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Leaving Your Room 7 Walkthrough

Leaving Your Room 7

This is the seventh episode of Leaving Your Room point and click game series made by Renegade. In this game, again you need try to find and collect the keys to finish the game successfully. Good luck and have fun!

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anyone playing? I've got 14 keys and I'm stuck.

Up to 16 now...

I've got 14 keys were did you find the other 2 keys??

I have 23 and I'm stuck

It won't load...:(

i just found my 20th

I found my 15th by clicking the motorcycle picture again - you can barely see one on one of the bikes. The 16th I found by clicking the kid's yellow shirt - don't enlarge the picture, just click on the yellow shirt.

Where are you finding the others?

some are hidden in the floor

one of the floorboards slides, the one in the upper right hand you can break. click the tip right corner of the green monsters picture, also slide out the upper left side of the same picture, click on the lamp string. The picture of the big yellow thing in the pink dress, click the top right corner of the picture to reveal the red button

I've gotten two from the floor. I'm still stuck at 16. :-( I don't know what I'm missing. I press the blue button, get nothing. I click on the safe. Nothing.

What am I missing?

I pulled on the lamps switch and got the safe open

Thanks cutie. I'm going to reload, maybe mine is buggy? Not able to do those things.

i've got 24 now but really stuck now

I clicked all over the to do list paper in the desk and one appeared on the paper. 25 now and still stuck...how many keys are in this room???

Reloaded and am up to 20. I can't break any of the floor boards and nothing happens when I click the upper right corner of the poser w/the pink dress.


Anyone have an alternative link? It still won't load...says I interrupt the ad???

another one from the paper in the drawer

       Anonymous  1/19/08, 2:42 PM  

i've also got 24 and no more ideas...

pulled the light string again and a key came out on top of the lamp 25 keys

I dragged a smaller sheet of paper off from the to do list and dragged it around the room and when I got it to the top right of the screen it said "password 8842" but I have no idea where to put that in at...

       Anonymous  1/19/08, 2:45 PM  

25 now also, found the one in the "walkthrough"

there's another one from the bottom left corner of the screen

sniff...I wanna playyyy...damn IE...

man, you guys are all 5 keys ahead of me! is there some kind of trick to getting the floor board to break or the big poster to move?

marcy- push the lamp string out of your way

Tami, maybe that's my problem too. I'm using IE and not having a whole lot of luck. Or maybe it's just operator error on my part! :-)

       Anonymous  1/19/08, 2:50 PM  

marcy i broke the upper left floor board by double clicking on it. you have to push up the lamp string first, then you can click the poster.

By the way, the password seems to be different in every game, mine is 7017

DUH! Thanks Angela...up to 23 now...

can somebody help me find the red button please cuz i clicked the big poster like crazy and nothing

It won't load at all for me...the page opens...but then an ad starts...I touch nothing, not even scrolling or anything and it says "an attempt to skip the ad has been made.." blah blah...damnit

I have no clue where to enter the password at

       Anonymous  1/19/08, 2:53 PM  

ishi push up the lamp string then click the upper right corner of the poster which folds and reveals the red button

thanks wolle - got it!

For some reason, I can't get the password from the wall. I tried moving around, clicking continuously, but nothing

thanks wolle got it now

has anybody gotten past 25 keys yet? I am stuck with 25 keys and the password...its making my head hurt...

i dont see anything from paper

also one one the bottom left corner of the pic above the door

I somehow ripped ned's shirt from the poster but don't know what to do with the piece

26 now

thanks cutie! move the red square on the flowers

there is a spot on the red shirt in the pic of the kids that you can move and find another key...I am now at 27

Finally at 26 too. Cutie, which poster did you get a piece of shirt from?

thanks lasers

put password under desk after moving front panel,got key now im stuck again

the one of the 3 kids...off from the one in the middle's red shirt

If you take the piece of the red shirt and go over the yellow and pink flowers you see another key.

how do you put the password under the desk?

I have 28 keys..but I don't know how I got the 27th. I was at 26, found the one with the red square...and it jumped to 28. Another on the shirt or found via red square and I missed seeing it?

how did you move the panel from the desk?

hi all:-)
ive got 28, but im not sure where i found them all!!!
how do i move desk panel?

Ok, I'm done trying to load...hopefully there will be a alt. link later...I even went to the site and registered and tried to get the link directly from that saybox.cmsbox.co.uk site...all to no avail...see ya'll later...hopefully:) GL!

hmm, I moved the red square over the yellow flowers and didn't get anything. Unless I missed it. I'm at 27 now.

       Anonymous  1/19/08, 3:08 PM  

man, i'm starting to get annoyed... 28 and can't move the desk panel. how does that work?

I am stuck with 24 keys. Anyone figure out where the password goes?

you can slide the desk green panel to the left. also a key in the laser beam

dek panel won't slide for me and what laser beam??

       Anonymous  1/19/08, 3:11 PM  

lasers, did you do anything else before? just tried it but the panel doesn't move...

       Anonymous  1/19/08, 3:12 PM  

try moving the flower pot to the blue button

I'm with you, Wolle. I can't find the panel on the desk either.

Where's the laser beam, lasers?

ive got no lasers and desk will not budge !!
arrrggghh love these games but they do frustrate me.

thanks for the blue button idea...so can someone tell me where the laser beam is?

out with 30. thanks a lot for the help everyone. i dont know how i moved the green panel. i could just slide it left

       Anonymous  1/19/08, 3:14 PM  

wohoo, I'm out!

       Anonymous  1/19/08, 3:15 PM  

Yeah, I'm out. You need 30 keys.

       Anonymous  1/19/08, 3:15 PM  

move the flower pot onto the blue button, then you can remove the desk panel. type the password in there and the laser beam will appear.

OUT!..You just need 30 keys. Move the desk panel, get the obvious key...imput your password..get the one off the laser and you're done!

I am out! by the way, the laser beam is under the desk behind the moveable panel

ok, thanks for the blue button tip. And I actually got two keys from the laser beam. I'm at 29. Still can't get a key out of the flowers with the red square.

yay 30 keys and im out thankyou

       Anonymous  1/19/08, 3:17 PM  

you have to move the red panel over the flowers on the desk (not the ones on the floor) I think it was the second from the right which hides the key

marcy are you using the red square on the right flowers (the flowers on the desk)?

I still can't get the password, nor break a floorboard =(

       Anonymous  1/19/08, 3:20 PM  

I'm short one key. Has anyone found anything to do with the rug?

yeah, moving it on the ones on the desk. I had found a key in there earlier though. Maybe it's another one that I'm missing?

       Anonymous  1/19/08, 3:21 PM  

nanako, make sure you are clicking the LEFT top floorboard. Someone originally said it was the right.

Got it, thanks. What about the Password? Isn't it from the upper right part of the wall? I've been clicking there continuously but no result

Nanako, you have to find the moveable white panel from the to-do list in the desk. Rub the panel over the upper right of the wall.

Jeri, are you at 29 with finding the one in the yellow and red flowers?

       Anonymous  1/19/08, 3:25 PM  

nanako, you first have to get the "walkthrough" out of the drawer and find the hidden piece of paper (on the blank white surface of the paper.) then, drag it over to the top right side of the way until you find the password. It's like looking for a code written in lemonaid with a flame..make sense?

       Anonymous  1/19/08, 3:26 PM  

Marcy, I have found that one too. I just can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. Did someone say something about tearing off a part of a shirt? Was it different than the red shirt that shows you the key in the flower?

This comment has been removed by the author.

Ah, makes sense. Thanks.

No, I think it's the same shirt. I think I must have already found that key without moving the shirt. I don't know what else I'm missing. Driving me fruit.

Help! I can only find 29:

1. Windowsill
2. on pic above door
3. in pic above door (above left bike)
4. in pic above door (on middle bike handles)
5. clown pic – bowtie
6. behind clown pic – drag right
7. 3 kids pic – on yellow shirt
8. 3 kids pic (enlarged) – yellow shirt neckline
9. 3 kids pic (enlarged) – in girl’s ear
10. behind red square on shirt
11. move red square over flowers in vase – in right blooms
12. behind monster pic (top right corner)
13. monster pic – in raised hand under white square
14. bottom left corner of floor
15. under top left corner floorboard
16. under right middle floorboard – drag it to left
17. behind flower pot – drag it left
18. in note under flowerpot
19. in desk flowers – left blooms
20. in desk note
21. in desk drawer
22. in desk drawer note – under white square (also drag this square to upper right wall to read password message)
23. pink dress poster – in raised hand
24. on top of lamp
25. push lamp string up for 2nd key on top of lamp (click top right of pink dress poster to reveal red button)
26. under secret panel moved by pressing red button
27. in safe – unlock by pulling on lamp string
28. set flower pot on blue button and drag desk front left
29. enter password and take key from laser beam
30. ?

i can;t break the floorboard..help please...

okay now I have 29. I got the panel on the desk to move by putting the poster corner and the light switch back and placing the pot on the blue button.

Thank you lily!
30. under bottom left corner of bike poster

loriloo - to break the upper left corner floorboard click the bottom left corner of the board

This comment has been removed by the author.

FINALLY out! Thanks everyone! It was the one ON the poster above the door that I kept missing...

3 on poster above the door
1 on mr blobby poster
1 behind mr blobby poster
1 on windowsill
3 on picture of 3 children and 1 beneath the red part of boys shirt
1 beneath sliding panel on monster poster and 1 behind the top right corner
1 beneath top left hand floorboard
2 on lamp
1 on poster of fizz
1 beneath the "not a secret panel"
1 in the safe
1 behind plant pot
1 under sliding floorboard bottom right corner
1 on the pig note
1 in the drawer
1 on the "walkthrough" note
1 in desk
1 in lasers in desk
1 in pink and yellow flowers
1 at very bottom left of page
1 on the blah note

I'm stuck now??

3 on poster above the door
1 on mr blobby poster
1 behind mr blobby poster
1 on windowsill
3 on picture of 3 children and 1 beneath the red part of boys shirt
1 beneath sliding panel on monster poster and 1 behind the top right corner
1 beneath top left hand floorboard
2 on lamp
1 on poster of fizz
1 beneath the "not a secret panel"
1 in the safe
1 behind plant pot
1 under sliding floorboard bottom right corner
1 on the pig note
1 in the drawer
1 on the "walkthrough" note
1 in desk
1 in lasers in desk
1 in pink and yellow flowers
1 at very bottom left of page
1 on the blah note

I'm stuck now??

Nice work everyone! Sorry i wasn't much help on this one bu this series drives me bananas!

thanks a lot angela! i just needed help with that last one too!

thank you, angela. i'm out because of your hints.

hey im totally stuck, somone please help me, it says to click on the left floor board, well i tried, and it is not working..im at 25

im at 25 and im quitting, i cant find anymore =^(

Anyone here..playin'..keys,,this is all about keys and the craziest places to hide them..lol..i liked the last one they did ..soon find out if i like this one for the cursing and swearing ill do if i dont..:)

So far ive got..18 keys..how many are we supposed to find..?

Ugh...I have 28 keys but I haven't seen a "laser" yet. I've entered my password under the desk but the only thing that happened is the password turned bright green. Any tips???

30 keys total

OUT..wow that was a challenge...the 30th is the one i couldnt find..under bike poster.. i was sure i clicked that before..lol..

I'm out! Got to 25 keys before I needed help. Thanks guys!

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Thanks for the walkthroughs they came quite in handy. Any god you belive in be with you :-).

hey got out with 30 keys thanks angela for the location of last key

This comment has been removed by the author.


I must be missing something. Following all the walkthroughs, I can only find 29 keys. HELP!!

Alexxandra did the best walkthru for counting and left out the LEFT side flowers on the desk, so after many goes got out...

Thanks redroobar. Will try this game again. I love the "key" games, even though they drive me nuts

Is there an alt link? It's not working for me :(

i have 26 keys i cant break the board

Is anyone playing??

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Ok!!!! i need help i cant move the flowers to the blue dot!

when u find the drag able panel on the to-do list drag it over the top right hand corner of the blue wall and u will get "the password"

which is 5604.....
hope that helps <('_'<) (>'_')>

omg! 28..... aww whatever i quit =/

Ok, I can't get the panel on desk to move, where EXACTLY do I click?

i got 28, followed the instructions. ahhww.. pls help!

gahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ive got 29 keys and i cant find the last one even though ive looked through were everyone says theyve found them i still am missing one. *pulls hair out*


The password isn't the same in different games.

I got 29 keys and have followed the instructions.

Me too!!!I think u repeat one.I read it 1000 times and i dont found my LAST key i need!!When i try the first time,i got my 30th.But NOW,Just 29!Please help me!

I was got 30 atfer i click somewhere i dont remember,i was the 30th but i quit and i dont click door!That suck!But i complete because i was have 30 keys :P

the pass is 7433

Out again, still fun!


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