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Trick or Treat Adventure Quest Walkthrough

Trick or Treat Adventure Quest

Trick or Treat Adventure Walkthrough[REPLAY] Little Johnny's Trick-or-Treat Adventures Quest is another Halloween themed point and click type adventure game. In Trick or Threat Adventure Quest you are Little Johnny, a kid in dire need of a Halloween costume who has to make do with what he can put together using household supplies. Once you have your costume pieced together, out into the real world you go for some Trick-or-Treating! But this isn't your average night in suburbia... many strange things are afoot and it's up to you to solve the puzzles if you want to enjoy all the delicious Halloween candies. Good luck and have fun!

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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Trick or Treat: Adventure Quest Walkthrough
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anybody playing this?

ja..but i got only a comic book and some dirty underwear

so now im trying to wash my pants :D

i filled the tub, put the booberry in it to turn the water blue, then put the underwear in it. also go utensils for claws and put the super glue on them.

ja now im trying to think how to make a bucket for a helmet

oh, i also have the toilet paper, bucket (from the mop), and a love letter. i think the letter is supposed to give you a hint about how to get into the trapdoor, but i can't figure it out. i think the ON/OFF comments are for the lights, but that doesn't seem to be working.

i we also got come candy from moms ass :D

Join little Johnny in this point-and-click adventure to find the perfect Halloween costume and get all the candy!

Inside House: Find pieces for Commander Claw costume
# Pick up comics
# Pick up underwear
# Go to Hallway
# Reach in mouse hole
# Reach in mouse hole again
# Turn off hallway light
# Use gold key on parent's door
# Enter parent's room
# Turn on record player
# Close armoir door
# Get gray key
# Use gray key on cuffs to get cuffs
# Go to kitchen
# Open kitchen drawer
# Get utensils
# Get crazy glue
# Combine glue with utensils
# Get love note
# Get booberry cereal
# Get mop bucket
# Turn on kitchen light
# Go to living room
# Turn off living room light
# Get jolly rancher from mom's butt
# Open basement hatch
# Go to basement
# Get raid
# Get crowbar
# Get mousetrap
# Get drill
# Combine drill with bucket to make Commander Claw helmet
# Go to living room
# Use mouse trap on boots
# Get boots and hamster
# Go to kitchen
# Put hamster in microwave
# Get hamster and hair
# Combine hair and glue to make mustache
# Go to bathroom
# Get toilet paper
# Turn on tub
# Combine Booberry cereal with tub water to turn it blue
# Combine yellow stained underwear with blue water to turn it green
# Commander Claw costume appears

Challenge 1: Old lady and the Spider
# Go outside through living room
# Talk to elvira to get lighter
# Go to convenience store
# Talk to One Eyed Bob to get cough syrup and empty twinkie
# Combine cough syrup with jolly rancher
# Go to screen with sewer vent
# Reach into sewer vent to get syringe
# Combine syringe with can of raid
# Combine poison syringe with twinkie
# Go to spider screen
# Give twinkie to butterfree kid
# Spider eats butterfree, spider dies
# Pick up old lady's candy

Challenge 2: Guy with plumbing problems and the C.H.U.D.
# Go to Guybrush Threepwood screen
# Defeat guybrush in battle of insults to get taffy
# Give toilet paper to billy idol to get candy corn
# Go to Ricola guy (guy with horn) screen
# Give Ricola guy coughdrop to get his horn
# Combine horn with taffy to make a sewer plug
# Go to manhole cover screen
# Use crowbar on manhole to open it
# Go into sewer
# Go to C.H.U.D. screen
# Use candy corn on C.H.U.D.
# C.H.U.D. follows corn trail to fan
# Turn on fan to kill C.H.U.D.
# Go to leaky pipe screen
# Use pipe plug (horn + taffy) on leaky pipe
# Return to surface
# Go to screen that has guy with plumbing problems
# Talk to guy with plumbing problems to get his candy

Challenge 3: Defeat Cerberus the 3-headed dog
# Go to Space Balls trooper screen
# Give Space Balls trooper bald hamster to replace his lost iguana and get his Super Soaker
# Go to screen with Mexican
# Give Mexican mustache to get beer
# Go to screen with Soundwave transformer
# Give Soundwave beer to have him shake it up for you
# Go to redneck trailer screen
# Give redneck shaken beer
# Use fuzzy hand cuffs on redneck to chain him to his trailer
# Get moonshine
# Combine moonshine with supersoaker (first part of flamethrower)
# Combine lighter with supersoaker to complete flamethrower
# Go to screen with Cerberus (the 3-headed dog)
# User flame thrower on Cerberus
# Pick up Devil Gate key
# Open golden gate
# Walk right to enter Satan's cave

Challenge 4: Defeat Satan to get ultimate bag of Candy
# Talk to Satan to begin final gameshow showdown
# Answer trivia questions correctly
# Watch the ending!

great walkthrough only thing wrong with it is it never told you how to get into basement?

brilliant game but had to stop is there no way you can save it as I will have to start all over tomorrow and was past half way?

I put the costume together and went outside. There are three kids outside: a mummy, a robot kind of guy, and a witch. I've asked them all of the questions,but I can't make anything happen.

I looked at the walkthrough, but there's no elvira in my game.

how do you get into the basement that part is driving me crazy.

how do you get into the basememt that part is driving me crazy!!

Thanks for the walktrough but there is a problem with my inventory :
I can't combine a item with an other if the second isn't near the first in my inventory!!! because I cant' make march when i choose an item !


1. music in the parents' bedroom must be ON (playing)

then follow the instuctions on the lovenote.each location has a ON/OFF to it.

Opa - click on the 1st piece of inventory. While holding that piece, hover the hand icon (still holding the 1st item) over the left or right arrow of the inventory box. Its a tad tricky though.

were the is elvria this is crazy the basemet door final opens after kept coming back to it

but who's elvira??

and who's guybrush?

Where is the basement door?

Thanks a lot Jenifer :)
Elvira is a woman in black^^; and guybrush looks like a pirate. (don't you know Guybrush Threepwood in the game "monkey island"? )

I dont' find the "redneck trailer screen" what and where is it?

Opa - the "redneck trailer" screen is the place where u will see a drunk guy standing infront of a trashy trailer. I can't really remember but after u get the "shockwave drink can", walk to your right and then down (towards your own keyboard). Hope its right :P

here are the answers to some of the questions, DELI MEAT SLICER, TURNIPS, SLOPE INTERCEPT, VINCENT PRICE, RODENT, WILD ZERO and NIGHT OF THE SLUGS. I'll leave you to find out what questions they go to. MMMWAHAHAHAHA :)

Cool game!Enjoyed that Guybrush-part-reminded me of the beginning of my adventure-obsession ;))
More of that stuff!!!

Where is that Mexican who I am supposed to give the mustache to? I saw that "Zorro" guy, but the mustache didn't work on him. I went past the trooper whom I gave the hamster to, but then all I see are those stupid dogs! So, where's the Mexican? Please tell me! Thanks.

The basement door is opened up by reading the letter more carefully.

OFF in the living room
ON in the kitchen
OFF in the hallway
ON in the bedroom

What else goes on and off besides a light switch? Turn them on and off in the exact locations and then flip the radio on in the bedroom, you are good to go.

Where is the soundwave transformer?

the redneck trailor screen doesn't seem to be down from the soundwave screen, and i cant get to it!

oops, i found it, its to the right of the transformer, then down twice(past mexican screen).

Where the FREAK is the kitchen drawer? I cant open anything in the kitchen!

okay elvira is dressed in black but when you click on her top talk it just says innocent bystander?

was pressing the wrong button to talk to them lol, were is the convenience store can't find it?

ok i am on the 2nd challenge and how r u suppose 2 beat that pirate guy in a battle of insults cuz i have been tring 4 like 5 minutes and i still cant beat him

can someone tell me were is the convenience store please?

how do you get out of the house,
i already have my costume on but i dont see a front door...

the exit to the house is in the lower right hand corner of the living room (right below where you got the boots)

WHy is my bath yellow???

were oh were is the convenience store hellllllpppppp?

is elvira the with girl?

how do you get the lighter from her?

who is elvira????!!!!!!!

were is the MEXICAN?

the ending was really epic...that's the only bad thing about this game

Elvira is the women in Black,anyone know were the mexican is?

the game was great, though he walks too slow...i just kept using walkthroughs cuz i have no idea how to solve something like this. anyone got problems? maybe i can help.

Who knows the song Soundwave ( or at least a kid in a Transformer Soundwave costume) played on his radio?

there is one scene where you'll see a "white striped pathway" on the road which i presume is on the window where the kid wit the transformer costume is on...u walk to the end of the white striped thing and u'll find more characters includin the mexican and the redneck when u go down further

i may be the only person who has beaten this game in one sitting but it was much to ez all you had to do was think about what was next it was obvious

Hey i found a glitch! When you defeat the 3 headed dog and pick up the key STAY IN THE SAME PLACE
! DO NOT MOVE!! Click on the space where the key was and you can pick it up again! you can get millions of keys :D

You can also use them all to unlock the gate if you stay in the same place and click on the place the lock was

agh! how do you win the insult battle with the pirate??

The ending is so so long. What a waste of time!

This game sucked..
u CANT beat Guybrush Threepwood..
U need to be RLY lucky to be able to do that...
This is impossible..
and I give up now.. after 30mins trying..
Hope the maker of this game understands how stupid it is and kills himself/herself.......

hahaha... is that all?!
after the hardship of
defeating satan and get the candies
you go home and eat a chocolate bar
-you just died because your diabetic...

at first i enjoy playing but after finishing it.. its just a waste of time...

hahaha... is that all?!
after you defeat satan
-you just died because your diabetic

how lame...


lol is so funny the ending, and so unpredictable :X

i like this game

the devil says:"i hope your not using google" and id did lol!

How do you get in basement? I know where latch is but... the hall light is on, bathroom is on, living room is off and kitchen is on... got the jolly rancher, made green undies, made claws, have comic book, hand cuffs, crazy glue and buckt!!

Whats is Taffy? I can not conbine with the horn PLISSSS!!! tell me

how do you challenge that pirate guy to a battle of insults answer quick?

satan question answers plz. since nobody knows how to put the answers on here.

How To Defeat Guybrush:

Guybrush: You fight like a dairy farmer.
Correct Response: How appropriate. You fight like a cow.

Guybrush: Nice costume. Where'd you buy it, in a dumpster?
Correct Response: Why yes I did, and please tell your family I said thanks for marking down the price on it.

Guybrush: If I looked like you, I'd be wearing a bucket over my face ALL the time.
Correct Response: If you looked like me, you'd have a modeling career instead of getting paid to mow my parent's lawn.

Guybrush: You're no match for my razor sharp wit!
Correct Response: Too bad you didn't utilize that razor sharp wit instead of the razor you used in that failed suicide attempt.

Guybrush: My dog's rear end smells better than you.
Correct Response: So you're still sniffing him there on a regular basis, eh?

Guybrush: The sight of you gives me far more chills than any horror movie.
Correct Response: The only thing giving me chills is that somebody might see me talking to a loser like you.

Guybrush: Even Charlie Brown would have more success getting candy on Halloween than you.
Correct Response: So? Even a corpse would have more success getting a girlfriend than you.

Guybrush: My last fight ended with my hands covered with blood.
Correct Response: I hope now you've learned to stop picking your nose.

Guybrush: I've seen rocks with more charisma than you.
Correct Response: I've seen boy bands with more dignity than you.

Guybrush: You don't need candy, your teeth are clearly rotted out already.
Correct Response: You're the one who's old enough for dentures there, gramps.

Guybrush: I've been known to make my opponents dizzy with my immense vocabulary.
Correct Response: You sure it wasn't just your breath?

Guybrush: My tongue is sharper then any sword.
Correct Response: First you better stop waving it like a feather-duster.

Guybrush: Looks like somebody failed out of Arts and Crafts class.
Correct Response: At least I'm not the one who was always caught eating the paste.

Guybrush: Nice green underwear you got there, chump.
Correct Response: Damnit. I knew if I wore these you'd get turned on.

Guybrush: You're like a carved pumpkin, rotting from the inside out.
Correct Response: You're like a vampire, sucking all the time.

Guybrush: Couldn't afford a REAL costume this year, eh?
Correct Response: I donated all my money to charity. Bet you feel like a jerk now, eh?

Man this game is good but i did not like the ending.

To Tina: it IS possible to beat guybrush and the game but ur just too STUPID to properly beat the game

how do you defeat guybrush

The convenience store is just past spongebob

for the other secret medal you need to look at everything in your room at the very beggining of the game.

Hey I found a glitch!!
When your in the parent's room, and you shut the closet door, And pick up the gray key if you stay in the same spot, You can pick it up as many times as you want. You can also unlock the handcuffs as many times as you want too.

Ok the convenience store is just past the spongebob.
You can beat the insult maker, I forget his name.
Keep trying!
I was at it for 35 minutes atleast!
Just try and pick as many different answers that you would say to a real person to beat them in an insult battle.:P
I hope my short little things help!!
Cyaz BTW I didn't finish the game because the gamemakers are too stupid to make a goddam save button so now I'm gonnna have to start ALL over again and I was on challenge 3!
What a sucky/awesome game!!

you get into the basement by deciphering the parents note in the kitchen. (hint: light switches)and it has auto save

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