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Uncharm 12 Rupertcauns Walkthrough

Uncharm 12 Rupertcauns

12 Rupertcauns WalkthroughUncharm 12 Rupert cauns is a puzzle and point and click room escape type banner game created by 2keysGames for EscapeGames24. In Uncharm 12 Rubertcauns game, you try to enter 12 rooms and solve 12 puzzles in order to uncharm 12 Rupert cauns and collect 12 keys with some diamonds to escape catacombs. Good luck and have fun!

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I noticed the circles do go from blue to green to pink, or however you want to make that order. I did all pink and only one circle of (with the four small colored circles) at a time clicking on mostly blue and green. Sorry hard to make any sense of that puzzle.

Almost all puzzles in there drove me crazy..I thought i would go postal on someone here..when i was doing that maze..lol.at one point i was so tired ..i damn near hit the diamond in the picture link below it..not thinking..just tired..it was shiny...wanted to click it.lol..I put all on ignore when i was doing that..you'll be dreaming of mazes and tetris no doubt tonight..The person who made these games did it to torture ppl like us who are stubborn and need to finish it..lol..

grrr i cant make the sudoku board come down so i can see the top its stuck at the stupid bottom & i'm nearly done grrr

You dont have to click on it..just put your mouse at the bottom of the sudoko board and it will scroll..:)

I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS TO YOUI ALL!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh good for you Chanago..! pat yourself on the back..it was hard..!time consuming..

Yes thanks to everyone who helped us get through it for sure..:D..Can't write a walkthrough for this one though..lol..would be ten pages long...Sit and stare at screen for hours and work out maze...Sit and stare and screen for another hour and work out silly slider puzzle..God..:D

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new day new eyes lol thought id try again and wow i gettin the hang of this i got 7 keys 7 gems im so proud lol, this green maze is a hair puller though did the first one thought that was it but low and behold theres another one lol, 2 down 1 more maze to go i have 2 strands of hair left so im good for a while :P

anyone help with this one 4-13-16-28-??-??

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4 13 16 28



16+28-1= 43

so on and so forth..:)


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with regards to the circles with red, green and blue colours:

I used the same technique of starting at the left and going 1 circle at a time just trying to get it all 1 colour (in my case, green)

Managed to do this by clicking randomly.

However with the last circle, I noticed that the beads turns green when they passed through the 2 middle green beads (I think I'm describing it right, I can't remember the picture much, anymore).

I get the feeling that this might be the logic behind it all, i.e. passing a bead past another, turns it that colour -- which means there may be some sort of dominant colour that takes preference over another.

Hope that gives some clues.


here are my colored blocks...the corresponding letters tell you which ones are connected. help me get the white blocks to the other end. going out won't reset it!!!!


:) Just finished. i realy like it and afraid to start again for more diamond :) good luck all

i'm so effin stumped! the upper left room and the lower left room. GEEZZ...i have 10 keys... i have 12 diamonds... i g.u.

I did it!!! Finally!

I managed to get all 12 crystals and keys. Use the right click - zoom in to find all the crystals but I don't suggest starting from the start just to get them because the end makes no difference.

Convert the characters in Sudoku to numbers based on how they come up when you click a blank box and it will go quicker.

Green maze one is evil and made my eyes hurt from working it out so long.

29 - 89 - 95 - 56 - ?? - ??

Reverse digits and subtract 3
29 is 92-3=89
89 is 98-3=95
95 is 59-3=56
56 is 65-3=62
62 is 26-3=23

Why is this game listed first again..? on home page..hmm

Grrrrrrrrrrr grumble rumble roar.........I am at the 9th or so key...second gray grid with colored squares on it and trying to move that damned white piece out...stuck in the middle .....grrrrrrrrrrrrr@this *(^^$*)$ game! sigh...Ok, done venting...I feel a bit better:)

Stuck in 3rd grid of gray grid w/ colored squares...not middle...sigh....does it really matter? lol

OMG! I AM OUT! HOLY MOLY! Once I gave my eyes a break from the green squares and making a path with them and changing them into those gray circles, I did those in about 3 minutes total! I guess the most logic to this game is simply take a break if/when you get stuck! Thanks so much for everyone's help! On to the next!

Wow I finally finished it after giving up many times. TY for all the help.

Good for you Tami!! Wasn't easy..let me tell u takes patience..:)

OMG!!! i finally finished this game...it took a few days but woohooo!!!

Has anyone figured out that number sequence with the number one in between?!? I was so desperate, that I started to guess the numbers... Please help!!!! My numbers are 54-39-87-72??1??. I tried the numbers 21 and 06, but Rupertcaun's still out cold...

I´m also stuck in the squares with the colored boxes, I just can´t get through the third part!

I'm still suscribed to this thread..cause i love readin when ppl get thru this game..;D

Reverse your numbers so they look like this. Your constant number is 6..because.45 which is the reverse 54 - 6 = 39 45-6=39


45-6= 39
93-6= 87
78-6= 72
27-6= 21
12-6= 6
6-6= 0

I believe this is how u do yours..so your next numbers would be 21 and 0 not 06 check it and let me know..:D

       Anonymous  3/19/08, 2:07 PM  

I need some help on the greenboards ... or at least hints about how to go solving them.

The middle one:


The last one:

I've been doing this one for quite some time now, but I can't solve the third part of the coloured squares puzzle... Is there anyone who can help me???

Is there a walkthrough for this game? It's driving me nuts for hours now....


There are printed screens you can look to for help with those puzzles..let me know if you need t hem

but no ...no walkthrough,impossible, everyone's puzzles were different.:)

Would be great Mercedes, just can't stand that I can't solve them. The green mazey things and the coloured squares are evil!!! If you have the time, mail the help to ladyfilth@hotmail.com.
Thank you so much :)

Can anybody help me with the green puzzle. trying now for ours and could not solve the last two. the order is:

and the second:

Thanx for your help

there are 12 diamonds, ive found them all.

Im stuck on the green buble maze anyone here to help?

If you are still here and need help..post what the poster above you did with O's and i can help that way..or you can email me and i can send you printed screens..:)

i dont need it anymore thanks though.. i gave up after i closed out of it by accidnet :(

I need help ....




there for your next numbers are 61 and 75

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how do you solve the one that looks like a chess board. what is the object of the game. someone please help me.

       Anonymous  7/8/08, 12:05 AM  

Wtf i cant even do the first one

can someone help on the 1rst puzzle. i CANT FIGURE IT OUT.

pllllllllzzzzzz help me

guys plz help me plzplzplzplzplzplzplzplzplzplzplzplzplzplzplzplzplzplz

one of the number games solution is next number - preview + 1

anyone playing>?

some help please.


i dont get it...

this is what i have got so far?
22-> 22-5=17
17-> 71-5=66
66-> 66-5=61
61-> 16-5-11
11-> 11-5=6

but it doesnt let me put 11106

so what do i do??

some help please.


i dont get it...

this is what i have got so far?
22-> 22-5=17
17-> 71-5=66
66-> 66-5=61
61-> 16-5-11
11-> 11-5=6

but it doesnt let me put 11106

so what do i do??

if anyone has aim at this moment and is on with the answer...can u hit me up at dawunnonlyladii plz thanx

Hi ladidd ..:D
I think all u have to input is the 11 and the 06...at least thats what i remember..

ok guys, for the room with the 3 green squares:

1st square with 5x5 blocks:
if blocks are numbered left to right up to down.
the gray area if block nº 5/10/12 and 23.
start in block nº15 to 25 , left to 24 , up to 4 left to 1,down to 20, right to 21, up to 16, right to 17, up to 8 and finish with 7

2nd squre with 6x6 blocks:
gray area is block 1/3/14/20/28/29.
strat in 26, right to 27, up to 3, left to 2, down to 8, left to 7, down to 31,right to 36, up to 6, left to 5, down to 23, left to 22, up to 10.

i´m stuk in square 3

I did it!!! All of them!!! There are many solutions of each puzle room. Good luck!!

9x9 Chess Queens problem:

please help i have 2-13-14-26-??-?? help

@tichinadinwiddie, I didn't play this game, but took a quick look at the comments. If I'm not mistaken, you need the next two numbers in the sequence?
Maybe you can try this:
Add the first two numbers, then subtract 1. That makes the next number. Continue like this with number 2 and 3, then number 3 and 4...
2+13 = 15-1 (14)
13+14 = 27-1 (26)
14+26 = 40-1 (39)
26+39 = 65-1 (64)

So, try 39 and 64 as your next numbers.

how do you do the snake thing

extreme puzzling - not my cup of tea

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