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DooDoo Dog

DooDoo Dog WalkthroughDooDoo Dog is a new point and click type adventure game from DooDoo.ru site. In this game your dog had lost in the park and you have to find it by searching around to find somethings and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Anyone here this morning ??

threaten to shoot squirrel put chessboard in tree ,it runs into hole and leaves a mushroom , loop lead over top notch on tree all i have so far

find can, put in front of woodpeck to make hole, combine with spoon to make bell, hand on tree notch to call out squirrel, each time he goes in, you can pull leash and get other items

beaver will chew on tree and goat will butt the tree but not sure why

use goat to butt open collar.. you have to give breifcase to goat and shoot him twice.. place collar on his horns. Shoot bird off tree take feather.. no clue what else

i across the tree which the beaver chewed and then i get candies,a helmet(?)and stuck

The beaver chewed the tree, but it isn't fall

has anyone figured out how to go up at the stop sign?

put the opened collar on the beaver and the tree will fall

give it the collar which goat has opened and shoot it

oh thanks shuchun

can you shoot the mouse?

use pickax hit the stone next to the pond go to the next screen you will see the beaver again. give it the helmet and the pickax again, get the stone. put the stone on the stop sign

thank you, tried that but not enough times I guess

give the bear a leash and a feather on its head and give it a drum. shoot it and then it rains. stuck again!

i cannot find the helmet... help!

Cheryl put the chessboard in the pond an tickle te toad with the feather to get helmet.

for helmet put chessboard in pond, tickle frog

put the briefcase in front of mouse and the mouse will open it.

thanks rails - juleezon

put the case on the mouse and you will get a box of money. put the money on the tree next the squirrel.
have the bear play the drum again
go back to the cash tree again
pick up the tree and ice cream
go back to the pond that dog is running
put the tree next to the pond and give the bear ice cream
have the bear play the drum again

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i can't give the ice cream to the bear

very fun, thanks everyone and shuchun

Just can't find the drum. Anyone?

sorry, i think i forgot one step
put the candy on the tree which next to the pond
i don't think i write it clearly
put the money on the tree which is right to the squirrel tree (not squirrel tree)

Thanks Shuchun!!!

This comment has been removed by the author.

shuchun, which one? I don't get the drum because I couldn't place the candies in any tree. Thaks!

the drum is next to the pond which the dogs are running(next to the log)

candy on the tree is the last step,so you must finish the prior steps

Dogs running? Hahahahahahahaha...

I'm lost. Thanks anyway!

I thought the candies were to be used to get the drum. I didn't see any dogs yet.

Hahahahahahahaha... To the right from the bear... Hahahahahaha... so stupid. Now I think I'll get it.

Thanks again!!!

I have tried everything possible to get the lead onto the goat's horns - it won't go on! any hints please?

Cannot put the case in front of the mouse. Anybody still playing ??

candy and money thats it can not do anything

Shoot the goat once then...
Give the briefcase to the goat first then put the leash on his horns. Then shoot im again.

Just place the briefcase in the mouses path patty. he will run over it.

Take the money and put on the tree next to the squirrel.

PLEASE Walkthrough

can't do the brief case in front of the mouses
are their steps you have to follow before things will work?

There must be a certain sequence of events before you can do certain things. The mouse won't acknowledge the briefcase for me either. I can't get past the screen with the cave drawings.

if you figure it out mercy, could you spread the wealth?

i cant put the brief case in front or around or on top of the mouse cuz it just goes back up to that fence thing on top!!!!!!!!!!!! 1 more thing where is that collar i found the lease but the squirrel took it. please help

collar is up the tree by the beaver

Anyone have any ideas about the breifcase?
I think the games may have a glich

Take leash out of tree
Get briefcase from behing tree
Get spoon from tree
Get gun from beside tree
Pick up chessboard from behind tree
Pick up can from beside tree
Get collar out of tree
Put can at woodpecker, take back after the hole is in it
Put spoon in can
Take feather from dead bird
Put leash on tree with squirrel then shoot squirrel twice
Take back the leash...stuff will fall out with it
Hang can on tree click on it to call out squirrel
Pick up leash from ground and repeat 2 more times till you get pickaxe.
Take pickaxe and leash
Give briefcase to goat sot goat once add leash to horns on goat shoot again
Pick up collar and repeat 2 more times till collar breaks
Pick up collar and briefcase
Shoot beaver then give him collar and shoot again
You can now move to the right screen
Put chessboard in pond the tickle frog with feather
Pick up helmet
Move to the right screen then go back to pond and break the rock to the right with pickaxe.
Pick up axe move to right screen and put helmet on beaver and give him pickaxe
Take the stone
Get candy from tree to the right
Hang stone from stop sign go up tree
Give leash to bear...give feather to bear
Go right get drum from behind tree and give to bear
Give bear briefcase then pick back up
Put briefcase in front of mouse
Take money and put on bare tree to right of squirrel
Shoot bear then go back and get money tree & ice cream
Put money tree on stump with the dog add candy to tree
Give ice cream to bear and shoot again

Rails, I can't go up the tree

never mind, found path on right of the tree

thanks for the walkthrough
I've been stuck all day
any other games to challenge?

This game is *definitely* glitchy, but at the same time, (and PLEASE don't take offense, none is intended), the language barrier for the people helping made it difficult... I'm going to go provide a walkthrough that helped me get through it, but it WAS difficult...

The FIRST Thing to keep in mind (and it took me three quarters of a day to figure it out) is that there is a leash AND a collar. :/

SPOILER WALKTHROUGH ALERT (some of these can be done in a slightly different order, but this order got me through...)

1. Get Collar by the tree to the right of Squirrel
2. Go Right; Get Spoon and Briefcase.
3.Go Right, get chessboard and Rifle
4. go right, get Can and COLLAR (!!!) (the collar is in the brown tree with a fork in it, on the very left side of the screen).
5. Go back to the woodpecker tree; hang the can, pick up the feather after the woodpecker dies. take the can, combine it with the spoon.
6. Go back to the squirrel tree. hang the can/spoon on the lower half of the tree, hang the LEASH on the upper part of the tree. shoot the squirrel twice, he will run into the hole. pull the leash and something will fall out along with the leash. Pick up the leash, rehang it, re-ring the bell, shoot the squirrel twice, pull the leash. Repeat until the PICKAXE comes out. Pick up the pickaxe and the leash. (the mushroom, violin and whatever else comes out of the tree are irrelevant).
7. Go to the goat, put the briefcase on his belly, it will set between him and the tree. hang the COLLAR on his horn. Shoot him twice, pick up the collar, reset it on his horn, shoot him twice. repeat this a third time, the collar will open. pick up the open collar and the briefcase.
8. Go right to the beaver. Shoot him once, then give him the open collar. shoot him again; the tree falls down.
9. Go right. put the chessboard in the pond. Shoot the frog once, then when his hands are raised, tickle him with the feather. pick up Helmet.
10. Go Right ("cave drawings"). pick up candies from right tree's fork. hit the rock on the right of the screen several times with the pickaxe until it breaks. pick up the pickaxe again.
12. go right, the beaver will be at the cave drawings site; give the beaver the helmet and the pickaxe. pick up the stone he carves out. make sure to get the candies from the fork in the tree on the right hand side.
13. go back to the stop sign. place the stone on the stop sign.
14. you can now go UP!! Notice the bear, but first go to the right, and get the drum behind the stump. NOW go back to the bear, give him the drum, put the LEASH on his head, then put the feather on his head. shoot him. it will rain. give him the briefcase, and pick it back up after he smashes it to the ground (it will not appear different).
15. NOW (!!!!) put the briefcase in front of the mouse. ( he can be headed in either direction). I put it slightly to the right of the stop sign tree, in the path he runs, and held it there until just before he gets there, then let go. after he opens it, pick it back up.
16. go back to the squirrel tree screen. put the briefcase in the tree on the right (where the LEASH originally was)
17. Go back and shoot the bear, making it rain.
18. Go back to the "money tree", click on the money tree, taking it. and now take the ice cream (how weird is that!)
19. go to the right, to the pond where you found the drum. drag the pine tree to the stump, then drag the Candies to the tree.
20. Go to the Bear, give him the ice cream.
21. Enjoy.

thanks rails & cristo99!!

I need help with putting the brief case in front of the mouse...... it is not working!! i've been trying for.......2 hours now to put the case in front of the nouse!!!! how do i do it?????

i need help putting the brief case in front of the nouse!!! how do u do it??????........please and thank you!!!!

tess,did your bear play the drum?

thanks for the walkthrough, rails, i really needed it LOL

I must be going crazy-I tickle the frog and he jumps in the pond...but I can't see a helmet anywhere...

Rooty,before you tickle the grog,you should put the chessboard in the pond first
refer to walkthrough

Where is the candles guy because i can not find them in the fork of the tree.

please help me.
I cant play these games well and need lots of help with things like this.

Please help



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