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Escape Pear Room

[REPLAY] Escape the Pear Room is another Christmas themed point and click room escape game created by 2keys Games for Escape Games 24. In this game, Rupert is a Christmas grinch, and his neighbors are tired of putting up with him. They've locked him in the pear room, and have hidden away his Santa suit. Help Rupert escape so he can ruin their celebrations. Make sure that you remember that you have a limited inventory space. So if you don't need something anymore, put it back where you found it to free up a slot in inventory. Good luck and have fun!

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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Pear Room Escape Walkthrough

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       Anonymous  12/22/07, 9:13 AM  

Need help too, this is gonna be a long game since as always you have a certain amount of space for your items, and there is a LOT of them. I start 1st. looking for the puzzle-pieces

       Anonymous  12/22/07, 9:25 AM  

Have you tried pulling up the pillow, the sheets and the mattresses? Big fun, there´s an other part of the puzzle and a hack

An interesting thing: one piece of the puzzle on the left side is superfluous.

       Anonymous  12/22/07, 9:55 AM  


puzzle pieces everywhere...take fireplace cleaning things and use on fireplace...take ornaments off tree and cut down tree with ax. Bag hidden behind tree with santa suit. Ornaments go in front bag with pears.....
now I am stuck




also puzzle piece in clock if you set clock to midnight...but I can't get it from the Santa that pops out



       Anonymous  12/22/07, 10:09 AM  

Inside each present is a piece, to be opened with the scissors

there is a puzzle piece under the bottle, and when you get the cake and cut it with the ax.

       Anonymous  12/22/07, 10:16 AM  

under table cloth (move things first)and behind curtain.
Has someone allready began with the puzzle? It is harder than it looks.
I started with the ones on the side first and than put the ones in your items on the empty places, so you will win space again for new pieces and items
I like these series, they are big fun. LOL

What to do with the pears??

puzzle pieces

in bag after taking out santa hat/gloves
on top of tree after removing branches/star
under rug in front of door

puzzle piece in one of ski boots

Does anyone know how to get rid of the star and candles from the tree after you chop it down?

how do you move pillow/blanket ?

If you place the fire-ornaments into the fire : puzzle piece + belt

Never mind! There is a lighter under the rug if you lift up all the corners and then the rug itself. The lighter will burn the candles away. As for the star, I don't know!

put star on reindeer head over fire

I'm heeere. Been busy puzzle piece hunting.

       Anonymous  12/22/07, 10:28 AM  

click very fast on: 1 the pillow 2 the sheets 3 first mattres 4 second mattres and than quickly get the piece and the ax before they come down again

-Use axe on the left chair.
-Use axe on cake.
-Pick up wine bottle then look at it in the inventory.

Dinnertime. Will return later. Good Luck!

anyone know what red button on bottom right of puzzle piece stand does? only see if when all boxes moved


       Anonymous  12/22/07, 10:33 AM  

Diana, thanks for joining, i thaught you would never show up, ha ha
Have to go now, what a petty... i come back on Monday to play again.
Have a nice (escaping) weekend all.

I've 28 pieces. I want 7 more..

       Anonymous  12/22/07, 10:36 AM  

Pity, not petty
I shoulm improve my inglish

there is another piece in the winter knitted cap.
to move the pillow and the blanket move the lamp first

       Anonymous  12/22/07, 10:37 AM  


where is the axe?

put the star on top of the reindeer's head and you can cut off all the branches from the tree but i don't know if it does anything

I need three more puzzle pieces!?

How do you set the clock to midnight? I need 5 more pieces..

a side : 5 pieces-
b : 4
c : 4
d : 15


HEy HEY you can't rotate them you have some that are out of place

it seems like some of the pieces can go in multiple spots!?!

in the fire place as well :)

im stuck

Got the piece from the clock FINALLY.

are there extra peicees?

How do you set the clock? I can't figure that out. I can pull the strings but it does nothing.. I only need 5 more pieces..

i cant get the clock it is is set to 1200 but i dont see the puzzle peece. i tried pulling on the ropes but it didnt work

dayhead please help!

now isee it i just cant get it


very hard..
set to twelve, pull the ropes 3 times and press the door.. then you just have to try and catch the puzzle piece.

Pull the strings two or three times then click the door on the clock. The key is to right click and zoom in on the clock door and click Santa's hand when he pops out sooner or later you will get it

ive tried like 20 times in times 400 mode AHHHHHH

Has anyone figured out the pattern to the bells over the door yet?

i fianly got it YAY

sooooo frustrating

Where is the axe??
and what to do to get the piece in the clock?

This comment has been removed by the author.

The cat in the stocking has one in its mouth! Zoom in a lot and catch it.

zoom in on reindeer. one is behind it

If you keep playing simon says with the bells, eventually a key drops out

still stuck dang it

zoom in on lamp. one on left side inside shade. (turn lamp on first)

If any one wants the pattern for the bells i figured it out

Turn on the blue lamp, zoom in and get a piece.

Any idea what to do with the key? I only need 2 more puzzle pieces as well..

Same here Laura

ive been paying simon says for a lllllllllloooooooonnnnnnnnnnnggggggggg time. nothing happend

help me!!!!!!

heyhey you have to keep going until youget it right.. I think it is after there are 6 rings, once you duplicate it, the key will fall.

My pattern for the bells 1-4 left to right


Now I am completely stuck, and I have no idea what to do with that button on the dresser

Laura I think you have to finish the puzzle first


I can't find the last two, it's driving me crazy? Did you get any progress? Any idea what the pink think by the fireplace is? or if it is useful at all? Seems odd to be there with no use.

way to hard im done. and these things you have to do to post comment are becomin really hard. bye!

Anyone know how to put all the presents back? I was only able to get 2 back. And I'm about ready to kill that damn Santa!

The axe is under the bed.. you move the lamp above the bed, then click the pillow, blanket, and two mattresses QUICKLY to grab the axe and puzzle piece underneat.o

The presents go back in order, you are probably just putting them the wrong way

For the axe:
You have to move the red lamp over the bed so it's out of the way. Then rapidly click the pillow, sheet, top mattress, and bottom mattress. Keep them up and you'll find a puzzle piece and the axe under it all. There is also a puzzle piece under the entire bed on the right side.

thank you lauramae

please!!!!!!!! I need the last two piece! I can't find them!
Maybe in the window? please help!

thanks laura - I was afraid of that. I didn't pay attention when I got them!

How do you get the lighter out from under the rug???

i cant get ridof the xmas balls from the tree. please help. they wont go in front of the sack either. and wot to do with pears???

Click each of the 4 corners of the rug. Then click the middle. You have to be a little quick as the corners will fall back down if you don't do it in time.

You have to put the ornaments IN the bag, NOT in front of the bag.

For the lighter I just kept playing with the 4 corners until it finally lifted up. Not sure if there was an order to it.

I ran out of room tho, got all the ornaments but one and I don't have anything to put back! Does the belt go somewhere or should I hang onto it until I get the rest of the suit?

The balls will go in the front bag, just click inside it, at the view of the pairs..

If you look at the picture, you notice a bunch of people logging at the door.. you can use the axe and cut off the remaining twigs from the tree until it is a log, then I just cant figure out how to pick it up, when I try the noise sounds like I cant pick it up

you can put belt back in fireplace until you need it to give yourself room...

I only need 3 pieces.
I need the piece in the clock. HELP!!!

nvm - got the scissors back and opened the bag. duh.

Now I'm gonna do battle with santa again. He's pissing me off. lol

Fel zoom in on the Clock door it makes it easier but not much

Think I will return to this later. Thanks for the help, guys!

dayhead, have you gotten any further? I still need 2 pieces, and I've got the tree branches chopped off.

Nope same place i'm stuck at

ty dayhead

Sorry I got to take a break my eyes hurt

If you empty your inventory you can pick up the log and smash open the door... also there is a puzzle piece on the top of one of the skis. Hope that helps.

thaks piebani!!! only one piece! I can't take the log!?!

I picked up the log, now I just have to figure out how to smash the door. I tried clicking the log and the door but it doesnt work... do you need to finish the puzzle first? And the one on the ski, is that the one that is in the boot?

This comment has been removed by the author.

where is the key????

lauramae89 how I can take the log? pleasee

I got all this done, now I just cant find the last two puzzle pieces.. also I dont see any on the ski, except for the one I got already in the boot.

you must to play simon with the bells and the key fall

I've open the door.now what?

empty out everything from your inventory, until it is empty, then you can pick it up

to get the log your inventory have to bet empty.
the piece is on the top in the ski

It must be the one I got a while ago that is inside the black boot part of the ski.. because there are no other pieces that I can see

lauramae there is another piece in the ski , on the top. use the zoom

on tip of right ski in shadow. zoom in.

my inventory is empty but I can't take the log....I have click on it several tima but nothing...

i picked up log. how do i use it on door? and where do i use the key?

I guess I was just being dense.. now I only need one more.

For the Bells:.. in order:

once yo have opened the door zoom on the snow and you'll see santa's beard...you can't reach it so use the fireplace poker

click your first slot in your inventory to select the log, then click the door..

the key is used on the top right corner of the top drawer, a safe will appear..

clicksaronno: have you cut off all the twigs so that it is completely bare? otherwise it will not work.

I need only the last piece!!!I need a break.good luck

What piece is everyone missin? I'm missing the right side piece 2nd row down

Found the last piece... use the broom from the fireplace on the pile of snow right outside the door, then use the shovel from the fireplace to pick it up

well Laura found a glitch

finally done thank god or maybe thank santa

i don't think you were supposed to be able to open safe until puzzle finished and moved puzzle stand out of way.

lol does it say "santa's bread" for the beard for anyone else?

I found a piece in the cats mouth in the left sock on the fireplace. I also found one under the Christmas tree and a black belt in the fire place just use the poker on the fire place and a belt will fall, guess its part of the Santa suit mentioned in the letter. Oh and you can cut the red bag with the scissors and take a peek in it to see a bunch of pears that you can turn around couldn't find anything of use inside though. And BTW how the @#$% do u take that piece from Clock Santa's hand I've zoomed in and all but can't seem to grab and I know I'm clicking the piece but it just doesn't come out. do I have to do something before that?.

That was helll.. I'll work on a walkthrough for anybody though. Happy Holidays everyone!

You don't need the last piece of puzzle. You need to have in inventory, santa's suit, beard, gloves and hat, belt, ski's and poles, 2 dollars than click the door. finished.

and then ı got last pieces and completed the puzzle. ı opened door to. ı have santas hat clothes gloves and 2 usd now what ll ı do?

how do you play simon says with the bells?

sarge where is the beard?

       Anonymous  12/22/07, 12:37 PM  

Great. I can't get the bells right because it seems the order is different for everybody, and it's by SOUND. How can I repeat a sound when I can't hear sound? Help me out, I need a pattern for the bells.

see cechu!!!post up

ok finally I have done the puzzle, now I'm searching for the key...

yesss ı escapedddd

Elle! Just start by clicking once on any one than listen next sound and play simon says like posted earlier. You have to get the key from the bells to open safe beside puzzle. You don't need to finish the puzzle nor get the piece from clock. must be a glitch in the game. Lots of unnecessary things to do. good luck

Ok, i have the numbers for the bells...but how do you input them? Help!!

so how do you pick up the tree, mine is bare and my inventory is empty

I can't pick up the beard, I have all but one puzzle piece and everything else is done help!!

escape u must cut all shovel of tree with axe and then you can pick up it

still working on the tree, is there anyway to get the rest of the leaves off,

thank you gokce

these are the puzzle pieces I have:
View with bed:
*under pillow
*under mattress
*under bed
*in painting (2)
*in drawer w/ scissors
*in drawer w/ hat
*in hat
*under presents
*in each present (7)
View with door:
*under bucket
*under rug(2)
*left ski - in boot
*right ski - tip of ski
View w/ Tree
*under tree
*under rocker
*in clock
*in lamp
*top of tree (use axe)
*in santa's bag (under tree)
View w/ Table
*Under table cloth
*Under wine bottle
*On windowsill
*in cats mouth in stocking
*in chimney
*in chair (use axe)
*in cake(use axe)
*from reindeer (give star)
++34 already at puzzle
=69 missing one peice

please if you know where the last one is tell me

did anyone else have the bells that started with


I can't get the last 2 lines...help!

FINALLY OUT!!!!!!! Thanks everyone!! Happy holidays!

       Anonymous  12/22/07, 1:11 PM  

There are two in the fireplace. Good game, drove me crazy.

My songtext :

I'm just lurking as I wanted the last piece so I had a list: I had found everything. while I am not sure I wrote everything down, I am sure somebody could use it.

Puzzle pieces:
1. under the tablecloth (1)
2. sweep the fireplace, remove belt sweep again. (2)
3. zoom in on red stocking, wait for cat's tongue. (3)
4. Click on floor lamp, look on cover. (4)
5. zoom in on rocking chair base. (5)
6. take left ski, look inside boot. (6)
7. take right ski, look near top.(7)
8. look under bucket (8)
9. look under rug corners(9/10) lift rug all the way for lighter.
10. in bottom drawer next to hat (11) then click on hat, shake out another. (12)
11. Under the presents.(13)
12. Top drawer with scissors (14)
13. Open presents with scissors. (15-21)
14. push bed lamp back. click fast with pillow,(22) sheet see below the right side of bed(23), mattress until they are in air at the same time look below. under box-spring(24).
15. zoom in on clock, click until hands are at 12 o'clock, pull the string below three times and capture santa's hand (25).
16. click on picture next to bed (26/27)
17. Use axe on cake. (28)
18. remove decoration off the tree. take axe remove thistle and branches. look on top. (29)
19. look inside bag below tree, below gloves and hat. (30)
20. look below remaing tree thistles. (31)
21. give star to reindeer head, look/zoom below neck. (32)
22. use axe to cut left chair seat.(33)
23. click on green bottle, click again to lift. (34)
Last Piece:
24. once shave off tree, empty inventory, use tree as battering ram on door, small pile in front of door use firebroom and shovel. (35)

do you have to put the axe back under mattress to use the log to open the door?

How do i get rid of the axe to clear my inventory PLZ


Axe must go back under the matrasses.
Where is the beard??

Yeah finally out and what a waste of time. find all the piece but you dont need em anyway, think someone made a mistake when making this game.
only took 2 hrs to find the puzzle pieces and neva bleeding needed em.
oh well next plz

Get the poker and zoom outside the door and beard is there use poker to get it

I think i'm giving up.Ifound the beard thx classy.
I miss one piece of puzzle : only want to know what happens when you solve puzzle ??

So what happens when you solve the puzzle???

I'm trying to get the tree ..
All the needles and branches are chopped off, except for those at the very bottom, and my inventory is empty, but I still can't pick it up?

Found a second puzzle piece in the chimney when I stuck the fire poker up there. The broom and shovel weren't working for me. Worth a shot to those who haven't found the last piece.

Amande everything must be chopped off and an empty inventory

when you collect items and use up all the boxes and you cannot fit anymore in, it usually lets you put items back so you have not got enough empty boxes to fit the jigsaw pieces in but not this time so how do you go about it? were do you put the jigsaw pieces at least then you have some more empty spaces to use some more items, help.

I meant to say you have got enough boxes

Place pieces on the puzzle as you find them

I cant get the tree down
following all intructions
tree is bare and inventory is clear
do you have to have all the puzzle peices?

got it

how do you get rid of candles, i cant put them in the bag :(

I can't believe I have to put the mattress back. I have carpal tunnel between the axe, the puzzle piece under the mattress and the dumb santa piece. Is is really worth it.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Kinda fun, but that ***damn game took me two hours to complete! my eyes burn, i gotta escape the computer now... Although i hate this series because there's more items to pick up than there are spaces in your inventory, i always play their new games, lol.

WALKTHROUGH PLEASE!! for us dummys. This is really a great game.

still can't pick up tree- all branches are off- inventory empty
help ?

Alright. I conquered Santa in the clock ages ago, but I cannot get the flipping axe. I'm doing this as fast as I can and I can't even SEE an axe!

Is the axe on the right side of the mattress? I can't get it. I am never fast enough and I don't know if I am trying to get it from the right spot.

WHere do I use the key fromt he bells?

I've totally lost interest here.

incase it helps my bells went:

I finally got the axe and have cleared the tree. I put the axe back. Now I am having the same problem some of you are having. I can't select the tree to bash the door. I have cut the branches and cleared my inventory. What trick am I missing here.

       Anonymous  12/22/07, 10:42 PM  

Ok, I may sound dense here but how do I clear my inventory? I can get rid of everything but the key. Is there a way to get rid of the key?

Put the key back on the doorstep.

And I'm out!

Lori, make sure the tree is cleared COMPLETELY. Every little branch has been cut off. Then once your inventory is completely cleared, you can click on the log and it will take up multiple spots in your inventory.

       Anonymous  12/22/07, 10:55 PM  

The axe doesn't seem to work on the bottom branches. Is it just me?

No, you're right. It just has to be cleared completely of all the little branches, you have to keep cutting them.

My bad, all branches except the lowest ones that surround the bag.

       Anonymous  12/22/07, 11:09 PM  

now, I got everything and opened the door...am I supposed to actually leave or is that it?

If you have the:
-Santa suit
-Santa mittens
-Black belt
-Santa beard

Take the skis, poles, and click on the door. Then you're out!

       Anonymous  12/22/07, 11:13 PM  

Nevermind...forgot the belt. Got it and got out!

And Santa hat (but that is where the mittens are so if you have the mittens, you should have the hat anyway).

Do you really have to have the key from the bells to escape? The bell game changes after I go back to it.

what do you do with the blue Christmas ornaments after you chop down the tree. they filed my inventory completely and i'm stuck. now what?

nevermind, got it

forgive my ignorance, but arent these games suppose to be fun and entertaining, and not impossible and agrevating?
i am greatful to the makers, because im sure they put alot of work into these games
guess i should just stop being a cry baby

Help. I am down to the last part. I opened the safe and now I can't put any of the presents back and they are taking up too much of my inventory. how did you put them back so you can take the hat, mittens, etc?

This game is great but driving me crazy...

I don´t get the tree in my inventory even if it´s empty.

I have the key but I don´t find the safe anywhere near of the top drawer.

I neither find any red button on the puzzle..

Could it be that the places where we find those puzzles are random? I haven´t find anything behind the reindeer, not in the curtins and neither below the tree and in my puzzle is only one piece missing...

My music of cells was:

I am out! This game rocks!
(despite the bells were the problem for some people) great job!

Oops, I left earlier those little pieces on the tree, but noticed now that it wasn´t enought to only cut them shorter..

So door is now open! Yippee...

But i still have the key and a peace of the puzzle missing..

where is the safe?? help!!
and a peace of the puzzle missing

the presents you have to put back in order, where is this safe??

wow, i can't believe the puzzle means nothing! argh oh well. I found the safe, i just zoomed in on the drawers and clicked around the top right of the top drawer and a safe appeared with money and the santa suit. =)

A few notes on the game:

First of all if you have questions, many of them have been answered in previous posts. Second, the tree has to be completely bare from leaves and branches and stumps, then you need the first 4 or 5 inventory places to hold the tree so this means the axe must go back unfortunately. Third, Although some have found another way to the safe, I think the completion of the puzzle was supposed to activate the button to get at the safe and the santa suit which you can't win the game without. Took a while, but good posting

For those having trouble with the bed/axe/pieces...

Click the pillow repeatedly.. the more you click the higher it goes.. same for all the other things, blankets, matrresses, etc. Once you have them all high enough, you'll see the items. Took me forever to figure that out.

Dang.. finally out.
To FINALLY win, you have to have all pieces of the suit, skis and poles.. then your out.

FUN but darn hard!

       Anonymous  12/24/07, 12:55 PM  

when ur trying to get the safe is it on the drawers right, or on the right when you are facing the safe? i cant freaking get it.

how do you clear your inventory after you get all the ornaments off the tree

I need your help..I can't find the beard!!!thxx

ahh I find the beard^^ hehe

       Anonymous  12/25/07, 10:02 AM  


my bell-melody-combination is:

4 2
3 1 3
1 2 3 2
2 4 3 4 1
3 4 3 2 1 4

Uff - that was hard. If someone has really big problems with the last phrases I recommend to record the melody and try it step by step (I mean - hear one note, try it on the bells, write down; hear the second one note, try it, write it etc.). Than you can write down the whole melody and than try it on the bells.
I did it that way with the last 6 notes. It is helpfull.

Merry Christmas to everyone.

fichas en la habitacion de la chimenea:
en la ventana, al abrir las cortinas en la base de la ventana
en la botella, agarra la botella y observala luego haz click en ella y se levantara y podras tomar la pieza
en la mesa, agarra la botella, la torta y los pastelillos y luego toma el mantel y debajo esta la ficha
en la media de la izquierda que esta sobre la chimenea, haz zoom y cuando hagas click en la media aparecera un gatito y de la boca podras tomar otra pieza
en el reno, necesitaras la estrella del arbol de navidad para ponersela en la cabeza y luego podras tomar la ficha que aparece cerca de la mandibula
en la chimenea, utiliza la escoba, la pala y el gancho de las cosas que estan a la izquierda con la chimenea caera una ficha
en la torta, usa la hacha para picar la torta y ahi hay otra ficha
en la silla de la derecha, usa la hacha con la silla y ahi hay otra ficha
como obtener articulos importantes:
el cituron, utiliza la escoba, la pala o el gancho de las cosas que estan a la izquierda y caera el cinturon de santa

fichas en la habitacion del arbol:
en la mecedora, haz click en la mecedora y cuando se mueva podras ver una ficha detras de las patas que estan mas cerca del arbol
en la lampara, enciende la lampara y veras una ficha en la parte de abajo hacia la izquierda justo en la esquina, si no la vs usa el zoom
en el arbol, en la parte inferior hacia la derecha esta debajo de la vela que esta mas abajo.
en arbol sin adornos, utilizas el hacha con el arbol y tendras otra ficha en el tope del arbol
en el saco que esta dentro del arbol, utiliza las tijeras para cortar el lazo de arriba y adentro estan los guantes y gorro de santa tomalos y en el fondo hay una ficha
en el reloj cucu, coloca en el reloj la hora en las 12:00 halas 3 veces las cuerdas y luego abres la puerta asi saldra un santa con una ficha en la mano
como obtener articulos importantes:
dejar arbol sin adornos, las bolas azules tomalas y metelas enla bolsa de la derecha utiliza las tijeras para abrirla y las velas las quemas con el encendedor
guantes y gorro de santa, en la bolsa que esta dentro del arbol estan los guantes y gorro de santa utiliza las tijeras para abrir la bolsa
para poder quitarle las hojas debes haber quitado todos los adornos.
para poder utilizar el tronco debes haber quitado todas las ramas hasta que el tronco se vea totalmente liso y tener el inventario vacio.
para tomar la ficha del reloj debes ser rapido, para hacerlo un poco mas facil primero haz un zoom en el reloj

fichas en la habitacion de la puerta:
en el esqui derecho, en la parte superior del esqui
en el esqui izquierdo, dentro de la bota
en el tobo, haz click sobre el tobo y cuando se levante podras ver una ficha
en el tapete(hay 2), en la esquina superior derecha y en la esquina inferior izquierda
como obtener articulos importantes:
encendedor, haz click rapidamente en las cuatro esquinas de tapete y luego en el centro en lo que se levante podras tomas el encendedor
la llave de la caja fuerte, hay que seguir la tonada que van interpretando las campanas, para empezar haz click en cualquier campana. Yo resolvi 2 combinaciones mas no son las unicas las que tengo las pongo a continuacion (las campanas estan enumeradas del 1 al 4 de derecha a izquierda):


para abrir la puerta, utiliza el tronco liso del arbol de navidad de la habitacion contigua
luego de abrir la puerta puedes agarrar una ficha y la barba de santa
la ficha esta debajo del monton de nieve que ves frente a la puerta, utiliza la escoba para quitar la nieve y la pala para tomar la ficha
para tomar la barba utiliza el gancho
para terminar el juego debes tener los guantes, el gorro, el cinturon, el traje, la barba, los esquies y los palos de esquiar en tu inventario y haces click en la puerta abierta.

ficha en la habitacion de la cama:
en el cuadro (hay 2), en la ventana que esta sobre la puerta y a la derecha de los soldados
en los regalos(hay 8), dentro de todos los regalos hay fichas, usa la tijera para abrirlos y tomarlas y hay otra debajo de todos los regalos
en las gavetas(hay 2), en cada gaveta hay una ficha
en el gorro de la gaveta, luego de tomarlo observalo y haz unos 5 o 6 clicks en el gorro y caera una ficha
en la cama(hay 3), una detras de la almohada, una debajo del ultimo colchon y otra detras de la pata que esta en la esquina del cuarto
como obtener articulos importantes:
tijeras, en la gaveta superir del gavetero
el gorro navideño, en la gaveta inferior del gavetero
el hacha, esta debajo del colchon de la cama. para sacarla primero debes hacer click en la lampara para que se recoja luego haces click repetidamente en la almohada, luego en el cubre cama, luego en el primer colchon y en el sagundo colchon y en el fondo de todo esto ahi esta.de bes hacerlo rapido y tratar de subir los primeros 3 lo mas alto posible para que sea mas facil.
caja fuerte, debes armar el rompecabezas completo y hacer click en el boton que esta en el fondo
traje de santa, esta dentro de la caja fuerte , utiliza la llave que obtuviste en el acertijo de las campanas.
en la caja fuerte podras tomar un par de $$$ extars, jejeje
ten cuiadado con la forma de las fichas del rompecabezas porque hay ficha que calzan en lugares donde no van.

Espero les sea de mucha ayuda y les sirva para salir de aprietos a los que estan trancados.
I could write this WALKTHROUGH in english but "IT CAN BE THAT EASY", y para los que entienden o hablan español EXITO!!!

How do i get rid of the key, and empty the inventory to get the log????! please help!

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