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Osironosiro 18 Walkthrough

Osironosiro 18

Osinosiro Game 18 WalkthroughOsinosiro Game 18 is another Japanese point and click room escape game created by Oshironoshiro, who is also creator of Dassyutu series. The purpose of the game is simply escaping the room. All you have to do is just pointing and clicking! It seems can be used by dragging them. Good luck and have fun!

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First..... not ver good at these games any one else here

Found button and a page with it looks like numbers on it

Found nintendo ds and pen with the nuber 1 on it

also found match box on top of the window

I found a remote-the matchbox looking thing goes in-it's a battery.
What are all those scattered gems for? I can't pick them up.

found ds game and watched a video coudn't understand anything

michelle where did you find the remote

every time I click gems,it shows"i must escape here first." at the bottom of the page.

i have to go. check this game later.

have fun,sports and michelle.

Got it but what does it do

I have to go good luck michelle

The "pen" is the nintendo ds stylis, not sure how to use it

hey Sports, I see you have to go, but if you come back-put the battery in the remote and use on big TV by the car. Comes up with a crazy message with a bunch of letters that flash by fast.

This comment has been removed by the author.

On the couch is a DS game. Combine that with the DS, and touch the stylis to it...you get more gibberish

I haven't found the pen yet. I'm stuck on this one.

Turn the playing card over...more gibberish.

hey everyone...
i've never posted before but i read your hints all the time.

i've found the remote, the battery, the nintendo, the game and a playing card, 3 of diamonds...

where is the stylus?

Pen is on the closeup of the motorcycle, on the back above the lights

I have button thing, box of matches, pen, playing card 3, a game, now am stuck any ideas

I can't get the diamonds I click but will not let me pick them up

i've been trying combinations of the number of diamonds and/or the slashes in each room and not getting anywhere...

atvcountry...the button thingy is the tv remote also find the nintendo DS to put the game into

I'm stuck. I'm where everyone else is. I got the little video game doodad and when I go to play, I get some weird clip of a video game.

there are four rooms and we need four digits for the code.
i think the number of slashes on the walls and on the papers, as well as the diamonds, is significant but i can't figure out how.

Well, I am lost, did everything I can do, but still don't have code for door. I didn't understand the letters on the tv or the video game thingy...grrr, I hate it when this happens. Anyone got any ideas?

Thanks sekwof I'm just clicking and clicking like a fool Lol :)

I am wondering if the 3 of diamonds has anything to do with it and also the stylus has what looks like a number 1 on it.

Lilli don't you need a battery for the TV remote I can't find it.

How stupid I thought that box was matches its the battery lol

The thing that kinda looked like matches, is the battery.

i'll be back tomorrow when there's a walkthrough. haha!
good luck everyone!

Don't feel bad atv, I have done the same thing before. Some times this stuff is weird looking...lol.

I wish I knew what those pieces of paper with the lines on them means...of course I wish I knew alot of things...lol.

Yea, I'll come back tomorrow and see ifany figured this out. I'm not getting much further!

Funny nintendo game... anyway, the whole game is just telling us that hint for A is 'Today's date'.

This is crazy It's like playing blind I can't read Japanese. I think I am going to give up too

Yumeaki your good

I just realized that on the back of the card...it looks like numbers and = and a B...hummmm, wonder what that means???

This comment has been removed by the author.

I'm dumb. still can't get the code... Anyway, just some rough translation of the notes (I hope I'm right):

Behind bike: 'B is what you keep seeing'
Under the bed: 'Hint for A is in the game'
Behind bed: 'Don't be fooled by a dummy'
Under table: 'Pen on the backside'
Behind car: 'A has 4 digits'
Besides window: 'C is the no. of diamond'

I'm sorry, but I didn't understand any of that??? :(

Well, I think I am throwing in the towel, can't figure this one out...it saddens me to quit :(

The code is 1175. Here is how!
- A = 11 (Month from 2007/11/27)
- B = Don't know...just luck
- C = 5 (Total 5 Diamonds in the room)

Out Thanks axes Ido not get the seven part either.

I think I got it now....When you look at the TV messge it gives all the weird characters

The only number is 7 and the note says what you see "B: Fact that you see carefully"

Enjoy guys.. off to bed

I still can't figure out the code, but maybe someone else can from what Yumeaki wrote about all the notes:

Behind bike: 'B is what you keep seeing'

On the back of the card, it looks like a lot of Bs, but really it says B = 8

Under the bed: 'Hint for A is in the game'

Yumeaki also said that the game is just telling us the hint for A is today's date. (also see below)

Behind bed: 'Don't be fooled by a dummy'

Have no idea what this means.

Under table: 'Pen on the backside'

The stylus for the game is on the backside of the bike.

Behind car: 'A has 4 digits'

Combine this with the hint about A being today's date. I'm not sure whether that means 3-31-8 or 4-1-08, because I'm not sure about time difference between US an Japan. Is it tomorrow there?

Besides window: 'C is the no. of diamond'

I've found 6 diamonds laying around. Anyone found more?

Hope this helps someone figure it out.

Okay, Axes figured it out. And I miscounted on the diamonds. Don't know where he got the date and can see no 7 in the gibberish from the tv. LOL. Oh, well. His code definitely works, though.

       Anonymous  3/31/08, 8:54 PM  

C,isn't number of diamonds.
It is number of "tires", "6".
In Japanease, the diamond is transcribed into "daiya" ,and the tire into "taiya". 
The Japanese often makes a mistake^^;

Mimaietta...Click on Video Game and than click on Styrus..It will open another window. the date is in there. (Its not today's date...Japanese are fooling us)

       Anonymous  3/31/08, 9:13 PM  

The "today's date" in the "game" is 27/11/07, in Japanese transcribed into "1127"
The code is 1127+(8×6)=1175.

There are definitely more endings to be found, considering it says END1

       Anonymous  3/31/08, 11:33 PM  

There are another endings.
Check the picture
Go left twice and input code "729"
Check the picture again, click "↑", and check the poster written "よしむね"
Input code "1922", and turn right…

Input code "193",and turn right…

These codes are based on Japanese gambling machines, called "Pachinko", and"Pachisuro(slot machine)"

I'm Japanese, so I'm not good at English, sorry.

"I'm Japanese, so I'm not good at English, sorry"
no need for apologies, at least you don't need to wait for someone to translate to be able to solve these games =))

thx for the codes.

I got End 1...Going to re-play for different endings...

Thank you Chie,, End 2 is cute..

hey anyone here..?

ok well here i go..

ok so so far ive got remote with batterie..playing card and a blue game..can't pick up anything else..lots of diamonds..

gonna try and use remote

ok well that was fun..~lol


Can you explain how the "729" comes out?(even in japanese, i try my best to translate it into english),thanks!(culture barrier and language barrier)

       Anonymous  4/1/08, 11:52 PM  

@ shuchun

This "Pachinko" machine is a model called the "海物語"(means sea-story). It has some chalacters and each characters have a number. 
For example, octpus="1", orcupinefish="2"...etc.

Well, a crab and a tortoise are drawn on the picture of the wall, and
there is a small tortoise in top right corner of a crab.
In this case, crab="9" tortoise="3", then the cube of 9 is 729.

refer to: h ttp://www.sanyobussan.co.jp

       Anonymous  4/1/08, 11:59 PM  

correct a mistake…

thanks a lot,chie.

i can't get end 1 and 3

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