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Escape the Computer Room Walkthrough

Escape the Computer Room

Escape the Comp Room WalkthroughEscape the Comp Room is another new point and click escape the room game created by Matt. He says that: "I made this in a day. Ha, these games are fun to make, but get lame in the end because it is so repetitive. I rushed the ending, but don't complain. Get out of the room!" Good luck and have fun!

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anyone else out there playing?

just starting!

hmm..can't get the game to load..anyone else having problems with it or is it just me? :/

hi! 2nd at last................................


how come i can't see the game?

whew!!..it's not just me then!

lil_osc....i also am having a hard time loading..........

any ideas with the blow torch?

i still can't see anything..................

i hope this won't take a day to load.........

No idea with the torch... has anyone managed to get the password for the computer?

got the torch lit... just looking for a place to start torching

It works ok in firefox...ie wouldn't have it

wheres the blowtorch?????

It's in between the door and the painting on the roof... there is a small crack in the ceiling and you use the crowbar you get from the barred up painting.

       Anonymous  3/12/08, 2:15 AM  

There´s some wrting on the picture, you can zoom in with the magnifying glasses, no idea until now what it says

I think the writing on the poster is a cryptogram... you know where the letters given represent other letters... maybe...

       Anonymous  3/12/08, 2:20 AM  

That´s right Gregory, ex: what could cgb stand for??? the? and?

Thx sarnia....hadn't got the full pic on my browser...damn that firefox! lol

the writing means:
i pledge allegiance to the flag of the usa...

how do you lit the torch?

bedva, do you have the sparker?

       Anonymous  3/12/08, 2:25 AM  

Wow Bedva, how did you find that out?

it was not so hard... look word allegiance, it has 10 letters and i ty it to compare to dkkblvdijb... that gave me some letters...from here on it wasn't hard to guess others..

sorry Gregory, sparker?

       Anonymous  3/12/08, 2:31 AM  

How do u lit the blow torch?

letters on side of monitor in same cipher perhaps?

yes, Gregory, how do you lit the torch???

hinted by the picture title it says:
I pledge Allegiance to the flag
of the United States of America...

if you can get the projector up and running it will give you a clue as to how to go about lighting the torch.

I can't get the projector running!

But I managed to figure it out the pass for computer....

oooh let's trade...

       Anonymous  3/12/08, 2:41 AM  

six times eight two six ?????

first you have to plug in the projector bottom right back corner of the brown shelf.

then put in the slide. the slide can be found Under the top side of the desk just bellow the leg of the projector.

I've figure it out with projector, but don't quite understand hint...

pass for comp is written on the side of the monitor...

same decoding as with the writing on the picture

read it phonetically

       Anonymous  3/12/08, 2:46 AM  

For the code at the right side of the computer, it´s random, it changes per game. I found six four eight two six
But i deleted the game by accident and it gives me a totally different one now

I'm out!!! hooray!!

good team work all!


Take small keey from the right of the desk
turn left twice and take stick from behind the shelf and one of the bars from the painting.
turn left and use crawbar on the ceiling to get blow torch.
turn twice and pull down the screen with the stick, click on the right side of the desk with projector plug it in. Click under the upper desk of the same desk and take slide. Put slide in the projector.
Turn left and check the blue book take lighter light blow torch.
Go back to desk with computer and use crawbar on drawer
take lense and check the small writing on the pledge alliegance painting.
Compare with the real text of the pledge.
Go to computer and check the right sode of it. Encode the text.
It changes everytime.
It opens the magnetic lock on wardrobe. Use key on the lock box and get the note. Turn left
Click on the painitng until it falls down. Use blowtorch on safe get tnt and use it on the door.
You are out.

Turn left

ok...i'm out!

thanx gregory for hints... especially for phonetically reading... i'm not native english speaker so sometimes is even english language a barrier for me...

my numbers are five seven
eight two

How do i get a 4 digit code from that...have tried many combinations and multiplications etc...HELP Baaaaaaaaaaaa

       Anonymous  3/12/08, 3:01 AM  

Not only the code for the computer changes per game, the text on the picture next to it changes as well...

@Crymoon, good walkthrough!

Stuck with this flipping code...any one there for me...lol

       Anonymous  3/12/08, 3:08 AM  

Oops, how and where do u click the picture so it falls off?
i´ve been clicking everywhere

I'm stuck with the code as well...
Mine is 11143

What to do with numbers on side of computer??? I can only enter 4 digits as a pass...

I had no problems with entering 5 digits.

       Anonymous  3/12/08, 3:44 AM  

Should be 5 numbers, lovro

only room for four digits here too

       Anonymous  3/12/08, 3:48 AM  

Crymoon, now you´re here still, where and how do you compare the text of the picture ( what is a pledge ?)
i can´t let the painting falling down
and i seem to miss an item in my inventory

       Anonymous  3/12/08, 3:49 AM  

Maybe the game is a little bit buggy than ?

full you need to click the paper you get from the box inside safe with magnetic lock, then click upper left corner of picture (the one with flowers)

       Anonymous  3/12/08, 4:29 AM  

Hey Einkaldier, i think i did that alright but the picture didn´t fall down. i´ll start all over again and aim more to the upper left more.
Thanks for your reply ;.)

And for your question about the pledge of allegiance, you can look here :

       Anonymous  3/12/08, 4:52 AM  

Thanks again Einkaldier, very interesting to read about that.

Full, you use the pole to make the picture fall- the same one you pulled the screen for the projector

Gonna play this..Anyone here? got two games going on here..lol

I get a kick out of drawings..walls are perfectly straight lines..the rest is free hand and fast..lol...paint is fun to play in..just discovered it for myself..had no reason to go in it before..now i love it.:D

to do the code..

look for the biggest word in the small writing on the paper..

its the flag of allegiance sou can be sure that word is allegiance

A L L E G I A N C E = Z A A X R B Z M E X

Taking those letters figure out the rest..

Z=A A=L... and so on.

same as code on pc..mine was 50155

hope that helps..:D

sorry meant poster not paper..:)

Use crow bar on the painting by the door..use blowtorch on the safe tnt on the door and ur out.

..not sure what the code is on screen with projector never did use it..??...

is n e one still playing i need help with the computer code the letters i have are

uzoc qlozz
ycjo qlozz


any one

for the painting to fall down, for some reason my long hook was highlighted maybe that'll help.
my code was 14425. 5 numbers. probably changes with every game.
pretty cool, but i'm not escape game savvy so these hints really helped. thanks guys!

decode the picture of the PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE forst and thn handle the code later


I'm Out!!

wow abstract graphics I take it. Fun, time spent more on coding which was good. Thumbs up to creator.

anyone here to solve the code for me my letters are XIC KFJM STF SAMPP XIC so I don't have to start the game again please?

Reddc..take the biggest word..in the poster which is Allegiance...


do u know what i mean? after that the letters will come cause most of those letters in allegiance are through out the rest of it

crow bar knocks painting down

The whole thing says..


from that u will get the code on the side of pc.

Thanks Mercedes for all your help

For the cryptograms, try google searching cryptogram solver.

sorry i signed out but i figured it out thanks peoples for the help n e ways


how do you work the blow tourch?

This a walkthrough for the whole game...
1)There should be a key lieing on the ground to the right of the computer.Click on it to pck it up.Go to the picture of the kids doing the Pledge of Alligiance.Notice that there is small writing at the top left hand corner.Go right once.Notice the crack in the ceiling and the picture on the wall.Go right again.
2)There should be a bookcase.At the bottom right hand corner lies a hook behind the bookcase.Get the crowbar from the picture on the wall.The crowbar is where that small crack lies.Go back once to the previous screen and use the crowbar on th crack on the ceiling and get a blowtorch.
3)Go to the right two times.Use the hook topull down the prjector screen.Get a slide from under the top of the table.Plug in projector by clicking at bottom right side of the table then clicking on plug. Put the slide in the projector. Get message REED BLEW BUHK.
4)Go back one screen and click on blue book on the shelf.On the pages will lie a sparker.Use the sparker on the blow torch.
5)Go back to the screen with the computer desk. Click on the drawer and use the crowbar on the drawer to get the magnifying glass. Use magnifiying glass on the small writing on the picture.
6)The small letters say I pledge alligiance to the flag.....etc.
7)Go back to the computer and click on the right side of the screen. You will see five words in code.You go back to the pledge of alligiance and you use the letters to helpyou figure the code out.For example:Pledge on mine was poxcsx.so that means P=P O=L X=E and so on.Enter the numbers in the computer. The magnet on the cupboard has now been deactivated.
8)Go left once to the cupboard and open the now deactivated lock. Use the key on the blue box to get a clue about the safe.
9)Go back to the picture of the flowers, use the lit blow torch on the picture then click on the safe and get a bomb. Use the bomb on the door and you are out! :)
I hope that helped!

um.... i cant compare the pledge and the code on side... how do u do that??

lmao, just for the record, when you are decoding the numbers on the computer, instead of ZERO its CERO, just in case you are like me and try to guess one of your numbers...probably won't happen to anyone but me though, 'cause i'm just stupid like that :D

how do you desipher this code...

v xfmhum
ptm kfyu ok ptm
navpmh rpypmr
ok yemdvj...

and this

rvc oam
ptdmm pgo

thanks :.D

:) :) :0 ;0 ;)
doo doo doodley doo

i'm, putting it through the rot converter now on the home page..

oh never mind it won't work for this one..is this the

take the biggest word..thats on the poster..

if thats the pledge of allegiance

then use those letters to decifer the rest of it


do u know what i mean..?

I'm out! :)

I'm out! :)


Where can i get da code???

Everyone says dat its in da right

hand side of da comp.......

I need HELP!!!!!!!


NEED HHEELLPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Any one...


i need help....







Hi there..:D

You still need help..?

This is retarded. Ther is a five digit code and the comp only allows 4 digits. WTF????


You have to decipher that..

f arwxzw grrwzfgnkw yi yvw drgz id yvw mnfywx tygywt id gcwofkg

wfzvy yvoww yvoww dimo twswn

Which is the code of this????

helps please!!!

I GOT OUT!!!!! What a perfect solution! By the way, who finished escape the green room?

Ok heres code:

a = m
b = t
c = i
d = ?
e = ?
f = c
g = n
h = f
i = l
j = e
k = g
l = ?
m = ?
n = d
o = u
p = a
q = ?
r = p
s = h
t = ?
u = ?
v = r
w = o
x = s
y = ?
z = ?

sorry some of thr words arent there.


l = x
t = v

hi anyone know what the rest of the code is?

im out!!! yes ppl if u need help u cn message me on fb im caroline rhea francis!

all these guys hv helped me immensely! its ony difficult wen it cums 2 typin d 5 digit code but if u type the code continuesly it will work after sumtime! i jus figured but it tuk me a lot of tyme! if u dnt hv patience frgt about it! <3

umm sry its caroline rhea on fb! :P

how to open the cupboard

what is the 5 code

lol i think i noe the pass it says try pass using encoding itll wrk probbably




Walkthrough: Major let down game!

OMG if anyone hasn't noticed that everyones codes for the computer is differnt all of you will be dumb. Being more specific plant the words " I plege allegiance to the flag of the united states of america " over the letters in the painting they should fit exactly. when do take a letter from the computer code like "C" (just an example) and compare it to the 'c' in the painting the to the pledge and the final letter will be say 't' from the 'the' in the pledge and after you do all this they should spell out numbers type in computer then go to cabinet thing open use small key get paper go to flower painting just ramdomly click all over cause i dont know how i got it off. NOTE there is no need for a combo for the safe. get the bomb and blowtorch together put it on the door and your out this game took many hours of my life i asume just like you enjoy! >_<


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