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Escape Diary Room

Diary Room Escape is another Chinese point and click room escape game. In this game, you try to escape the diary room by finding and using items. You have to use items to solve puzzles and figure out the game. Language may be barrier to solve this game. Good luck and have fun!

Play Escape Diary Room

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       Anonymous  3/25/08, 1:18 AM  

Gonna give it a go

       Anonymous  3/25/08, 1:23 AM  

Very pshycadelic

       Anonymous  3/25/08, 1:34 AM  

I have a paper, a scroll, a cat,a knife, a blue book, and a black triangle symbol with 3 coloured balls and watched tv. Now i can´t seem to do anything else

i have same as you and stuck, maybe the code to the desk is in the writing somewhere

       Anonymous  3/25/08, 1:44 AM  

Hey Ithinkiamiamithink,
Yes i think so too, i tried some but without luck
Very weird game

       Anonymous  3/25/08, 1:46 AM  
This comment has been removed by the author.
       Anonymous  3/25/08, 1:48 AM  

What´s with the television in the bedroom?

i got a piece of wood from the cabinet. took a lot of clicking

woo new game lets give it a shot shall we !!

       Anonymous  3/25/08, 1:50 AM  

I just turned down the volume, that music was making me nervous

       Anonymous  3/25/08, 1:52 AM  

Tnx Ithinkiamiamithink,just found it as well. You can also use the tab-key to find the hot-spot

yeah i just figured out that tab worked. went to every room and found nothing new. must need the desk password now

Hey guys...just jumping in...~~

anyone still here...?

       Anonymous  3/25/08, 1:59 AM  

Yes Mercedes, how are you/

I give up.
Strange construct & too much color made me headache, and the important thing was ...

hmm.. why can't they do it in english... :) Have note from desk, some strange writing from below the poster, knife and the black triangle, wood and blue book and the cat, watched some TV but it didn't bring me any closer to escaping... any ideas?

There is a torn page in the book..also under cat is the @ symbol...end of triangle is an "A"..

I couldn;t get the trinagle - after I took knife and went back the cursor changed over the triangle to that of knife. So using items is just clicking.

@vbranam - there is an o on the wood.

Hey full..I"m good thanks for asking..

this game is wierd..

ive got items..and have no clue what to do with t.v in bedroom

also for some reason..i don't think it allowingme to take wierd circle triangle thing..

and no wood..i'll try again..hmm

seems to me you can do somethingwith book other than just readin it..

hence the cursor..hmm

to take wood do use Tab as the point of clicking is really small it's in the lower right part.
Your cursor will change into magnifying glass, to take triangle yo have to have a knife.

       Anonymous  3/25/08, 2:09 AM  

Mercedes, the wood is under the sink ( use the tab key for the exact spot)

       Anonymous  3/25/08, 2:11 AM  

Yes, you can "cut" the book by clicking the T.- symbol next to it twice

Language may be a problem here guys..My 2nd item has Chinese writing on bottom..It looks like two pipe ends put together?? Dont know what this item is..

@full it's not book cutting but page turning button :D

Damn..i burned my hand...its my point and click one too..ahh...i hate that when u do that and not feel it right away..but feel it later...

this game is messed up..the music is nerve wracking..

       Anonymous  3/25/08, 2:16 AM  

The ABOUT sign at the left bottom corner gives a creepy sound if you click it haha

       Anonymous  3/25/08, 2:18 AM  

Yes Crymoon, but if i click that button twice i get a third page wich is cut in half

I dont know if we cut the page or we have to find the cut out page..Mine was cut as soon as I got to the last page..

come on guys... anything? We all got the same things, done the same moves and have nothing else to do?

Whomever did something different....speak up and help me

I never seen the strange writing under poster Crymoon..Ive clicked all over this too..

it won't let me take it..!@!#$ the wood or other items..

i have knife and i see where to click for wood..adn there is no magnifying glass..the knife was in the same room..so i have it..

i dont know

I'm definitely not a fan of this game

got coffee and hoped to come back to some help. guess everyones stuck. theres some #'s in the piece of paper (9958) but im not sure if they do anything. theyre not the code for the desk.

What about the numbers that is in the letter from the first room? Are we supposed to do anything with it?

       Anonymous  3/25/08, 2:25 AM  

Mercedes, i´ve been clicking for the wood some time as well, untill i realized it was allready in my inventory, haha

       Anonymous  3/25/08, 2:28 AM  

At the left bottom of the 1st. page of the blue book it also says some numbers : 5-3 0:59:27

This comment has been removed by the author.

just starting..very late it...
hi full

Im sure we are Souheila, So far we have 9958 and AO and @... Do yall think our password is going to be something like 9958@AOL...I tried this, it doesnt work..

       Anonymous  3/25/08, 2:31 AM  
This comment has been removed by the author.

Come on now Einkaldir, your good at stuff like this..

       Anonymous  3/25/08, 2:32 AM  

Vbranan1, tried that as well in many different ways,

Also on t.v. channel 2 has the same colors as the rug with the 3 balls we got the triangle from..any ideas??

Yeah Full, was thinking we may still fine the "L"

Thanks Full, I've deleted my silly comment. I've been playing that long that I forgot I'd got something from there already, duh.

If there is any useful hint to take from TV, it's going to be really hard ...

ok guys well i'm too tired to fight with this one...i'll check back in later..

hopefully by then..someone can translate..:D

So the password could be an email?

       Anonymous  3/25/08, 2:39 AM  

Man, it took me 3 minutes to find all the items, now i´m already looking what to do next for 1 and 1/2 hour

Yes, Souheila there is the possibility (I think)..In the diary you see an envelope with To: then chinese writing and the #16..

Yeah, but if you zoom in closer, there's a 10. So...

yep, seen that to..I tried 16109958@AOL in many different arrangements, but still to no avail..

       Anonymous  3/25/08, 2:48 AM  

You can also zoom in at things (right click)like the book where you see the envelope. It gives the number 16 and a smaller 10 as well

       Anonymous  3/25/08, 2:49 AM  

you found that out already, haha

Please call me sue instead of souheila. Since i was a kid, my parents used to say my full name when they were really pissed. :D

Anyhoo, anything new guys?

morning everyone, seems we're all stuck at the same place. Some clever person was able to translate the first note which reads:
hello, thank you for coming to my home to help me. i don't know what happened but i got locked in(or something like that). there was once someone did tell me that i had to find a green card knife to get out. 9958! i cant find. maybe the lost diary's dated entries would have mention of it.

wishing you good luck

Sorry, but i'm a bit slow and just started a few minutes back. So in all fairness, yup. Just found that out too.


Translator for hiring, we do not need you CV just start working.

as for the password being an email you gotta think its not just @AOL but @AOL.com or maybe in this case @AOL.jp (japan, if this is japanese)

       Anonymous  3/25/08, 2:53 AM  

Nope Sue

gotcha Sue. okay...

I also tried using the exclamation mark after 9958 (its also on the note)just cant seem to get the right combination..

The message in the scroll, second item which turns into a circle reads:
It says: you leave a mark when you walk on snow. Each room/space has its own treasure. All it is waiting for is the treasure hunter to discover what is hidden. Only those who tiredlessly and *orderly* look for this treasure will be the winner.

Now how's that going to help us???

yes, thats right too ithinkithink

jazzy, that could just mean that in each room you get an item which gives you part of the password, which is what everybody has been trying to do without success so far.

Thats wonderful translation Jazzy.. It seems that the green knife is a big clue..Now lets see...

first part of journal reads:
1st of may, thursday
i've just moved in here today, some have said that this place is dangerous. i don't reallly bother.

2nd of may, friday, cloudy
weather changed for the better, friends are here too, they sent me a present, said that when i have to use it appropriately. but i'm not allowed to open it before children's day. i left it in the safe, had my friend set the lock and had him told me that he would only tell me of the code till the right day.

3rd of may, saturday, rainy.
i was looking forward to the day when i can open the gift but today i received a horrifying letter telling me to move out!

4th may, sunday, sunny
it's sunny today, but i'm still anxious. that letter did not state it's sender's location or source, i looked at the tape recording of the doorway(he has a security camera), at the stated time there was a shadow!

Ohhh would love to be able to speak and read chinese, but I didn't translate this LOL.

Second part of journal:
5th may, monday, sunny
the air is rife with death, i'm still considering whether i should be leaving this place or not. but today, i discovered that in the house behind, there is a stranger whom looks really familiar

6th of may, tuesday, sunny
today's boring, gave my house a layout drawing. (two storeys)
(continues on page 3)

The third page of the diary says:

I really wonder what's up with his whole security system

       Anonymous  3/25/08, 3:06 AM  

Wow jazzy! good work, hope this leads us to something

Thank you for all this jazzy, I'll just wait for someone to make something out of this though =)

Yep, thats great Jazzy...Where do we go from here?/LOL

Thank alot Jazzy! :)

The game description reads:

It says: a friend sent me a gift, but he said that I couldn't open it before Children's Day (which is 5th May) and that I had to keep it in the draw with the lock, which only he had the PW. Friend said when the time came, he would let me have the PW. I live in this empty house, it's a bit scary. Plus I received the threatening letter that implies death. I am wondering if I should leave here. At the back of the house, a man moved in. He seems really familiar. In {I want to enter the door} (this game, I presume), you entered the room but you found some really strange things. Where is the secret diary? Where is that green card? What do the words on the rod (from the picture) mean? What about the still picture on TV? Everything is waiting for you to uncover.... please wait for the next episode of {mysterious long nose}.

       Anonymous  3/25/08, 3:12 AM  

Who´s that girl on channel 1 ? Maybe she has to do something with the e-mail adress?

Anyone found the green card yet ?

       Anonymous  3/25/08, 3:17 AM  

No, no green card (yet)

Ahh in the diary a green card is shown in a box......

       Anonymous  3/25/08, 3:21 AM  

Yeah Jazzy, but no way to reach it though

Okay, to recap--According to the diary, on may 2 he got the present (the present must have the green card inside)and to get this we have to open the desk drawer.. The green card is our escape key.. Any more clues on the password???

Any clues about the cut out part of the diary dated may 7, the part that continues on page 3??

       Anonymous  3/25/08, 3:34 AM  

If its chidren day on the 5th. of May (5th. month)And the present was givin on May 2nd. Maybe there is a clue in the blue book where it says 5-3 0:59:27 ?
I don´t know anymore, i´m blank now

       Anonymous  3/25/08, 3:35 AM  

yellow cupboard password


green card in that place.

I am not knowing later

No idea. Maybe we do have to wait for the next episode.....

bravo aysanem. thank you !!!!! how did you get that please ?

       Anonymous  3/25/08, 3:42 AM  

Wonderful job Aysanem !!!!!

Allright, thank you Aysanem..My card stays on the screen and I cant leave..I cant take it either..Is this it??

vbranam1, I had a rectangular button to get out of that view bottom left corner

Fortunately you can copy/paste the password otherwise I couldn't even have typed it.
Thanks aysanem.
Still stuck though

oops sorry, I meant the other left... giggle...bottom right hand corner and I don't know what to do after that

       Anonymous  3/25/08, 3:48 AM  

But than you "loose" the green card

Hmmm, not working for me..

I had to copy and paste to..Yeah, like yall I cant keep the green card...Here we go again...

I've got a QWERTY keyboard, so maybe a chinese keyboard above the numbers 9958 give @A¡òÀÖ. There's the @ which we found plus the A on the black paper.....just a thought...

Going back to your translation earlier Jazzy, I thought maybe using the knife on the green card would do something,,but so far,,no...

By recopiing and paste, you can get the green card back

       Anonymous  3/25/08, 4:00 AM  

Oops, just deleted the game. Start al over again.....argh

Copiing the emailadres from the green card and put it in the desk, doesn't help.

Scratch what I said as there's a double 9 LOL

This comment has been removed by the author.

I had tried that too tosca, can't find anywhere else to use the new code

Hey have you tried clicking on an item and then clicking the about button I got some music and a new window...daren't click anything 'cause I don't want to start the game again, Who's game....?

The "about" button always show the same thing, and nothing clickable as far as I know.

       Anonymous  3/25/08, 4:11 AM  

don´t worry jazzy, you can click there alright but of no use

TGK!&=@(ABC)!~! So, do yall think this has something to do with the girl on tv channel 1 ??? Maybe a singer or???

would guess the part in the diary about it being a 2 story building would be important... but cant find a way to go up

TGK The Games Kitchen (mobile gaming site)

Any clues??

if you look at the colours around the triangle and the colours on the floor to get them to match positions the pic on the floor would need to be flipped somehow... and would also then match the white and gold colours on the floor

anyone ever done one of these games b4 with a bed in where you cant find something useful under the bed or pillow?? lol

       Anonymous  3/25/08, 4:30 AM  

Ha ha Kingman, lol

Nope never have Kingman...theres always something under both,,, the author threw us for a loop this time huh...

I'm thinking that might be fun to create a game from which you CAN'T escape, and watch people struggle.
Maybe the creator of this game thought about it before me ...

LOL..Einkaldir, we will be sitting here like goofs all day...Boy, wouldnt that be a pretty picture..

do i detect a little bit of a sadistic streak there einkaldir?? lol

Well, if I ever make a game, you'll know what to do =)

       Anonymous  3/25/08, 4:41 AM  

And if he/she is among us? ;.)

I thought it could be aysanem.
Just came here with an impossible password that we can't even type ...

maybe we are all waiting for jazzy to get a translation of the green card

       Anonymous  3/25/08, 4:46 AM  

ROTFLOL, Einkaldier ;.)

       Anonymous  3/25/08, 4:47 AM  

That´s right, where´s jazzy gone?

Well, I hope he pops back in with the next clue...It seems we are at a complete standstill guys...Good time for me to make a fresh pot of coffee...Be back in a few...

I made my own very personal translation of what is said on the green card. I'm pretty sure it says : "Close your browser, stop playing this game, and here is a stupid code for fun : TGK!&=@(ABC)!~!"

       Anonymous  3/25/08, 4:53 AM  

good idea Vbranan1, Let´s give our brains a little rest

theres a hot spot on rod at bottom of picture .any ideas, because I am completely stuck lol

black no sugar please vbranam lol

according to my tab key there are no more clickable areas grrrrrrrr

Sorry, I'm here I think Einkaldirs' is perect LOL. Am still hunting around

hiya nn hon hugsss

that is where you get the scroll thingy with the circle of writing on

ninnyno, that should be where you found the scroll, that's why there is a hotspot

I've been here for too long! Just noticed that the black figure on channel 2 is also in the journal?

silly me I.ll leave the solving to you then , I already have the scroll Duh me!! and I'm not a blonde lol.

im sure the carpet in the coloured circles room has to be moved somehow... but im blowed if i can work out how

channel 2 on the tv also shows gold and white colours changing position which is the colours on the floor there

maybe the colours b4 that are an indication of an order to click as a code ... but to be honest im not sure i can be bothered to try to work it out lol

zzzzz...go for it kingman....I can't think of anything or do anything. Just playing around with my photos while waiting for someone to discover something..zzzzz

my guess is that a code from the colours has to be put into the desk to release a trapdoor there... but probably not made of english letters lol

think im at the same point as you jazzy ... waiting for someone else to find the next step lol

i have to be careful that i dont overwork my only braincell too much !!

In the game description it says to wait for the next episode. Does this mean another game or episode on tv? I've watched channel 4 for over twenty minutes, so I'm going to switch to channel 1 and wait...like forever. We've already got the secret diary and green card..

       Anonymous  3/25/08, 5:34 AM  

Just came back from a coffee break to see you guys didn´t get any further.
Is it really so difficult or are we just missing something very simple or obvious?

Guess we´ll have to wait till Aysanem
plops out of the nothing again with another hint.

Im back ,,,no luck,huh?? It makes sense that we do have to find the other story of the house..All the wood in our cabinet would make a very nice ladder...Buuutttt nnnooooo..cant do it..lol

Hello guys, you must play "15 sec time limit" again. Ther is now a no time limit version. There is a lot to explore.

@full LOL. Channel 1 has 11TV in the top left corner (one one) don't know how eleven is written.

ok, see you all at 15 secs no time limit !

I finished work and you guys are still not done??


This is tough.

Guys, if this requires a Japanese keyboard, then whats the point?

This comment has been removed by the author.

I just got to finish this game before I go to the next..Looking forward to it though now with no time limits..

I'll come back here tomorrow when a walkthrough is done cause i seriously give up.

Jazzy in your comment at 3.10 you give description of the game. There is stated: " please wait for the next episode of {mysterious long nose}"
Couldn't it be the game is not completed yet.???

       Anonymous  3/25/08, 5:56 AM  

Don´t worry Vbranam1, i´ll stay with you for another 3/4 hour orso.

think you may be anle to come back next year and still we will all be stuck in the same place sue lol

Okay, Full, thank you..

       Anonymous  3/25/08, 5:59 AM  

Tosca, i have this feeling too,i´m afraid you are right. If so they could have made that a little bit clearer no?

If thats the case then Einkaldir was right.LOL.. Im still not sure if it means wait for another episode or like Jazzy said on t.v. for channel 4 "wait and you will find something"

       Anonymous  3/25/08, 6:11 AM  

I think there´s something with that television as well, gonna watch it a little more. There nothing on real television at the moment anyway. ;.)

Ohh you guys still here ! nothing special has popped up on channels 1, 2 and 4. Maybe we'll have to wait for a new game episode after all..zzzzz kingman had some excellent ideas about the colours on the floor.

Thats what Im doing is watching different channels, heres what weve found so far
the same little man is in diary ,
same colors are in other room
what else has anyone found about TV
Let;'s put our heads together !

       Anonymous  3/25/08, 6:20 AM  

I should really quit this game now, instead of seeing these two green hills on channel 4 i started to imagine it was the bottom of some green martian.

Channel 3 has the same symbol as the paper the cat's holding...

@full LOL, wow it's really getting to you too!!!! I'm still on channel 3

       Anonymous  3/25/08, 6:27 AM  

No really, i have to go and won´t be able to check back untill tomorrow. Thank´s all, i hope you progess, good luck. ( really enjoined to play with you all this morning, lol)

Lordy, lordy, lordy me too..Okay, we have been in this situation before where as we didnt know the game ended..(once I think).. That was pretty funny to...

I checked at another site..They said for the T.V. Channel 2 ends with the word "Happy" Channel 3 -means 3 brothers..Channel 4 says (the Chinese writing on bottom) "Wait for a while-you will find something" ... So what do yall think? Is it over for now???

Well, so far channel 3 says three brothers

See ya, Full, thanks..

@ Full ?all this morning?
Its 2.30 PM LOL

again channel 2 is the one that shows all the colours and ends in happy

wish i could find a hammer to get rid of all that wood lol

       Anonymous  3/25/08, 6:37 AM  

Where did you folks find the password to put in the desk drawer? I read through your posts but couldn't find the answer.

first thing Id do with a hammer is smash the TV LOL- GRRRRR

       Anonymous  3/25/08, 6:39 AM  

Oh, nevermind. I found the comment with the password. I glossed over it because I thought he was swearing at us. :)

Yep, I agree with you Kingman, I think the rug has something to do with Channel 2 also..It matches the rug and circles (minus the triangle we already took)...

aysenam found it frogtattoo .. it is of course obvious NOT!!


just copy and paste it and then you should be as far as everyone else is pmsl

what is the blurred red stuff on torn page

looks like red frog spawn to me lol

       Anonymous  3/25/08, 6:56 AM  

Is it possible that by opening up the inventory items in the correct order, some sort of forward movement can be generated? I've been playing with the order but have come up with nothing.

       Anonymous  3/25/08, 6:59 AM  

You can't open up anything in your inventory that is to the left of what is already open in your inventory but you CAN open up anything to the right. It feels very profound, but is probably just techy stuff.

LOL between full's martian butt and red frog spawn this game is really getting to us LOL

I have to frogtattoo. Some items you cant open with others...Starting from 1st to last you can have them all open and in play at the same time..I cant get further with this either..But I feel as though when all items are on the board a portal might open,,, maybe just dont have the correct sequence yet..

This comment has been removed by the author.

what was the order that we found the items

       Anonymous  3/25/08, 7:08 AM  

the order in which they are displayed is the order in which the author intends for you to find them.

I also tried having the green card on the screen, then opening the other 7 items.. So, everything is in play...Didnt work..

and i have just tried using the cut page as a kind of template as to where to click.

but have tried having it open and clicking on every scene .. and every tv channel and even on the green card and got nowhere

and as noone has seen anything by waiting on the green buttocks i have sat watching the blue screen of the tv when switched off ... and my eyes have gone dotty lol

what this when you put password in pc

TGK= The Game Kitchen (mobile gaming site)...No help

Not that I could come up with anyway...Gonna take a break for a while.. Maybe yall will have new clues when I get back...

Well, haven't been able to anything over the last hour see you later good luck

You guys need a break, you're starting to hallucinate. LOL Just as stuck as the rest of you.

arrrrrrrgh ... so many ambiguities

the round writing according to jazzys transaltion says orderly, so have tried doing things in different orders.

the diary says when the time is right we will be given the password by a friend ... strange we ere given the password... the items we all have as far as i can see only contain an @ an A and an o... not enough to derive the full password

and why is the green key card described as the green card "knife"

maybe there is some action that has to be done so you can actually add it to your inventory ... but as a knife

i dont know ... my brain cell hurts ... think i need to lie down in a darkened room for a week... someone send the men in white coats pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

hey just noticed something , on color room , remember blue and red make purple red and yellow make orange blue and yellow make green look at the colors of the little ones by the big circles on rug, think that means anything , well at least Im still trying not like the rest of you LOL

wake up kingman and play or I;ll find some jelley beans LOL

hey anyone still trying or did you all give up

Think there's a way to rotate the color room? Instead of moving the rug, maybe moving the room around it? Just a thought:)

HELLO Hello (echo, echo...) Anyone still here? Or back here? I'm still stuck in same place as everyone else was when they left lol...

Could the picture on Channel 1 be showing us how to "move the rug"? Just a thought.

Tammi I;m still trying to play have had it open all day , all the others left I think , maybe we can figure it out

       Anonymous  3/25/08, 4:23 PM  

Hello! I'm not quite "new" here, I just never bother to post.
I can translate the chinese part of the game for you guys if needed.
But for some weird reason, it's not letting me open the desk drawer and get the "Green Card". I restarted the game so many times already. Suggestions?

code not working for me ???

The code works for me when I copy and paste, yet I cannot take the green card.

hold on I hit the wrong thing and have to start all over again (crying tears) lol I have had that on my desktop all day was working in other windows so I could come back to it and now its gone

       Anonymous  3/25/08, 4:58 PM  

For me it's not working AT ALL. It's getting pretty annoying.
L.O.L. How many people are still working on this game?

Iam if I can get back to where I was

       Anonymous  3/25/08, 5:03 PM  

Ahh! This is so frustrating. And it's the last day of Spring Break too...sigh.
The code...the stupid code...the annoying code that is not working...

thats the password code for computer in the drawer to get to the green card

it only takes seconds to get back there nn lol

everyone else has just copied and pasted this code c.atisaku.w


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