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The Great Kitchen Escape Walkthrough

The Great Kitchen Escape

Great Kitchen Escape Walkthrough[REPLAY] The Great Kitchen Escape is another new point and click escape the room game from Pastel Games. In this escape game, you are locked in the Kitchen Look around, search for items, escape form the Kitchen! Good luck and have fun!

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

Play The Great Kitchen Escape

The Great Kitchen Escape Walkthrough

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anyone playing?

nvm, this is way too easy

Hey Jeanne how do you combine? Got loads of stuff I need to use, but can´t combine!

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press the button in the upper left corner of the picture

Yeah, realised that, thanks

I Am Out and with no help :) that one was easy but fun.

haha fun and easy, i love pastel games ^.^

       Anonymous  1/31/08, 2:52 PM  
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cant find the last (?) part...the one that goes in front of the beater....

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It looks like it's in the fishes mouth... need to melt the fish

Place on blue bench next to oven

ok ive found it. u got to boil water and then put it in the bowl with the frozen fish

I cant even melt the stupid fish to get the knife thingy ARGH!!! (I am a newbie....sort of i have been playing LOTS of games but only made an identity or whatever you call it now! lolzzz ANYWAY i am only 10 years old so cut me some slack! pleaseeeee!)

Neat little game....dont forget to push the button the kettle, I got stuck for a little while waiting for the kettle

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nvm i melted it but what do i do after i put all the things where you construct?(I think i have everything but what is the sun shaped thingy on it? if anyone is there please help!)

and my name stands for this ; I, Tyler Logsdon, Thinks Connor Fetterhoff is hot, but Quentin Stembridge is so much better! lol :)

wait between the words is and hot i forgot the word so but do you really care? lol

Ok the sun thing is the collar from the dog....
If that is missing you need to get a feather from the parrot and wake up the dog
When you have everything...just click the spaces on the diagram to place the items...

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redroobar, thanks I too was waiting on the kettle guess I did not move slow enough when clicking all over on it LOL

way to easy..but fun none the less..:)

Wow, that was easy. But yes, still amusing.

Walkthrough.... xD

1. Pick up the Kettle
2. CLick on the bottom left cupboard and collect mixer from bottom shelf
3. Go to top right hand cupboard and collect beater head (for the mixer)
4. Go right
5. CLick on the radio, then the orange button on its side, and then battery casing and collect batteries and go bak to full table view.
6. Go right
7. COllect orange bowl next to fridge
8. COllect electric cord from bottom cupboard
9. Get frozen item out of the freezer (top of fridge)
10. Go right and click on bird cage, click on birds tail to collect feather
11. go bak and click on dog (orange lump bottom right of the screen next to bird cage)
12. Tickle dogs nose with feather and collect his collar
13. Go left and put bowl on counter and place frozen fish thing in bowl.
14. Go left twice, and fill kettle at sink. Place on the kettle stand and click electrical cord onto kettle and then to plug in.
15. CLik the little orange switch on kettle handle to boil and collect when finished.
16. Go right twice and pour boiling water into bowl, go in bowl and collect the knife.
17. CLick the little 'T' symbol up the top left corner of the screen which says construct and place all the items in the corresponding shapes, click created object so it appears in inventory
18. then clik on the little eye to explore the room again
19. go bak to where the door is and using the new object clik the door handle.... and your free xD

Neat little game. Liked the funky graphics!

Johnny here! Check out other walkthroughs by me, on the Daa games Grey Room Escape, Ezscape from Death Row, and Polleke;s Garden Escape.

Walkthrough: Go through the drawers and find egg beater and mixer, and after taking kettle from counter, go l;eft and repeadedly cick the radio to obtain batteries. Go left and take forzen fish from the freezer, and power cord from the bottome cubbard. Also, take the bowel from beside the fridge.
Ge left and take a feather from the bird (click on it's tail.) Click the dog and use feather on it's now to get a collar.
Go left and put kettle in sink and turn on water. Put the kettle back where you got it and then plug the cord into the kettle, then into the wall. Boil the water and take it.
Go left twice and put the bowel on the counter. Put frozen fish into the bowel, then use kettle on the bowel. Click on it, take the weird knife thing.
Now, cick the top left hand corner and match eeach item to it's illistration. Clik your newly made item and then go right and use it on the door.
You're out!

       Anonymous  2/6/08, 7:53 PM  

fun game, i just wish it had a better ending... :[

wow this was quite good. but yeah, the end couldve been better =]

That was amusingly cute. I liked the animation.

hey katrin can u tell me hw to pour dat water in dat bowl?:-/

hello ni body der?

i got it i got it yeh

it was easy

this game is so boring

this game wuz piss ez! if u needed a cheat then u must be really slow!
;) lol

do u hav the plug? u need it! put the kettle on this plate thing, and put the plug on it. boil the watr, and wallah!!!!

Nice n easy yet every entertaining and wacky! Yet another guineas in the Escape-the-room industry(if there is an official one).

Online Game Lounge

Need more help!!!

Tyvm for the walkthroughs =P

Im out! Thanx sooooooooooooooooooooooo much to Johnny nd Tegan XD

       Anonymous  6/25/09, 12:56 PM  

Here's How To Complete It.

1)Click bottom lefthand cupboard.
-take the mixer from bottom shelf.
2)Click the top righthand cupboard.
-take the beater from the bottom shelf.
3)Click the red Kettle from the counter
4)Go Right
5)Zoom in to the orange radio and click the orange button on the side.
-click the back outlined square of the radio
-take the batteries
6)Zoom out and go Right
7)click the bottom cupboard by the stove
-take the powercord
8)Click the Freezer (Top of fridge)
-Take the frozen fish
9) Take the orange bowl on the right side of the fridge
10)Go Right
11) Zoom into birdcage
-click the birds bottom feathers
-collect feather
12) Zoom back to the room and click the orange dog in the bottom righthand corner
-use feather from your inventory to tickle the dogs nose
-when the dog sneezes, collect the collar
13)Zoom back out and go right.
-Place the red kettle in the sink and click the blue botton
-when kettle is full of water, place it on the red plate where you originally got it from.
-connect the power cord to the kettle
-plug in the other end of the power cord to the wall outler
-click the orange button on the handle of the kettle.
-when the water is done boiling collect the kettle again.
14) Go right twice
-place the orange bowl on the counter
-add the frozen fish to the bowl
-add the boiling water to the bowl
15) Zoom in on the bowl
-take the orange knife
16) Zoom back out and click the 'T' in the top lefthand corner.
-place the obects where they go in the sketch and click the new combined obect
-click the EYE in the top lefthand corner to go back to the kitchen
17)Go Right
-take the last combined object out of the inventory and use on the door's handle.

And then your free!

what is this 'T' in the top left corner? i cant find a t..

someone help? i dont where to find that T! i know its supposed to be in the top lefthand corner, but i just cant find it...

The letter T is in the top left corner of the screen, above your inventory even.
It's not in a special view of the room it's always there, it's kind of part of your inventory.
You have to click it to construct things.

haha, nevermind my screen was too small i enlarged it and found it


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