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Girl Escape WalkthroughGirl Escape - The Great Escape Tactics is a new Japanese point and click type room escape game. In this game a girl is trapped in a room and you need to help her in order to escape the room. Search and find items to solve puzzles for escaping. Language may be problem to solve this game. Good luck and have fun!

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Anyone playing?

This is so hard! I wish I could read Japanese. I think it might help me. I have a hammer, a spatula (?), and a piece of paper with shapes on it. I saw a lighter behind the clock, but of course I can't reach it. Could someone point me in the right direction?

sarah, i got the same items as you.
i do think that the japanese on the box maybe is the password for the thing on the wall...anyone knows japanese please help...

I went to the website address out the window and got values for the symbols on the paper but can't make them work as code for the machine on the wall.

you are where I am sarah. I can click behind here and see her hands are tied with chains, but everytime I click on them it sends me to a puzzle game on a different page. I complete that, but no code is given for the code on the wall. I'm suuuuuck :)

where did you find the spatula and hammer? i've only got a piece of paper

I think it is a saw not spatula. On the website don't click on anything scroll to the bottom of the page for the numbers

i must be dense cos i don't understand with the numbers

u can hit the mirror with the hammer to get a piece of glass

You can also get a board if you use the saw on the floor in front of the picture of the trees but I still can't reach the lighter

never mind i got it

I am also stuck...I have numbers for the shapes, but can't figure out how to use them. I can't get lighter from clock, other website that "opens" doesn't work for me (when click girl's hands). Very frustrating!

hakku: Where did you hit the mirror? I keep clicking, but I'm not getting any glass.

Where did you guys find the saw and hammer?

the japanese message after u finish the puzzle gives u a hint: u have to go to certain web site

my japanese is very poor, so i am not very sure

but i think it means the link though the window (the one that jojo talk about)

with the saw I cut the board and put it in the stove but still need the lighter

If you look at the board once you've got it in your inventory, you can saw it again into several pieces!

Where do you click to see her hands tied in the back?

sarah: don't zoom in to the mirror

Please may I have a clue as the where to find saw and hammer? I have clicked everywhere!!Thanks :)

oztiff: The hammer and saw are in the box. You have to click on top of the box.

Sarah: Oh my goodness...how simple! LOL....I was zooming in to the side! Thank you very much.....not that I know what on earth to do next! LOL!

Hoop: how did you get the lighter?

use the glass on the painting to get number

Sarah, to see her hands behind her back click her left elbow.

OK...another dumb question....I have the wood all sawed up and the piece of glass from the mirror. I cannot open the oven...have clicked all over...is there a trick or is there a step I have missed? Also, I have tried using the glass on the painting, to no avail..is there a particular spot to click?
Thanks :)

you have to click on the wood, then click on the over door, it will zoom in. How did you get the glass from the mirror, i've been clicking all over it with the hammer but no glass.

Oztiff: You click on SW near the middle of the painting. I'm also having trouble opening the oven. I figured out how to go the puzzle page, but I can't complete the stupid puzzle. :-P Maybe I should just wait for a walkthrough.

oztiff: do you still have the saw in your inventory? If you do selected again and click the wood.
I clicked in between the two lines in the painting. =\

careybenton...I clicked all over it too...made sure I wasn't zoomed in...left and came back and clicked again...and voila....suddenly it smashed and a piece of glass fell out!!No idea how or why! Perhaps you have to click 699 times or something before it breaks! LOL!

To get the glass, you don't zoom in on the mirror. You just click your hammer and then click the mirror, while you are looking at it from far away.

oztiff, LOL, will try ur method:)

For the mirror: I think you have to click into the middle of the mirror, but a bit in the upper right direction. (Hope that helps.)

...and it worked. Smash it when it's NOT zoomed in and it'll work. :()

I got something from the window. I clicked the curtains open and shut a few times and got something. When I clicked on it, it expanded so I could use it to get the lighter. Now I was able to light the wood in the stove and got a yellow ball.

I mean upper left.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Jo Jo...I have been madly clicking those curtains everytime I go to that scene....now I have just gone back and done some more frantic clicking, but nothing drops out for me! :(

yeah, me too ...

i have nothing from the curtains T_T

oh wow, I went back and click the top left curtain (not zoomed in) and it gave me something.

lol I just went back to the game and accidently clicked the top of the curtains and I got this yellow thing XD

I'm clicking like crazy on the curtains too, and nothing is falling out. What is up with the picture in the garbage can? Maybe it is a picture of the girl we are trying to help escape and her crazy ex boyfriend who captured her? Also, I can click behind the garbage can, but I don't know if there is anything more to that.

it's like an expandable feather duster, but i still can't get the lighter?

well I'm going to try what you did careybenton....just post something (I can't get anything from the curtain)...now...back I go to click the top left curtain! Perhaps that is the trick! :#

I think if you click near the middle top of the window you get the object. Also Elsie how did you get the number from the picture?

woops, spoke too soon, got the lighter with the duster

LMAO oztiff GL

Nope...that didn't work! Diana...did you say you couldn't solve the puzzle on that website from the girls hands? Mine wouldn't load or something, I just had what looked like an undeveloped polaroid on screen. Perhaps we have to have solved the puzzle to get the thing from the curtains?

I lighted the fire but I got nothing and my lighter disappeared T_T

gbood thing I had another window opened for this game >_>

gl all, night-time for me.

got the ball from the painting. Since they are different colors, do we need another. The window website had three colors of shapes

I selected the glass and click the painting in the middle of the two white lines (are they trees?) It was a blue ball witht he number 5 on it, I don't know if it's different from everyone

Ooooo...careybenton's trick did work after all....got the expandable thing....onward!!

There's got to be something happening with that clock don't you think?

I don't know what to do now. I got the blue 5 and the yellow 9. Maybe if I knew what it said on the side of the box, I would have a clue. I got the feather duster from the window and I didn't complete the puzzle.

I completed the puzzle, and there is Japanese under the picture which is I'm sure a clue. I don't know what it says though. :-( We really need someone who knows how to read Japanese to help us.

Sarah...I'm stuck too. I have clicked all over the clock and all over the picture in the bin. Have tried to "use" the balls on everything in the room. There is a lot of Japanese writing when you click on the picture...wish I knew what it said. I also noticed that the date on the picture in bin is in the future 28/12/2008?

Sarah....how did you complete puzzle? Do you see what appears to be an undeveloped polaroid picture with F1# and japanese writing on bottom left? I can't seem to get puzzle to load. Am wondering if that is hampering my game?

When I clicked on her chains it went to a website where it took a few seconds for a puzzle to load. It was one of those slider puzzles. The picture is of a forest.

it's so hard T_T

I'm going to take a break from the game. See you all later, and thank you for your help!

elsie...are you staying? I am getting so frustrated....but it's nice to know there's someone around to share the frustration :)

I'm still here.
I've even tried a translator in google but nothing :(

Elsie I tried babelfish webpage translator also....but nothing. I have re-started as i could not get slider puzzle to load...I am hoping it will work this time and maybe then I can move forward a bit!

ok i feel extremely stupid... where the heck did you guys find WOOD?!

jk got it.... and i got the oven going and i made fire... but once i clicked out of it it went away and now i still have wood... but no lighter =[

KM: you can get the wood by selecting the saw and clicking the floor in front of the painting.

that happened to me too, I had to restart, when you make the fire click the flames and part of the yellow ball will appear on the left side don't zoom out

I give up, I'll wait for the walkthrough. ^^'

well I solved the puzzle...managed to translate that webpage into english....but the message scrolling across bottom of completed puzzle was just empty squares! Even though the rest of the japanese writing translated!

well i have to give up too....this is ridiculously hard (or I am just ridiculously stupid!) but I feel I have wasted 2 hours of my Sunday afternoon because I have failed to solve the darn thing! Grrrr! I hate giving up! :(

the puzzle page, so far, is useless... the numbers clue is from the link on the card when you zoom in on the window. Scroll to the bottom and you see circle, square and triangle with numbers.

Still doesn't help me any, though.

Hi Sharron.....I'm supposed to be giving up....I have done absolutely everything I can think of and can find nothing else to do except crack the code or find more balls. Have tried the numbers given, but there seems to be some colour aspect as well. Also...hard to tell if yellow triangle is a 6 or a 9.

Hi Tiff... yes, I noticed the confusion with 6 or 9. Have done everything I can as well. I'm past frustrated; just plain discouraged with the game at this point **sheesh**

I guess I'll do like Elsie... wait for a walkthrough!

I've cracked no code. Oh, well! We tried :)

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the puzzle isn't loading for me, is there any other way around it?

hi hoop... so far the puzzle hasn't yielded anything... could be a red herring. Others have had the same problem.

Hoop....I had to re-load java onto my computer and completely restart the game....all for a sliding puzzle which made no noticeable difference whatsoever when solved!I can't believe how much trouble I have gone to in order to try to finish this game...translators, restarting, all to no avail. I have to give up and wait for tomorrow when somebody with fresh eyes may see what I have been missing all afternoon!

Hey, seems that I'm stuck where everyone else is. Did the picture puzzle on the website you get to by clicking the girls chains, went to the website and got the numbers associated with the colors and shapes. Now I'm stuck with a blue 5 ball and a yellow 9 ball. Will continue to hunt around.

Someone else mentioned they could click behind the garbage can. I'm still trying to figure out why also.

Anyone playing? I'm stuck where everyone else too

Still here, moksy, and haven't gotten any further.

I definitely think that the kidnapper is into some kind of bondage/sadomasochism. Have you seen the straps and chains on that girl?!

I keep randomly coming back to the game thinking that I'll have an epiphany, but no. I've never been that great at code-cracking.

I'm a Japanese but the hint on puzzle page doesn't mean a thing to me. It only says there's a hint on another page. Probably the window one.

The writing on the box reads Shingo but I'm not sure about it cos letters are blurred. If it's right, it means a traffic light.

I have blue 5 ball and am stuck.

Hey all. Im joining the cause. I havent figured anything for my self yet but i have the yellow 9 and blue 2. I think that the links the game gives are needed to do certain things. Maybe they give your browser cookies that the game looks for or something, but I couldnt get the duster or the ball from the picture before loading the webpage on the sign outside and finishing the puzzle that her hands links to. After I completed them I was able to do the stuff I couldnt do before on the first try.

I solved the code on the wall. The writing on the box meant a traffic light after all. Enter numbers, blue, yellow, red. For red number, see the clock.
This code is rather tricky because one of the numbers is upside down.
A wall safe appeared but I'm still stuck there.

I have done the following:

Got hammer and saw from box
Got note from side of mirror
Broke mirror
Took piece of broken glass
Cut picture to get 5 ball
Used saw on floor in front of picture
Sawed wood into pieces
Got duster from window
Expanded duster and used to get lighter from behind clock
Put wood in stove and lit - clicked on fire and got 6 ball
Brute-forced combo (563) Got another safe
Clicked on window website - got numbers 9 2 75
Used combo 2975 on safe - Got key, saw note (in Japanese) and red box

I haven't had to complete any puzzles - the first one wouldn't even load. I can zoom on garbage can side so it looks like it lifts up a bit, but didn't find anything. Box in safe has yet another code. Key from safe will work on door, but it's a bad end.

I'm out!

The last code of the red box must be difficult for non-Japanese. It's 5963.

Out. Thanks for your help.

I'm out but did I leave the girl locked up in there still?

Definitely difficult if you don't know Japanese or have a Japanese language pack for your OS.

sure was a toughie!

press start

This is a way too user friendly walkthrough that skips two links to japanese websites that give you some of the codes. Also, if you want to skip everything but everything, scroll down to the IN SHORT section. These answers were found by everyone above, and not me at all.

turn left
turn left
while the curtains are closed, click the top of middle of the curtain until you get a cylindrical object.
Highlight the cylindrical object in your inventory.
click the blue button under the inventory to zoom in on the cylinder.
Click on the brushy head of the object to extend it.
Close the object zoom with the x in the top right corner.
Click the middle of the top side of the box in front of you to see inside the box.
Click on the two objects inside to get them.
Back out.
Select the hammer and click on the center of the mirror to break a hole in it (if it zooms in on the mirror instead, back out and try again).
Click on the shard that fell on the floor.
Click anywhere in the bottom third of the mirror to zoom in on it.
Click the while shape protruding from the left edge of the mirror to get a piece of paper.
Back out.
Open the curtains by clicking in the center of them.
click on the center of the white rectangle you see out the window to zoom in on what is a sign.
Click on the center of the purple text to open another link.
Go back to the game.
Back out.
Go left.
Click on the left edge of the base of the clock to see behind the clock.
Select the extended brush object.
click on the lighter to get it (If this does not work repeat the steps to extend the brush even if it appears to already be extended).
Back out.
Turn left.
Click the center of the painting to zoom in on it.
Select the glass shard you got from the mirror.
Click on the middle of the left tree to slash the painting and reveal a blue ball numbered 5.
Click the blue ball to get it.
Back out.
Select the saw.
Click the middle of the floor directly under the center of the picture to reveal a board.
Click the board to get it.
Select the board.
Click the blue button under the inventory to zoom in on the board.
Select the saw.
Click on the board to saw it into three pieces.
Click on the board again to make the saw disappear.
Turn right.
Select the three boards.
Click on the center of the stove window to zoom in on the stove.
Click on the center of the stove opening to put the fire inside.
Select the lighter.
Click the center of wood pile to light it.
Click the center of the fire to reveal a yellow circle behind it.
Click the ball to remove the fire.
Click the ball again to get it.
Turn left.


Turn left.
Click on the device on the right side of the girl (your right).
Click the white rectangle, enter 563 and press the red button.
Back out. There should be a safe above the trash can. If not retry entering the code.
Click the middle of the left edge of the handle of the safe to zoom in on the safe.
Click the white rectangle and enter 2975 and click the center of the handle.
Click on the key to get it if you want the good ending. For the bad ending leave it.
Click on the center of the red box to zoom in on it.
Click on the white rectangle, enter 5963 and click on the center of the black circle to open the box.
Click on the key to get it.
Back out twice.
Turn right.
Select the black key.
Click on the door knob.

dianan,use the heart shape key(pink key) to the girl's cuffs and both of you can escape out of the doors together.
perfect ending

wow thank you everyone ^^

wow thanks for the walk through I though I would be there all day

GRR! Even with a walkthrough, the clicking is so mysterious. Sorry lady, you're on your own.

have been clicking the painting for ages but there is no sign of a blue ball?

Thank you for those final codes....I never even thought of the relevance of the red clock hand on the 3!!! I was so busy being annoyed at not being able to click the clock as I was sure it must be there for a reason! LOL.

reddc: do you have the shard of glass from the mirror? If so, choose the glass, then click between the middle of the 2 tree trunks in the painting, slightly to the right and down of centre.

sorry....I meant slightly to the left and down of centre!

Anyone here playing now...im really annoyed with the casual games pop up that keeps coming up..lol..i havent been in here in like 8hours and already there are 3 games for me to play..:) awesome..sucks these time zones..u guys are gettin to them quicker then me..lol.

thanks oztiff have the glass will try again

This is a big a** game..still loading..

loaded half way and stopped..so pissed..@#$

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Anyone playing??

Why cant I ever catch anyone playing these games?! lol

Oh man! That was lame! glitchy!!

Who hold a gun like that! Next time I go shooting, im going to hold my gun like that and see if it doesnt fly back and hit me in the face!!


dun play this game. not worth the time...GRRR..

it shld be called "precise point and click" game.

on the painting if you look carefully there is a little box looking thing you click on that with the glass and you get a number

i think you have to zoom in on the window first in order to get the feather duster

hey can ANYONE read jappenese or chinese or what ever it is???????????????????????

i dont get it; what if the 1st thing we have 2 do? how do u open the curtain?


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