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Christmas Escape Walkthrough

Christmas Escape

[REPLAY] EG24 - Christmas Room Escape is a kind of point and click escape game from EscapeGames24. Your mother locked you into the room! You will have to decorate it before she lets you out again. Decorate the room to get out of this room! Good luck and have fun!

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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Christmas Room Escape Walkthrough
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first again yay!!!!

got 5 baubles , boa found under sofa click to right of sofa and click button so its green opens window turn around a few times ther is some snow on sofa put the snow on the fire and get box put the decorations on the tree by drag and drop thats as far as ive got anyone else found anything??

click to left of sofa some more decorations

stocking goes on fireplace and sop does green feather boa found on left of sofa

click under sofa on left then right side to get different things


1 take the ball
2 go right take the ball and click the lamb key
3 go right take the ball and the sock
4 look to under the armchair and take 2 candles and the sock
5 click to the armchairs right corner and click the lamb key now window opened
6 click to the armchairs left corner and take the green ornament and 2 balls
7 snow comes in take it
8 go to fireplace and extinguish the fire with snow and take 7 umbrella candies
9 go tree and take 2 balls
10 go to santa s picture. now you must click many times to:between the pictures bottom to basement rightly and pciture goes down and it is written on the wall the code 2743
11 go to case and enter the code open it and take 1 ball 1 electric cable 1 lighter
12 click on the armchair center like a dark scar there that place and take the star and the last ball
13 clcik to the lamb key near the santa picture
14 go look at the bottom of the armchair again and take the tree decoration
15 go to fireplace hand two sock put 2 candles fire the wooden and 2 candles and hang the green ornament too
16 go tree hang on 9 balls decoration 7 umbrella candies and electric cable

door is open !!!!!

thanks anatoliasia

That was a nice and easy, enjoyable game

short and sweet :)

More x-mas games please, they are so much fun to play ;)
Merry Christmas to all of you!!

Im sorry I don understand how you bring Santa's picture down.Click bottom of picture to basement? Is that right?

santa picture

you must click many times to

bottom of the pictureis x and the platform is y

you must click between these two points on the wall

and a little bit right

turksen kardes resmin altiyla zeminin arasina tikla bircok kez biraz saga dogru

these games are cheezy you cant even do anything because of the faulty gaming do better u cant find the stuff u have to get!!!!!!!suck the games suck!!!!!!!!!

For Santa's picture you have to make both eyes light blue and then click its somewhere under the picture just move your mouse and you'll get it right, I'm sure.

Yeah, I just made both eyes blue as well and had no problems bringing the picture down.

I had a hard time finding the last Christmas ball. Santa's got one hiding in his red suit.

There's an ornament in Santa's suit? How would I go about retrieving it?

How come i can't find the silver boa? Is it just right under the sofa, or on one of the sides, or what? Cause I can't even solve the simplest escapes myself ><

1st-I click evrywhere on santa's picture and dont match.

2nd-Do u need to click santa picture for get tree decoration?

3th-I have all decorations but door dont want to open!

4th-How do candles on?(I try with lighter,and dont match!)


5th-We need matchs for candles?

Oh And

6th-Its 1 eye or 2 eyes need to be light blues?

Sorry for my english im french~

where is the green ornament and the 2 candles?
i cant find them

Not to get off topic, but... is it me or are there a lot of japaneze (Sorry if i spelled it wrong!) escape the room games?

I am totally stuck on how to move 8 matchsticks to make two squares that don't touch each other.

To make the santa picture move down you have to focus on his eyes. As you move your mouse his eyes change colors. The spot that you need to click is where both eyes match up. The left eye is the up and down location, and the right eye is the right and left location. Move your mouse stright up and down until you get one eye to change to the color you want. After you get the right color keep your mouse at that hieght and move it left and right until you get the 2nd eye to change colors. Once both are the same color click your mouse. You can find several yellow coins and get the picture to drop this way.

hi just starting

i swear santa's eyes don't match! they're orange and blue or yellow and blue!

Tao try on the wall under the picture, about half way down and slightly to the right- there they are both blue

It's not ON the picture it's UNDER the picture(Don't touch the pcture!) where there have the colour of the wall(Down of the picture)and click(MOVE YOUR MOUSE TILL YOU FOUND IT)I mean(Move your mouse top-bottom-right-left so you will found it(It's where the santa picture will fall down,easy ^.^)

i cant find the window key plz help

doesn't matter i was clicking in the wrong place

This game was a little hard. Thank goodness other people asked questions first!!

Well, I was able to get most of it, by myself, on the first try, but I stumbled unto clicking the Green switch to the right side of the sofa, left arm of it if you were sitting on the sofa, to get the window to open a bit, then the snow balls fell unto the floor and sofa, then it took just a minute or so, or maybe less as I didn't look to see how long it took, to figure out how to make the picture drop to get the code for the table, and actually I had tried to type something into that table before finding the code, but it did take a while to find the star and the last coin or whatever they were called. I had picked up 8 of them, but it took me a while to find the star, the last ball and the last coin, all on the sofa, but the rest went fairly well. Quite a few coins were found by moving the cursor across the screen until one eye became a color, then move vertically until the other eye turns the same color, click, then the coin drops to the floor, or you can try the other way, go vertical until one eye turns a color, then go across slowly until the same color gets into the other eye, click and the coin drops to the floor. Interesting...like I mentioned, for me, what took the longest was the star, the last ball and the last coin, the rest didn't take too long...Of course I did hesitate a little bit here and there, like figuring out how to get the code, then, going by the message on the door, remembering to relight the fire with the lighter, etc., but it was interesting all the same. I kept thinking that I'd have to click around the tree somewhere, but all it would say was that "he" wasn't a criminal, which I suppose that it was "thinking" that I was trying to burn down the tree or something ha ha ha.

where do i find the window key?

it was realy easy

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i can't figure out how to get the star and last ball........... HELP. PLEASE...

what is the code for the box by the sofa?

8 guys make no sense and have no life

i did evrything by myself expect open the window, go to the corner where the box is, get the big star, and get the pic. down to get the little boxx to open!

I'm posting on a four year old game, lol
but don't forget to light the candles...

caught this on the replay. Too much pixel hunting for me. :/

For those who don’t like video walkthroughs, here’s a written one

You can collect 4 coins if you want, but you don’t need them to beat the game
Get the RED ORNAMENT #1 in the corner of the room
Go right
Click on the note on the door to see what you need to do to escape
Get the RED ORNAMENT #2 from the corner of this room
Note that you can move your cursor around Santa’s picture and make his eyes change color.
You need to get them both the same and then to click there
Remember the code
Go right
Click on the codebox on the green cabinet and type in the code
You can’t read what you are typing because you can’t zoom in, but when you have it correct, you can click the handle to open the cabinet
Get the RED ORNAMENT #4 from the corner of the room
Get the STOCKING #1 from the top of the green cabinet
Zoom right of the right arm of the sofa to zoom in
Click the switch – it opens the window
Click left of the left side of the sofa where the red carpet meets the wall to zoom in
Back up
It has been a while since you opened the window, so SNOW has accumulated on the couch
Take it
Click under the left part of the sofa (by the left leg) and get the SILVER GARLAND
Zoom under the right side of the sofa for the CANDLESTICKS and STOCKING #2
This is a bit of a pixel hunt—look at the sofa’s back and see the dark mark in the middle. Look right of that mark and see that the right seat cushion is fluffier in the middle. Click the top of that fluffy point to zoom in on the cushion
Find the
Go right
Get the RED ORNAMENTS #8 and #9 here
Go right
Dump the snow on the fire
Click the box and take the 7 CANDY CANES
Decorate the fireplace mantle by dragging the 2 candles to each side of the mantle top
Now drag the 2 stockings to each side of the mantle front
And now add the green garland to the middle of the mantle front
Drag the lighter to each candle to light it, and then to the logs in the fire to restart the fire
Go left and decorate the tree by dragging all of the candy canes and red ornaments to it
Now add the silver garland and the lights
Add the star
Turn around to the door
If you already turned on the switch by the door, the door will be open
If you haven’t, click the switch by the door to power the lights
Leave that scene and then come back – the door will open and you can leave

How to drop the picture
Moving the cursor around on and below Santa’s picture turns his eyes colors. You need to find the spot where both eyes are the same – they will be cyan.
The spot is well below the picture frame and in the middle – about an inch down. Search until you see the cyan eyes and click there. The picture will fall revealing a code
Green cabinet code
The code is under the Santa picture… SPOILER2743SPOILER

end of spoilers

whoops! I wrote a bold tag incorrectly, so some of my text didn't show up in the walkthrough.

It should read,
Click the top/center of the right cushion to zoom in
Find the RED ORNAMENT #7 and the STAR

i think im going blind after staring at those tiny colored eyes on santa. and couldnt they make the text where you type the 4 digit code any smaller? i mean it took up my whole screen i could barely fit it on my monitor....

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