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Neutral Christmas Escape Walkthrough

Neutral Christmas Escape

Christmas Escape WalkthroughNeutral Christmas Mini Room Escape 1 is a kind of little point and click escape game. Search the Christmas Home to escape the room. Find the items and use them to escape. Good luck and have fun!

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ehh.. nevermind.

I'm out =)


Got 11 presents and put the sticks and paper on the fire. Just have a pair of gloves now.

me to

i've got the key in ice and can't figure out what the numbers mean. i figure they have to do with the clock, but can't figure out what...

how did u open the window

walkthrough please

Way to easy...but fun any way, in the spirit of Christmas !

after lightn the fireplace check the termometer and then open the window. Pick up the snowmans "arm" and eat the cake. Take the plate and get the number to the safe. The other 2 numbers youve found are the hours for the clock.
I now have 11 gifts, 1 frozen key, a plate and a fork. Cant seem to de-froze the key or find the remaining 3 gifts... did anyone do anything to the plant under the clock ?

how do u light the fire?

Just got out, but havnt found the last 3 gifts

and what do u do w/ mittens

Use the matches. I think theyre on the second drawer. You have to find a knob in order to open it. Search near the coats.

Use the mittens to get the key out of icicle in left window. You'll have to hit with the hammer first tho. I think I got the hammer by taking one of the knobs off the coat rack and putting it in the drawer that's missing a knob. I have all but 2 presents. Can't melt the key.

put the plate in front of the fireplace and then place the key on top of the plate. i got out but didn't find the last 2 presents either.

ok how do you melt the key and what numbers do youfix the clock on? i found 12 and 25

help plz!

Marcy. you don't need all the presents. Put the plate in front of the fire place. Put the ice with the key on the plate and wait for it to melt. Take the key AND the plate. Put the plate (has water now) in the plant. Put the clock at 12:25 to get another gift.

aha - thank you! once you melt the ice return the plate w/water to your items. give the water to the plant. leave room, come back and the flower gives you a present! there's also a spoon behind the pot.

set plate in front of fireplace to get heat for key

use the star on the right rendeer and you become another present

thanks Boater. I got the key thawed but I really want to find the last present before I leave.
:-) Not sure what to do with the spoon and fork.

Last present: go back to snowman, put fork back, put spoon on the other side (so snowman has two "arms"). Click on head.

figured it out! got all the presents. I won't spoil it tho.


Great Marcy. I never did find the last present. May try the game a little later on.

Finished! Got all presents too. Feel well chuffed :)

Very easy and fun. You don't need all the pressy's to escape.

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1)Get present on tree
2)Go right. lift santa hat up and get present.
3)Top drawer present
4)Open curtains and make note of thermus
5)click left leg of bed it'll say 12.
6)click end of blanket and get present
7)go right. get sticks and put them in fireplace.
8) look in left boot and get present.
9) after removing stick look in trash can and get present.
10) go right and get present on table.
11) click jacketes (both) present will drop grab mittens
12) under couch get present
13) under left pillow on couch get present
14) look in trash and get crumbled papers
15)click bottom of trash and get star.
16) got back to firplace and put star on reindeer necklace. get present
17) put balls of paper on the fireplace
18)go back to coat and get the 2nd from the right knob. go to bed scene and place it on bottom drawer. open, click inside and get matches
19) use matches to light fire.
20) go back to thermus and click it. the teperatre goes up.
21) click to open both windows click snowman and take fork. also note the 25.
22) go to the scene with clock and put the little hand on 12 and the big hand on 5 open the little door on top and get present.
23) go to couch scene and eat cake with fork. take plate and get the code for the safe (its different for everyone)
24)go to safe and put in code open it and get the hammer.
25) go back to window and click the icecicle with key in it (upper left hand side) hit it with hammer to break then use mittens to take it
26) click tiny snowman and put fork back.
27) go to firplace and set plate on the ground in front of it
28) pick up key and plate go back to door scene and use plate with water on plant
29) go right and then back left and plant will have grown.
30) grab present on plate and get spoon from behind pot.
31) go to tiny snowman again and use spoon for his right arm he smiles look under his hat to get present.
32) close windows and curtains
33) clcik right leg of bed and get last present.
34)use key on door and go out
35)click on little string with ball on it and watch candles light
36) congrats. you've now beat the game

Hi Diana. I love these Christmas games. Wish there were more of them. It was so much fun! And BRANDON, thanks for the walkthrough for those who couldn't figure it out. OH, give me more really good escape games, not like the crazy ones submitted lately.

lol woohoo i think this is the first game i've played all on my own! very cute...

does anyone know any other good Christmas games??

Sarahsez. I wish we could find more Christmas games. They are so much fun. I've been unable to find any other. But will search!

Well I needed no help on this one. What a great little Christmas game. Loved it!

Finished easily on my own missing 4 presents, but then played again, got 2 more, and got help for some of the easiest ones from brandon xD thanks

i just like it saying "complete"...was easy, but fun =]

That was a fun little game. Only needed help finding the knob for the drawer. :)

I couldn't figure it out. The walkthrough really helped, got all presents and got out.
Thanks Brandon.

neat game.

So Easy and Fun


I would love to play this game but i see that you have removed it.i check every day to see if you changed your mind and install the game again. why did you remove it? christmas is not for ever but playing christmas game in the middle of september is even more fun. today is september the 12th 2008 and i have been waiting for 5 months to see if you will change your mind. please change your mind and let me play the game again.

If you haven't checked lately, it's back without the time limit.

Played again...The Quintessential Christmas game!!!!

Missing Present Number 4!

OMG! Got all the presents!
Unlock the door, but don't exit, and present 4 is in the boots by the fireplace!

followed walkthrough
when you set the clock there is no present
walkthrough is either be missing a direction or it simply doesn't always work
tried it twice

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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