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The Scarlet Room

[REPLAY] Gasakism - The Scarlet Room Escape: Episode 1 is another point and click room escape game developed by Gasakism. In this game you wake up in a room and you don't remember anything. You have to escape the room by searching the room to find items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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The Scarlet Room Escape Walkthrough
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Hee! First! Anyway, this one looks fun!

Other Triangle=?

I need numbers for the two triangels..

So far the code is


my code seems to be different. and i can't find those triangles either. but if you look at the carpet there is a triangle and an equals sign but nothing after the equal sign. hmmm...

Ah. They keep changing on me!

anyone playing this game ?

eveytime you enter a wrong code it changes.

I'm sure if I could get the little zipper bag open it would tell me.

There's a code for that too.

       Anonymous  12/2/07, 12:57 PM  

umm ok what did u guys do with the blank paper?

put in under the door .... and again

       Anonymous  12/2/07, 1:01 PM  

aaahhhh lol ok
thx a lot

don't understand... only hear weird noise when I out it under door. anything else should happen? What about the moving dot outside?

to know the normal triangle you have to open the 2º draw. there are two keys... One on the bookshelt, the other, you have to move the painting where the "X" is marked

ok there's a note in the ceiling lamp, that should help you get the upside down triangle number. still don't know the regular triangle though.

       Anonymous  12/2/07, 1:07 PM  

not sure about that dot ...it seems to show a number or summink like that .... or maybe its just wishfull thinking ... im sooo stuck right now lol

only have circle and X. no square or triangle. cannot move picture...

       Anonymous  12/2/07, 1:11 PM  

anybody found out what to do with the clock i tried to change the time into 11.20 like its said in the note but nothing really happend???

you can also chane the time on the clock - tried 11.20 but nothing

The note on the lamp only has this freaky bit from a book or something. I changed the clock so it said what the time was in the passage, thinking that would do something..but nothing.

found the square!

If I switch on the tv I get square=4 come up

square - you have to light the TV on and wait. there is a secound where it appears "Square = ..."

triangel - upper left on the painting, click it more than once. a key fall. Then you use it on the 2º draw. Then it appears a yellow circle(doorknobs) + or - 2(keylock)

Sorry my english -.-"

       Anonymous  12/2/07, 1:14 PM  

oh nvm its 15mins after 11.20 duh now its dark outside ... weird ...

the number for the square is shown on tv it just pops up for a sec.

you need to add the 15 minutes that it talks about. so the time would be 11:35

where did you get the square number???

Got it !!!

11:20 + 15 min

Atxilipu is on the TV


after the dark..
Lights go off.

Look at the carpet.

The ball will form a number

Open the valt x)

There is a scissor -_____-

for the clock, you change the time to 11:35, because in the note it says that it is 11:20 and there are 15 minutes left. then it says that you can smell sulfer..which corresponds to the note, but after that i have no idea.

oops sorry, didn't realize you guys already found that part :]

is it possible to change the time on the clock or do they not move sum1 please tell me

o ive done it thx

what do you do after you find the scissors? haha i'm so clueless

how do i get the note in the lamp?

I don't know yet -_______-"

I have the scissor but I don't know more :\

But there is a box in the vault!

Find anything about that?

To get the note from the light, face the TV and click on the right hand side of the light.

After you get the scissors, cut the top of the zipper pouch you got from the cardboard box, the one with the combination lock.

You get a nintendo DS. Take the stylus out. I have no idea what comes next.

how do u get them scissors grr this game is frustrating

I can't figure out the equation in the drawer to get the regular triangle. Help please.

the second drawer equation refers to the picture from the trash can. Count the number of yellow circles and add or subtract the number of lock pictures to get the number.

Got it! Thanks lemon curry!

got stylus. Yhks =)

joao and lemon curry:

we have to find paper, or something to slide under the door so that we can poke the stylus through the key hole, have the paper catch the key, and pull the paper back under the door to unlock. any luck finding paper?

lemon curry i still doont get it

just the papper on the item list that is under the key...

but it doesn't work =\

Got it!!!!

You have to cut the paper =D

mizz, look at the paper from the trash can. you should see a drawing of the cabinet with yellow circles representing the knobs, and grey circles with a slit in the middle representing the keyholes. Tally up the number of yellow knobs in the picture and the number of keyholes. There should be 7 yellow circles and 2 keyholes. Now refer to the drawer because it is different each time. You either need to add the numbers of subtract them.

i.e. yellow circles +/- grey circles = the number you want.

I cut the papper put (like dolls) it into the door and the when I pull, the papper it whit red ink and whith holes :S

mine won't let me cut the paper..?

Finish xD

i would have rather jumped out of the window :D

i can't seem to change the time on the clock...

I got out, sort of. It was all red. Does anyone know of another, more successful, way to get out?

put the papper and the try to put the stylus on the lock. It won't work. Then cut the papper

i cant cut the paper i got out of the lamp

Ah ok !! You did it. Sorry x)

wait, I'm confused.
How did you all find the number for X?
I have all the others,but I need X to open the vault!

lemon curry how do i get the code to the safe i understand the last one u told me now i have the number for the square the circle and the regular triangle but now i need the x and the upside nown traingles numbers

or do you get two different pieces of paper for the lamp on the ceiling?

Oh wait, wow...it was too obvious.

X is in the design on the picture on the wall. Derr...

is the number for the circle the one on the bak of the footy shirt

also how do u get the number for the upside down triangle

plzz reply

where teh sizzorsz

will sum1 plz tell me how to get the upside down triangle number !!!

mizz, yes the number on the back of the jersey is the circle number.

set the clock to 11:35 and then turn off the light. Look at the carpet and follow the pattern that the ball makes.

thankyou so much lemon curry ur a hero

now wat do i do with the scissors lol

ok i have the stylus now wat

hahahaha my paper dolly chain has been rote on nd torn to bits stupid spazers
wat do i do ....

oh my got im speechless

did i just spend 4 hours trying to complete that friggin game..

for that shit bolix pile !! of an ending..

well i dont know wat to say other than wat a friggin *&"£$"$£""** ending

now what do i do with these stupid dolls covered in blood

To get the number for the upside down triangle:
1. set the clock to the time indicated on the note.
2 When it gets dark outside, turn off the lights
3. Look at the carpet and u will see it glow.
4. Watch the shape of the number that the shadow of the flying thing makes.

How do we cut the paper....nothing i do can cut the papers...i can't even access them. i have the paper with the picture of the dresser ect. and the one with the partial story on it...nothing else! HELP!!!!

Put them back under the door.

mizz amii try reading the previous comments as your past few questions had already been answered

Also which peice of paper is it that we need to cut up? Ive got the story one and the code one is there another?

Walkthrough! Spoiler!!!

1. Looking at the bed and the painting, grab the key that is on the lower bookshelf by the blue book on a tilt.

2. Click the painting's upper left corner till another key drops out.

3. Under the bed, take the piece of paper.

4. Looking at the television, click the note on the right hand of the lamp on the ceiling.

5. Looking at the window, grab the piece of paper in the trash can.

6. Open both drawers of the bureau by the door. Take out the soccer shirt from the upper drawer.

To Collect the Code for the Safe

All codes are different and change each time you mess up (as the note is written). The shapes on the note you collected in the garbage bin will tell you what order to put the numbers.

Circle is found on the back of the soccer shirt.

Square is found on the TV (it flashes briefly in the top left hand corner)

The X is found in the painting.

Triangle with the point up is found by adding all of the yellow door knobs found all around the room and either adding or subtracting (the lower drawer will tell you) the number of key locks (2). So the answer is either 9 or 5.

The triangle with the point side down is found by first changing the time on the clock to 11:35 (as per the ripped page from a book) then turning off the lights and looking at the red carpet. The ball thingy flying around outside the window will draw a number after the equals sign thats now lit up.

Enter the code in to the safe under the TV, and take the scissors.

Getting Out

Click the pouch that has the combination lock on it. Drag the scissors over to the white bit at the top of the pouch and cut the top.

Open the Nintendo thing and take the stylus from the side.

Slip the peice of paper under the door. After the creepy sounds, take the paper back, then cut it with the scissors. Put the cut paper back under the door.

Take the ripped dolly paper back and put it back under the door, then use the stylus in the keyhole to drop the key down. Take the key and open the door.


How do i change the time on the clock!

:( :(

yeah ok great.....but WHAT paper do u slip under the door??? i can't get ANY paper under the door...i only have TWO...do i need to find another one????

Cheers, courtney.

To change the time of clock click bottome right hand side.

the blank paper is under the bed.

but i'n having trouble cutting the paper...
i put it under the door and took it back.
but when i try to cut it, it keeps saying
"i'll not cut the paper. it could be useful for something."

OMG!!!!! thanks Rach!!!!!! i was looking ALL over for that!!!!

you're welcome!!
it took me a while to find it too!

once i got the paper...i was done in under a minute....

Rach: u gotta put the paper under the door but where the key hole is....it will spit it back out...then you cut it....and make the dolls....place them under the door....they'll come back....place them under again...stick the stylis through the key hole....and then the dolls come back again.....

i got it though.
i'm not sure what i was doing wrong...
but eventually it worked.
thanks though!!

i'm gonna look for a different game to play now.
not sure which one though =/

Would be nice to have an escape game that doesn't contain equations for dummies like me. How about a great escape game with "use this with this"!

Can anyone tell me i can find the bank paper?

I can't get it to cut the paper.
It keeps saying it could be useful for something else?


the blank paper is under the bed

Put the paper under the door and poke at the keyhole with the stylus at the same time. It wont work but you will be able to cut the paper after that.

So, I leave and it's all red? That's the end?

Can someone please tell me how to read the number for X? i can't figure it out.

The X is in the bottom left cornor of the picture by the bed.

Wow, that was good. I can't wait for the next one!
I hope they make it scarier more visually, though. It sucks that my computer has no sound card >:(

This game really freaks me out but i wanna finish it, except i cant figure out what number the ball makes, thats the only number i need, it looked like a 3, but that didnt work...

ehh, i tried every number, it didnt work, i quit lol

What Paper i have to put under the door

right wats u gots to do is ...


circle= number on the bak of the footy shirt
triangle= 7 + or - 2
x= the number on the picture
upside down triangle= the number the ball in the sky makes
square= the number on the tv in top left vorner wen u turn it on but if u get it rong the codes will change.....
u must open the safe to get the scissors to open the bag to get the game boy thingy
then use the scissors with the plain paper nd get dolly chain
then u got to put the dolly chain under the door and sum1 draws a funny doodle on it in red pen
then put i bak under and get the stylo thingy from the game boy nd put it in the key hole ..
i dunno if this helped but if not im sorry


by the way the paper is under the bed

what am i going to do with the papir?

I can't get the clock to change time! I'm almost out.

yeah you all must have a clock that works as mine isn't budging. does anyone else have to keep signing in to their account, its so annoying

I cannot believe i spent forever on this...after the complete redness.....and it says to be continued...what happens when u hit next..my comp messed up

what exactly is the stupid code?

just like in order...?

use the scisors to cut the paper place paper under door (dolls) and the watch ...use the stick to try to pick lock and then pull paper back out... you should have the key to unlock the door then!

how do i cut the paper?

This is a late post I realize, but for those of you who might still be struggling here is my hint.....when you enter a wrong code on the safe, you have to check ALL the numbers again as they have ALL changed.

WAIT! So this means there is a secual to this? Cos otherwise I'll kill myself...*wasting time on stupid game*

That stupid flying thing always does the same stupid movement!!!I can't understand wether that's a 0, 3 or eight, thanks to that the code is always wrong!!!Just gimme a gun and i'll shoot the dman fly!!!f**k...

how do u cut to stupid paper??????????

What is the code for the purse???
pleeease tell me !!!

how do i cut with the scissor ??? :@ and nothing happens when i TRY to cut the purse..

sorry my english.. :S

Guys no pass is needed for the purse. Click on it and cut with the scissor the upper white thing. Then click on it you will see an ninintendo DS. Clink on the pen thing. Now put the paper under the door and take it again one or two times. Then wait for 2 minutes and then cut it with the scissors. Now put the new paper under the door and take it you will see it is destroyed. Now put the pen thing from the nintendo DS to the lock and it will say i don't care about the key now. Now put the destroyed paper again under the door and you will see it not coming back click on it and you will see the key. Click on it and then take it and click on the lock. The door wil open. It is not difficult guys it took me 10' without any password.

Guys no pass is needed for the purse. Click on it and cut with the scissor the upper white thing. Then click on it you will see an ninintendo DS. Clink on the pen thing. Now put the paper under the door and take it again one or two times. Then wait for 2 minutes and then cut it with the scissors. Now put the new paper under the door and take it you will see it is destroyed. Now put the pen thing from the nintendo DS to the lock and it will say i don't care about the key now. Now put the destroyed paper again under the door and you will see it not coming back click on it and you will see the key. Click on it and then take it and click on the lock. The door wil open. It is not difficult guys it took me 10' without any password.

Guys, why does the number on the shirt keep changing? it's making it hard! how's circle supposed to = a changing number?

as long you are inserting a wrong password in the safe, the number will be changing.

       Anonymous  1/15/08, 4:49 PM  

im so dam close any one can help me with the night part

ok can some1 help me i need to no what the top is for and the password to the safe is can some 1 help me

can some 1 tell me what i do with the top n the code to the safe under the t.v

Can some 1 tell me what to do with the top and and what is the code to the safe under the t.v

down triangle is alwasys 3
the rest change every time u mess up on code

e.g 43079
3 5

the bottom line of #'s are kinda different but the 3 is alwase the same never different and the last line w/ the 9/5 change like knobs- keyholes or knobs + keyholes and liana clk on bottom right part of the clock to change the timeto 11:40 or 11:30

       Anonymous  11/20/08, 9:14 AM  

What is outside the door????? I REALLY want 2 know!!

       Anonymous  11/20/08, 9:15 AM  

What is outside the door please answer im to scared to play any longer.

       Anonymous  11/20/08, 9:17 AM  

this game is scary!!=(

How do you change the time?

what iz the next game called?

what is the code for the valt ??

The code for the safe is.....33599 ( it will change each time you get it wrong)

This game started out really promising... for about 5 minutes. Geez, are some of the "puzzles" are unfair...

not my cup of tea...

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