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Room-Room 2 Walkthrough

Room-Room 2

Room Room 2 WalkthroughRoom Room 2 is the second episode of Room-Room 1 Japanese point and click room escape game. In this game, you have to search the room for items and use them at the right time and at the right place. Good luck and have fun!

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anyone playing..i have a few games going here at once..but if there is anyone..just ask..

ok so far..two codes..two keys..tape..crumpled paper..exacto knife..and what looks like a yellow harmonica.?..

ive only got 1 code from cup, tape and usb thingy, wheres the keys?

got 1 key for box on shelves and got a wrinkled piece of paper

use knife on pillow and get another paper

must b a wire somewhere for the computer maybe, no1 playin?

really wishing someone was here..really stuck..lol..

theres a key on the box..the red one...also code is in the cup...use the harmonica looking thing on it..and other code is in red box..any luck with wierd diagram on wall..with c's

the other key is on the bed..corner of the blanket...left bottom one

just got a card from the c poster on wall by turning the c's around

hey does the keypad work for u yet?

what do u mean by turning c's around..where do u face the opening of c's..are they all facing the same way when u do it..could u do it here..like with the brackets..oh and look at wall closely..

ok gonna b hard to explain
1st c top left leave alone, next c top row middle turn so gap meets the c gap on left, top right c turn so gap is facing down
middle right c turn gap facing up middle c turn so gap facing left.
bottom middle c, turn so facing left and turn bottom right c till a card falls out.
hope that helps

Yeah i'm playing. got second piece of paper from pillow. have sponge, knife, 2 keys and tape. Now am stuck =|

really stuck on c poster...getting pissed at it..

the card is for the door code panel but none of the codes work on it

put the "C" in the picture above the bed so that with the fessures U can see 21.
So put the fessures as following:

U can have the card

I had something like "

( ) ^
( ) ^
( ) *gap up*

if that makes sense..

could u tell me where the c on the left of the middle row, and the left of the bottom row are? i think your forgot them. =)

oh just got that last comment THANKS! hehe

where is the usb thingy?

Pay attention to the wall next to the bookcase.
I stuck the first scrap of paper on there afterwards, and now I'm stuck.

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still cant get computer to work, any1 any further, tried all combo for door panel

yes thats how i got it mercedes

Actually what I posted above wasn't right I don't think. I just randomly turned a few around and got a card. What sergio said about seeing a '21' in the gaps sounds right.

for the door combo i tried 1854 and 212215...what else is there?

thanks got it..

i tried 2122151854,1856212215, and the code on piecew of papaer but no 0 on door panel that must b for computer

What about putting the first scrap paper on the wall where the wallpaper was ripped? Does that serve a purpose?

there are numbers on the books on shelf if u look closely

has anyone got the paper cracked..the one beside book shelf..with tape on it..

what about floor safe and wall above dresser...serve any purpose..?

There are 2 holes inside the cup, on top & bottom of the code. Dunno if it means anything.

sorry but I can't find ripped wall paper? or a piece of paper next to the bookcase. stumped.


look at the wall closely..the colour will be a tad darker...u use exacto knife on it..did anyone get door code..im stuck there..also havent open floor safe or thing above dresser yet.

i put usb in 'puter. nothing happened. i think my 'puter is broken, lol.

where's the knife? i mean the yellow sponge thingy isn't the knife is it?

Nordinho forums beat us to it.
Open the drawers like the books (1,2,4,5) from bottom to top for screwdriver.
Use the 2nd paper's passcode for comp.
When you beat the comp game turn out the lights and look at the paper on the wall.

please help! where's the knife :((

Linda the knife..exacto lookin thing..is in the drawer of desk..hey why wont floor safe open.ive unscrewed all screws..but it wont open..@#$%..and how do u get into comp.

use tape after removed screws.

ohk ive turned off the lights and looked at the wall. i know the answer, but how do you convert a word into numbers?

what is the code for the computer

am i an idiot..how do u play comp game..""???

is the code 212215 + 1854 = 214069? there is no zero in the keypad.....

to play the game, you have to move your mouse along the line from the left bottom to top right within 15 sec

code for computer is in the second paper found, look at the description area

Thanks Kovisa

wont let me win pc game..this is sickening f**king sh*t...i hate dont touch the side games..

with the nordinho hints...out!

what is code for the door..anyone..cant beat game..sucks..@#$ thanks in advance..is anyone else having problems with it..or is it just me..

found a way to beat it...yeah!! to get around without touching sides in under 15 secs..

got it !!!!

212215 represents the word blue (b=2, l=12, u=21, e=5), then 1854 is red; from the paper blue mixed with red is purple......

Mercedes tell us

to beat the game..hold down..left mouse button and move fast..then just before the end..let go and go.to finish line...an ddo this before it hits 15 sec.

Thx Mercedes, how you invent this.


i just tried it....i was getting p isssed at it..lol..need any help just ask...lol..been playing these games for ever..major point and click fan..lo

If 212215 represents the word blue (b=2, l=12, u=21, e=5), then think on 1854 red.So we know the words except "p"...Think on the alphabet to find "p"...a=1; b=2....

TELL ME AFTER PUTTIN COMPUTER PASSCODE THERE IS NO GAME COMIN JUST "no memorystick retry" how do we get to da game to beat it plz

this is a game about one person was hit by red something (at the very start of the game)and the hospital tests the patient about his or her brain.if you escape the room that means you recover.
nice game!

pass for door:"16211816125" = "purple"

Got out.......

For the no touch game on the computer, you don't have to click any buttons, just start at the bottom box and make it under 15 seconds to the upper box.
And you can't get the secret equation on the paper on the wall without winning.

anyone has a walkthru

Walkthru....thank you to all of the above gamers. I have not put the solutions and codes, you need to search the comments if you get stuck, but I have explained how to do it, so you can have a go.

Open top drawer by computer to get sponge and put in BLUE cup and note number
Go to bookshelf and get tape
Go to bed and get yellow key under blanket
Open red box in bookshelf and get paper, key and RED number
Use key to open drawer under computer for a knife
Cut pillow for a 2nd paper
Use tape on wall by bookshelf and rip off wallpaper to show a cavity with a USB and attach first paper to wall
To open the panel above the drawers, open all drawers from bottom to top except the middle one (do not close the drawers) and get screwdriver
Open floor panel with screwdriver and tape and get cable
Attach cable and USB to computer and enter code from 2nd paper (look down to black area with the comments)
Play game holding mouse down from bottom to top square
If successful the screen changes to the bookshelf
Turn off light and read 1st paper
Red code plus Blue code = ?
Convert your numbers to letters ie B=2, L=12 etc and the colour combo is ?
Now the C circles. Read top book and you need to make 21. The top row would be white line right down down, etc with no open ends.
Get a card and place in door security panel. Code is the colour of red plus blue converted to numbers

does anyone speak blok?? and does any one noe a cheat for the stupid f***ing computer game?? please help!

Is anyone else playing???

Is anyone playing?

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this is too hard!!!!!!!!
I have reached to the computer and I'm on the game and it does not worrrrrrrkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!

redroobar YOU have made LARGE
quickly retype a walkthrough or ELSE....


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