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Tipping Point - Chapter 1 and 2 Walkthrough

Tipping Point - Chapter 1 and 2

Tipping Point HelpTipping Point is an online photo-realistic point and click adventure game created by Dan Russell-Pinson, who says: "Tipping Point is an online point-and-click adventure game that I designed to help me learn Flash. Like most adventure games, there are no rules and you can't do anything wrong. Just look closely at your surroundings and the items on the screen. Try to figure out what to click, pick up, etc. to move the story forward." Good luck and have fun! [Subbed by Jack]

Play Tipping Point - Chapter 1

Play Tipping Point - Chapter 2
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Ok i'm typing in the channel number but where the $#%^ is the pound sign on this phone!!!! Cant do anything else.

Nvm, got it.

I really enjoyed this game :)

I am completely stuck. Some hints Jase? Whats the destination thingy?

And again, nvm. Got it

any idea to use the metal detecor ?? i stuck !

This comment has been removed by the author.

ive got a dead palm, lantern, shovel and battery. where is the gold key? think it needs to be used in the ship?

Metal detector is next to the "destination" machine.

Put the battery in the metal detector.

Use metal detector near the cave to find out where to use the shovel and get gold key.

That's where I'm at.

sorry for my english: the battery would you find with the help of the detecor....now i#m in the labyrinth

Ok ive found a spot where the metal detector goes off but cant use the shovel to dig!


How'd you light the lantern?

ive got the detector, found the key, opened the box, lit the lantern and am in the cave doing circles!!!

now have the spy decoder..... no idea how to use it


Where's the box?

the latern is in the ship

box is in the ship in a storage area on the left then bottom right of the screen. move the planks

any ideas as to what to put into the destination spaces?? cant find the numbers?? any help would be appreciated

got the spy decoder thing happening, now where to use....

michael, put the dead palm on the fire pit on the beach and use the magnifying glass then put the lantern on it.

cupycake, make the hands of the fob watch read 11.15 and press the button up the top

thanks kathy!! big help

Thanks cathy.

I'm out!

Cool game.

How do you use the decoder in the cave?i'm getting nowhere.

you compare the shape of the cave with the faces on the decoder and go the direction in which it points -- hope that helps

hi there once I see the coordinates in the watch I could not enter them in the destinaton machine, I should be able to click those arrows and on/off switch shouldn'ti?


Use the arrows on the remote to put the coordinates

I'm still stuck in the cave. I follow the signs but finding nothing :/

No chance in the labyrinth. Please Help !!! Sometimes it gives more than one options.
1.goat (only right option )-> right
2.glue (one option -> left
3.face and there are two options !!
Can anybody help me !!!!

I need help.
I'm still on the sofa with birds crying around

Nice game, cool graphic, but I'm totally stuck! I called the number of travel channel, but I don't know wihich number I need before I press pound???
I don't know what you mean whith this: "ive got a dead palm, lantern, shovel and battery. where is the gold key? think it needs to be used in the ship?"
I have nothing and I don't know what to do...


how did you all reach that beach?
I cannot find any number to type on the phone, I only get asleep and watch birds and beach on TV.
Pleaaase help a stuck italian girl. (sorry for my english).

bianca..just saw your post.if u are still having troubles..the answer to your question is the watch..for both the machine..and time..to set coordinates..in machine..theres another item to do that with..u dont click it..if u need anything esle or want direct answers just ask..bfn.

sorry meant the phone..the answer to your question is look at watch..for number..ok..bfn

hoi paps als je dit spel speelt VEEL SUCCES !!!

i really wish that the ppl who posted here earlier would have been more helpful as to where they found their items..i still can't find anything on beach ...been there forever..no batterie either..still!!

Feeling really stupid and frustrated but where is the pound on the phone?
Am I putting the right channel number in? 804?

I have already tried the decoder scroll from 1 and also from 13... nothing happenned.
Any idea?

hi there..as for the pound on the phone..its right where it should be..at bottom left..u only need it when u talk to channel provider..and to know whether or not u have right channel..look at the watch...and as for the machine for numbers.. u dont click on it..u have t ouse another item..

im sorry..bottom right for pound key

kinda stuck..have found key,,lantern..metal detector batterie..finally!! and thats it..cant do or find anything else..how do i start lantern..i read somewhere a magnifying glass..where is this...anyone on level two yet on..?

help i cant find the watch or do anything!

you have to turn the television on tillwith remote..and go to channel 8..you will see birds..one will come out..feed him..

ok, i've dialled the number on the phone but i dont have any sound on my pc. Can someone tell me what to do now

u really do need sound to hear the guy talking..but if im not mistaken..he keeps telling u to hit 1 i believe its like..3 times..then he says..enjoy..then put the channel on t.v to appropriate..in between the numbers 1..i think he may get u to hit..2 also..try..1 1 2..oh u have to get by voice message..by hittin one also..ok..think thats it..

Could someone please explain the code for getting through the cave>I keep coming to a dead end.Ta

When your in the cave, set the decoder to line 11 (=number outside the cave) and follow the branches of the cave accordingly. You only use line 11 of the decoder.

I got that bit Tom but I dont understand the code lol

start at the beginning of the cave and look at the left and right branch of the cave. If for instance the left side looks like an owl and the right side like a goat then use the decoder on line 11 and find the right combo (left owl/right goat) and go in the direction that combo points you. Do the same for the next branch, at the end you will get to a staircase and you're out

my bird doesn't like my chips!
how did you feed him?!!

Thanks Tom but maybe my pc screen is not up to the task but I cannot see any likeness to goats or owls or anything

Drop crisp on left leg

kev, look at this picture:


you can see that the left side and the right side of the cave look like a goat. so on the decoder you use the second picture, which points you to the right.

noway. Crisp keep returning in their bag.

bianca, if you drop the crisp on your left leg the bird will hop over so you can use the remote

I've been trying for hours but those crisps won't drop on my leg. They all go back in their bag.

What's the code for the 804 channel, where you have to fill in 2 numbers.

I don't know if anyone else has experienced this problem where the same chapter or scene keeps playing over and over again, but I did. Besides taking forever to load, I got tired of playing the same part all the time. I finally gave up. Good luck to all still trying to play for you have far more patience than I do. Good luck to all still trying to play.

PLEASE someone help me I do not know what numbers to use in the destination thing, I'm using the remote but can't figure out the combo...PLEASE

I don't have the hour it'll take to download, so I'll come back when it's less "hot."

I keep freezing up at the boat starting all over for the third time :(

anyone playing

on the first screen if you click on the planes flying by in the window they crash

Loved this. Cool graphics, and a bit of a challenge, but nothing you can't figure out with a little searching.
Took foreeeeeeeeverrrrrrr to load, so go make a sandwich or get a coffee cos it's going to be a while. But it's worth it.

To anyone looking for what to put in the destination coordinates: The destination time on my Travel Channel was 11:15, so I moved the hands of my pocket watch to that time, then clicked the top of the watch. Coordinates will come up on the center small dial of the watch.
Use the TV remote to dial the number into the longitude and latitude spaces on the sign. Click OK on the remote and you're off!

anyone knows how to light the lantern for the cave

atvcountry: take a palm branch and place in the fire pit. Get magnifying glass from the box in the ship and use it to light the palm branch. You can then light the lantern from there.

THANK YOU Kimbly :)

I am having trouble with the cave I have lantern, spy decoder tube set if for 11, but still don't understand what way to go. I keep ending up in a dead end. Can someone please help me.

hello there - where do I find the box in the ship???

anybody playing? I'm stuck in the ship. Just found lantern and batteries and shovel - but no box with magnifying glass. Help, please!!

the box is in the Ship on the room to the left and there is a board click on one of the boards to your right once you are in the room.

aaahhh, thanx, atvcountry, that helped a lot. I clicked nearly everywhere...

after you find the box you have to find the key with your Metal detector. I don't want to spoil it for you so that is all I will say for now Kris If you need help let me know.

set the spy decoder to 11. Look at the center of the cave at each "fork." I looked at the decoder, then clicked on the correct passage, looked at it again for the next scene, clicked again, etc. Make sure that you are looking at the correct arrow direction on the decoder tube. I would go back and try to walk you thru the left right left right, but it takes too long to load!
Don't give up because that's the end of the game.

thanks kimbly I will keep trying
thank you for your help :)

be nice if this game would even load

Anybody still [playing ?? I am waiting for the next scene to load. Are there any faster links ??

This is grueling.

I really enjoyed this game. I am still playing it trying to figure out somethings but was looking up point and click games on the web and found this game. Its hard to believe that at 30 I still like computer games lol

Don't feel bad I like them too from a hard days work and I'm 42 LOL

i can't put the numbers in with the remote. it keeps changing the channel. if you dial a different number a little girl will sing...how cute

you have to click on the bird. he will come out of the tv and land on the glass. then try to feed the chip to him

duh ! pardon my stupidy i found it

This comment has been removed by the author.

still looking for key. think i have found spot, but shovel won't dig.

anyone still here and have advice about the shovel ??

Patty Just hold the shovel over the spot it should glow yellow I hope this helps Shovel should start digging

Redroobar I posted a comment on Wogger That I was sorry I thought the music was the end of the walkthrough I was stupid Sorry! :(

Nice game I wonder where the Stairs lead at the end

Where am I wrong?
I clicked the bird from TV, and now he is on my glass. Now I try and try to put crisp on my left leg, but they get back and nothing happens. Please tell me what I' m missing.

you don't put it on your leg you feed it to the bird

I'm on travel channel. What numbers do i put in?

How can I put the coordinates on the Tv Remote?
Please help!!

nm got it

the arrow buttons on bottom on controler

I can't figure out the cave. I know it is the 11 line that i am supposed to use. What do i do when there is more than 1 choice?

got it. I'm so blind


On the Cave

this worked for me

I have been playing forever and i still can't find the ship!! all i see is the hut the cave and a firepit...can someone please help me out a bit?

Were is the battery to the metal dector I cant find it

The pound sign is this #. The ship is to the right of the hut. I am stuck. My metal dector goes off and when I try to dig the shovel goes back into the invetory if I click my button. If I hold over where the detector goes off and do no click my button nothing happens and then the shovel stops glowing. I am not sure what to do.

Never mind. I found it.

where is the decoder please?

This comment has been removed by the author.

The decoder is in the box in the ship with the magnifying glass. Even with the decoder, I am still stuck in the caves. I keep trying all the possibilities knowing that I use line 11. Someone put in a spoiler which I tried and that wasn't right for me either.

does every1 start the cave seeing the goats head?

It's a neat game, but the maximized version of mine doesn't take up the whole screen, so part of the screen is cut off. I can only see the very top of my inventory items. I know I've picked up more things that what I can see, so I guess there's a second row of items I can't get to.

And that means I'm stuck.

so i spent all these times figuring out cats goats and owls and this is what i get.. darn...

well i'm out that's the main thing

Here's what i figured out so far:
1. Click on the remote control.
2. Flip through the channels until you reach one about clouds.
3. Click on the bird with a watch around its neck.
4. Feed a chip to the bird's beak.
5. Put a chip on your left leg.
6. Click on the watch.
7. Click on the picture.
8. Go to the indicated channel.
9. Dial the number on the screen using your phone.
10. Do what it says (it only works if your sound is on). There should be now a destination number and 6 slots.
11. Click on the watch.
12. Change the watch's time by clicking on the handles. The destination number should be exactly the same as the time.
13. Press on the button on top of the watch. On the watch's bottom screen, there should be 2 numbers.
14. Click on the remote control.
15. Click on the right button on the remote control until the number in the first 3 slots match the first number on the watch's bottom screen.
16. Click on the up button on the remote control until the number in the last 3 slots match the second number on the watch's bottom screen.
17. Click the OK button on the remote control. You should be now teleported the place you saw on TV.
18. Go to the right twice.
19. Go inside the ship.
20. Search both storages and take all items you find by clicking on the. One of them should be a battery.
21. Get out of the ship.
22. Go left twice.
23. Click on the metal thingie (metal detector) on the destination machine's left.
24. Open the top right corner of the metal detector. A spring thingie should appear there.
25. Use the battery on it.

I don't know what to do next but I guess this might help someone who's still stuck in the TV room.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Thanks Lori but that codes sheet is not the decoder........

found decoder on the floor of the first room in the cave!!

well i know how to get pass of the on the cave use the decoder and a tube that says"little spy
' blah blah then use it on the decoder an put it in line 11

combine the decoder sheet and the decoder tube

don't work the arrow buttons on bottom on my controler!! help!!

stupid game lol

wtf the man fell asleep nd my screen went blak o shit !

after 2 hours nd 18 minutes im done wooo hoooo!


1. Click on the remote placed on the glass together with the notebook and pencil.
2. Click the red power button.
3. Go to channel 8.
4. After sleeping, you'll see 3 birds in a beach, click on the bird with the watch.
5. Click on the watch and click on the picture.The picture will tell you to go to channel 804.Put down the watch.
6. At the moment you cannot pick up the remote because the bird is standing on it, to make it move, give the bird a chip.
7. Now pick up the remote and press 804.
8. You're now at channel 804. Pick up your phone (lower left) and dial the number 555-3951.
9. You will hear a man's voice and a soft music, he then will ask you to press 1
10. After pressing 1, he then will ask you to activate a new channel by pressing 2.
11. To activate the channel press 804 and press # (lower right).
12. After activating, the man will ask you for the confirmation, press 1.
13. Now the channel is activated, you will see a wood with the writing "Destination 11:15". To go to the destination, click on the watch again and open it.
14. Move the arrow hands to 11:15 by clicking on the arrow hands (the small arrow hand on XI and long arrow hand on III) then press the button on top of the watch.
15. You will see a number on the watch: 105 40. Put the watch down.
16. Click on the remote. Use the arrows on the remote to place the numbers Then press OK.
<- ->
^ v
17. You are now inside the TV. Go outside (arrow on top of bird).
19. Go to the right of the screen and you will see another arrow, click it.
20. You will see the ship, click the anchor and then get inside the ship.
21. Click on the lantern, it will now be placed on your inventory.
22. Go to the right storage door and get the battery (lower left).Go back outside the room.
23. Go to the left storage door and
take the shovel.On the lower right move the planks to see the box.You cannot open the box unless you have the gold key.
24. Go back to the hut and take the metal detector (lower left).Place the battery on it and then press power and then pick it up again.
25. Go outside again. Go to left side of the beach. You will see a dead palm, take it.
26. Click on right and drop the dead palm on the fir pit.
27. Click right again and use the metal detector to find the key buried in the sand.
28. Once found, use the shovel to dig on the sand to get the key.
29. Go back to the ship and get the box again on left storage room.
30. Open the box with the gold key. Take the magnifying glass and paper.
31. Go back to the fire pit and use to magnifying glass to create fire.
32. Take the lamp and place the lamp on the fire. You now have light for the cave.
33. Get inside the cave and take the decoder.
34. Combine the decoder and the paper together and scroll it to number 11.
35. Compare the codes on the decoder to the faces on the caves to get out of the cave.


*Sorry for my bad english.Ü*

I really enjoyed this game. The cave was a bit difficult.

I really enjoyed this game. The cave was a bit difficult :)

       Anonymous  12/14/07, 7:31 PM  

I LOVED this game. The cave part was very hard but thanks to everyone's help I made it.

Great graphics, great strategy. I really enjoyed playing.

I know I'm like a year late ... but just found this game. No one here seems to have gone beyond the cave. There's a whole other world after that.

jb_dean i have just finished the game and i know what you mean theres a third chapter seeing as i couldnt find a soloution here i actually bothered to do it myself heres the walk through for it.

1. Go left and collect ladder. Play with beetle and get it on the fern. Collect beetle.
2. Go right (note parrot and fruit) and enter tree house.
3. Go left and talk to Tommy. Get book and cassette. Read book.
4. In kitchen get glass shard from mobile and exit tree house to visit parrot.
5. Dazzle parrot with glass shard and collect fruit.
6. Return to tree house and make concoction. Turn on kettle and fill bowl with ingredients and mash. Collect cassette tape.
7. Visit Tommy.
8. Go to computer desk. Click on tape player, turn it on and select pink tape. When it glows, click and it will enter tape player. Click switch to turn on music. Toucan dances and falls off.
9. Exit tree house and see what has happened to toucan and see lion face in tree.
10. Return to tree house and desk. Examine black tape, see coloured dots and track name is an equation.
11. Click tape player and black tape, when it glows click and it will change tapes. Play tape. Do not turn it off.
12. Exit tree house and look at lion. Change eye colours to the dots on the tape and press chin. Enter sum of equation and press enter. Collect goodies.
13. Put on glasses and go left until you see a password.
14. Remove glasses and return to tree house.
15. Turn on spoke and spell. Enter word and symbol and press enter. Get LED.
16. Pick up red Merman, turn on switch right side and play game. Get all the outside lights on and the middle one off. Collect keypad.
17. Pick up circuit board by tape player and assemble components. Plug in computer, turn on TV and computer...if it is fuzzy wait. Click computer and play game. Middle button for fire power. Collect gold and find castle. Enter and get interface.
18. Visit Tommy. Visit parrot and dazzle with glass shard until he goes left. Sea appears, and go forward.
then your done hope its helped.

       Anonymous  10/20/08, 2:39 PM  

How do you get the meman to light up the outside lights and not the center one?

       Anonymous  10/20/08, 2:41 PM  

how do you beat the merman thing? what order do you push them to light up all the lights except for the center one?

im stuck in the cave...can anyone please help me how to get out? can i have the code please? please? please? please? im desperate.

ok. I really feel stupid. I can't even get past the fishing rod. I got the metal container, set the switches on the box as well as I could. Couldn't find additional switches to fix the box. Couldn't bait the hook with the shrimp. Couldn't move the fishing rod to get by...even looked for a screwdriver to unhook it. What am I missing??? I have looked for additional items and tried to go in every direction possible. Help a dummy, please!

ok, I guess I had my code wrong. Now, I'm trying to install the matter encoder. The device says 000 correct -- leading me to believe that everything is ok, but it won't let me install the thing...any ideas?

how do i dazzle the parrot?!!!

i not getting the 11:15 thing
please help meeeee

working link:


From the 1st screen, you can now load any chapter, including Ch. 5 which was never posted here.

And, btw this is one of the coolest games EVER.

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