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Abducted PasswordsAbducted! - An Adventure Game in Flash is another new point and click room escape type game. In this game, you play a human who has been abducted by aliens for unknown reasons. Your job is to escape from them and get yourself back to your home planet. God luck and have fun!

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anyone playing?

I'm stuck on the code to the safe, any ideas?

i am playing

I made it to level 2...for the safe, the answer is in the computer....look closely

Nevermind - it's on the computer...

How do I light the powder?

I got to level 3, but can't seem to figure it out sense the paper clip broke

use the rope


I'm in the 3rd room...

in the locked box

nevermind, I found it.

in 3rd room, do you have to dissect the monkey?

I'm stuck in the second room - how do I open the box?

Yes, but after you swap something else...

nvm, got it, on to the next level

What do you do with the aliens after talking to all of them?

So I dissected the monkey - now what? I can't use the key on anything or go anywhere!

If you give the top one your keys he goes away.

nvm - got to the next level

got rid of 1 alien, but now what?

Open the panel with driver, smash it... then keep talking
I'm out!

Cute game. Nice and easy for a change !!!

I'm out. You need to keep getting rid of all of the aliens.

nvm, I'm done

Done! Fun, but very easy.

what do I do after I dissect the monkey??

was on level 4..but everything frozen..and now i have to restart..:s

and out..simple but nice..

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you need help?

What's the code for the safe on first level. I can't find it in or on the computer.

Look in the files in the computer mixed display, down the bottom

should have known this game would not load its from newgrounds

Dissected the monkey and got the red key. now I can't do anything else. Tried red key on dresser & panel bt it says I don't have the right key for that. Grrrr.....

how do u dissect the monkey? i have the tool but cant figure out what to do.

im on the monkey part and can cut it plz help im new to this

iv opened the panel and can see the aliens and i have the tool for cutting but i still cant do anything i know it must be so simple but i cant find wot to do next plz help

Thanks a bunch for the code location. It's really hard to see. Appreciate the help.

dont worry done it thanks i feel silly now

how do you dissect the stupid monkey with what?

Go back to the drawers and open them using the method in part 1....you get something

switch the paper on the table first and it will tell you to dissect the monkey


Niiiiiice Hints: I made it to the next level. Waaaw.

-open the driver, take silver key
-open the closet with silver key, there is a slip of paper in the pocket of the red dress
-use paper with code on the computer, put paper back and klick on the computer again
-open control panel folder, user accounts, change guest to admin, go back to admin. controls folder, reveal.... go back to room, panel is opened
-klick on the comp. again, contr. panel, display settings, there is on the green line code for safe 8473
-open safe, take a paperclip use it on the door

-open silver box with key, lets take a closer look at the stuff on the table a klick: red, pink, blue
-you got explosive powder on the menu, put the powder in to the hole on the wall + yellow rope, light fire on the end of the rope.. woala !

-use screwdriver on the "cage" open second driver with paper clip, take dissective tool, go to next room, klick on the paper with code in your menu and swap the slips of paper on the table while the security camera isn't looking,read the paper, dissect the monkey with dissecting tool, take red key, go back to 1. room click on green rug, use red key on 3.driver, take green key and remove the panel on the floor with 3 keys, take the suit and click on yelow light

-give keys to alien near the door
-use screwdriver and then dissecting tool on the panel, speak with alien near the panel ask him about panel, then speak with last alien ask about taking over his job,click on the monitor, earth and go home
sorry i'm slovak dn't speak english very good

The help button is very usefull.
Easy game.
Just click the help button.

Cool game. I love the music! :)



The rope is in the silver box on the table. You use the key you found in Level 1 to open it. Then, select the rope and click on the crack in the wall where the bag of explosives is supposed to go. If you dont know the bag is supposed to be made in this order:

1- First, click on the red shape.
2. Then, click on the pink shape.
3. Then, click on the blue shape.

You shold now have a little red bag in your list of things. Click on it and click in the crack on the wall. Then you use the rope and then click on the valve on the right side of the wall. It should ignite the rope and blow up the wall.

Is anyone playing today?

how so i dissect the monkey? what tools to use and where to find them?

Wow, i had finished it. Very easy. Use the 'HELP'at the top right hand side corner!

that was really fun not like any other escape games ive played it was really wasy though i just used the help button once or twice

its very easy anyone can ask me if u r stucking


on level 4 how do i get the 2 other aliens to leave the room. or what do i do ive already got the one by the door out but the other 2 i cant figure out.

walktrough:clik on drawer u get key automaticaly.open cupbord.near red dress you must find a code. it is hard 2 find.zoom for help.clik on code and click on pc.go on control panel.click on user acounts.click on the box near guest.click on geen arow and clik on admin controls,security systems, and reveal secret safe.clik on the arrow till u find the first 3 folders of the control panel.clik on display seting,mes up display and botom of pic thers a number.go to safe and put in that number.zoom on the white speck and get paperclip.pik the lok and you go to lvl2

lvl2:unlok box with the grey key and get screwdriver and rope.read the 2 pgs of the book then read chart.zoom on table.click on the red,pink and blue liquids.put explosive in crak. conect wit plug by rope. switch on.lvl3!

I cant get the panel on Level 4 to open! Help!

i don't know how to play can you help me!

im stuck on the bit where your trying to get out the first room

how do you get rid of the alien next to the pannel in level 4


level 1
Open drawer,you'll get silver key.
Open closet with silver key.
Get slip of paper from pocket.
Use slip of paper on computer.
Use computer, open "control panel".
Go to user accounts, at guest, click on admin.
Open admin controls, open all the other folders.
At the secret safe, use the code 8473.
Take paperclip at the left from the secret safe.
Use paperclip on the door.

level 2
Use silver key on the box.
Get screwdriver and rope from the box.
Go to the right side of the table.
Click the things in this order:RED, ROSE, BLUE.
Use explosive powder at crack in the wall.
Use rope on the thing that's right.
Click at the thing.

level 3
Use paperclip at 2nd drawer (from up to down).
Get dissecting tool from drawer.
Go right.
Use slip of paper on the other paper when security camera isn't looking.
Read the slip of paper.
Use dissecting tool at monkey.
Take red key from monkey.
Go left.
Use red key on third drawer.
Get green key from drawer.
Click on carpet.
Use green key on panel (at the ground).
Get alien suit from it.
Use screwdriver on panel.

level 4
Give keys to the alien next to the door.
Use screwdriver on panel.
Use dissecting tool on the "machine".
Talk to alien next to the panel, then choose the last option.
Talk to alien next to the computer, choose the 2nd option then the last one.
Use computer, then click Earth.
You beat the game!

im using the driver on the pannel but it says you can not use it?plz help!!!!!!!!!!! i gave the keys to the top alien but i cant open the pannel and im doing everything u guys r saying!!!!!!!!

the answer to the safe is 8473!!!!!!!!

hey which game are u guys talking about???????????
i am playing abduction escape in (www.friv.com)
sp please tell me how to complete it.. i completed part 2 and part 4. please tell me to complete 1 and 3

how do u beat level 3

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