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Escape from the Kitchen

[REPLAY] ShatteredGames - Escape from Kitchen is another point and click escape game developed by Dina Gjertsen for Shattered Games. In this game you have to click on objects and parts of the room to interact. Roll over objects in the inventory to highlight and then click the check button to take a closer look. Good luck and have fun!

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anybody playing? I've collected a glass and filled it with water, a pan and put it on the stove, a toast from book on shelf and put it in toaster, orange juice from fridge, to open fridge play with letter magnets on dotted line if u place the letter in the right word, u wont b able to move it. i also got a fork, a plate, a baby's bottle, a fortune cookie which i opend and had some arrows and lines in colors i think they have sth to do with stove but not sure. put baby's bottle on high chair, found key to freezer on window and flower in frezer put it in vase. put coffee in mug and mug on tablewith toast on plate. i'm stuck


oos maybe not

hi tony, any hints?

i made a toast as well and found all the knobs. Tried to set them as it's shown on piece of paper from cookie but it doesn't work. No idea what should i cook...?

Where did you find the pan?
Water the plant to get something...

how did u find the knobs?

i forgot - water the plant it will give you sth

one knob is next to the big fridge(when u found a juice) - on the bottom, right side, another in the book

oh sorry, of course bottle was in the book. look for knob behind the board on the wall

took pan (skillet)from under pink chair and a plate from inside oven. ty 4 yr tip francisca!!

cooked the eggs but it's telling me something is missing

Think you're supposed to cook the eggs. Get them by feeding the cat (food on top shelf)

got knobs and nothing happens either

I think this game is buggy. I have a second skillet after putting the first one on the stove

fill the now empty glass with orange juice and put it on the table

oil perhaps? fire?

Doubt it, there's fire on my stove after adjusting the knobs. I put the eggs after but I can't do anything after

there is a big egg in the high chair that wiggles but i cant pick it up

i noticed fire too. the cursor changes into a hand when i'm on pink chair but i click on it and nothing happens

I found the Bacon and am out. First?

Bacon under floor near kitty litter.

where is the bacon?

Theres something in the litter tray but dont know what


could you give me any hint where the bacon was?

bacon in tile next to kitty litter. use the fork

the fork is under the sink


Pretty weird ending. Thanks everybody

ha ha i like the ending

yuk! clicking around litter box like mad nothing happens!! and u r the 1st out i guess yes

bottom right near litter tray, then lever up floor tile with fork found under sink.

plase, could someone help me? where is the yellow knob??? thank´s a lot!!

How the eff do you open the fridge?

Try behind the notice-board

game wont load for me does anyone have an alternate link.

Play with the letters, once they're in the right position they stay stuck there.


Ok!! Thank´s!!!!

       Anonymous  1/15/08, 3:04 PM  

might be that I'm too stupid, but how do I get the orange juice into the glass?

how do you use the kettle?! and i cant get the bacon..

If you take the cat food off of the shelf and give it to the cat he will get up and you can get the eggs....it still tells you there is something missing and I dont' know what it is

ok got it

I have read all the tips and cannot figure out why i can't make the toast, anyone no what i am doing wrong

       Anonymous  1/15/08, 3:23 PM  

did you get the cable from the baby chair to connect the toaster with the plug?

I think you are prob having trouble I had, Jena, the game has bugs

wolle, i didnt thank you very much

that was the very last thing i needed to do to get out.....had everything else done without help which has never happened before, ty ty ty wolle

       Anonymous  1/15/08, 3:27 PM  

you're welcome! let me know, if you found out how to put the orange juice in the glass, i still didn't succeed and it is starting to annoy me as I tried everything...

       Anonymous  1/15/08, 3:36 PM  

yeah! I did it! quite weird :) thanks to all!

tab key works if you need help... i know i did

how do you get toast to go in toaster as it won't and were is babys bottle?

Definitely buggy...cant find the fork, otherwise did everything...you must do things in sequence to get things work and find new things

i can't seem to find the 1st oven knob...pls help

Ok found fork...and finished. Cute game, at least no Japanese codes to work out....phew

So someone please remind me not to eat at that dudes house! Everything was cool until I found bacon near the litter box.

dania knobs beside fridge, behind notice board and in plant

Ending was realy weird. Its easy once you understand that all you have to do is set the table. You have to have the toast, coffee, flower, ect. on the tabel before you get the eggs and bacon of the stove. You have to click on the side of toaster to put toast down...and Yeah, its realy easy

does anyone know where the blue knob is?? and how to water the plant??

Diana, where are you?????

anyone know what I need in the frying pan besides bacon and eggs?


thank you tons :)
...am I stupid, cuz I cant get the oj in the glass, any thoughts?

How do you make the coffee? I keep clicking on the coffee maker but to no avail.



A bit buggy.....

Knob by fridge. Fork under sink. Glass above sink and fill with water. Coffee on freezer. Cookie above fridge. Plug in coffee jug, take off lid, add coffee, replace lid.
Go right water plant and get knob. Mug in corner. Plate from oven.
Go right twice to cat. Feed cat and get eggs. Bottle from shelf. Bread from book. Key from window. Bacon near little tray using fork. UGGG!
Fill mug with coffee. Use key to get rose from freezer. Place mug and rose on table. Bottle on high chair and get cable. Wiggle board for another knob.
Go to fridge and sort letters to a word until it opens to get orange juice. Check glass and add orange juice and put on table.
Go to toaster, drag cable, add bread and press button. Put toast on table. Get pan from left chair.
Add knobs on stove and pan. Position knobs according to paper in cookie until a flame appears.
Add eggs, bacon and plate.....

Wow. I didn't expect that ending. Nice game tho. =)

How do you pop the balloon in the high chair??

I can not seem to find the bottle for the high chair...please help

thanks anyway I figured it out. Crazy game!!

I was ONEEE PACKAGE OF BACON away from finishing my 2nd etr game without any help from walkthroughs :(

I'm out! Just needed a hint on the bacon, that's all. Who the hell keeps bacon under a tile on the floor neat the litterbox?!

       Anonymous  1/15/08, 11:45 PM  

Nice game, more of these.....

Hallo finde den blauen knopf nicht
,habe eier,Kaffetasse(auf Tisch bereits)Milchflasche(auf Tisch)Toast(schon getoastet,auf Tisch)
Habe den Saft,Habe Glas mit wasser,Rose(in vase),teller,eine 2.Pfanne,eine Pfanne bereits auf herd
was fehlt und wo ist der Blaue Knopf?

verstehe nicht was muß ich tun um den blauen knopf zu erhalten? ich sehe keinen an der decke oben

im kühlschrank den saft habe ich schon,habe glas mit wasser gefüllt,saft kann ich nicht einfüllen wenn ja wie?

       Anonymous  1/16/08, 4:21 AM  


Empty the glass with water on the plant and you can get the blue knob, after that zoom in at the glass and fill it with orange-juice.
Can you write your comments in English please?

please, I'm not very good in english, so I dont find the word to put on the fridge. Can you help me?

       Anonymous  1/16/08, 5:40 AM  


anybody playing? how do I get the orange juice into the glass?

Thanks full!!!

I'm not able to find the bacon....and neither to put anything into the oven.

Do I have to find the bacon while cat eats or after he goes to pee?

marita:you HAVE TO write yours comments in english .we all do that ,in spite of the fact that english is not our first language,we all try to manage it,it is not the first time i see your comments ,in german,i guess.escapegames says "...please write your comments ONLY in english..."(is a way to respet each other),thank you very much.

tango,you don't have to put food in the oven and for the bacon please read the post that diana post at 23:34 i think you can find the bacon.

Shuchun - I am sure that I have som language problems.

The litter box is the place where the cat urinates?

I have clicked all over - still no bacon...

55 and crazy with escape games :-)

       Anonymous  1/16/08, 8:00 AM  

redroobar thanks for tips about fork.i finsh it because of it

tango,sorry! i forgot to tell you use a fork to find the bacon which is under a tile to the right of the litter box near the wall.

Shuchun - maybe there is a bug - I'm trying for the second time and clicking all over to the right near the wall ( near the yellow arrow to go to the right ) WITH the spoon and nothing happens.

Maybe I should try with Mozilla instead of IE...

Thanks anyway :-)

I GOT IT! :-)

See what will happen next...

Strange game - unexpected ending - but funny! :-)

tango, my pleasure! enjoy this game!
i have to go to sleep. it's 12:30am in Asia.

Gosh. Fix the bugs! Could have been a really cute game. I still can't get the fork from under the sink, so will have to give up for a while.

Okay...Hi everyone. I have done everything except found the bacon. I know where it is supposed to be and I know to use the fork but I still cant find it. Any suggestions?

How can i feed the cat?
i got everything except the eggs :(
i'm sorry for my english i'm from germany ^^

Feed the cat by clicking o the cat food box on the shelf with the books. Drag the food down to the bowl.

aaah got it i'm out xD
sry for postin'
nice game

Okay...will try another game now. My head hurts from looking for nasty bacon. lol Other than that it was a cute game.

I can't fill the glass w/ water!!!! HOW do I do that??????? I can turn on the faucet, but yet, when I put the damned cup in, NOTHING HAPPENS!!!!!!

Freewaydog. This game is buggy. I had no problem filling the glass. First time I tried the game I was able to get the fork. This time I couldn't so gave up the ghost.

I can't get the bacon. I have the fork and try to use it next to the litter box I can't get it to work

@boater, Oh, well, this is too frustrating for me, so I will give up. :(

Examine the empty glass and then while examinig add the orange juice. That should work for you.

This is an extremely buggy game... I think it's cute, but I have such a hard time getting anything right, even after trying to restart a few times... *sigh* If only they fixed the bugs...

Liz Collazo

This could have been a wonderful escape game. Hello, you with the Dream Escapes, please fix the bugs in the game, and resubmit it. If Freewaydog can't figure it out, then you have a real problem. GO FOR IT!!


Anyone here..? gonna crack it...just wondering if any of the regular escapers are here..:-)

ok this game is made a bit different than most..some items u have to drag..others u have to click...glass of water i was able to get but had to drag glass to sink...and put it in plant..also neat with the scrabble on the fridge..!

       Anonymous  1/17/08, 11:05 AM  

any one playing

going to scream were is the FORK?

nvm found the stupid thing


1. Click letters on the fridge
2. Use letters to spell "tentacle"
3. Get orange juice from fridge
4. Get fork from curtain at bottom of the sink (click on the right side of the curtain)
5.open the cabinets above sink and fridge to get empty glass and fortune cookie
6. turn on sink and stick empty glass under it to fill it up.
7. "Check" the fortune cookie to get piece of paper
8. Get can of coffee above fridge.
9. Click on black tile beside the fridge and get pink knob.
10. Go to next screen on the right.
11. Click on bottom right of the pick drawers to get coffee mug.
12. drag glass of water to plant.
13. click right above the pot holder to get blue knob.
14. Click the circle on the left oven to get plate.
15. Go to right screen.
16. Click on bottom of pink chair to get pan.
17. Click table, then check empty glass and drag orange juice to it to fill it up and stick glass on table.
18. click top right corner of board on wall to get yellow knob.
19. move to right screen
20. get kitty snacks from top shelf and drag it to cat bowl. the cat will eat and leave you eggs.
21. grab baby bottle from top shelf by pink book.
22. Click on bottom of liter box and use fork on floor to get bacon.
23. go back and click on blinds to get key.
24. Click first book on bottom shelf on the right and get bread.
25. Go to left screen, stick the baby bottle on high chair, and get cord on the bottom of the high chair.
26. Go right 2 screens
27. drag mug to coffee pot to get coffee (if this doesn't work, then drag can of coffee to coffee pot, then try the mug again)
28. Drag key to green freezer to get rose.
29. Go to right screen and click on stove knobs
30. "check" piece of paper *notice they match the colors of the knobs on stove*, so stick the pick, blue, and yellow knobs in their place and move all the knobs to the position that's on the paper.
31. Stick pan on flames
32. Stick eggs and bacon on pan
33. drag pate to pan
34. Go back and use electrical cord on outlet near floor.
35. use bread on toaster and click knob on toaster.
36. Get toast
37. go to right screen
38. Click on table
39. put toast on plate that's on the table, put coffee on table, put bacon and eggs on table, and put rose in vase
40. Watch the ending


how do i get the eggs?? please someone help!!


i cant get the paper of the fortune cookie, neither fill the glass with orange juice!! help! (i have read all comments...)

finally got it! i couldnt see the "check" button!! i'm out...

good game... y did i get a second skillet tho?

weirdest end ever lol

how do i break the cookie?


I'll try to help, but it's been a while since I played this game and I think it was kind of buggy, if I remember correctly. I think the goal is to make breakfast. Also, you have to find and collect all the missing knobs from the stove in order to achieve this goal.

1. Open the top right cabinet above the sink, and collect a glass.
2. Click on the right faucet tap to turn on the water. Drag your glass to it, until it shows its full and drag it back to your inventory.
3. Collect the coffee can from above the locked freezer.
4. Click on the coffee maker button to zoom in on it. Click on the lid to uncover, and drag the coffee can to it. Make sure the right tap on the faucet is on, and click again on the middle area of the coffee maker. This will get it full of water. Click on the lid to cover up the coffee maker again, and then click on the plug to connect it to the outlet. Zoom out.
5. Click on the middle right of the green curtain underneath the sink to open it up. Collect a fork.
6. Open the top right cabinet above the fridge and collect a fortune cookie. With the check option, open the fortune cookie to reveal the colored order of arrows for the stove knobs.
7. Click between the fridge and the wall to collect a pink knob.
8. Go to fridge door, and notice puzzle with octopus. The word is tentacle, so drag letters onto spaces until each letter is held solid into place, and cannot move. (Orange T, Red E, Blue N, Yellow T, Purple A, Purple C, Green L, and Pink E). Refrigerator will open to reveal a carton of Orange Juice. Take it.
9. Click on the right arrow to the room where there's a stove. Click the circle center of the left stove to collect a plate.
10. Click between pink furniture and wall and collect a green coffee mug.
11. Empty glass full of water in plant, and carefully see there's a blue knob hiding in it. Collect it.
12. Go back to room with coffee pot, zoom into it as before, and drag the green coffee mug to the spout until it's full of coffee.
13. Go to dining room scene. On the tile right underneath the pink chair there is a frying pan. Collect it.
14. Click on the top right corner of the memo board, until it tilts. Collect a yellow knob from the back.
15. Click on dining table and put coffee mug (now filled with coffee) on it.
16. Go to room where the cat is. Click on the window, in the middle. Blinds will lift and you can collect a key.
17. Open burgundy colored book (last on first shelf), and get bread.
18. Drag kitty food kitty dish, to feed him. Collect baby bottle from behind pink book on top shelf, and as soon as cat stands up, collect eggs from underneath him. On the side of the littler box, click near the middle right. (Basically until your mouse turns from a pointer to a finger). Then, in the zoomed in tile area, drag the fork and click on the gray tile nearest the white baseboard. It should open up to reveal bacon. Take it.
19. Go back to dining room. Put baby bottle on baby tray. An electrical cord should pop down the bottom right side of the high chair. Click on it.
20. Go to room with stove. Drag electic cord to toaster. Drag bread to toaster. Click on down buttons on the side. Collect toast.
21. Now, inspect the piece of paper with the colored arrows on it using the check button. Notice the color order, and the order of the arrows. Go to stove and arrange colors of buttons and arrows in this order. A flame will turn on. Drag pan to burner, bacon and eggs, and then the plate to collect them.
22. Zoom in on dining table, and drag toast to little plate, and plate of eggs and bacon to the place mat. Using the check buttom, inspect the empty glass and drag the orange juice to it. Now drag the glass full of orange juice to the dining table.
23. Use key on green freezer and collect a rose. Zoom on dining table to zoom in, and drag rose to flower vase.
24. And then, there's a very weird ending… :) And you're done.

freaky game ends with an alien crashing into the house and taking the coffe and the green egg is a baby alien

how weird

any one playing????????/
i am not able to fill the glass with water :(

you have to click on the orange juice in your inventory to highlight the box around it then click check and then bring your empty glass up to the box and it automatically fills

made it! ending was so weird! thx for the walkthrough :)

Sad that the only thing that is a real escape game, other than a few goodies like amajeto, sniff mouse, etc., are oldies like this.

Cyndee....I concur....refuse to play the hidden object games....

Cyndee, Dimwit, I would like to concur as well. Good game, but I had a problem -- I had put the pan on the stove before the knobs, and now I can't get the flame. Think I'm not going to replay, watched the ending already on Youtube, I was almost there.

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