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WarBears Mission 3 - An Oceanic Problem Walkthrough

WarBears Mission 3 - An Oceanic Problem

WarBears Mission 3 WalkthroughWar Bears Mission 03 - An Oceanic Problem is the third episode of WarBears Missions point and click adventure game series. An S.O.S. signal from the Gas Platform in the Great Ocean! A new enemy surfaced with an evil plan. Will the Warbears be able to stop them? Good luck and have fun!

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walkthrough now now now

i need help.i cant get it.

All I know is that if you use the rocket ship thingy and make it hit the contraption holding the cage, it stops the countdown for lowering the cage. Other than that, I have no clue.

Set the cage dropping, then launch the rocket, take it above the lowering mechanism and rop to make the top half of the counter red, then drop below and hit from underneath to make it tilt. then fly the rocket up and hit the fourth button when it turns blue (above the outline) to land. activate the WBOT. go up and left to the green square where you activate the crane tools. don't drive the WBOT into the blue lines or you've failed.

now go down right and back up with the WBOT to lower a chain from another green square. on this lower-raise-lower to 73. back to moving and go down to the green square near where you began which is the crane controls. move the crane to position 5 (you may have to raise it) then lower until the boat lifting gear is attached. raise and move back to position 1 then lower to the boat. now EXIT THE WBOT, don't drive him off the edge for the laugh.

Throw a grenade at Ryoh hit and hold when the gauge is in the top of the arrow and release when the main body of the grenade is full to release him from the polar bear ball.

walk ryoh up the pipe, and make him slice the pipe then jump him onto the right hand platform, full power slice on the chain will set fire to the escaping gas. then a grenade from Lucas will kill the pyranhas so Ryoh can swim over and attach the boat straps.

Congratulations you're on stage 2.

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walkthrough for the next part after that

How do you light on fire the gas on the middle level of the plataform??? On chapter 2. I've tried to get all 3 power levels turned on at the same time but it is impossible!!!! HELP

Is there anyone out there?? Please help me!!

from what i think,
1 is the air intake
2 is the combustible gas intake
3 is the power intake
i'm not sure.

There's a panel next to the robot which indicates something, cause everytime i move number 3, the panel's indicator moves, look closely n u'll see it. turn number 3 till it shows on.
Hope someone continue this part.

oh and make sure you pop the bubbles that steve's releasing =)

1.Use Lucas to shake the pipe aand get rid of the gaurds
2. Move Lucas right and Kla left
3. The cranes shorted out so you need to take care of it. Bottom left have Ryoh come up the ladder
4. Fight the enemy then move left
5. Slash the pipe to the left
6. change the pipe setting so its all on number 2 then when the gas is coming out move the wheel down and hit the small gold lever above the wheel (note: if you have the slider on 2 when you move the wheel down it will lose too much power to allow the gas to come out)
7. Move Ryoh left and up the stairs. Hit the laser with his sword to diasble it
8. go back down and move the slider to 3. Add just enough energy to make the machine on the next flor to read on
9. Move Ryoh back to the left and hit the button. Then move him upstairs in front of the machine
10. Move Lucas left and downstairs. Go right to the panel that reads toilet dispenser and pull the fuse out.
11. Move right and put the fuse in the panel that reads crane fusebox
12. put the fuse in then use Kla to bring up the controls
13.start by stacking the boxes on the left the move steve up onto that box then put one on the right move steve to thew right and follow that pattern until he gets to the top
14. One of the boxes wont be able to be picked up...go downstairs with Ryoh and hit the button this will dump it. DONT FORGET TO REOPEN THE CONVEYOR BELT.
15. Once in the boat look to the left and pick up the weird object on the table. Then hit the bottom left corner of the poster on the right so steve remebers about the pieces of paper he put the code for the safe on. Then find the 3 pieces and collect the crowbar
16. open the box and steve will throw the CDGs out the boat
17. move Lucas up to recieve them
18. As Ryoh go back down and shift the gas pressure to #1 so its maxed
19. Then move Lucas left and up the stairs
20. then as Lucas throw a grenade (1/3 power and 1/3 blast) into the pipe
21.This will cause the laser to fire at the fire. Shoot the laser down with steve (you can pop his bubbles for a bonus points)
22. Move steve right and open the water move right and shower then move down.

23. Move Steve right. He'll ask you to turn the elevator on
24. Move Lucas down and to the right. Take the fuse you put into the crane from earlier and put it in the leftmost panel (elevator)
25. Move Steve inside.
26. shoot the gaurds
27. move into the far left office.
28. after you come out go right...doors locked. Move back into the left office and pick up the key.
29. once downstairs take out the guard
30. once you get into the fight with the big guy, aim your fist toward the bottom of his bowl to the left. (the blue band will start coming off where you should hit)
31. The device activates and you have to stop it. Kla will have a puzzle with 3 red blocks in it and 3 green blocks to the side.
32. to finish the puzzle move all the blocks so they read I, II, III from left to right in the center, then have steve aim at the middle. Next move the 1 block to the top left corner and the 3 block to the bottom left. Then have steve aim at the bottom. Lastly put them so that 3 is at the top right and 1 is at the bottom left and then shoot the top. DONE!!!!

I finished but only got 70%?

OMG..I never laughed so hard in my li fe..that was the funniest thing ive ever seen..i drowned those poor hostages..first off..set a grenade off..killed everyone..didnt look like a grenade.?..while the hostages were going down..man that was funny..

I got 87%, 1400 points.... out of
3000! How..?

Like the previous mission, you have to do everything including failing the mission to get 100%, and believe me, it's tough. gd walkthrough though, tnx!

will someone help me i cant find the boat gear thingamabobber?

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How do you pick up the boxes with the crane? Please help me.

Dthompa didn't mention how to use the crane either. I sorta figured out how to use it, but I couldn't understand how to get the boxes attached to the crane.

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