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Wanpa Quest 5

Wanpa Quest 5 HelpWanpa Quest5 - Full Version is fifth episode of Wanpa Quest point-and-click room escape type game series. In this episode, you have to search the room to find some useful things in order to solve puzzles and escape the room. Good luck and have fun! [Subbed by Mercedes]

Update: It is Full now.

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Game says full version! Hi everyone!

I got outside and found a piece of paper its blank and I have the shovel ...

How'd you get the paper? I can't figure out how to stop the fan so that I can get in there.

Paper is behind the door, cant do anything else, anyone?

When you get to the other builing use your shovel to dig in the xmas tree to get another key but cant figure out where to use it yet.

oh ok. I had item selected and couldn't move the door. I hate these games where you have to keep switching back and forth.

Got box cutter (used), batteries (used), battery charger (used), little shovel (used), remote control (used), blue, yellow, white star (not used), candle (not used), half a piece of paper with part of a code on it (not used). A yellow key is under the bed but I can't get it.

What do you do with the paper you find outside, and how do you get into the building to the right of the first one you were in?

Where did ya get the box cutter?

Theres a key under the far right potted flower.

What Xmas tree? I can only get to a tree next to a well

hey.. first time here..

does anybody knows how you get the yellow key underneath the bed?

The xmas tree is inside the second building, the key for that building is under the far right potted flower.

have the same question as smurfete..what xmas tree? :)

And no I havent figured out how to get the yellow key under the bed.

tnx ruff..but i cant get the key under the flower

me neither :/ how do you get the key?

ok i founf the xmas tree its in the room next to the "post" box use the key from under tyhe flower pot (middle one) i cant get key either GARY i have crowbar but i cant find the paper with code on it i have blank paper

i cant get the key from the far right potted flower

Me either. I was convinced nothing was there b/c nothing seemed to work.

Ahh, the power of posting. Got it. Pixel hunting

i used the crow bar to get the rod

click a couple of times on the bottom of middle flower pot.
care, however, that the cube search has been selected

If you turn off the lights in the second room you can put the blank paper on the window, but not sure what else to do with it.

i stopped the fan but i cant reach the paper

andrew.. you have to shut the curtains.. then you will see the figurs of the blue box from the first room in the right order

To get key under bed you need handle(in drawer i think)and pole(in tall cabnet) combined. To get code for blue box in other room. Put paper found behind door when leaving on window in other room, close curtins and turn off light.

If anyone knows how to stop fan that would be great.

any1 figured out the 'morse code' thingy on the wall?

Where is the yellow star?

the blue key goes in the first building..but still cant get the yellow one..also those code lines on the paper are all ready making me sweat..:)

Used screw driver on morse code thing and there is an empty black hole in wall.

grace.. the yellow star is on the x-mas tree

i'm stuck.. how do you get the yellow key and the van to stop?

ok i got the yellow key under the bed then got a picture then the phone rang a VERY long converstaion (which i couldnt read) and the little man was sad and shocked then happy then the words punch and fire came on the screen

I keep forgetting to switch from "Search" to "Item".

How can you open the tall cabinet?

whoeva has finished the game can u plz give us some hints.

still confused about the diary and the batterys..witch are suposed to be full..

AMANDA with crowbar found behind the bookcase

I still havnt found the white star
i got the paper from the fan i have a pciture 2 stars blue yellow a candle i havent used anyone got anyhting else?

thank you Lucina for yellow star location I feel stupid, right in plain sight. Has anybody else earned the punch ability. You get it from mirrow using small yellow remote then messing with thing on shelf with all the legs.

Open and close the shades repeatedly for the white star.

how do u get the handle???

How do you stop the fan? Got the screw driver to open it but cant stop it....

SHADE what diary? there is a battery charger and you can take the batterys out of the control put them in the charger plug them in behing the tv then use the remote to shut off fan

I don't know about the diary, but I used the blue key in the drawer in the first room to find a battery recharger. You can plug that in if you click just to the left of the tv stand. Then put the battaries back in the remote and use the remote on the thing that looks like an air conditioner. That'll turn off the ac and stop the fan outside!

any1 no how to stop fan

im stuck

..the batterys were full..but i forgoten to click item..and they didnt go in :D

the diary..second building..bookcase..the last shelf..the first book on the left..

Thanks for the punch hint you can punch the tree next to the well and get another piece of paper with the code i have 3 pieces now 1 from fan 1 from man with punch and 1 from tree

White star falls from blinds when opening and closing them.

Smurfet, I didn't anything from phone just a conversation that i had no clue about, and got no fire. Did punch tree in back and got another piece of paper.

im stuck i cant plug the battery charger in

what is wrong

how do u open tall cabinet???

i didnt get the ablity to have fire from the phone i just read the words i still dont have fire ablity =( anyone use the candle yet or do anything with the warter or the black box from the 1st room

In my frustration/stuckness I started punching everything ... punching the tv reveals seemingly random letters

mp114705 you need to have batterys in it and if you plugged it in once then you cant plug it in again once they are charged plug is behing tv in 2nd room click item to plug it in too

oh no!wrong episode

so now i we got three stars..but still cant get the damn yellow key..i konw i have to put two things together..a stick..and something else..but dont know what..and whats up with the candle?

smurfet thankyou but the batteries wont go into the charger

any ideas

how do u get the punch ability?

can anyone explain to me how i get the yellow key underneath the bed? i still dont get it.

How do I get the handle to get the yellow key?

Where is the handle? Also, I tried the remote on the mirror and then played with the thing that has all the legs, and I still can't get punching power!

Ah, found a red star too.

red star - left from door in third location

mp, make sure you have the "Item" box selected when you're trying to put the batteries in the charger. Maybe?

nvm forgot to hit item button

DIANA where is the red star
RUFF and GEMESIS the handle is in the "oranges" box in 1st room used box cutter then combine with rod from cabinet

3rd room????

In the 2nd building.

When you have a view of the bed and the door, click to the left of the door and that's where the red star is.

now what do i do with the remote

already charged batteries and put them into it but nothing seems to work

any idea's what tv message - pubgm means?

It doesn't need to look like it's on, mp. Just use it on the AC unit over the bed and voila! Fan's turned off.

thank you diana

MP you have to click on the aircoditioning above the bed while you have the romote on item

ok, after i used yellow key on desk and got picture with ink blob on it, it seems like im locked in that room?


how does it go on? don't have any clue.. got the piece of paper and now i'm stuck..

i still cant get the handle thingy???i cut the orange box got the orange handle thing but wat cabinet and wat do i use it on???

thx smurfet

Phone's ringing, mp. Better answer it.

MP do you have your sound on after you get the picture the phone rings answer it


You open the tall cabinet in the 2nd building with the crowbar (found behind the bookcase on the right side).

Hey guys..! jumping right in.

they changed the word verification thing..here..now u can hear it..

vchan24 there is a crowbar behind the bookcase use it to open the cabinet and get the rod combine rod and handle to get key under bed

thx all gtg and GOOD LUCK

Hey Diana!

Welcome, mercedes!

thank you smurfet!

what about the tree? and the blue thing besides it?

Blue thing is a well. I haven't gotten anything out of it (yet?).

Once you get the "Punch" ability, you can punch the tree.

how do u get the punching ability ???i dont get it

Ok! How do i get it? Oo

Hmmm, well, I'm stuck.

I have 4 stars, a locked diary, 3 scraps of paper (need a 4th), an unlit candle, and a photograph.

You search the funny robot thing on the shelf in the first room. Punch him and get a slip of paper.

diana im right there with you

Same here Diana ... it looks like I should be able to get another ability besides punching. I think a long time ago some one said something about fire??

That would certainly help this candle situation

Matthias - you mean christmas tree? how do i get besides it?

I found the picture and answered the phone and it said..

something something something PUNCH FIRE.

Then..nothing! I don't get anything, no abilities, nothing.

Yeah, I'm trying to figure out how to get fire. I'm sure once we get it, we can light the candle, and look at the dark hole in the wall.

asik, if you go outside and click as far right as the arrows will take you, then click the grass toward the top of the screen, you'll find what hes talking about

i gtg peeps.my bedtime now :(
dis game is really loooooong.i'll try it again 2morow and im sure some1 will hav gotten a walkthrough by then.cya

Check the robot in the first room.

not crazy about using this button "item to use stuff...its a little annoying..

Where are the batteries!? The battery charger won't plug in unless the batteries are in there!

thx amanda, got it :)

Do you know what the PUBGM means on the TV?

thank you!

Now i'm also looking for the fire thing..

batteries are in the AC remote.

The 4th peice of paper is under the rigght leg of the table infront of the sofa below the window

now i've got all four pieces od paper, but still don't know what to do with this code.

Ahhh, thank you thekiss!

use the phone again!


klick on the down left leg of the table near the first door, you will get fire! :D

Dose anyone know how to open the stupid Diary? Im stuck and fully frustrated. Have three pieces of paper four stars and letters off tv no clue what to do. About ready to give up.

got a 3 stars..batteries..batterie charger.. ..remote..box cutter..paper shovel..

Yay fire!!!

Oh, you already figured fire out. Hehe...

and im on FIRE :D


now use fire on the thing left of the tree, the water will go away and you will get the last star!

DIANA AND MATTHIS do i need to click search punch or item for fire i have been clicking table i cant seem to get it

got five stars :D

Where is the candle? (yes I'm way behind...lol)

Click search for the table legs.

Is in the present by the Christmas tree. Use the box cutter.

Fire doesn't work on the Christmas tree or tree outside FYI. Don't want you to waste your fire.

light candle in dark hole, get new key .. muhahahaha (so exciting lol)

the candle is in the gift..use box cutter

we need the correct order of the stars.. maybe it's in the diary... but.. how to open it?

it appears I need to put the stars on the box in a certain order?

Diana, don't use fire on tree, use right on well.

the table outside next to the first door with the "in" sign above it? or inside with the 2 tables ontop of each other i have tired both any ideas what i could be doing wrong or maybe something i have to do first?

I think it has to do with the code on the TV?

ruff in the box near the xmas tree

Yes thank you got fire used on candle and on well got key, box from bottom drawer and last star. Just need the order i think.

smurfett- table outside "in" door, click towards the bottom of the left leg. I should zoom you in so you see something that looks like a chili pepper, click that

1. Where are all the pieces of paper? I don't know which one I'm missing.
2.Which table? I've clicked every table leg in existence..nothing.
3. I only have two stars. Blue and red.

Table OUTSIDE, smurfet.

Just keep trying.

maybe you have to get all 4 pieces of paper.. than go to the phone.. it will dial.. then go outside on the first door.. their's a table.. klick on the "downest" point of the front leg..
sorry for my bad english :D

red,yellow, blue, purple, white

try this..

diana- I had the same idea, but what could the letters other than p(urple) and b(lue) be?

Found the yellow star..I think I need another one. Can anyone answer my other two questions?

Get the white star by opening and closing the shades repeatedly.

Find letters from TV in words in game (M in mirror, U in out and so on), each letter is in different color. It gives you a order for star.

THANK YOU MATTHIS yes i had to do the phone thing 1st

Clear!! :)

ummm .. unopenable bottle of white rectangles?

Any diary luck?

How do you get the box from the bottom drawer?

4 pieces of paper:

-Outside in fan
-Inside the robot on the shelf
-Punch the tree outside
-In the back right leg of the table in front of the couch.

put the paper on window...

yay asik! ty! Out :D

Key to open diary is in box with star code.

I'm missing the third piece of paper. It's important, I think..

how do you get the box with the star code?

Can't seem to open the bottle of pills.

loes - when you light the candle with fire you put it in the hole in wall in 2nd room, there is key to bottom drawer.

I am sorry, but where is the hole in the wall?

loes- use screwdriver on that whiteboard thing next to tv

Hey people where is this purple star?

Thanks, got it!!

I am assuming the key to the diary is in the bottle of pills? How do you open the bottle?

yeey i'm out to.. finally.. but i'm going.. bye everyone

Hey tosca,
I believe the purple star is in the well next to the tree outside. Use your FIRE.

Am I dense for not being able to open this bottle? Are you even supposed to open it? Is it childproof?! Haha...

Haven't figured out what to do with the pills yet. Please help!

Also discovered that the "configure" button lets you "lock" your options, so you don't have to keep clicking "item" "Fire" or "Punch" everytime you want to use them. LOL

hahaha ... I cant open it either Diana, apparently it isn't flammable haha

THX Diana. Pitty Full is not here to peep

Yup, figured that out too, vk. But too late haha...

how do u get fire..can;t get it..

My pleasure, tosca :)

Ok, my brain has stopped working. Must...get...out...

diana..try with the stars..they can be taken out ;)

can;t get tv working either..what am i doing wrong here..

I believe you need to have all 4 pieces of paper. Then use the phone. You can find a "fire" item under the table leg outside.

Ahh, that damn SEARCH and ITEM button keeps messing me up! Haha...that's why I couldn't get the stars out. Oh, the humanity.

Took the stars back out of the box. Still can't open the pill bottle. Please just tell me what to do so I can get on with my life! LOLOLOL!

I've been playing along, pretty much at the same pace as you, Diana, all along, but am so stumped now that I had to comment! I can't open the 'pills', nor can I see the front of the box again to get to the stars...no matter whether I click on it with 'search' or 'item'...please help!

gemesis23 - key for the diary is in the box with star code. To open it you need letters from tv, letters from words that you can find in this game and 5 stars.

I'm an idiot and that took WAY too long. Thanks sooo much everyone!

Worst birthday ever. Haha!

the table outside..i cant get anything from under it all...:( ive been trying..finally found the crow bar..still havent got punch..found the diary finally..

been clickin.....ahh

div - when looking at the box, you can click a little yellow down arrow, takes you back to the front

anybody want to explain how to open the pills? please?

cant find screw driver for fan..where is it at...ahh

keep getting distracted and fell behind here...:(

Thanks Amanda :o) Ok, so we've got the stars, now what?? Still an unopenable bottle of pills! This game is taking far too long!

You don't need to open the pills. I found that out the hard way. Haha...

Think of these words you found throughout the game and the color they were written in:

Mirror - Blue
Post - White
Orange - Red
Out - Purple
Banana - Yellow

Given the code PUBGM:
P, found in Post - White
U, found in Out - Purple
B, found in Banana - Yellow
G, found in Orange - Red
M, found in Mirror - Blue

Place the stars in this color order in the box. Voila, a key!

I know .. I wish people wouldn't leave without hinting, arg.

I think the screwdriver is in the blue box in the first room. The code for the lock is found by placing a paper found behind red door on the window in the other house and turning off the lights .. and closing the blinds lol

Thank you, Azik. I used the stars and got the box open but, the problem I am having is opening the pill bottle.

Jesus... I thought the original code (started with red) was the sign/letter/color code. Finally out.

Last code is white purple yellow red blue.

P from Post is white..U from Out.. purple..B from Banana..yellow..and so one..so the colors u re looking for are:

im off to bed :D

good luck to everybody else

this is a real pixel fest..finally got pipe after clickinglike crazy...HATE the item seach thingy

table leg outside door..how do i get paper..out of it..

where is screwdriver...ahhhhh

Thanks, Diana!!!

Those pills were misleading lol

The blahblah at the end of the game takes almost as long as the game itself. *headdesk*

Guh! Thanks Diana...you are always a help :o) Was that the mother in law on the phone at the end? ;o)

I thought for some time it was Your Birthday, Diana. I almost congratulated you.

THANK YOU AMANDA..!! for got all about the first house..and that stupid coded thing..lol..on to get paper now

still cant get it from under table outside though..its the one right outside door??

do i have to have something selected to get it..?



Hehe, you'll know what I mean by birthday when you finish the game ;)

To get FIRE, make sure you have all 4 pieces of paper and make a phone call. You should see "FIRE" somewhere in the text. Then you should be able to got to the table outside, click the front leg and get the "fire" type object.

Dare I hazard a walkthrough?

Go for it and celebrity will be yours forever Diana

finally got the phone to ring..didnt have sound on loud..didn tknow where it was coming from..lol

got all stars now..still look for i think one peice of paper..but everyone is gone now..:(

I'm here. Though I don't know why. I posted earlier on the locations of the papers. Can't remember them off the top of my head.

how do i get the tv to work..is it supposed too..

oh and found all papers ..still cant get fire..but i think i need to do something paper first to get fire..notsure what todo with it..

i think i need tv to work first off..

Maybe make a phone call, merc?

yay..i have fire..had to make a phone call..


hey where is purple star...i need one more star..

Use your FIRE on something that could essentially put it out.

WOW...out, but what the hell was with ALL THAT DIALOGUE??? THAT took forever! And the ending wasn't worth waiting for. Way too long and hard of a game for that kind of ending. Not impressed. Thanks all for the help.

Walkthrough: (Remember to toggle between “Search” and “Item” when using items).

-Click the trash. Get the spade.
-Click the mirror. Click the word at the bottom corner. Click ”M”. Note that it is written in blue.
-Click the ”E” in the word “Orange”. Note that it is written in red.
-Go back and click the sign above the door. Click the ”T”. Note that it is written in purple.
-Now you can actually use the items you have.
-Use the key on the door and go out. Close the door and get the blank poster from the wall.
-Click the bottom right of the middle flower pot and get the door key. Use the key to go inside.
-Click to the left side of the door and get the red star.
-Go right, click the garbage can and get the blue star.
-Click the top drawer of the desk and get the box cutter.
-Get the diary from the bottom left of the bookshelf.
-Click to the right of the bookshelf and get the crow bar.
-Go right and use the crow bar on the tall cabinet. Get the metal rod.
-Open the TV cabinet and get the A/C remote.
-Go right and click the Christmas tree. Use the spade on the dirt and get the blue key.
-Get the yellow star from the top of the Christmas tree.
-Use the box cutter on the present and get the candle.
-Click the back right leg of the coffee table and get the piece of paper 1.
-Open and close the shades repeatedly until the white star falls.
-Place the blank poster on the window and close the shades.
-Go right, turn off the light, and go back left again. Note the order of symbols on the shade.
-Go right, turn on the light, go outside and back into the first building.
-Use the blue key on the drawer and get the battery charger.
-Click the Banana box and use the box cutter on the Orange box under it. Get the handle.
-Enter in the symbol code from the window shades into the blue box on the shelf. Get the screwdriver.
-Go back outside and into the second building. Combine the handle to the metal rod. Use this under the bed and get the yellow key.
-Go right and use the yellow key on the second desk drawer. Get the photograph.
-The phone is ringing so go to the right and answer it. Note that the conversation refers to “Punch” and “Fire”.
-View the A/C remote and click it over. Get the batteries.
-Insert the batteries into the battery charger. Click to the left of the TV and insert the battery charger. Then remove it.
-Place the batteries back into the remote and use the remote in the A/C unit over the bed.
-Go outside and to the right. Use the screwdriver and get the piece of paper 4.
-Go back into the first building and search the robot item on the top shelf. You’ve learned the PUNCH action.
-He will break. Get the piece of paper 2.
-Go back outside and all the way to the right. Click the pathway to the right of the fan.
-Punch the tree and get the piece of paper 3. Note the well.
-Go back into the second building and make a phone call.
-Turn the TV on and then punch the TV and note the code PUBGM.
-Go outside and to the left. Click the front leg of the table and get the chili pepper. Now you’ve got FIRE.
-Go back into the second building and to the TV. Click the bulletin board and use the screwdriver to take it down.
-Use FIRE on the candle to light the dark hole. Get the desk key.
-Go left and use the desk key on the bottom drawer of the desk. Get the star box.
-Go back outside to the well. Use FIRE on the well and get the purple star.
-Your star box has 5 star slots and you should now have 5 stars.
-Place the stars in this following color order: Red, Yellow, Blue, Purple, White. Get the bottle of pills. (Thanks shade! I have no idea why this is haha…)
-Remove the stars.
-Now think of these words you found throughout the game and the color they were written in:

Mirror - Blue
Post - White
Orange - Red
Out - Purple
Banana - Yellow

Given the code PUBGM:
P, found in Post - White
U, found in Out - Purple
B, found in Banana - Yellow
G, found in Orange - Red
M, found in Mirror - Blue

Place the stars in this color order in the box: White, Purple, Yellow, Red, Blue
-Get the diary key and the birthday card.
-Use the diary key on the diary.
-Click through the (LONG) dialog. Happy Birthday and You’re out!

Thank you SOOOOO much for everyone with all the hints and tips and straight up answers! I defintely did NOT do this on my own.

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