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Concertalino - Music Room Walkthrough

Concertalino - Music Room

[REPLAY] DooDoo - Concertalino: Music Room Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Doo Doo. In this game, you should be the musician to solve all puzzles and escape the room. Search around to find items and use them to solve puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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Anyone else playing, I'm finding it hard to find and pick anything up.

Power of posting I guess, I've got a few items now.

woo ur not alone. is it good.

I've got a record which doesn't seem to play anything but static, some scissors, a screwdriver (used), a book with some keys and musical notes, a grey thing, an ink holder, and 3/12 items. Now I'm stuck.

first at last

I think I'm stuck

I spilled the ink on the painting above the record player

Got vinyl, scissors, book, five cards, screwdriver and bottle of ink.
I'm afraid it's thre wrong game for me, music isn't my forte.

do u kno wat to do with the mirror in the birds cage ?

I just sharpened my scissors on a gray thing I found on the desk, bit late as I've already cut the cushion.

I've came across the piano password, got some hints to cut the carpet in a certain place, someone sneezes when i try to undust the painting... But i'm stuck and i don't even know what i'd still need...

Gah..Piano. I'm a flute player!! Gah!

Maybe I can get my brother to translate the notes for me later..if we need them.

The records that don't play static play a fine selection of orchestral music, though! :D

cut flowers from window, place in vase on shelf

Thanks for the tip about the carpet, got 7 cards now.

OKay, no fooling around, Hoshi.

Screwdriver-Under the elegant couch
Flower-Use the scissors on the plant in the window
2 papers-One is in the same window as the plant
Book-Search the bookshelf

im stuck

wie ist das pw für Klavier?
habe 6/12,schraubenzieher,schere Tintenfaß und stück mettall oder so.Musik auf spieler klingt auch schön,aber wie kommt mann an das im schrank?

cant seem to put ink or painting nor cut the carpet .. help ?

kann die blumen nicht abschneiden auf fenster,wie geht das denn?

Have you got the right ink pot ash? You need to move the feather to the other pot then take the one that had the feather in it.

one cannot help please with that flowers in fenster?bekomme it cut off

ahhh. im a silly one. thnks kerry. still cant cut carpet though ?

I cut the carpet inbetween the big plant and the picture.

I don't seem to be able to plug in the record player. Maybe I need to do something else first?

flowers got, the long is a wetzstein, that shears sharply make however in the cabinet the kreige I nevertheless not, hmm and code at the piano find I also not

what is the pianos secret code thing ?


your need anouther plug thing for it. like an adapter thing .. if u kno wat i mean i forget where u find it sorry but um its little and silverish looking

don't get despite piece carpet the picture cleanly, must thereby only sneeze,wo get I water to to deseam ago?

hello everyone

Thanks || x ash x ||, it was driving me mad!

hello kenny =]

your welcome caroids.

anyone wanna tell me how to do the piano thing ?

to clean the picture, cover the bird's cage with the piece of curtain, than clean the picture using the watered piece of carpet

does picture have cleanly, but code piano is missing and in the cabinet is missing still and which amcht man still with the picture, beside standuhr?

it's Tchaikovsky

and i have a code from piano/paper - it is probably 31115, but no idea where to put it in

how do u get curtain in first place ?

How do you get a piece of the curtain?

How do you get peace of carpet? I cut carpet and get piece of paper, but not piece of carpet. How can I clean picture?

Marita: du kannst mir auf deutsch antworten, dein englisch ist noch gruseliger als meins ;-) *ggg*

You need to either click or cut the carpet again to get a piece. Still can't figure out curtain.

use scissors on the down-left corner of the clean-now picture - u are supposed to put a password, from nordinho, I know it should be the name - but how am I supposed to write tchaikovsky???? it doesnt work

i cant get carpet . still dnt kno how to get curtain,

kerry: I clicked the carpet many times, with scissors and without, nothing... And I also can't cut the curtain... :-(

i think things have to be done in a certain order

i cut the cushion first time round but then couldnt cut the flowers, so i restarted and cut the flowers and now cant cut the cushion

and am unable to pour ink on picture in either attempt

kingman - left ink (move the feather to the right)

Kingman: this can't be. I cut the cushion first, than I cut the carpet (get piece of paper), than I cut the flowers and put them in vase.
But I can't get piece of carpet and piece of curtain.

im the same as u babe.. cant get carpet also cant get curtain. help please?

aus wie mann sauberes bild bearbeitet und wie mann an die sachen beim schrank kommt.und welche platte soll man spielen? eine hat 5 töne.übrigens das englisch ist mit altavista übersetzt worden

you may need to resharpen the scissors.

that is the pot i took first kenny... when i saw the feather could be moved i figured it had to be for some reason

i have a suspicion that the letters in the book have something to do with the records if you were to call them a to h left to right, but have played them all in that order and dont see it has got me anywhere

sharpend scizzors .stil not working. . im gunna go to bed. its 11.58 here. pretty tired from work. il play agen anouther time. xx bye

I resharped the scissor manny times, but it doesn't work. *I'm getting angry...*

I re sharped the scissors, but still I can't cut curtains. Please, Kenny, tell me what to do that. You said that we must to cover the cage with the curtain, so, tell us how to obtein the curtains.

sorry, I just cut it, and it worked

cut halfway down on opened curtain nearest the moon.

what's the pass for thw safe???

Not sure if this game is buggy or not. Restarted and managed to cut the curtain but now can't cut the carpet!

I didn't have any problems with cutting the carpet or the curtain (right side, either open or closed, can't remember). Now I'm stuck with cutting the picture. This game is doing my head in!

And what's with the flowers on the little table, all I can do is put the curtain over them.

babe wie weit bist Du? also ich ahbe bild sauber,und käfig mit gardine zugedeckt ,anderes bild mit tinte bemalt(lol)
aber das im schrank ist blöde geht nicht und rechte tür am schreibtisch bleibt auch zu ,plus klavier,bekomme es nicht auf

Ok now I get it. Turn the lights off first and if the mirror is in the right place it will show a code on the picture and the place to cut the carpet. Sharpen scissors again to get the piece of carpet.

This comment has been removed by the author.

i think you need to put the ink on that picture above the record player many times. then when you turn out the light and have the mirror in the bird cage positioned correctly, you get a number for the piano. mine was 1972.

guy on the painting is chopin

danke kerry,klavier auf aber welche tasten spielt mann`?

how can i cut the curtain???
how can i clean the picture?

       Anonymous  3/21/08, 6:29 AM  

got piano opened, inked up painting, cut curtain, cut carpet to get note, played the record etc. but still can't get that piece of stupid carpet. I've sharpened and turned the lights of so many darn times by now. Even restarted once since I couldn't cut the curtain first.

It's not chopin

you need to sharpen the scissors many times on the gray stone to keep cutting things. as for cleaning the picture, once you wet the carpet piece, rub it all over the dusty picture (hold your mouse button down). then you need to identify the musician. wikipedia helps

       Anonymous  3/21/08, 6:35 AM  

Now I know what my problem was... When I sharpened the scissors I didn't drag back and forth on the grey thingy, I just held it over since it made a sound anyway.

Okay, i thin we have to play the notes from the green Vinyl. Mine are hdcghc. But nothing happens

it's a different composer on the painting each time you play the game. Check the birth date on wikipedia and you'll find out.

Where did you get the adaptor to plug the record player ?

Adapter is under the piano

thanks arc ^^. Now my problem is where do i get water?? i already put a piece of curtain on the bird cage.
WAAAAAAAAAA!! its killin me!!!

Nevermind, found it on the piano

       Anonymous  3/21/08, 6:42 AM  

the adaptor is by the piano "leg" (total blackout; don't remember what it's called)

       Anonymous  3/21/08, 6:43 AM  

water is in the birdcage (drinking bowl)

where could i get a vinyl??

yeah. i know its in the bird cage. but how could i get it??????

       Anonymous  3/21/08, 6:45 AM  

anyone know what to do with the piano or with the keys? i'm stuck big time by now.

ted, wet it before you put the curtain on the cage

       Anonymous  3/21/08, 6:47 AM  

if you have the piece of carpet you just dip it there (prob. drag and drop I suppose). As for the vinyl; the only one I know of is the red one under the record player. Is there another one?

wet it with wat?? with water?? i tried it. maybe i dont know how ill do it. T_T

Has anyone managed to open the safe yet? I'm soooo stuck.

put the red one back and grab another.

ok i had just cut the carpet. next thing how do i wet it? or what will i wet the carpet or the piece of curtain?

Ted, whet the scissors with the whetstone (the grey thingy)

ted, did you cut the carpet twice? do you have a piece of it in your inventory?

i dont think that you're supposed to play the piano until you have all of the cards. if you look closely, the cards have letters on them.

Anyone knows the 6 notes from the green record ? I hate musical puzzles. I suppose you have to put the same notes on the paper or play it on the piano ....

yea i have it. but how do i wet it?

My notes are hdcghc, but i'm not sure if they change every game

I have hdcfhc

ted, i just held it over the water bowl and one side got damp

Why the piano? do you whet the scissors? I get the grey thing..but I sharpen the and it won't cut the carpet again.

We're vandalizing this room..

Why are they using H? A B C D E F G A B C D...there's no H involved!

ok the picture is clean now. ty. but now wats next? i had already know his name.

Gooooooooood morning for everyone!
Well... I think I'm so stuck than you... But let's play.
Can we told me why did I need to whet the scissors? Whel did I will use it again? (sorry my English)

after many times of doing the same thing over and over, this last time i was able to place the notes on that sheet and it gave me question marks above it. what does this mean, anybody figure it out yet?

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky! The Russian composer. He lived from 1840-1893..I'm guessing since I can't whet the scissors so I can't cut the carpet and therefore can't see the picture!

Hey everyone, Im stuck to..Is there a way to get the note and other thingy out of the armoire?? or is this even important?

wait... you placed what notes on what?

where are the other pieces of paper?? can someone tell all the papers location??

My guy is Mozart..

Do you have all piece of notes? I'm stuck with 8

Using the book to translate, you can figure out what notes the green record is playing. Put this on your sheet, and question marks will pop up. I have not figured out the question marks yet, but guessing it is the password for the painting

There's a another piece of paper in one of the books on the bookshelf. You need to shake them for a while and eventually one falls out. It has musical notes on it.

the question marks are the intervals between the notes. look at the book.

Oh and to work out the code for the safe you need to count the lines and spaces between the notes on the page to get a 5 digit code

This comment has been removed by the author.

yeah, you get a piece of music paper when you shake the books. i put the notes HDCGHC in the corresponding places and got the question marks. i assume it's the safe code too

Scratch that! Breakthrough! It's Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. Now if I can just figure out what to do with that name!

hoshi, hold the wet carpet and rub the picture all at once. don't just click it.

FINALLY! my code was 63532

can anyone translate the stuff in the closet?

how can i open the closet?? when i click it, the dress go sidewards and it go backs at the center?? why is this like this????

ARC, can you told me how can I cut the carpet? It's driving me crazy!!!

I swear my code is 42256 but i dont know how to enter it

I know what notes are playing..but..

what 'sheet' do I put them down on?

Those pieces of paper? I only have six of those!

mandiha, have you dragged the scissors over the gray stick in your inventory many times? you hear the scraping sound. keep doing that and then try to cut the carpet. you might have to turn the light off and look at that screen first before it will let you do it.

Which book holds the piece of paper, I'm going dizzy shaking them all.

hoshi, there is a book on the shelf (middle shelf, i think). grab it and shake it back and forth a lot. when you let go, a big piece of paper falls out

There is a piece of paper you can zoom in on i think it fell out of one of the books after shaking it

Do you just type the code into the painting and hit enter?

Thank you so mutch!!!!! I got it!!
Thank you!!

Hey Einkaldir, glad to see your here...You are still here, right..I need some help...

how do you get anything in the closet? i'm stuck here

Right, got it..intervals? I didn't hear any in that particular piece..

Does anyone actually know what these 12 papers were for? Cause I don't have all of them.

Where do the name of the composer and the 'intervals' come in ? I feel like the world's biggest moron!

Me too Arc..

help me please...i dont know what to do with the orange curtain
i cover it on the flowers,nothing happens
and i cover it on the bird cage....nothing happens still

hey hoshi. can i get some help on you where could i get 12 papers?

hoshi, after you play the green record, you find out which notes they are on the piano. there are six notes. then you "write" them on that piece of paper and it gives you some question marks about the intervals. count all the lines and spaces between the notes and you'll get the code to enter into the safe. before the safe code, you need to use the scissors on the bottom left of the painting you cleaned and that's where you type in the artist's name.

This comment has been removed by the author.

i have only 8 little pieces of paper. i put the black stick from the safe on the piano and managed to place the pieces on it. i think you need all 12 and then you can unscramble them. any help with the other 4 pieces???

how do you get the freakin scissors???i cant find them anywhere

Hoshi is just like the biggest idiot isn't she today? Do you mean the picture frame or the picture itself..?

a question: how can I stop the clothers in the closed? What did I have to use?

Got the safe open and found another piece of paper, a black thingy for the piano and a palette knife.
What's next? Can't figure it out...

I've got 11 of the pieces of paper but can't put them on the piano shelf. Also I can't keep the clothes apart in the cupboard. I think this must be possible with the rod above the curtains but I can't get that, either.

How do you get to the safe? The clothes will not stay open for me.

telecastro3, where did you find the 11 papers? i think the rod we need may be the one in the bird cage that the bird is standing on. how to get it?????

Rbsi, the scissors are in the locked left side cabinet of desk..use you key

hoshi, the picture. the cursor will change and that's where you need to apply the scissors (be sure to sharpen them again)

i cant figure out my safe code can anyone help

After you've cleaned the picture you must sharpen the scissors another time and then you cut in the bottom left corner of the picture. Then comes a window where you input the name of the componist.

This comment has been removed by the author.

where's the safe??
how do you guys get to the safe??

The safe code is the five-digit number you get from figuring out the intervals after you put the notes in the right place on the paper from the book.

This comment has been removed by the author.

11 piece of papers. And the clothes in the cupboard are making me crazy... So stuck

telecastro how do u know which note goes where

Ahhhh, idea! You can take the stick in the cage...

Listen to the green record. Play those notes on the piano, remember them or write them down, then use the book to figure out which notes they are and where they go on the paper from the book you shake. Then use the last page of the book you keep to figure out the intervals.

blondie, please! where did you find the 11 pieces?

Er..His last name and two first initials are too long for the stupid box..

Tchaikovsky P.I. won't fit.

dont have ear for music is it the same for certain people like the pictures were

@ Hoshi: What about only the last name? ^^

Telecastro, how can I open the piano?

Stick worked. Now it's all gone Latin!

I do not understand the code from the piano. I played the green record and the notes are cfedac. I can move the notes on the paper but they don't stay where they should. What am I not understanding

Use the code from the painting. Put the ink on the painting corner, turn the mirror in the birdcage, turn off the light and look at the corner of the painting.

Take the wooden stick from the bird's cage

Piano is opened by putting password in the front. You get this from spilling the ink on the painting above the record player and turning the lights off with the bird cage mirror pointed in the right direction

Can't work out where to use the scraper thing from the safe or find more than 9/12 papers

How do I take the wooden stick from the cage?

Scraper in the plant pot for the second desk key.

       Anonymous  3/21/08, 8:05 AM  

Hi guys, how to put in the five digit code into the safe? I typed the 5 interval numbers, but nothing happens, also nothing happens after pressing Enter... please help!

Thanks telecastro3!

Okay got the painting to move and reveal safe. What in the closet behind the clothes? I still can't get the green record only the red one. How do you get the bird to move so you can get the stick?

Oh my god, my Latin skills suck
Has anyone the password in the closet?

thanks telecastro3!
granny, put the red one back and grab the green. you need to feed the bird so you can grab the stick.

       Anonymous  3/21/08, 8:09 AM  

please help!! how do I enter the five digit code into the safe?? And what about the thingy in the wardrobe?? Can shove the clothes to the side, but they don´t stay there....

Use the bird seed to feed the bird and take the stick. Then use the stick to get the voilin thing from above the curtain rod. Stuck again

       Anonymous  3/21/08, 8:10 AM  

feed the bird with what??

Well..I got the bow. In the process of trying to translate this!

Okay, traslations coming up as let's google it.

I finally placed the notes on the paper but still don't understand the code. My notes are cfedac

i think it says ab exterior
ad interior

um..just guessing....

This comment has been removed by the author.
       Anonymous  3/21/08, 8:15 AM  

PLEASE HELP!!! I´going to freak out!!! How do you enter the 5 numbers to open the safe?? My intervals are 32111, but nothing happens! And where is the food for the parrot???

I´m desperate!!!

Discernit Sapiens res, quas confundit asellus

Seperate wise fact who(or what, where why, etc.) jumbled...something..

That was useless.

How did you get the bow? The thing above the curtains, right? And I still can't put the pieces of paper on the piano music holder. Help?

Enter the 5 numbers in the safe, then klick on the safe's wheel

I think asellus is 'mystic'. Not too sure though.

mine says "To dismember Wise occurrence , whom to bring into disorder asellus"

telecastro3, thank you for your help...Im still stuck, I was counting on you to get me further..Lol.. I still cant get the scraper from the plant..

I looked asellus up and it gave me the choice of a 'donkey' or a type of cod fish..

       Anonymous  3/21/08, 8:20 AM  

addicted: that didn´t work either... do I have to do something special before entering the code??

Could also be 'young donkey'. Oh, dear. This translation isn't going as well as I'd hoped ;)

The latin seems to be a quote from a poem by Adam Lindsay but it doesn't work as a password

I looked it up in Google and I got a poem of some kind..

leanhe, try 43222. i think it counts each unit

You use the scraper on the plant. It comes from the safe (I think). You open that using the intervals.

asellus means donkey

I'm stuck with this code thingy in the closet. Haven't got Latin.

Leanhe are you counting the intervals correctly? I only ask as I counted mine originally as 51441 but it was actually 62552

Anyone find all twelve little papers? I have eleven

My numbers were that too..
Then I counted again, counting the first number..
So 32111 is actually 43222, and that worked..

Hope it works for you too!

The last one must be in the un-translatable Latin safe.

Maybe the men on the middle dial with the Basses and Saxes are a clue.?

       Anonymous  3/21/08, 8:26 AM  

kerry... my notes are EAFEDC and the questionmarks stand for the intervals between these notes. So my guess is that it should be 32111!! I am going to try to add 1 to each number, so maybe 43222 works... My math isn´t that good, so if it works I don´t understand why...

       Anonymous  3/21/08, 8:28 AM  

thanks Jim and Kerry! Safe opened!! Next thing: where is the bird food??

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