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Sweet Valentine Escape Walkthrough

Sweet Valentine Escape

[REPLAY] Luca-C-House - Sweet Valentine Escape is another Japanese point and click room escape game developed by Luca C House. In this game, you try to search the around to find some useful things and solve puzzles in order to escape the room. Good luck and have fun!

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Sweet Valentine Walkthrough
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       Anonymous  2/8/08, 2:29 AM  

Waw, we get spoiled with so many new games over the last couple of days.

I was JUST thinking that, full.

       Anonymous  2/8/08, 2:42 AM  

I have a screw, a part of that small puzzle and you can take the ladder as well, but first i need to get the key from under the bed upstairs ( need something to grab it)

       Anonymous  2/8/08, 2:43 AM  

Hey Diana, long time no see.
Did you find anything else?

       Anonymous  2/8/08, 2:46 AM  

i found the 2nd. part of the puzzle

i have screw and a part too cant's seem to find anything else

Found the easy exit but I'm not going out that way.

Got all the puzzle pieces and the order in which to press the flowers on the bunny rabbit.

Got the wrapping paper too and ribbon.

i took the ladder but don't know what to do with it yet

put the ladder on the tv

Ladder on the TV.

Right now I'm stuck with:

-wrapped box of chocolates

How do you move the bed?

you can also put the ladder on the closet, there are some screws there

Ahh found a secret bunny panel in the wall upstairs.

Nvm. Moved the bed.

       Anonymous  2/8/08, 2:58 AM  

I´m getting worse escaping, i can´t find the screwdriver nor the wrapping paper

how do i move the bad?

Wow, secret rooms in the closet upstairs.

Oops, got the Normal End. Will try again for the Hard End. I have to find a cord for the iPod for that.

       Anonymous  2/8/08, 3:05 AM  

still haven´t found the screwdriver and the wrapping paper, anyone with a hint?

Screwdriver it out of the window upstairs. Wrapping paper in the closet upstairs.

Easy end is out of the window upstairs.

Normal end is out of one of the secret rooms in the closet (you take the suitcase and fly to meet your boyfriend).

Working on the code for the door for Hard End.

I think the cord or the clue to the code is in the bottom left cabinet of the locked shelves.

Stuck with the 2 screws, stopper, screwdriver, and ipod. How do you get into the closet/secret room?

I can't get key from upstairs window...says too high...

Oops accidentally clicked for the Easy End. Hehe...

That ending you just send the gift to your boyfriend but he doesnt' get it until the day after Valentine's Day.

You need a stepladder from the closet.

Bunny doll downstairs will give you a key for it.

       Anonymous  2/8/08, 3:17 AM  

Thans Merel, thanks Diana.
This game is big fun LOL

       Anonymous  2/8/08, 3:18 AM  

Tami, get the chair from the closet upstairs

Anyone upstairs with the speakers for the iPod and the coded door? I can't seem to figure it out or find a clue as to what the numbers are.

i have already finished it with three endings on another website in my country.

TY Diana...couldn't figure out where to use the numbers from the puzzle box!

did you find the white key for the cupboard?

Two things I can't figure out:

(1) What's the point of the button-like thingy behind the bunny panel upstairs?

(2) When you watch the video on the ipod, it shows a sequence of colors and shapes. What's it for?

       Anonymous  2/8/08, 3:23 AM  

My goodness you guys are fast, i´m still puzzling what to do with the screws and that thing from the top of cupboard, where do i use them?

You need to make a handle for the bunny panel upstairs.

No, shuchun. I'm stuck on the code for the door and the last locked cabinet. Help?

how do you get the key from the bunny doll?
i click the flowers for several times but nothing happens

You have to click them in the order that is given after you finish the bunny puzzel.

put the chair in front of the door where you go out with the normal ending
don't click the door but the upper wall to check the top of the door

and you will see the white key

You're a genius, shuchun! Thanks!

Stuck with the wrench and the suitcase. Still working on code.

my pleasure!

i think i use the wrench on the ladder

I'm out again! Sweet True End. But still didn't use the iPod.

My code for the door was "3210" but I don't know why.

I thought there were only 3 endinds but are there 4 because I didn't use the iPod or was its only use for the code for the box in the cabinet?

Yes, finally out! Code is 3210.

Never used the wrench though. Oh well.

you will get the code(3210) from iPod with music function (so you must find the cord for the iPod speaker

       Anonymous  2/8/08, 3:40 AM  

Great, i just managed to use the handle on the secret bunny and something moved( don´t know what though) and my computer turned off by itself.
I start all over to catch up but you guys are way too good and fast!!!!

You can do it full! I restarted 4 times to try to get all the endings. I'm doing it once more to see if I have to use this wrench and iPod.

       Anonymous  2/8/08, 3:43 AM  

As you start the game , the message says that some items will be left at each end, maybe that´s why the i-pod is not involved?

Wow, haha. I was lucky to just GUESS that code. The iPod gives you the code for the door so no guessing.

That was a cute game. I liked it. Just challenging enough but not so much that you want to give up.

Shuchun was right about using the wrench on the ladder. That's what gives you the cable for the iPod so you can listen for the code.

       Anonymous  2/8/08, 3:45 AM  

I know i can do it, but it takes me 1/2 hour to get where i was how do you manage to do it in only 4 minutes

anyone playing right now?

I'm playing, and ashamed to say: I'm stuck

sooooo stupid, I did not realize you can cut the lock on the window. I've been spending 20 minutes looking for a key...

first time sweet true end on my own!!! yah!

Hi, where can I find the wrench?

Can anyone help me find the wrench? and where do i use the stool

ok, so it isnt a stool, its a part of some kind, but still do not know what to do with it, nor can i find the secret panel upstairs, anyone playing??????

I'm playing and stuck, I can't find any exit but the easy one. I have the handle made. I cant find the last key of this secret exit in the closet. Help what am I doing wrong

Jena the secret compartment on the wall is one of the bunny shapes above where the actual bunny's bed is...if you look close its slightly off color...after that I'm stuck, I cant find a wrench or do anything

how do you make the handle

inshore, thanks, i cannot find the wrench either, or what to do with the latch on top the closet, do u need help with anything else?

you're going to think i'm stupid, what suitcase?????

1) the white key: top of the door next to the suitcase(put the stool on the door)and use the white key to the cupboard.finally you get the wrench
after you input the code on the box.
2) put the stool on the window on the second floor

do you have a handle for a secret bunny panel in the wall upstairs?

no, sorry i dont know how to make a handle

can i just ask where is the white key i rili have no idea where it is i entered the easy ending and that i dont know ending where she goes on a hot air baloon and the normal ending where she goes on the plane... is there anymore ending and WHERE IS THE WHITE KEY :O i'm getting so fulstrated :(

where do you get the stool???? pls help

How do you know what the code is to enter in the box you find in the cupboard that opens with the white key?

i am so confused, what door am i putting the stool on?? the one upstairs? and where is the suitcase?

where are the secret rooms I cant find them, I'm stuck with an Ipod, 2 screws, a metal thing from above cabinet, screw driver, gift and weird little red thing

jena - to make the handle, first open the stopper/bracket item. Add the pink plug-like object to the end. Add the pink screw. Use the screwdriver. Now put what you made on the opening in the bunny panel. Add the blue screw. Use the screwdriver. Turn the completed crank and that will open the secret door in the closet.

Wow, true end. phew. Thx shuchun for the help.

where do you get the stool????????????????????

and how do you open the thing on the ladder????


but then i cant put that thingy infront of the door??? do i nid to do somthing else to get the white key????

1st floor
1)a pink screw:behind the guitar
2)puzzle(1):put the ladder in front of the the tv and climb up you will see puzzle(1).
pink key:there is a hole behind the balloons
3)put the ladder on the to climb up to 2nd floor
4)a gold key: under the bed,click the key and then click the bed next to the wall to move the bed
5)a puzzle(2): on the bed
6)a puzzle(3): on the flower next to the bunny
go down to the 1st floor
7)make the puzzle to get a nipper and look at the number on the bunny puzzle
8) a black key:click the puzzle numbers on the pink bunny(flowers) in order
9) gold key to the cupboard to get a towel and pink key to the cupboard to get an iPod
2nd floor
10) a towel for the bunny
11) black key to the closet to get a wrapping paper and a step
12)put the step on the window and use the nipper to cut the key chain. open the window and go to the balcony and then you will find a screwdriver in the yellow flower

13)go back to 2nd floor and get a blue key and get the step back
1st floor
14)use the nipper on the connection metal to get a ribbon
15) use the wrapping paper and the ribbon to the present and click the present
16)you can choose the easy exit on the balcony to get an easy end.


yes i did but it seems like it wont let me put that thing on i wonder why???

thnkz merel i got it thnkz sooo much i was just being stupid LOL :P i played like 3 or 4 hours in here :P finally :D now i can sleep thnkz so much hope to c u on other escape games

       Anonymous  2/8/08, 9:01 AM  

wich chair i have to take and how do I come by window? if i click on it they tell me it's to high.
sorry for my bad english

17)use the blue key to the cupboard to get the a pink part something
18)put the ladder on the right to the cupboard. on the top of the cupboard you use the screwdriver to get a stopper and a long screw
19)combine the stopper and the pink part something together. put the pink screw on the pink part something. use screwdriver on the screw. you finally get a handle.
2nd floor
20) put the handle on the secret bunny panel(where is over the basket which bunny used to sleep)
and put the long screw on the panel. put the screwdriver on the long screw. click the handle.
21)click the closet again and you will see a ladder.click the ladder.
22)go down , and turn right. you see a suitcase and a door. click the suitcase.
23)if you click the door,you get a normal ending.(by airplane)
24)use the step on the door and click the rabbit face above the door and you will see a white key.
1st floor
25)wrench:use the white key to the cupboard and click the order (check the iPOD:menu,videos)
26)use the wrench on the ladder(at the right foot) you will get a cable for iPod
2nd floor
27)click the closet again,this time climb up.put the iPod on the stand.click the wall(between speaker and the ipod)and put the cable on the speaker.click the ipod again and listen to the music to get the code(3210)
28 put the code on the panel and click the hot air balloons . you see your boyfriend by hot air balloons.(sweet true end)


Anyone here..?

       Anonymous  2/8/08, 9:37 AM  

please anyone help,
witch chair i need take and were can i find the blue key???

sorry for my bad english

       Anonymous  2/8/08, 9:45 AM  

shuchun tnx for you walktrough
i found the screwdriver ;)

The makers of this game are very inventive...love the idea of just moving the bed to get the key...u dont need a long poking device or a big claw hand...or a stick..just move the bed..love that..lol..:)

       Anonymous  2/8/08, 9:51 AM  

shuchun sad:

put the long screw on the panel

i can't put the screw there :S
it opens and then i see a blue thing ( looks like a button or something )
i don't understand it i'm dutch so.. :)

       Anonymous  2/8/08, 9:53 AM  

ow i found

i had to put the handle first on it ;)

after you put the towel on the bunny ,you must leave the place for a moment(it's ok to go to the right scene or left scene.)and then come back again. you will see the blue key in the basket where the bunny slept.(the bunny has already gone)

Where do you do the three pieces of puzzle downstairs?

it's my bed time and have fun!

found it

       Anonymous  2/8/08, 10:00 AM  

i got it :D the hard escape :)
it was big fun, but had to seak :)

do I put the numbers from the bunny puzzle box on the bunny with the spinning flowers? I tried doing it according to the numbers but its not working,unless you push something else. I need the black key.

no u do it in order.

123456 like that on the flowers on the bunny u will get black key from his ear..

How do u get the pink key?? I need the ipod.

When I try to get the pink key it tells me that the balloons are too high. What am I doing wrong?

u need the ladder..to reach balloons..put it on tv

anyone here

anyone here

ya im here...how are u bashfog..need help..?

found a secret bunny door...

mercedes I need help. I put the bunny puzzle to geather. Now Im trying to put the numbers onto the bunnys with the flowers. Mu numbers are 3 4 1 6 5 2 by using the grid. But doesnt work how do you push the numbers. sorry so long

u should be able to just hit them in order..

1 2 3 4 5 6 make sure u click them to make noise..

1 is in right middle
2 is right hand side bottom
3 is top left
4 is top right
5 is bottom left
6 is middle right..

thats it..u will get key from his ear

1 is left middle..sorry..

IM FINALLY OUT.. with hard ending..u leave in an air balloon..that one was easier for me then the last one..gan-tan i think it was..ill be here for a bit if anyone needs help.:)

Thank you Mercedes/been at tht awhile.


-Go left and up the ladder to the loft.
-Get the puzzle piece (1) from the foot of the bed.
-Click under the bed and note that you can't reach the yellow key.
-Zoom back out and click the area between the wall and the bed. Pick up the yellow key.
-Go left (or right) twice and get the puzzle piece (2) from the flowers. Note that the bunny is cold.
-Go back down and click the ladder twice to put it in your inventory.
-Go left and move the guitar to get the pink screw.
-Use the yellow key on the top cabinet to get the towel.
-Go left again and place the ladder in front of the TV.
-Go up the ladder and get the puzzle piece (3).
-Click the balloons to move them and then click the circle panel in the wall. Get the pink key. Go down.
-Click the bunny puzzle and insert the 3 pieces to complete it. Get the nippers.
-Close the box cover and note the sequence of numbers on the bunny.
-Zoom out and use this sequence to press the bunny doll's flowers (sitting in the corner) in the correct order.
-Unzip his ear and get the closet key.
-Use the pink key on the 2nd cabinet from the top on the right side. Get the iPod.
-Replace the ladder to the loft upstairs and use the closet key on the closet. Get the step stool and the wrapping paper.
-Go left and place the blanket over the bunny.
-Place the step stool in front of the window and step up.
-Use the nippers to cut the lock, open the window, and go down the ladder. Easy Exit here.
-Click the flower pot on the left and get the screwdriver.
-Go back inside and get the blue key where the bunny was sleeping. (You can switch between views after you put the towel on him he'll be gone).
-Pick up the step stool and go back down. Pick up the ladder again.
-Go right and use the nippers on the clear box to get the ribbon.
-Use the wrapping paper on the white box and then the ribbon. Get the wrapped box of chocolates.
-Go left (or right) to the cabinets and use blue key on the middle left cabinet to get the pink part.
-Place the ladder on the right side of the cabinets and go up.
-Unscrew the blue screw and then get the stopper.
-Pick up the ladder and go back upstairs to the basket where the bunny was originally sleeping.
-View the stopper and use the pink part on it. Use the pink screw on them and then the screwdriver to tighten it. This is a handle.
-Click the bunny panel on the wall above the bunny's basket (faint yellow outline) and place the handle there. Use the blue screw and then the screwdriver to tighten it. Turn the handle and hear a noise.
-Open the closet door and go down.
-Normal End: Pick up the suitcase open the door and go out.
-To continue to Sweet True End, place the step stool in front of the closed door instead (click the door with the step stool selected) and get the white key.
-Go back up and out and then down to the cabinets. Grab the ladder.
-Use the white key on the lower left cabinet. Hmm, there's a code.
-Use your iPod to get the shape and color sequence for the lockbox. Get the wrench.
-View the ladder and use the wrench on the lower left leg. Get the iPod cable.
-Go back to the closet ladder upstairs. Go up it this time.
-Click behind the bunny speakers and insert the cable. Put in the iPod and click "music" and listen for the code 3210.
-Set the 4-digit on the right and the door opens.
-Go out the door for the Sweet True End.

Thanks, shuchun!

As you were going through the game, did anyone else get a sick feeling that we were going to have to count all the bunny heads, stars, and flowers.

I was cringing at the thought.. thank GOD that wasn't the case.. LOL.

Thats weird, i got the sweet true ending, and i didnt get a wrench, or a white key and i didnt need an ipod cord... random o.o

All 3 ending, nice game...

Except for this game, there have been no walkthroughs for the last 4 (5?) games. Are they getting too difficult for anyone to solve?

I love writing walkthroughs..but for the most part theyre always done..before i get a chance..:(..i think the time difference makes it so i can't get to it when u guys do..oh well..next time..:)

you write good walkthroughs too Boater..we've been really spoiled the last few days with escape games..loving it..:)

Very cute!

Is anyone else disappointed that the bunny "does not yet sleep"? Poor little bunny!!

What is the bunny doll code i am stuck at: ipod ladder screw and still doing the puzzle i can not find the last squares

thanks a LOT for that walkthrough Diana!

HELP! how do you open the bunny? how do you unzip his ear?????????

anyone playing???? well if you think this game is suuupppppppppeeeeerrrrrr dumb say


I Dont see a Door in the First floor WTf????

Nvm Thanks for the Walkthrough Diana It really Helped Sucks that I didnt Get the Wrench or the Ipod Oh well I never saw the easy Exit But I got so Pissed off when i took the Normal Exit on accident

I want to have more games like that, so cute! *_*

how do u make the handle??
i have pressed about item n the stopper but i dont understand how to make it!!
somebody help plz

i have found easy end

thanks diana for your walkthrough, but does anyone know how u put the stopper and the pink screw together ? plz help me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<3 xoxfuzzyy

how do you unzip the bunnys ear?

u have to hit flowers in order of paper that u have ..and click the ear..

what is the code to the box in the secret room in the closet?(the one /w/the shapes) thx!

I'm kinda new at this and I only got to do the easy ending, and I'm now trying to do the normal one... right now I have: an Ipod, screw, and a nipper... I put the blanket on the bunny I founnd both pink and yellow keys and used them, I found the chair and put it under the window and all of the other beginning stuff, how can you get the stopper and the screwdriver when I click on the left side of the flower pot near the window and it says do not touch... can somebody please help me?

How Do YOu Screw The Screw IN On The Secret Bunny THing?!??!?!??!?1?!??!?!?1?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?

hi! is somebody playing right now? i 've just found the easy end but i'm trying to find the other ones my problem is that I don't know how to make the handle i've tried to combine the screw, the pink thing and the screwdriver but i can't do it...so please if somebody knows how to do it...help me!! i'm going crazyyyy jeje

i dont know where is the screw diver????????????
can any1 help me

how do you combine things?

how do you combine things?

what is the correct order?
it looks like
3 | 4
1 | 6
5 | 2

       Anonymous  5/18/08, 7:48 AM  

Hey... what do you do with the wrench?? I'm stuck!!

       Anonymous  5/18/08, 7:48 AM  

what do you do with the wrench??

       Anonymous  5/18/08, 7:50 AM  

Anyone??? I need help... what do you do with the wrench

       Anonymous  5/18/08, 7:53 AM  

panini, you go in order with the numbers....like 1 would be first which is the left hand so 2 would be the right foot and you keep going....

HaHa I Beat It Bye Going Out The Easy Exit

Are able me help you alstublieft, I have a grip, a propeller, I-pod and a trap. I had two keys, yellow and pink, I have given the rabbit the towel. Above at the rabbit I have found strange klepje in the wall. I do not come further can someone me alsjeblieft help???

i cant figure out how to do the bunny and flowers thing HELP!

it was really nice one,, i solve it with the three endings :)

Help i dont understand the flowers in the corner of the bunny and the unzip the ear sumone please help me please !

i need some help im stuck on the teddy bunney thing how should you enter the numbers? plz help!

diana how do u combine the stopper and screw?

       Anonymous  12/25/08, 3:43 PM  

Can someone please tell me how I combine the pink thing and the stopper?

can sumone post a walkthrough pleeaase??

also how do u open the cupboard... i am stuck with:

an ipod and nippers

(after using the ladder, puzzle pieces, towel, yellow and pink keys)

i need help with combining the items...HELP!!!

very hard game every time i play it i need a walkthrough but now i finshed it thanks to Diana

i did it and it was fun

i did it the easy end the normel end and sweet end

anyone playing

Oh no im alone out here in the wind

I clicked the bunny toy's flowers in order and it didn't give me anything am i doing something wrong

       Anonymous  6/10/09, 12:54 PM  

Who Has A HOT AIR Balloon In Their Attic?! Hahahaha. It Was So Much Fun! Thanks For The Walks! ( )( )

How can i get into the closet upstairs?

in what order of the code do you need to press on the bunny?

i pressed the bunny in the order as 34
and i still cant get anything help someone

where do you get the wrapping paper?


The very first time I played it I got the Sweet true End. I wonder how I did that when I didn't even check out the walk through or hints before or while I played.

i have my code from the bunny but the bunny doll isnt working

please help

       Anonymous  8/6/09, 4:44 PM  

good game XD

ughhh idk how to play this game i barly have the ipod,pink screw,and ribbon can u guys help me?


omg can at least one person help me? i really need da help i will do anything for da person who helps me i really mean ANYTHING even sleepin with u jk

There's a Walkthrough posted at 8/2/08 22:32 for any help with the game you need.
And about the offer... you can keep it for yourself.

       Anonymous  8/4/10, 9:30 PM  

how do you make the handle?? I'm trying to put the blue and pink screws on and then tighten them, but it wont work

what is the sequnce for the flowers on the bunny?

Mercedes i did the right sequence and nothing happened! can someone tell me the order to hit them and where the key to the closet upstais is?

how do you combine things!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

okay the order you press the flower on the bunny is 1 2 3 4 5 6 you have to count all the way through 1-9

SHUCUN AND DIANA THANX FOR THE WALKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

       Anonymous  12/6/10, 12:25 AM  

where is the normal end and hard end?!

The spinning arrows point out the "easy & normal" endings.

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