructions on how to use the mirror on the second to left mirror and nothing is happening. Any suggestions?

iv found the first lot of letters on the dirty mirror..and thenthe second lot in the pc. cant get key out of chair... some one please help.

click on the white chair til it gives you a close up. Then slash back of chair with the razor (needs to be rust free) then click where the slash you made with the razor and you get the gold key.

Top man AJ, I'm now collecting up the bits of my head from all over the room.

I clicked on every inch of that chair and got nothing!...is it a pixel hunt?

maby the psw is diferent but any way try all the letters that are analogue : a g q or v y

thanks for your help jenny but cant seem to get a close up of the white chair..will not zoom in.


Use the silver key on the right door, which will give access to a room with 2 chairs and a couple mirrors( one of them broken).

Ok, no matter where I click I cannot get the phone attachment that you talk about. I have the blue key,the business card, the batteries (from the mouse), the comb, the cell phone and the rust remover...cannot get this mysterious phone piece or remote. Please help.

       Anonymous  11/7/07, 9:48 AM  

What does the blue key I have unlock?

Ok, found the remote now. Turned on the heater and saw something fall but see nothing on the floor. Should there be something there?

the cash register after using the code

       Anonymous  11/7/07, 10:00 AM  

Ok thanks. But I can't access the laptop. I put the code in from the phone but it's not working. Also, where is the glass everyone keeps talking about?

still cant slash the white chair..cant zoom into it either..am i missing something?

i must have missed something cos all the items iv used have gone dark... iv used the glass on the mirror..the only ones thats still lit up r the comb, glass and razor. Iv been stuck for hours now and its driving me crazy :(

I'm in the same position!

       Anonymous  11/7/07, 10:28 AM  

someone please help! the laptop won't take the password from the phone! did I miss something?

@kelly.... You have to place the mirror on top of the comb when you have the comb on the letters in the labtop... it will all combine and show you the words white chair and then it will let you click the white chair

Can't find a glass, can't move the red book, can't figure out ash register password...it's time to take a shower break. Maybe I'll get a vision while I'm there. :P On the verge of giving up! :( See ya later, when my mind isn't so stressed from this!


Where on earth do you find the razor?

HORAY im out at last..only took me 2hrs lol..i would never had done it without Prender <<<< thank you

       Anonymous  11/7/07, 10:51 AM  

carrie, the razor is on the mannequin. You have to comb the hair and you get the razor.

where is the rust remover, and where does the mirror go it wont go anywhere on the laptop. i need serious help or a walkthrough or something. please.

       Anonymous  11/7/07, 11:15 AM  

where is the mirror?

How do I get the mirror? I have clicked everywhere on and around the mirror and the chairs! HELP!

       Anonymous  11/7/07, 11:18 AM  

I'm about to give up. I can't think of anything else to do besides access the laptop. I refreshed the game and tried again, and with a different password for the laptop. But it still won't work. I think I've missed something but I don't know what it is.

so i been playing on my own..and got quite far..buz now im stuck..and seeing from the comments..im missing a glass? or a peace of it? but cant find it or get it..any hints?

vertigo..the rust remover is near the door..there is a black box on the celing..speakers..clik on them and they ll go up..and u ll see a white thing..a tube

the rust remover is under one of the speakers hanging from the ceiling..click it twice and the speaker moves up to reveal it. the glass in behing the broken mirror in the locked door to the left...u have to look in the till first...

How do I look in the till?!?!?!

Like I said, we need a complete walkthru!

       Anonymous  11/7/07, 11:36 AM  

You have to get the code from the laptop. of course, that means you first have to be able to get into the laptop with the password from the phone, but unfortunately I have not been able to get that to work.

im no good at this i'll probably confuse u more. the password for the phone is on back of blue card

       Anonymous  11/7/07, 11:42 AM  

I know that. I got the password from the phone to put in the laptop but when I put it in, it's not letting me into the computer. The only thing I can think of is that I missed something that won't let me go on. Or else I need to play the Japanese version instead. I don't know.

hmmm..i tried geting in the computer but my password doesnt work..like yours ghcarter

went through comments but cant find anythig useful

i just restarted the game and used code on back of blue card on phone ..open txt message then used the code there on the laptop ...i had no trouble getting laptop to work.

Code from back of card used for the phone---> Code from phone (case sensitive!!) is used for the PC--->once in the PC scroll down in one of the files, that code---> is used for the cash register along with the blue key!! ATTN I think the code that you get in the phone changes!!

restarted..in japanese..but the code i get in the phone just doesnt work on the computer..so guess wont finished this one..must be bugs

       Anonymous  11/7/07, 12:00 PM  

Yeah, guess that's the way with mine too. :( Bummer.

Ok, I used the code from card on phone, used code from phone on laptop...the only "code" I get from laptop that I can tell anyway, is under the file labled Number and I get hthi because that's the only one that the comb snaps to. None of the files cause the comb to snap to any particular letters. But hthi means nothing on the register...the corresponding numbers don't do anything. What am I missing?

what realy ticks me off..that i got this far without help..and now when i ask for it..it doesnt work :DDDD

going on a cigi to calm my nervs down :))

have a nice evening ;)

i think its the 3rd icon down on the laptop click on it then scroll down the page ...theres a code at botton of screen for the till.

use that code and the blue key to unlock the till.

       Anonymous  11/7/07, 12:07 PM  

could one of you who have completed it please post a walkthrough for those of us who are ignorant? Please? :)

OMG! TY kellyseye!

Ok, I need help! Everyone is ignoring my request for a walkthru! I need to know what to use the blue key on! I need to know where to find the gray key!!!! I need to know how to find the register code! I need to know which key to use on the register! In other words, I need to know EVERYTHING!!!!

I just figured out why I couldn't finish!! You actually have to combine certain things to move on, like the window letters. Once u have the window letters on that piece of glass, then go to the PC go into the 'Number' file and use the comb, get letters 'hthi', then put glass over it to make the word white chair!!! WOO HOO! I knew what the answer was but didn't complete the step in game!

       Anonymous  11/7/07, 12:15 PM  

Ok, here's what I know so far:

The blue key is for the register for later. You use the code on the back of the card for the cell phone. Then, you use the text message code on the phone for the computer. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to get my laptop to work. But one thing you can do is get the remote control from behind the book on the shelf. The mouse by the computer has the batteries for it. Get those and put the batteries in the remote control. Use the remote on the heater. Something will fly out. Go back to the first screen and you will see a key laying by the door. Get that and go to the far right room (the one in the dark). That will get you the hair dryer and mannequin. Go back to the big mirror in the main area and use the hair dryer (plug it in) on the mirror. That's as far as I've gotten.

       Anonymous  11/7/07, 12:17 PM  

Also, you comb the mannequin and get a razor but I haven't found a use for that yet. And I know you get the glass from the broken mirror, but you have to get into the register first. So hence, I'm stuck.

WHAT mouse by which computer! I look by the laptop and I see NO mouse, therefore I see NO batteries!!!!! Please SOMEBODY TELL ME WHAT I NEED TO DO!!!! >:(

       Anonymous  11/7/07, 12:22 PM  

You have to be looking at the register. The mouse will be sticking out behind the computer to your right.

i'll give it a go but u might b more confused..lol
click on troley and get comb underneath
click under 2nd chair to get blue key
on 3rd chair from right get phone
next to 4th chair click on bin and get bule card from under shelf.
remote for air com is in the bottom book shelf
behind laptop is the mouse, get batteries out of mouse and put into remote.
on reverse of blue card is a code thats the password for phone.
when u'v enterd the password into phone u recieve a txt message open the txt and thats the code for the laptop.
enter code into laptop
click on the 2nd icon down and scroll down the page at the bottom theres another code..thats the code for the till
enter code into till and open with blue key
insde till u'll c a pic of broken mirror

       Anonymous  11/7/07, 12:34 PM  

I give up. I've restarted the game several times and each time the laptop will not accept the code I put in. I'm through with this stupid game.

i'm stuckd in the first area and i don'tknow what should i do

now u can enter the room in the dark corner
in ther get manequine, hairdryer and piece of broken glass
get rust remover from under speaker ontop of doorframe
use comb on manequin and get a rust razor
use rust remover on razor
plug hairdryer into socket under big dirty window
drag hairdryer over window to reveal some letters
go to the row of chairs drag the broken glass to the 2nd mirror from the left
hold it there till u see more letters reversed this time
gotto laptop click on 2nd icon down drag comb over letters then drag broken glass over letters
it should spell ou white chair
click on white chair use razor on back get gold key
use gold key on doee by counter and ur out

Help, I can't get the silver key. I see it under the chair at the place of the green comb.... I already restarted the game but it doesn't matter... I want to go in the closed room to get to the doll an so on....

can someboty write a walktrough

sorry if iv confused anyone
lol :)

How do I get the silver key of
the ground? It's lying there under the chair where also was the green comb...

the silver key isnt under the chair its in the air con

i see the photo but i i don't know wat and where should i search

The silver key fell down when I turned on the air conditioner.
We need that key to get in other room!!!

thanks,, but haw should i pick up this key?

@ egle click on the floor by the door to get the key..

finaly i found the silver key also. Thanks. Again, one step further..

thanks :D i also found a tube of glue or someting

Use that on the raser from the other room. First comb doll to get raser.

Kelly.... I found two words but can't cut the white chair....

I don't get what u mean about "go to the row of chairs drag the broken glass to the 2nd mirror from the left
hold it there till u see more letters reversed this time"! WHICH mirror? I keep trying the glass with EVERY damned mirror and STILL NOTHING HAPPENS!!!!!

i found the cell phone, comd, rust remover, blue key, and remote. how do i get the card on back of cellphone/ how do i open cash rgister?

Raygirl, look at earlier comments. You can find a lot of info!!
Good luck.

I put the broken glass on 2nd window and when you doubleclick on piece you see a few letters. But not white chair.... what next? I can;t get the razer to cut the white chair

FINALY got out. Thanks to the
help of Kelly....

Have a nice gaming guys. See you next time.

If no one puts up a walk-thru by tonight, I'll post one.

I can't get anything to happen with the glass on mirror either.

Must not be doing something right?

Then again...I cant even seem to type in the damn 'word verification' correctly to post this comment. Hehe.

freewaydog said...

I don't get what u mean about "go to the row of chairs drag the broken glass to the 2nd mirror from the left
hold it there till u see more letters reversed

Ok, thanks! I do'd it!

to use the piece of mirror on the second mirror you have to dry completly the dirty window with the hair dryer :)

Thank you Vanessa~

Thought I had done the dryer /window thing enough - went back and made sure...this time the glass on mirror worked. Guess I missed a spot!



thanks for all of you,, i made it

1. Click on chair, then stand. Get green comb.
2. Click on speaker 3 times total. Get rust remover.
3. Under 2nd chair, get blue key.
4. Go to 3rd chair pick up cell.
5. Go right once, then click on 4th chair, click on bin 2x then pick up business card.
At the back of card is code for cell phone (changes).
6. Click on 1st book bottom shelf (next to register) get remote.
7. Click on register, click on mouse behind the laptop. Take the batteries and put in remote.
8. Go right 4x click on heater, then use remote. A key falls you will find it on the floor by the 1st door you saw.
9. Get silver key. This opens the back door, behind the chairs.
10. Don’t waste time clicking in this view. Click on arrow to right, click on left char, pick up dryer.
11. Click right chair, pick up mannequin. Comb hair, get razor. Clean off rust.
12. Leave room.
13. Plug dryer into outlet under the dirty widow. Then pass dryer over dirty window.(you must dry it completely) Letters will appear.
14. Enter code (back of card) into cell. Click to get text message. This is the cpu password. (text and number sensitive)
15. Click on the different icons and scroll down. On one of them is a numeric code for the register.
16.open register. Note where to look.
17.p. s. you have to click on photo in order to pick up the broken mirror.
18.place mirror on 2nd mirror from left. You will get letters.

sorry got to go now will finish later.

To finish the walkthrough…….

19.go to the cpu, click on number text. Place comb on text. Move it, you will get letters “ hthi.” Put mirror on comb, you get “white chair”.
20. Go to white chair, click on it once, then use razor on top part of chair.
21. Click slit. Get gold key.
22. Use gold key on glass door by cpu. And you’re out.

Thanks to everyone for your input.

Is there a different code for each game because mine is like double dutch dont know what the letters on the phone are supposed to be the v looks like a y and vice versa don't know if the I is a 1 or what,and as for the letters that appear on the mirror were do they come into it, also what does it mean use the comb with computer? because it's not accepting anything I put into computer.computer

Ok...I took a break, went to the dentist, made dinner, took the kids to CCD, came home & ate...then sat down again and I finally finished! Thanks to those of you who helped along the way!

I noticed a lot of people had trouble with the code you get from the cell phone for the laptop.

The reason for the trouble is the code is cut off on the bottom!

This means that if you have what looks like an a, it might actually be a q or g. Pull out the phone while on the laptop and compare. The a looks different that the q or g, but if you have a q or g in the code, it could be either one. The same goes for the v and the y. If it looks like you have a v, then it might be a y. Hopefully you don't have too many of these characters. For me it was a pain in the a**.

I had what looked like halanmva. Seemed simple enough, but nope, it wasn't. I noticed quickly that the a's weren't a's, but rather either g's or q's. And that the v could be a y as well. So I started the shot in the dark method. Wrote down all possible combinations, started at the top and what do you know? Half way through, it was hqlgnmvg.

I bet the developers had this conversation...

Bob, I don't see any problem with the code. Most of the time it shows up fine. And the few letters that are chopped off just add to the challenge.

But Ted, this will frustrate the users!

Bob, I say leave it in. I'm the d*** in charge and it stays.

--Bob walks away defeated once again by his stuperiors.

i can't find the mannequin anywere please help

to get the mannequin you need to enter the room next to the 3-4 mirrors. But you need a silver key first!!

Just finished! Thanks jdyer, I got stuck with the coputer code.
Did anyone get the bad ending? What does it take to get it? (just curius)

kk i dont get the register..
what number would i use?

       Anonymous  11/10/07, 5:46 PM  

zzz waiting for the game to load!

       Anonymous  11/10/07, 5:58 PM  

hey wheres the speaker i can't find it

       Anonymous  11/10/07, 6:00 PM  

nvm found it

oh k heres a complete walkthrough which should have you complete in 5 minutes good idea to open word pad up so you can write down the passwords and such

oh k starting click on the first chair to change your angel then on the metal trolly next to it you should see the Green comb there pick it up and move back

now click the speaker in the top left hand corner and click it twice untill it moves up enought to expose the rust remove (Gotmail Tube) move back and continue

move to the left once and click on the left chair there should be a bettle and blue item its the cash regitser key move back and continues left

click on the next chair and you will see a white object its the mobile phone take it and continue left

click the next chair and no heres a part many people missed click the bucket it should lift up then click it again and you should be looking under the table now there is a blue card there take it and examine it it will give you the mobile phone code write the code down in notepad then use it to work the phone and get a text message which will let you get acces to the computer.

from underneath the table move back twice and continue left head for the book case infront of you and click on the bottem row at the right side to move one book aside and reveal a remote control

now access the computer by clicking on the grey circle at the tope right of the keyboard now with the code you got from the mobile you will have to check each file and scroll to the bottem for a code number this will give you access to the cash register write it down in notepade and now click back and back again untill you can see the cash register.

click the cash register to move towards it you should now see the computer and till in this shot look just behind the computer screen and you should see a little grey part sticking out click that its the mouse that give you batteries click the mouse and then click it again to turn it around and get the batteries from it once you have those click the remote and then again to turn it around click on the bottem part to remove the batterie cover and drag the batteries that you got from the mouse to the remote control now thats you ready to move on.

click on the till now on the left side of it to activate the keypad enter the code you got from the computer it should read ok now drag the blue key onto the try of the cash register and it should open revealing a picture click the picture untill it comes up with a message then move back 3 times and continue left 4 times

you should see a heater in the top right hand corner click it to move into it and then drag the remote control onto it to start it something will fall out move back and go left click towards the door and there should be a key the ground pick it up move back and continue left 3 times

there should be a door on your left side click that and drag the silver key you just collected onto it to open it click the door and continue threw you should see a broken mirrow and 2 white chairs.

continues left and click the broken mirror and then click at the side of the broken mirror untill you can see a peice of glass pick that up and move back you will see a sink look at for a shaded part and click that it will be a manequin head.

click the head that you just collected and drag the comb onto it to reveal a rusty razorblade then drag the rust remover (GotMail tube) onto the blade to clean it move back and click on the chair on the left you should move and now see a hair dryer pick that up and move back to the right and back again to leave the room.

move back once more and continue left 3 times you should see a large mirrow and at the bottem left corner of that mirror you should see a little grey rectangle (plug socket) click that to move into it now drag the hairdryer onto the plug socket to turn it on move back and now click the large mirror hold down the mouse button and drag the hair dryer across the entire large mirror to reveal letters this make take a few minutes to reveal them all but make sure that you have or else you cant do the next part once you are sure they letters (6 letters) are all clear move back and continue left 4 times then drag the peice of glass onto the mirror on the left hand side to reveal the letters the rightway around continue left 3 times and go to the computer switch it on and go into the file number, drag the green comb onto the screen and move it untill it reveals h t h i with the comb still on the screen drag the peice of glass with the letters on it onto the screen to reveal the word white chair move back 3 times and continue left 3 times click on the white chair and drag the razor blade onto it to create a cut in it click the cut to reveal a golden key take that move back and go right twice click the blue rug on the ground to move to that area and drag the golden key onto the door infront of it to finish and complete the game

hope you found this helpful


Full Walkthrough

1. Start at the far left. Look in corner of room above the door and click on the speaker twice - it moves out of the way and you can take the tube of rust remover.
2. In the row of chairs, go to the one on the left where there is a cart next to the chair. Move it and pick up the green comb on the floor.
3. Move to the third chair from the left and pick up the cell phone from the seat.
4. Click on the last chair on the right so you can see the trash can from overhead. There is nothing in the can, but if you click to lift it and look up from underneath it, you can see next to the socket under the counter there is a business card. Get the code from the back of it.
5. Use the code from the card on the phone to get an email. Click on the email and it gives you another password.
6. Go over to the desk and turn on the laptop. Open the files and scroll down each of them until you come to one that has a code at the bottom.
7. Go back to the chairs to the second one and click to move it. Click on the floor to find a beetle and blue key. Take the key.
8. Go back to the cash register and put the code from the computer file into the key pad and use the key on the drawer. Look at the photo and remember what you see.
9. Go to the shelves next to the cash register and click on the slanted book on the bottom shelf to get the remote.
10. Click on the register so you can see the mouse behind the laptop. Take it.
11. Open the mouse and take out the batteries and then open the back of the remote and put them in.
12. Go over to the heater on the left wall at the end of the other chairs. click on it to move closer and then use the remote on it to turn it on. Watch a key fall out.
13. Go back to the door in the left corner (where you found the rust remover) and pick up the key on the floor in front of it.
14. Go around the chairs to the right until you come to a door. Use the key on it.
15. Face the chairs (turn right) and click to the left of the first chair (at the top) and pick up the dryer from the floor.
16. Go back and click on the right side of the broken mirror behind the second chair (like in the photograph) and pick up the piece of mirror. Note the mirror it shows.
17. On the floor near the second chair is a maniquinn head.
18. Use the comb on the wig and get to get the razor blade.
19. Use the rust remover on the blade.
20. Go back into the first room and click on the outlet near the big mirror (or is it a window?) and plug in the blowdryer.
21. Use the dryer on the mirror (hold down the left mouse key) until you can see the message clearly. You will hear the dryer running if you do it right.
22. Turn around and move to mirror you saw in your mirror piece (this is the second yellow chair - this is not what the mirror showed in my opinion). Use the piece of a mirror on that mirror (just drag it to the center) and you will see the reflection of the message (”WIECAR”).
23. Go to the laptop again and open the “Number” file. Move the comb over it until you see the letters “hthi.”
24. Use the mirror with it to combine the two messages. (”whitechair”).
25. Go over to the white chair and zoom in on it (you cannot do this until you have combined the messages) and use the razor on the top part of the chair. Take the gold key.
26. Use the key on the mirrored door in front of the desk and you are done. For some reason 2 more items appear in your inventory.

hope this helps :]

well thank you Vanessa that was really frustrating me about the mirror, and your comment about having to make sure you cleaned the mirror properly did the trick, thanks again.

can someone help me to get the password for the pc?the handymail code it got is onvitx0m.


._. I can't cut the white chair, it's says he couldn't do it O.o Help me please?

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