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Bon Voyage Escape

[REPLAY] Gotmail - Bon Voyage Escape is another Japanese point and click escape the room game developed by IDAC for Gotmail. In this escape game, you try to escape from the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Bon Voyage Walkthrough

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lets see ... I have the following but stuck at this juncture.

1. SIngle adaptor
2. Light Bulb
3. Torch light
4. Roach looking USB
5. Multi Adaptor


Glad someone is playing, have all sorts of things and a few places to push buttons and things....
The light bulb goes in the ball by the door and gives a clue...also mobile phone (use the usb and then search behind urn where there is a new opening) screwdriver (open window a few times) battery by door....

Places with buttons in glass cabinet need colour codes and wall in passage need code with shapes...clues from mobile and behind ball but know idea what they mean...and played with jumping jars in cupboard....been busy in the cellar with fossil and handle... now stuck for ideas

I sat looking at the big picture window for colours of the shooting star LOL

where the usb thing ?
use adaptor behind the table, then plug the multi adaptor

dont know what to do with fossil, torch, screwdriver and battery...

where is the screwdriver ?

move the little window until it falls under the table.. the move a chair two times so you can reach it..

wheres the usb ???!!!

it's the beetle.. zoom in and click on it

thank you

Screwdriver fell to the floor under the chair but it says I can't reach it.
Tried taking it from the other view but its not there :(

Looked behind urn but no opening.
Saw a box-like thing but it says"closed"

Did it work?

jennifer you need to use the roach to open that box....

To get the screwdriver move the chair forward

ok what beetle ?? i must be blind..

The big door's locked for me now. You can grab its handle but i don't know where to use it

the screwdrivers falls uner a chair, move it until it appears

CANT FIND THE BEETLE/ROACH/USB !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

red, I have the roach and tried ramming it into the greyed out slot above the "close" word. is it there? its not working for me :(
Cna I whine now? :P

santa...bottom cupboard and how did you plug in the adaptor and which table?

jennifer clip it on with the front feet...

red, search under the table with the vase on it. plus in the single adaptor first, followed by the multi one

you have to turn the multi adapter until it fits..

How do I use/open the phone ??

power of posting... anyone know what to do with that code ?

thanks !!! found it...

zoom under larga table from the side near the door you can open... first plug the adaptor, then the multi..

Thanks I was playing with the wrong socket....now what....

now... dont know how to use the usb thing... =/

       Anonymous  12/11/07, 10:59 PM  

there is a light switch behind one of the lamps. If you turn the lights out and switch to the screen with the mini balls and the jackets you can zoom in on the floor, you cannot do this with the lights on. I have yet to find anything on the floor though :-/

I can't get the USB thing in either.
Did I miss opening or doing something?

BTW, I hate roaches ...

bottom right door of the cupboard, just click in until you find it...

but i dont know how to use it

I'm clicking and clicking on the little window, and there's no screwdriver. What am I doing wrong? Only one of the little windows opens, right?

clip the front claws at the bottom of the grey switch....

ps it is a stag beetle, not cockroach....

it falls to the floor under the table... move the chair so you can get it

got the cell phone but cant figure out how to open it.. red what "handle" did you find ??

I've used the fossil on the side of the well and says "it stopped the water". Can't find anything there though.

anne it drops to the floor...you may already have done that....

you get a handle from the double doors.....

nope, it's not there. I'm also missing the single adapter.

phone...place on table and it lights up...gives a clue...

found some weird thing (i think iy is a camera) inside the battery...

the single adaptor is under one of the tables and the screwdriver is beside the table with the yellow runner

good one santa...

Wonderful....have a code!!!!!!!

Now to find what I unlocked....

me too... and another letter

cant use the single adaptor! i tried turning it around in every position but it wont fit! it goes under the table where the screwdriver was, right?

and i cant figure out what to do with mobile phone...

Ah.....some colours....

       Anonymous  12/11/07, 11:20 PM  

take pictures of the lighthouse to get a letter and a code. code switches painting to unlock mode

       Anonymous  12/11/07, 11:22 PM  

once painting is unlocked you can click and drag it to get a new colorful painting

Can I get some help locating the mobile phone please?

Has anyone seen the weird message if you highlight the battery and then use thw fossil on it????

Struggling to use my Stag Beetle behing the Urn......

cant figure out the colour code..

all of you have 3 empty slots for items ?

santan, did you manage to stick the USB in? i'm still stuck there.
would say I'm having a blonde day but I'm black-haired.

just plug the usb in the same place you found it...

The stag beetle attaches to the grey switch in the cupboard....

gezzz... I was sticking the beetle in the wrong place.

All sorted out now. thanks guys

Than you. Trying to use it in the wrong area.

I think using the fossil after highlighting the battery may be the colour code, but I only get 4 of the 5 colours?

Stuck the handle onto the well. Any idea what happens then?


i cracked the colour code!

which well ??

the colour code which is in the dessert fridge. gives a tin of paint.

where did you use the handle exactly ?

jennifer....what dessert fridge?....

You mean where the pink glasses are...how did you get the code?

look at the well. click near the bottom right of it. there is a part where there are 2 small holes.
attach handle there.

any clue on the shapes code?

jennifer still need help on colour code....where???

red, (yup pink glasses)look at the screen where the big double doors are (at your right)

click on the picture window and you will see a screen with the beacon emitting coloured light :)

in the noisy scene with the horse ?

yes santan

hmmm whats the painting for then?

hmm UV paint and uv light a painting I must go

grrrr i cant find the place to put the handle.. do i have to put it near the horse ?

hey glad to know people are playing right now. i'm just starting. how far you get so far?

So the paint goes somewhere..and use the torch...

red help me plz... where do i have to put the handle EXACTLY ????

santa go into the cellar with the tub, use fossil in hole on right to turn off water, back and to the trough on the left and there are two holes....dont know what it does...

loooool what cellar ???? how do i get there ?

The single blue door (need the screwdriver)

the cellar is behind the blue door. single door.

Anyone worked out where to use the paint?

in the cellar, just when you enter it, you can see the simbols - star, triangle, x...you can push them...but i don't know if this lead anywhere...

pour the paint into the urn by the door to the cellar

i also found a rat hole type opening behind the urn that's underneath the shelves with glasses. click on the urn and it reveals the hole... but so far i haven't been able to figure out its function... hmm..

use paint with vase in front of formerly locked box. it leaks. stuck now

pour the UV colour in the urn a shape revealed but don ´t work in the cellar maybe it goes like the man on the table ( phone clue )

turn the light off and use the torch in the floor...

Thank you...now got the pattern..to work out...and moved the tub....

I cracked the shapes code. well lowered into ground and went down ladder. now facing an alphabet puzzle. anyone there yet?

i've got the laptop and plugged in the usb... gonna try and charge it upstairs

solved it. Shine the blacklight on the floor after pouring paint and turning off light. It matches the symbols against the shapes in the painting.

refer to light in window for order.

after putting the paint into the vase, turn off the lights. then take the torch,you see clues onf the floor

jennifer: you need to take back the fossil. and use the 2 letters your found from before, the orange ball clue and the clue from the polariod

Not another code......

whats the shape pattern ?

Flipped the switch after I opened the door. No noticeable change. Anyone notice anything different?

Wiggly lines in the tunnel after you click the switch

Also, use the blacklight int the switch room. You can see a starscape. No idea what to do though.

OK I give up where is the fossil :(

press a/y again...black tunnel with wiggly lines using torch

bulga it is on one of the balls under the picture...

one side of the switch gives the darkness with the wiggly lines, other side shows another room with 3 code breakers.

I have the pc with another puzzle, got the clue but don't know where to use it.

Thanks red found it

The room with the wiggly lines has a G figure and triangle....

The only trick left in my bag is the .jp code from the phone. It's not helping with the laptop though.

well travel.gotmail.jp works as a real link, but all i see is question marks

jennifer...havent found the pc...where was it...?

the pc is inside the room with the star-scape. at the door turn to your right, look on the podium thing

how do i open the door with the letters ? i pressed a and enter but now i cant... whats exactly the code to enter ?

red the laptop is under the left panel inside that room

Help whats tha shape code I see tha painting on the floor but where to start , I see colours in the windows wit the horse but no shapes to match.
And were should I use the polaroid??????????????

find the intersection of the letters "N" and "S". clue was from the orange ball and the photo taken of the light house

ah....different switch setting...

What is colour code???? My beacon only shines white light.

The letters are not the same from everyone, you got to find yours.

anyone got anything from the laptop except the word "gotmail" ?

The laptop actually gives you .gotmail (note the dot). Now recall that the phone gave you ".jp"

I think there's something else that's suppoed to give you the "www" at the beginning, but we haven't found it yet.

i combined the word "travel" from the orange ball and the ".jp" from the cell phone and ".gotmail" and got "travel.gotmail.jp"... but all i see are question marks, no idea where to go next

Joe you are looking at the wrong light...

no need for "www", we already had "travel"
I already checked www.travel.gotmail.jp, but just imgages of baobabs and of santorini.

My laptop only shows the strawberry tomato page...must be getting tired...help

i pluged the laptop but i dont know how to use it..

red, forgot the usb device ?

red, did you plug in the beetle USB into the pc?


Yeah, I did that same after you posted your comment. It's all Japanese though.

The picture on that page is from Santorini Greece. Not sure if that's relevant or not. Seems out of place though.

well my beetle ran away... i took it off the computer and turns out it's now alive... i put it in the hole behind the urn and now it's gone :(

did anyone manage to open the locked drawer in the main room?

was strawberry tomato a previous game? i found it bc of the computer background and started playing it via travel.gotmail.jp thinking i might get a clue from another game... if that is the case i quit... this is way long.

Hmmmmm, Crete also apprears at the bottom--another area of Greece. I think there's a clue here? Maybe?

I got5 a blue key from the beetle after leaving at the hole and coming back to it.
However it does not open the drawer :(

i unlocked the drawer and found yet another code...

Cant get the usb in...where? The santorini may be another gotmail game

got it...

Chia, did you unlock it with the blue key? I can't seem to do it.


if you type in travel.gotmail.jp (in the drawer code) it will take you to the web page.

I was already there though, soooo....

same, can't open the drawer =(

i think its over when you type travel.gotmail.jp in the drawer...

The blue key does work..open the door first...

to get to the drawer you have to go from the middle cupboards where you can play the cup game. click the locked drawer from there using the blue key.

what does the code in the drawer unlock? i just said "OK!"

open the 2 cupboard doors so you can examine the locked drawer.. then use the key

I checked the translation between the writing at the top of the photo on the website. It translates as "It will try looking back at the area of the foreign country which the protagonist of the GATT game chooses!"

any idea what that means?

my pc has load of red letters and go to ladder of squares...what do I do?

When you match the highlighted squares that is where you see Gotmail

oh what the ...?!? i'm out!

Some of the text near the bottom translates as "Password: Crete."

Now we just have to figure out where to put it.

apparently i'm the 664th person to fininsh... and i took me 1:55:37...

typr crete in on of the boxes in cellar

Password is "Crete" goes in the box on the left. I'm out.

argh, I had tempted "santorini" long ago, not "crete", because that's what the properties of the image says ...

still need help with the pc...nothing highlighted

the password goes to the podium where you can see an arrow when you're using the UV light to shine inside the cellar. look near the ceiling with your UV light between the 3 screens, on one of them you'll see an arrow at the top. that's the door you need use the past password on. changes from person to person.

red just look at the right picture, it show the diagonal letters, go check which letters it correspond to on the left picture.

red, the highlighted boxes correspond to the text.

i think its irrelevant :P

Out #702

Brilliant game as per normal, still not out as I cant get my pc thing to work....got to feed the cat as it is attacking my mouse...

Put me out of my agony, what do I type in the drawer?

redroobar, the gotmail is combine for the code in the drawer. It takes you to the website where if you translate the page with goole translate you will find at the bottom the password for the sub room in cellar.

uuummm where is the laptop and the phone? and I'm still not getting what the moving light signifies???

The laptop is on top of the code box on the right in sub room when well lowers. Cell is behind red vase check 2nd comment for details

As for the light if you are referring to the white beam that goes in a circle you need to take 2 pictures of it. If you look out the other window across room light gives you color code order

ok nevermind...got that...but I'm not getting a polaroid/picture or something???? it's been a long day! good grief.....

Do you have the polaroid from inside the battery found behind the left double front door

I´v got to the page see the crete password also the arow on the celling
but nothing hapens the crete wont work for me any clue? please

There are 3 places to put code left, middle and right try it in each one

Ok so i'm still upstairs trying to get the color code. i look out the window and nothing happens. am i missing something?

Tried all with small case big case First big but nothing Im starting to go crazy I m workin on this game from 8´o clock

i got the polaroids...unlocked the painting and got my letter...still looking for the pc...and the hell does this handle do in the cellar?

Bitchani you have to stop the water first in cellar then look out tha window

MIKI... THANK YOU!!!! i was going nuts lol

the game may want you to do the code in the drawer where the cups are first

but it is locked I hoped the key for it is in one of the piles in the celar or not?

i think i should try this when my brain isnt't fried...it's a lot of stuff i'm not seeing...like the orange ball clue and the PC..me thinks im done for the night

From Jennifer and Chia comments above took beetle/usb off the computer and turns out it's now alive... i put it in the hole behind the urn and now it's gone blue key from the beetle after leaving at the hole and coming back to it.

Thanx to all of you IM OUT and over nice mindcracking game looking fore more to come : ) bye

Can someone tell me what to type in on the pc in the drawer please?

Stuck in the cellar with the three podiums that need codes... help please?

Van it's travel.gotmail.jp

Thanks very much Bitchani. Been on this for 5 hours now.....

I' ve taken two photographies of the lighthouse .. tjhis give you the code for the picture near the door

well if you figure out what to do with the three podiums downstairs please let me know. i'm going insane lol

OMG!!! I"M OUT!!! i'm number 1141 to escape and i finished in 3:34:57 thank god

note to others... try every way of typing the password at the end. all lower case worked for me. YAY!!!!!

god i love these games.

sorry finished in 1:34:57 not 3 hours.

Help!!!!!! I am stuck after I look at symbols on the floor with lights out. What the hell do I do next my brain has turned to mush!!!

I just got the adapter, the lightbulb, the flashlight, and a beetle. WALKTHRU TIME!!!!! (I love the music, though!)

How do you get the screwdriver?? I've opened and closed the window countless times, have checked the floor under the chair over and over again, is there a pixel i must push to get it or something?!?!

It wouldn't let me have the screwdriver till I had got the battery cannister from behind the door. You will be able to see the driver above the window when its ready to let you have it




I've been playing this game for hours and I can't the fossile from the ball... please help ....

Smile from France!

You need the Screwdriver in order to take the fosil out from the ball.

HELP !!! :) Where did you find the blue key ??

use screwdriver on the fossile to get it

Vanessa Blue key.. i havent find it yet. Did you pass the shape part?

Yes i ve solved the shape part .

Whats the sequence? i found the clue but the sequences i dont know it.. can you please tell me?

Did you use the painting in the jar that first step to solve the puzzle

yeah.. then turn the ligths off. then the clue pops up but i dont knoe the sequence =( HELP PLZ!

Help! im stuck after the well going down... what should i do next? i only have 12 items with me! where do find the PC or Laptop! Help pls!

After that you have to match the shapes with the color in the painting, then you return to the window that give you the order you have to enter the shape onto the wall.. hope it s clear :s

01. Multi-Adapter
02. Light Bulb
03. Handphone
04. Stag Beetle = UBS Device
05. UV Torch Light
06. Screw Driver
07. Extension Adapter
08. UV Paint
09. Door Handle
10. Battery
11. Fossil
12. Camera
13. Haven't Found
14. Haven't Found
Help Pls!!! these are the items i've found! somebody pls help me!!!

vanessa but wheres the painting at?
sorry for bodering :P

Kevin have you got the blue key ?? Where did you find it .. The pC is on the right podium in the cellar clic on it

ELEMENTO, the painting locate at the right hand side of the main door... is on the top where u get fossil. key in the password where u get from the camera! then click on the painting... there where u get the clue...

vanessa, i havent found the blue key yet! and i cant see the pc @ the cellar....

The painting near the doubledoor..

OMG!!! Im out!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kevin did you enter the second room in the cellar ?? There is three thrones in it ?? the PC is on the rigt one! clic on it to get it

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