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BOP WalkthroughBOP is another new room escape game type point and click game. This game has two language option, Japanese and English. Good luck and have fun!

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Upside-Down Text Spoiler Maker
To decode, copy the upside-down text and paste into the left box
Spoiler:   Use This:


I'm back again. Anyone around?

I am here, but just now logging on

Any idea how to get the game to load ??

oops, just go t it

Got the username and a couple of codes to break.

Hmmmm, I found the morse code on the inside of the cabinet door

Yup, got that decoded. I have 3 notecards with numbers in groups of 4. Will try adding each group up and then using the (a=1, b=2, etc.) thing.

This comment has been removed by the author.

burned my toast

Naa, that's not it. And I only have 2 notecards, actually.

Yup, mine's burnt too.

Gotta find how to get the piggy open.

aahh, i really want to smash the little piggy

Got the left curtain loose. Can open and close it from the tissue screen, but it doesn't drop any items or do anything at the moment.

ok, pulling out tissues for ten minutes does nothing

Don't you hate finding that out the hard way? I took tissues out in the dark and with the light.

In the kitchen there's a note with a link to wikipedia morse code

I am stuck and I have run out of time today. Maybe I can come back later and see the progress. Good luck !!

Thanks, patty! Anyone have an idea about decoding the notecards?

I'm tryng with alphabet letters but no results...

Yeah, I even tried adding up each group of 4 and then using the corresponding letter but no go.

There's a morse code in one of the kitchen drawers, I used the Wikipedia link to uncode it. It says "theusernameisghosts". The dictionary gives the translations for paragraph, line, word, and letter, so I guess that's what the numbers on the cards stand for. Anybody found a letter or book with at least three paragraphs?

Have you tried to translate the code in the cabinet? No meaning for me

I've got the username as well. The 2 notecards I have each have 3 lines of code.

Great! but no books foe me

Any clue as to what the 2 notes in the kitchen mean? I think I'm stuck until I can decipher the notecards code.

Will have to come back to this. Good luck all!

Is anyone here..?

Pulling tissues actually does something. Look at the middle note in the kitchen.

Hmm, I see the white and the green and the gray and orange colors with the tissue. Another hint?

i followed the note in the kitchen... for example, white means pull a tissue, green means click the curtain etc...

and i got the last code card. it floats into the bin.

I tried that but what does the black/part green circle mean?

still cant work out these numbers tho... any luck???

i took it the dark circle as clicking the curtain whilst it was dark...

the weird thing is that the middle line of circles shows the arrow going backwards, but i accidentally followed it forwards, but i still got it.

Nope, been trying to crack it, but no go.

hmmm maybe it was just luck that i got it... do you click the bin at the end?

aargh these codes are frustrating me!

Tissue thing still isn't working for me.

White = tissue
Green = curtain (open)
Gray = curtain (closed)
Orange = garbage bin
Black/part green = ?

does anyone know what to do with the burnt toast and piggy bank??

White = tissue ( with curtain open)
green = curtain
grey = tissue (curtains closed)
black/green = click closed curtain open again
orange = bin

hope that helps

I've still got those in inventory as well.

click tissue, tissue, curtain, curtain, curtain, curtain, tissue, curtain,tissue, curtain, curtain, and the card floats into the bin.

Ahhh...Thanks, sara! Now, I'm back to code cracking. I've been putting it off.

Think the other note in the kitchen could be a rebus?

do the middle line of circles forwards tho, otherwise the sequence doesn't work...

np :) ... ya scrumpet i was thinking the same thing... cant figure it out tho...

worked out the codes... was easyer than expected

ok i was clicking around trying out diff numbers for the top drawer... and i dont think it was related to the no.s tho, but i got a blue DVD... so just click around there... tell me if u get it too

well im stuck with 3 cards, a piece of toast and a piggy bank.has nybody gotten any further?cuz i'm stuck.

liz? do you cancel out all the numbers in twos, and then get left with 3 remaining numbers?? that's what i did, but i dunno if it was just a fluke coz i got summing out of 2 drawers...

Hint for the codes, liz? I'm sure I'll feel like an idiot once I get it.

Tats said " The dictionary gives the translations for paragraph, line, word, and letter, so I guess that's what the numbers on the cards stand for. Anybody found a letter or book with at least three paragraphs?"

try talking to the people

i have gotten a dvd, scroll and colourful papers from drawer... cant figure out if you just get them or if you need the numbers...

       Anonymous  12/9/07, 2:13 PM  

the code for the curtains and tissues is not working for me T.T

make sure you do the middle line forwards not backwards otherwise it doesnt work out...

White = tissue ( with curtain open)
green = curtain
grey = tissue (curtains closed)
black/green = click closed curtain open again
orange = bin

I'm stuck! any hints? i got 2 cards burnt toast and user name!

the card code is elementary:
paragraph: line: word: letter

IN the info on correspondent character - (button under each character on the first screen)

for example, GG card translates to :



       Anonymous  12/9/07, 2:22 PM  

thanks sarahsez ^.^

       Anonymous  12/9/07, 2:28 PM  

you're a super kerg! =D

thanxs ^.^

Genius! I got the code cracked thanks to you guys. I should've just listened to tats A LOT earlier.

Got all the drawers opened. Used the lingerie, got some clues from papers, have to decipher a rebus, and am left with burnt toast, piggy, and scroll.

thnx a bunch kerg!

Haha, have learned a "Death Move".

you give the scroll to the ninja and give him the toast as well...

Just need to decipher the rebus to get what I'm logging on to.

       Anonymous  12/9/07, 2:41 PM  

"put water in blue peper"???

... don't understand.

do you know what the importance of the death move is? how did you use the lingerie?

       Anonymous  12/9/07, 2:41 PM  

sorry.. paper.

       Anonymous  12/9/07, 2:42 PM  

oh, nevermind.. i got it.

Use lingerie on ninja, he sweats. Use paper on his sweat (instead of water from the sink).

Use Death Move on the middle guy. He learns it. Then use him again and he "Death Move"s your piggy bank and breaks it open.

       Anonymous  12/9/07, 2:45 PM  

Oh.. the piggy died! lol

       Anonymous  12/9/07, 2:48 PM  

well.. just missing the code for the "Log On To"

hh... i think it could be in the dvd.
uff... discovering a word =S

Yup it is on the DVD. The first part of the rebus is a log over the number 2 = Log onto...The second part of the rebus is what needs to be typed in the computer.

       Anonymous  12/9/07, 2:56 PM  
This comment has been removed by the author.
       Anonymous  12/9/07, 2:58 PM  

oh.. nevermind...


i made it =)


       Anonymous  12/9/07, 2:59 PM  

thankyou so much diana =)

Oh yeah, I'm out too! Thanks all!

when I gave the ninja the toast he showed me fire evasion, how do you get him to show a death roll? and the lingerie made him sweat but I couldn't mop it up with the papers???

Are you still able to use the lingerie? Just use the paper with the sweat that comes pouring down his face.
Also, did you use the scroll on the Ninja as well?

Do you mean the colorful paper's found in GG's drawer? When I try it it just says "lol he's so upset". And I can read the scroll but it doesn't seem to have an affect on anyone.

Also my papers say "More light! --Goethe" Is it possible there's different endings?

Use that paper on the window.

hey my paper's also say more light... and i cant do the sweat thing either... hmmm

oh i got it... use the paper on the window

ok thanks, did the light thing, did the window thing, now I'm stuck trying to get fire on the pink paper!

give the toast to the ninja again and light it with that fire... the piggy's smashed but i have no clue wat to do now...

Grrr!...I was just working on a walkthrough when I refreshed the wrong page! May do it tomorrow if no one else has done one by that time.

Did you get the password from the piggy?

Now use the lingerie on the ninja. Make him sweat. Use paper on the sweat beads. Use the toast on him as well. When he has fire, use the paper again.

The DVD is a rebus that has a log over the number 2 = Log onto...Then decipher the rest of the rebus to figure out the 3rd part of what you need to enter into the computer.

sara- keep looking in the smashed piggies remains. Thanks for all the help everyone, I'm out!!

woohoo i'm out! thnx diana and scrumpet :)

worra silly game!

Sorry, but I didn't understand how you got the code numbers for the drawers.

This comment has been removed by the author.


-Turn right and read Japanese/English Dictionary. Note that it mentions Paragraph, Line, Word, Letter. Also it talks about rebuses.
-Pick up Ninja notecard.
-Open closet and get Guardian Ghost notecard from the purple coat. Note the lock on the drawer.
-Continue right and get the piggy bank from the right side drawer in the TV/DVD console.
-Go into the Kitchen.
-Get slice of bread from the top cabinet.
-Note the Morse Code in the 2nd drawer on the left side.
-Read the 3 notes on the wall. The 3rd note will get you to a Morse Code site. Decipher the Code. This is the username.
-Turn on the stove. Use toast on the stove to burn it.
-Leave the kitchen and go to the bed.
-Click the sash on the left curtain to untie it.
-Click the headboard to get to the tissue box.
-Remember the 2nd note from the kitchen? You must click the tissues and curtains in the correct order.

White = tissue (curtain open)
Grey = tissue (curtain closed)
Green = curtain (open)
Black = curtain (closed)
Orange = garbage bin

-You will see a piece of paper float down if you've clicked correctly.
-Go into the garbage bin and get Zashiki-Warashi notecard.
-Time to crack some codes!
-Each notecard has 3 lines (each line corresponds with one number of the code). Each 4-digit unit represents the Paragraph, Line, Word, and Letter of that particular character. For example, 4-4-1-1 for ZW means:
The 4th paragraph
The 4th line
The 1st word
The 1st letter of that word. Deciphering this, you find this is the letter "T". If you continue on, you will find the next 4 digit code is "W", and the is "O". Therefore, the first number of the code is 2. I deciphered her number to be "298", however, "297" is what has worked for me.
-Continuing with this you will get the 3 digit numbers for all.
-ZW's drawer = key and DVD.
-GG's drawer = papers
-Read the paper. It says "More Light".
-Ninja's drawer = scroll.
-Use the paper on the window. Now it says "Put water on blue paper".
-Use the key on the locked drawer in the closet and get the lingerie.
-Use the lingerie on the Ninja to make him sweat.
-Use the paper on his sweat beads.
-Now the paper reads "Put fire on the pink paper".
-Use the scroll on the Ninja.
-Use toast on Ninja.
-When he has a flame in his hand, use the paper.
-Learn the Death Move.
-Give the Death Move to the Guardian Ghost.
-When he learns it, use the piggy bank on him and he will smash the piggy bank.
-Check the shattered contents and find the password.
-Insert the DVD into the player. Decipher the rebus.
-The first note in the kitchen is a hint.
-There is a log over the number 2 = Log onto...
-Input your three answers into the computer.
-You're out!

Thank you, that explained so well I'm am now out.

i can't log onto the computer.i'm typing in the answer correctly.log on 2 line.but the line is from the bottom up reading
i don't know what else to try

i dont understand how to get the code for the drawers i understand how to get the letters but i dont understand how to turn them into numbers. plz help

im sure its really obvious, and i have some ideas, but im too dumb to figure out the rebus ><

ya i tried things like upside down line, enil, line, -, =, tons of stuff, cant figure it out ><

OMG i showed my sister, and she got it right away

it is:

log on to: lineup

thanks sammy.i feel pretty dumb now.lol

i got out and wow it's pretty stupid

....i feel stupid....thinks for the help guys.

it's really a good game ever


tissue tissue curtain tissue
curtain curtain tissue curtain
tissue curtain curtain bin

4411 3346 1232
2362 3222 4224 3333
1247 1213 2353 3174
two nine seven
1213 1232 3914
3252 2222 2242 2223
1225 2521 1111 3762 2711
one four eight
3521 3413 2122
2136 3525 3354 2232
3111 2222 3511 3432 1142
six five three

Pervy ninja. Teehee.

umm... it was boring and pointless

Plz some1 help me figure out the username and the log onto..
i tried everything....
some1 HELP!!!!

Login: ghosts
Password: ?
Log on: lineup

Help for password!!!

got it! nevermind

ehy wht up peeps???
well then password is well...
cant tell ya..
it is fairy

how do u close the cuteains

Couldn't play, was stuck with an ad I couldn't get rid of.


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