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Uncharm 12 Rupertcauns Walkthrough

Uncharm 12 Rupertcauns

12 Rupertcauns WalkthroughUncharm 12 Rupert cauns is a puzzle and point and click room escape type banner game created by 2keysGames for EscapeGames24. In Uncharm 12 Rubertcauns game, you try to enter 12 rooms and solve 12 puzzles in order to uncharm 12 Rupert cauns and collect 12 keys with some diamonds to escape catacombs. Good luck and have fun!

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Yeah, first at last

you can't play, the link doesn't work

the banner of the page Herma, although I'm not sure how to play it either I'm facing a board with lots of letters and I think I have to make a phrase out of it but i cant seem to go back.

nvm got it

anyone playing? I'm stuck on the number sequence room...5..14..etc

nvm I've worked it out

guess its different in everygame, mine is 2-10-11-20-??-??

got 5 keys now, skipped the number sequence... I'll go back after a few more doors.

anyone knows the solution to this its driving me nuts:


Help please Is there a way to reset the puzzle?????

@The Red Serpent, just click on entered numbers to reset puzzle;)


I meant to reset the whole thing coz it changes every time and I'm really stuck with this no logical solution applies.

my code was 1-13-13-25-??-??
numbers were 37 and 61. I took the difference of outside numbers + 1 to get middle number.
#2 = 13-1+1 = 13
#3 = 25-13+1 = 13
#4 = ??-13+1 = 25 ??=37
#5 = ??-25+1 = 37 ??=61

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thx drergo

I had a different sequence. Mine was 3, 13, 15, 27, ..., ...
my numbers were 41 and 67:



I really suck at the game with the snakes...

The scrolling for the sudoku game is horrible

can anybody please help me with the snake game, I'm getting really frustrated..

stuck on the snakes too :(

for the snakes never move the same color twice in a row and always created a space behind the snake you are moving

Anyone figure out the second number seq. 29-89-95-56-??-??

I'd like to know how to get out of a specific game, too. Right now I have the sequence 25-47-69-91-??-??. It looks like I just need to add 22, but that means the last two numbers should be 113 and 135, which doesn't work so well when you only have two boxes per number. Am I missing something about the sequence? It looks pretty straight forward.

please help me i am stuck on the word board at the beginning ya kno that phrase part. can someone please help me i dont get it.

Move the snakes in this order:3,4,5,3,2,1,4,5,6,3,2,1,5,6,1

hodja add 22

Two puzzle answers:

drergo thank you!!

any help on the starting points for the 3 green checkerboards?

tnx drergo!
I'm also trying to work out the second sequence now...any progress anybody?

Catbless - Thanks. My problem is that adding 22 creates two 3-digit numbers (113 and 135) and I only have two boxes for each answer.
:( I'm wondering if it's a problem with the game or if I need to do something else.

2nd sequence: it's adding reverse numbers.... for mine, added 13, then 31, then 13. BUT, there's NO number 100 (or 00), so when your total goes over 100, add 1 to your total, and use last two digits.
35, 48, 79, 92, ??, ?? = 24, 37

i, too, wonder have a prob poss

is it really a seven digit answer?

DrErgo - Taking the one from the front of the next number and adding it to the last digit did the trick (113 becomes 1+13=14). Thanks!

I'm missing the last key, I hate this puzzle with the circles

lily: try 41 and 07

help with both checkerboards: green circles and pawn placement

thanks for trying drergo but no joy I'm afraid. What was your thinking anyway - maybe it will give me an idea

as for the circles - I wish I had something clever to say but I just kept moving them. I got the centre line green first though

try this if you can't solve the chessboard puzzle:

DrErgo - I think the checkerboard with the pawns is the eight queens puzzle. The pieces are actually queens and you have to place eight of them on the board so that none of them shares a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line with one another. I'm still working on where to actually place the pieces.

thanks einkaldir!

just those dumb circles left...

did someone found a logic at the circles game?
sure it would help. i can't understand it.

First circle puzzle: start in 4th row, 4th column, and go left, up, left, and continue around board.

i only got 5 circles and 3 rows here...

Well I'm out, turned all the balls red in the circle puzzle, don't really know how ...

sorry, not circles for me - need help finding the path around the boards of green squares

drergo... If memory serves me.. (ugh) .. for the last one (I think) I started ..
second row, third from the bottom...went down.. to the right.. you should be ok from there.. is there a way to get out of the puzzle you are in before you complete it ? SSSSTUCK on the circles..

to exit (and come back later) you should be able to click on the sides or very bottom of the game window to get back to the main view.

Finally out of the circle thing I turned mine all green, not sure how either just alot of clicking. Still dont get my sequence

catbless - add 50, then 05: 78, 83

I don't think the green squares puzzles are the same for everyone, so it's hard to help you drergo.
Try to post your boards with this kind a format :
1 XX___
2 _____
3 _____
4 X____
5 X____

Middle board:

X _ _ _ _ X
_ _ _ _ _ _
_ _ _ _ X _
_ _ X _ _ _
_ _ _ _ _ _
_ _ _ _ _ _

Last board:

_ _ _ _ _ X X
_ _ _ X _ _ _
_ X _ _ _ _ _
_ _ _ X _ _ _
_ _ _ _ _ _ _
_ _ _ _ _ _ _

Thanks drergo joy!

Sorry Drergo, mines are different and it's not so easy to do it on paper (without even an eraser =( )

no worries - thanks for trying!

ok this is driving me crazy, i have done all the puzzles except the chess boards. i got the 8x8 board completed but the 9x9 is not working. i have 8 on it and cant find a spot for the ninth one could someone please help me.

einkaldir gave this link earlier:


any suggestion please?

cool new game..all great minds here first..so ppl like us can jump right in and steal your ideas..lol

just kidding..that doesnt make it fun.. for any to play.:D..can someone tell me if we can back out of puzzles..?

lol Mercedes but I have seen enough to know you are smart too

you can back out just by clicking near lower edge

nmd..i guess u have to finish them...to back out..

You can back out of all of them either click the bottom center of the window or to the far side

omg..that puzzle is evil..@#$% the one with circles and squares..

Am I the only one only seeing half the sudoku board at a time... makes for a difficult task

OMG! This is ridiculous, would be a lot easier if it actually told u the aim of each puzzle! can anyone tell me what im supposed to do with the green squares with the grey squares in it?!

YES..!! I finished it..man that sucked..took up way to much time..i hate puzzles like that..on to the next one in there..woo hoo..there's noone here to share my joy..:(..lol

LOL mercedes evil it is. Still on the first one. At least now I know it can be done :) JOY

I'm stuck on the one with the numbers: 96-62-19-84??1??. HELP!!!!

For the second sequence, switch the digits of the last number and substract a constant number;

For lily's sequence:

96 -> 69 -7 = 62
62 -> 26 -7 = 19
19 -> 91 -7 = 84

is this any help?

This comment has been removed by the author.

My sequence of numbers were

6 11 26 41 66




Not sure if that helps anyone..:)

77 - 74 - 44 - 41??1??
can anyone please help me with this one...

My snakes are NOT moving..any ideas..?

Marija..is there room for 3 digits..in your answers..?

96 -> 69 -7 = 62
62 -> 26 -7 = 19
19 -> 91 -7 = 84

doesn't work..
the first number should be
84 > 48 -7 = 41

but what's up with the 1 between the ??

I've tried 41 and 07 but it doesn't work. It's driving me crazy because I've been in the same place for like 3 hours!

the snakes jump over only one field or snake if there is free space in front of it...i don't know if this is clear enough :p


77 -> 77 -3 =74
74 -> 47 -3 =44
44 -> 44 -3 =41
41 -> 14 -3 =11
11 -> 11 -3 =8

This is stupid what do you do with the letters at the beginning?

No..the progression goes like this 77 - 74 - 44 - 41??1?? !!!!
I've been hitting my head against the wall for a loooooong time!
The last number is 4 million etc. - 7 digits....wierd

Reddc make a web addy...:)

it worked 4me, but I had a different sequence...

btw: don't refresh or you'll lose your progress (speaking from experience) #@$

ARe my snakes frozen..?????

They look like this..


AND niether will move..ive clicked like crazy..im assuming one has to jump..which one should i try to move..any ideas..really hoping i dont have to refresh the page..cause theres no fricken way im doing that suduko weird puzzle again.

if it's like you calculated then it should go like 77 - 74 - 44 -4111108! But it's not..:(

Mercedes, click below the game screen and go out of the snake puzzle and room, then enter again same room it refreshes puzzles;)

Thank you Yalcin..ill try that..:D

Marija. im gonna hurry up and see if i can help you ok..:)

okay... so the spinning circle thingy.. you just need to make all the balls the same color. ugh that took forever! i'm glad i'm finally done.

This comment has been removed by the author.

To solve the 9x9 chess problem, if you already did the 8x8 mirror that on the 9x9 and the last one will only be able to be placed in the square that solves it.

Is the object of this snake game..to make them all face th same way..? on one side..ive played these ones before..but just wondering if thas what it is..?


you must have 6 snakes and they should move like this

xxx yyy
xx xyyy
xxyx yy
xxyxy y
xxy yxy
x yxyxy
yx xyxy
yxyx xy
yxyxy x
yxy yxx
y yxyxx
yy xyxx
yyyx xx
yyy xxx

it's kind of long but i hope it helps:)


this probably is a bug, because the last number is a 1 digit answer and the maker didn't account for that. It explains why the dash is overwritten by a ? and part of the answer (1) is shown...

don't have any solution....

nvm..i know what to do..lol..yes ive done this one before..lol

since u can't enter dashes, maybe try 01 08 ?? (long shot)


i am talking about the last room on the top right

thanks Marija..that helps..:D

Mercede, the answer is posted above by drego at 9:54, giving up on the green circle square thing :(

Mercedes, in fact snake game is same as Frog Game we have played before;)


there may be really a bug in the game ....;( thanx anyway

The snakes are EVIL...lol.. i can't beleive im stuck on this...ive played this before..ahhha

yes that's right Yalcin..i have played this..funny stuff..:D

Sorry Mercedes what do you mean?

every time i try to follow sequence..theres something wrong with it..better try it anothe way...:)

what do u mean..Reddc..? not sure where ur at..

Oh i did it..i battled the snakes..yay...!!! im not looking forward to whatever puzzle Marija was on..eek..:D

what are the three 6x6 squares with lots of colours about?

I'm out!
The 9x9 chess game was hard.

Good morning gamers....what a doozy...did a few games thanks to the above...now trying the coloured squares like trixy??? Been away for a few days, so lots of games...

I'm stuck on puzzle with coloured squares..anyone know what i am supposed to do with them..like the object of the game? there are 3 across...?

T.I.A. to anyone who answers.:D

Hi Mercedes...good to say hello...still stinking hot over here!!

Hey Redroobar..nope..not feeling sorry for ya...im freaken freezing..haha..actually today it went up to 7 ..woohoo..a matter of time now..:D But i do not like it too hot..so ya..i feel a little sorry for you..:D...Lots of games eh..? Keep you busy for a bit..this one here is ugh..:)Have u done the one with looks like a weird soduko puzzle..? I have no idea what to do with these squares..?

Thats the trouble, the Europeans are in bed now, so we dont get any help!!! Playing with the green squares...got two, working on the last..

Mercedes - i suppose youre talking about the games with tree boards and colored pieces. The goal is to move the white piece all the way to the right side. Some pieces move only up-down, and others move left-right.

wait a minute..are u at the same place im at..with all the coloured squares..? there are 3 boxes 6x6 across..?

Mercedes its a slide game get the white piece all the way out on the right side of the board by moving everything around. I have to of the wicked green square circles done, JOY!

are they to be the only on the right side..all others are wherever..so only white on the right side of each square..? there can be no other colours there..?

never mind i get it..duh..lol this one won't be easy either no doubt..l

Think one board at the time.
First slide pieces in left board in a way som you are able to slide the white piece over to the second board.
Then the same procedure in middle board to slide the white pice over to the third board and so on...

Help Please on the chess problem
8x8 and the 9x9 board I don't understand
I have got so far I don't want to start all over.
Please Help me!!!

thank you catbless!!!

in chess game you have to place queens in a way they dont get in conflict with eachother. That means only one queen in each row, column and diagonal. 8 queens in 8x8 and 9 queens in 9x9.

Help! I can't get that last part of the slider game! the first 2 are easy, but I just CAN'T get the last one. I know those aren't easy to help with but... I'm pulling my hair out here!

nanyque, in the left down corner you have to bring the horizontal green and, on top of it, the violet and the brown...:-)

I'm understand working on it now!!

Yes the slider was hard...I worked at getting the top horizontal colour all the way to the left, by moving one piece from top to bottom..its probably different each game. Then it was free to make a passage across

Okay, I'm not seeing anything possible with the colors you gave me. This is the best way I could come up to show you what I have to start with

- - a a a b
- - c c d b
* * - - d e%
f g h i i e
f g h j k k
f l l j - -

** is the white piece and the % is where I'm going with it.

If this helps anyone help me, I'd appreciate it.

OMG..How long was i on that silly puzzle..I'm stubborn so of course ill stick with it till the end..but that ones done..yay..
I'm almost there Marija..hopefully I can help..looks pretty doubtful..but I'll try if these silly things give me a hard time..no telling of what that one will do..:)

Are u working on the puzzle with colours..nanyke..the one I was just on..?

yeah. the one like your standard, get the car out of the parking lot puzzles... for some reason, I can't get the 3rd one.

That, and having problems doing the circle color puzzle. I know what I have to do , just don't know how. lol

What I did was concentrate on the outer perimeter...move them..dont stop to look at the puzzle..i was doing that and it got me nowhere..in the end i just kept moving what would move then finally i was able to get the very last two blocking the way..if u try to hard to concentrate on the ones that are blocking the way...you;ll end up stuck..trust me just start moving like crazy.."D

hey i can send u an image of what it should look like..is your email here..?

I cant get the last green game thing... calling it a day!

nanyque at gmail.com

This comment has been removed by the author.

Frode told me about the chess game I understand it but It's still driving me crazy can't get all the queens on the board. :(

This comment has been removed by the author.

here's a website where you can find the answer: http://www.apl.jhu.edu/~hall/NQueens.html

Help with the queens...last thing and I want to cheat!!! At least give me a starting square???

Thank you Katia.....how many diamonds?

Oh found another door.....X*!--!!

omg now im on the circles..gave that coloured square thing a break..there are two of those puzzles in there..not a nice surprise..can someone tell me which square to start on...my board looks like this


the number signs are where the block are
please tell which square to start on...pleassssssssssse..thank you..:D

i figured that one out..on the second one now..looks harder..ugh..my brain is so tired..:(

Hi Mercedes...still around? Is this the circles with coloured balls? I started from the left and got them all red on that circle, if you press the blue/green ones they change the others, so work on one circle at a time

ok now they look like this and im even more tired..I've taken a couple of breaks..ate and still this is taking so long..lol..if anyone can help..would be appreciated thank you..:D


REally stuck on this one..:( not sure what ill do for thenext one..lol

no Red is the one with just green balls..follow like a maze..but im so tired now i cant think right..haha

Ah yes...just play from different positions, and see where they lead...well I did finish...it was a most difficult, but satisfying game. Didnt like the banner format, especially the sudoko game where you couldnt see the whole grid..but was an excellent challenge..

So, I only have one more room to go. Any ruling on how many diamonds there are?

5 diamonds...

Gahh that last green maze puzzle is driving me crazy! It's my last room too.

And I have 9 diamonds so far. I wonder if there is one in every room. I didn't really start looking for them until the 3rd or 4th one.

chess hint: In the 9x9 board I first copied the solution in the 8x8. Then I managed to find a solution where I kept 7 of the 8 queens from the 8xs8 solution.

Diamonds - I think there are twelve.

OMG..im so tired from this bannergame and i took a few hours break from it...im so burnt out that i damn near hit the diamond on the game link picture below ..it shiny..hah..i may need another break..im still on maze puzzle ..on the last one though..soo..see how long i last this time..:D

i`m really stuck whit this one, can somebody help me please??


sonneke, is it possible that there´s a typing mistake in the array?
3 15 17 31 47 77 would mean

nice little game.
I solve all by my self.
feels good :D

This comment has been removed by the author.

hi all, i have just started this game and ive done the word puzzle in door 1 (24 escapegames.com) and got a blue gem but i cant open any other door have i missed something?

don't forget you can scroll sideways as well as up and down..u should be able to open the door beside you..:)..then once u get keys u can open more..is from what i saw..after about 3 doors i was able to go into all of them..at first i couldnt either open up any other doors..

Can anyone figure out this sequence:

78 - 81 - 12 - 15 - ?? - ??

I have been trying different combinations for hours and its the last key for me.

Wrangler 90

reverse the figures and minus six

78 becomes 87-6=81
81 becomes 18 -6=12
and so on

Can someone help me figure this out...


did the last one by myself..but can't figure this one out..


Can't remember how i did it..haha..

it's reverse andminus five
73 is 37 -5=32
32 is 23-5=18

You rock Lily...thank you so much.

thanks Wrangler. I'm still stuck on the three green boards with the black squares and explorer is threatening to crash :( must be because I keep stopping to do the laundry lol

OH THANK YOU LILLY..!! thanks..was stuck on that..:D

OMG.. i got out of the green mazes!!..i left the room and had to start them all over again..which was really stupid..but i was thinking try another one..take a break from that one..lol..after taking forever to get to the third one..then to come back and have to start over again..I'm so out of there...yayyy....Noone is here to share my joy..awe..oh well im out..I think i have one more puzzle..?..Really hate this game..:D

hi Mercedes I've just come back to it myself - drat those green mazes - I just can't give up lol

Really wishing someone could help me with this last checkered puzzle..:(

is that the one with all the coloured sliding pieces?

       Anonymous  3/4/08, 10:41 AM  

If you are talking about the chess one go to this site. It has an application that solves both of them for you.


ah sorry Mercedes I'm still slow at translation - I know it as chess board. This puzzle is known as the Queen's puzzle and I see that various folk have put up a site name for it.

grr i stii cant get any door to open but the one i started in ive tried every door there is every which way i can go i think im gonna give up and accept defete

Lynnie..go to the door right next to the one u just completed..

AWE are u guys evere sweet answering me..no it was the coloured checkered puzzle and im finally out of there and working on the chess one...which is a joke compared to the last two..well to me..i found the maze hard..the green one and the coloured boxes..i know chess a bit so that wasnt bad at all..in and out..but those last two..uggggggggh

you have to complete one puzzle before u can go to any other door from what i gather..cause i tried the same thing ..and For the love of God..DON'T leave the one u are on u will lose all progress..omg that sucks..happened to me..lol..

I went to the door on the left of the one that first opened for me..:D

I only see 7 rows from top to bottom..for the weird A** suduko puzzle..is that all there is?..I'm hoping that the rest of it isn't hidden..just to add the torture..so now i've got to guess whats up there..??

Anyone..T.I.A.. for any who answer..thanks ..:D

Mercedes there is two more rows at the top of the stupid sudoko :( you have to touch the bottom of the frame and the top will show, sorry, I found out after working on it for a while. I am just about ready to rip out my hair on the last maze... grrr

Screams! when I went out of the maze thing and went back in it cleared the two I had complete :(

       Anonymous  3/4/08, 1:21 PM  

ok reallllly someone help me with the stupid green blocks. ive been stuck on this one for 2 days HELP PLEASE!!!

Oh catbless you missed my post..@12:28..that so sucks..i feel your pain..:( happened to me with the green maze things..

Hey..ive done all except suduko one and that doesnt look promising after all half the board is missing u can scroll up to see it but its hard..

What green blocks..do u mean the maze..?

If u can print screen and send to me i can help ok...my email is registered here..:D

       Anonymous  3/4/08, 1:40 PM  

the green blocks with the gray blocks in it. like wut r u suppose to do and how do u do it. this is my last room...ill help with anythin else just help me with this one

Its amaze...start clicking to get all of them highlighted without blocking yourself in..

you are creating the maze to get out..try tostart in the middle and work your way around the board..:D

its not easy..

Mercedes I asked what do you do with the letters at the beginning and you said make a web addy?

yes web addy is slang for address...

i think thats what u were speakin of right..the letters in the game in one of the rooms..?..:)

Oh my pain, I just clicked on the top to high up and well lets just say I am done with this game... no way am I starting over. Thanks Mercedes for offering to help, guess I was doomed in this one. Think I will go play a carple tunnel game LOL much easier :(

Alright..ate dinner and came back..finished the wierd soduko puzzle which is hard with having to scroll up with..woohoo...

On to the last puzzle which apparently is really hard..awe.
and now im scared..

Hi anyone I stink at the # sequences, had an unfortunate misshap and had to start the game all over with only one key left to get. Any help with 55-52-22-19.

OH IM OUT..!! theres nothing behind door with locks...all done..woohoo..

In my opinion any one who finished this...kudos..:D

This was time consuming and diffucult..pat your self on the back..!..:D

There are 11 diamonds..and 12 keys...There were only 11..i was sure i didn't miss a diamond..there was one room you couldnt get one out of i remember looking and not finding on it..:D

CONGRATS Mercedes!! I decided to be stubborn and try again LOL.

Thank you..! im working on ur numbers now...lilly helped me with mine..see if i can't help u with yours..:D

ok catbless

55=55 u reverse numbers..





then reverse you answer to that and u have both numbers..:D

Thank you Mercedes!! Got it thanks to you. I must be crazy to do the whole thing over but I have 7 keys so far so its not that bad LOL

Keep it up...! if u need help..with any others..i have printed screens to help..:D Goodluck!

       Anonymous  3/4/08, 4:25 PM  

I could really use some help with the red, green ,blue rotating circles. Are they looking for lines or circles grrrrr?! Any help on this one it's my last one.

arandellca, you want them to be all one color. I got it by doing a lot of clicking.

Thanks mercedes have a feeling I am going to get stuck last on the maze LOL.

The maze was diffucult..start in the middle..if u want i can email u a printed screen to help..?..it took me forever too..big time..

As for the circles..they all go one colour..start at the right..turn them all..i chose green..pay atttention to wich wheel is which ..then u will go to the left and u will be left with two to change..just keep clicking is all u can do..:(..but u will get it..!:D

       Anonymous  3/4/08, 4:37 PM  

This is going to drive me bonkers because there MUST be some sort of logic to the way these circles change colours.AHHHHH!!!!

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