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Polleke's Garden Escape Walkthrough

Polleke's Garden Escape

Pollekes Garden Escape 2 WalkthroughPollekes Garden Escape is another brain teaser addictive and challenging point and click type escape game. You are now trying to escape from Polleke's Garden. Find and use items in the room to be able to escape from the garden. Good luck and have fun!

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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so far..key..glass..filled with water..opened chest..bike spoke..dog bone..

got shovel..part of a key..scissors..knife...logged into lap top..got password..anyone here yet..lol..

out!(i think i play this game before)
my record is 9min 49sec and 6 coins

what did u speak again..i cant find that...had to restart..damn..are u still there..lol

mercedes, you must play hangman game on the laptop and get the answer
put the answer on the "speak" (the t left top corner of the screen

oh thats right..hang man...here i restarted it cause i thought something was wrong with screen..my flash is messed up..soo...lol..funny..playing another at the same time..:)

How did you get the shovel?

Kovisa - You need to find the scissors to get to cut the rope holding the shovel.

Yay out in 8 mins :)

Can't find the scissors..... where is it?

Can't find the scissors. I only have first part of the key an glass with water.

nvm, got it from left chair with the knife

try cutting something up ..to find them..

Knife??? Where did you get the knife? I feel completely stupid.

u find the knife..did u open up chest yet.?..

and dont feel stupid..if u didnt play part one..well then this game would be unfamiliar to u...:)

This seems exactly like the first one, but then again. I don't remember it that well.

Out in 6m 31s!

I see the second part of the key in the pond, but i cannot reach it. how did you get it? I filled the glass, put it into the plant and got the first part. but know? i haven't got any idea. I noticed that the chairhides something, but this stupid second part of the key...

babel..look at the wheel of bike really closely..if u prefer out right answers..il give them..but ill try hint first..

sorry..meant batfish..lol.was looking at another name at the same time..


-Get the bent spoke from the back wheel of the bike.
-Note that there is a cracked tile in the lower right side of the floor.
-Go right and use the spoke to get the key in the pond.
-Crack in the fence.
-Go right twice and get the glass on the table.
-Use the key on the lockbox and get the bone.
-Note that the left chair "feels like paper".
-Put the bone in front of the doghouse to make the dog come out.
-Get the knife.
-Use the empty glass on the pond to fill it with water.
-Use the glass of water on the plant next to the doghouse.
-Get the part of a key.
-Use the knife on the chair that feels like paper.
-Get the hedge clippers.
-Use the hedge clippers on the chain that is holding the shovel up.
-Use the shovel on the crack in the tile to get the password.
-Use the password to log into the laptop.
-You will see 5 dots/6 dots on the screen. This is a game of Hangman.
-Begin typing letters to try and guess the words.
-When you complete game, "Speak" the words and you will get a hammer.
-Use hammer on crack in the fence to get part of a key.
-Combine both parts of the key to get a whole one.
-Use the key on the door and you're out!

It is pretty much exactly like the first one...:)..not sure why they would name it part II ..makes for no challenge at all.

How u doing there batfish?..

Ok, i am out.

Thank you, Mercedes!

u guys want for a cool game..try crime scene investigation ..its on here..is a hidden object game..but its made different than most..and u dont have to download it..really cool..i enjoyed it.


there it is..sorry its special investigations unit

out in 7 mins

Thanks Diana for your help. I would have never guessed the game was hangman.lol

I know this might sound like a daft question but what do you mean by SPEAK the words?

reddc, you can find the "speak" on the top left corner of the screen

       Anonymous  1/15/08, 12:09 AM  

I dont see a "speak" anywhere on the screen... Stuck!!

1 minute, 20 seconds!!!
you don't need to do everything. just find the two key parts, put them together and then you can leave.

Thanks shuchun escaped.

thanx diana 4 the help had trouble with this game lol.im new on this but i lik escapegames24.com it rocks

yay! i finished in 1 min 2 sec!!!


You don't even have to give the dog the bone. Just tell him what to do.

get glass, get water, feed, plant, get key, tell dog, get hammer, get key, match 2 together, and out.

Polleke’s Garden Escape:
This is my third walkthrough. So far, I've done the Daa games Grey Room Escape and Escape from Death Row, One of which isn't even worth playing (The latter).


[Note: I refuse to post the locations of coins. Soryy ;)]

Get the glass off the table, then go to the pond and fill it with water, then water the potted plant
to get half a key.
But where's the other half?
Clck around the bike wheels until you get a spoke.
Use it one the pond to get the little key outlined within.
USe the key one the desk chest and get a bone, use the bone on the dog house and take the knife from inside.
Use the knife on the chair on the left and get scissors, and use them to cut the chain of the shovel and take the shovel.
So far, we're getting somewhere.
Use the shovel on a TINY little crach neer the bike, and get the password to the computer (for me it was "goodluck")
type letters to make a word, and write down whichever ones work to avoid a "hangman".
The word is "Fetch Hammer".
Speak these words and obtain the hammer, which you must then use on a TINY crack in the wall, obtaining the other ahlf of the key. Put the key together and open the door.
You're done!
Be sure to check out other reviews by Johnny.

woop woop 5mins n 51 secs

i dont like it

my record is 51 seconds :P Go me all you really need to know is the computer password and where to get the other half of the key.

my record is 51 seconds :P Go me all you really need to know is the computer password and where to get the other half of the key


anyone here??

4 coins, 53 seconds I HACKIN' SWEAR

better guide
1 get cup from table by laptop
2 fill the cup w/ water
3 water plant get key fragment
4 tell the dog "fetch hammer" and dog brings hammer (good dog)
5 hit crak on fence get another key frag
6 combine key frags
7 clik fence w/ key and u r out!!!
beat 41 sec.
shuchun ur pic is cute and i found 5 coins

9 mins 15 secs :) to get hammer play hangman on computer then type in fetch hammer and click speak dog will fetch ha,,er pick up hammer and hit fence you will find in the fence the other part of the key put both parts together and unlock back gate yuu are free :)

Enjoy x

woop woop 4min 53sec...

i beat it 1 min 7 sec

for those who didnt understand "speak" like me get out of the lap top window n then on d the left handside u see an empty box where its written Speak" type "fetch hammer"

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