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Prove Your Logic Walkthrough

Prove Your Logic

Prove Your Logic AnswersProve Your Logic - You Think You're Smart? is a funny puzzle type logic game. In this puzzle game, you try to answer correctly to the 25 questions in order to complete the levels and finisg the game. Good luck and have fun!

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first stuck on 3

Answer to 3 - First

hmmm stuck on 11.......

Stuck on 7.....

stuck on 11 as well.. WTH?!

vanronk, which one is seven?


The one with the list of meat, vegetables etc. for the boat? He will die if.......


vanronk, what do all humans need? ppl bottle it. =P

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Many thanks Melissa

#11 is 999

stuck on level 5

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@ daniel kay...hint......What would you cast in the water if you needed it but take it out if you didn't


that's not the answer I used, does it work as well?

whats the answer to #5?

whats with the name C-man

do u no what that sounds like?

Got 5 now but bow stuck on 6 :P

I had never thought of it that way, my first name is Colin, my last is Man, hence...C-Man. Oh...the answer is net

Help on 12, tried 7 and 2.5.

cant figure out 12....tried 7 7.5 6 and can't figure it out, unless it is looking for highth and width as well

for 12....think as the books are stacked in backwards order

Answer to 12 is 3

Figured out 12, don't assume books are arranged right side up

have ne of u filled out ur profiles?

help please with 8??

help with 17

@amandella....which one is eight?

Help with 17 please

The old mathematician and the four numbers..... thank you - I'm SO stuck!!!

count the 'loops' in the number in question

Thank you!! so simple now I know...

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got 17, but not really sure why, lucky guess. (e)

what's the logic behind the months question (#10)?

Got 17 by working out the code! Could have just waited for your posting c-man...lol

how'd you work out the code?

how many fishes?????????????

First word uif. Just go back one letter and it becomes 'the'

Now completely stuck on 21....

finished......the questions get easier after #17. Later everyone.

Yey - done it!

the code is that each letter is one later in the alphabet - so the first line is
'the beginning of eternity'

Level 9, how many "F"s?

What's #21 again?

Restarted 3 times trying to 'guess' how many fish on 21!!!!


can someone help me with lvl 14?
the one with the father and the operation?
thanks in advance :)

@vanronk......Try 25

Thanks c-man, what a star!

@konstantina. Try mother


1) money
2) t (one, two, three etc)
3) first (it was not called the first world war until after the second one!)
4) 5 (letters in the word seven)
5) net
6) thursday
7) water
8) 2 (loops in the numbers)
9) 6 (most ppl miss the ones in of)
10) greogory!
11) 999
12) 3 (the first page of the first book is next to the second book, as is the last page of the third book)
13) 2 (the lions are dead!)
14) mother
15) maid (no mail on Sundays)
16) m (the number of appearances in the words)
17) e (the beginning of Eternity, the end of timE and spacE etc)
18) 13 (worst case scenario - one of each pair, then the next one HAS to match)
19) 28 (each day he climbs 1 ft, the last day he doesn't slide down - he's out!)
20) everest (just because it wasn't discovered...)
21) 25 (throw 1 = 24, take a third = 16, throw 1 = 15, take a third = 10, throw 1 = 9, take a third)
22) august
23) 8000 (the sum of each row is it's cube, 20 cubed = 8000)
24) 35 (various sizes!)
25) 59

OMG!! that was easy...once again i was overthinking!! thank you very much!!

What is the answer to 19 please....the snail one.....I only have 1 guess left.

"nothing" is also a rigth answer for the first question

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I don't need answers, but I do need explanations!

Why the answer #11 is 999?

nvm, I got it.

To explain question #11:

If there are 1000 pages and only one of them telling the truth; how many pages are lying?

999 pages are lying out of 1000 pages

Thus since page 999 follows the sequence, saying 999 pages are lying, it is telling the truth.

I got "anchor" for number 5. And "nothing" for number 1. But both answers work.

Hey is anyone here playing this now...not a huge fan of these..would need help i think..

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thought i would just write hints..not so much hints towards meaning..just general help in answer..i am bored ok..lol..:)

1. What is response when u look at first sentence.
2. Don't count on the alphabet
3. Everyone wants to be in this place.
4. How many L-----s are in that.
5. Some call it a safety.
6. Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Whatday,Thursday.
7. U should have this 8 times a day.
8. U have to count something in question?
9. Don't forget the little ones..u can miss them.
10. It's not October..lol
11. All of them are lying..but one.
12. All books are close to eachother..
13. One of the rooms..there lie the dead..
14. This is an old joke..most have two of them.
15. Its a day of rest..therefore nothing comes this day.
16. Again countsomething..
17. The beginning of Eternity,the end of timE and spacE..
18.Lucky number?
19.February has this many
20. Just because it wasn't discovered...
21. and the majic number is..2_
22.He defends the only one who has its own day.
23. Its a cubed?
24. There are more than 30, less than 40..so u are half way there.
25. Only one day less...

stuck on level 10 please help i will return the favor

stuck on level 10 please help me i will return the favor

Can u put the question if u are still here..

wich is the logical explication for 17 ?

They worded the first question wrong. That's why it gave me such a hard time. It should be:
"What's greater than God, worse than the Devil, the poor have, the rich don't need it, and if you eat it, you may die?" They accidently said "the poor don't have it."

on number 10
the question is his mother has 4 kids and their names are April, june, August...
what is the fourth kids name i have typed everything and can't get it will someone please help me..thank u

Amber, i think you should read the "story" linked to the question before actually asking something that obivous. You are visting the guy's house (whose name you know) and he tells you that HIS mother has 4 kids. You know the name of three other kids and I "wonder" if you can guess that the 4th name is the name of the person telling you that. /elitist mode off.

what i dont get is "boots" answer, that's how i got here at the first place. Answer is 13 which is incorrect since you only need to pull out 3 boots to make the pair.

Best case scenario is: You pull 2 boots and both are black/brown.

Worst case scenario: You pull 2 boots one is black, one is brown which means 3rd boot will make the pair because it is either black or brown.. and yet 3 is not an valid answer but it is 13...

ah nvm, stupid me, just thought about it... it is 13 since you can pull out 12 black/brown boots and all are either left or right.

on 5 it also goes "anchor"
and... i did not get the one with the eternity.. where do i take that from??

aha.. sorry - havent' read exactly what i should have... :D

To: Gfgf... Actually... The answer could be money or nothing... Your point is about right BUT! Do the poor really have nothing? They DO have something... Take in count their house...or clothes...or maybe their soul?

i've tried to put 3 as the answer for #12 but it wont take it

stock on #4

stock in # 15

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