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Shift 2

Shift 2 HintsShift 2 is sequel of Shift 1 addicting puzzle game from ArmorGames. In this game, can you traverse the mind bending puzzles when "Up" and "Down" lose their meaning? "Is the floor the roof? Is the roof the floor? And whats with that in game timer? Find the answers to all the above questions and more in this original puzzle platformer!" Good luck and have fun!

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first =].
hope it lives upto the first one :D

im having a really really hard time in the one where you start entrapped with checkered blocks. :(

oh man finally! jeezz it took me forever >_<

Wow just finished it its like 10 times harder than the first

i cant seem to start the game HELP

       Anonymous  3/8/08, 1:43 PM  

I liked SHIFT 1 a lot, maybe No. 2 as well,i´ll play the game in a minute, but i´m desperately looking forward to a real ESCAPE GAME, this has been the most boring Saturday in my life, refreshing EG24 every 5 minutes without any luck.
Is there a strike of game developers in Japan or what ?
LOL ;.)

hawaiian: just wait in the right side of the blocking trophy hole

If you remember shift 1, he's prone to lying. Sometimes the obvious is actually a decoy.

(when there's nothing there, there probably is something, perhaps hidden?)

The whole comment "recieving a slightly disappointing grade of being 'eaten by snakes'" suggests a better ending...

it dont wanna start some one HELP PLEASE !!!!! any one

This comment has been removed by the author.

I've tried to build one level of Shift2 and was surprise how cool it got. I didn't know where to put it available, so.... here it goes:
Copy/Paste this code into the Shift2 Editor (w/o line breaks) e try it. I call it 'the trap'. bugs/comments, pls mail me.


OMG How do you guy finish these hard games??

omg i got up to the level with the three steps but i don't know how to beat it! helpp!

1. Go to the door.
2. Go to the trophy and fall into the hole. Stay at right until the spikes ("wall of death") stops. Then go to the door.
3. Shift. Jump over the spikes. Shift. Go to the door.
4. Take the first key. Jump up stairs. Take the second key on the left. Take the third key. Go to the door.
5. Jump to the right platform. Shift. Take key. Fall on the lowest place. Shift. Fall on the lowest place at the left side. Shift again. Fall onto the place with the key. Shift and take the key. Shift again. Fall onto the lowest place again. Shift. Go to the door.
6. Shift. Jump over the spikes. Shift. Jump at the switch. Shift again. Jump over the spikes. shift. Go to the door.
7. Fall onto the lowest place where you can shift and then, do shift. Go right. Shift. Take the lightbulb. Shift. Go to the middle platform. Shift. Take the lightbulb. Shift. Go to the place where the door is and then shift.
8. Go right. Shift. Fall to the switch on the right. Take the lightbulb. Go the switch on the upper right. Take the last lightbulb. Go to the door.
9. You do not be sent back to the main screen after 71 seconds. This level is hard to describe. So just try to activate all the switches to reach the destination.
10. Shift. Go left. Shift again. Go to the right platform. Shift and activate the switch. Then shift to grab the key. Go to the switch on the lower right. Dangerous: Jump on the switch above the spikes. Shift and do not fall. Shift and take the lightbulb. jump to the place where you can shift fall to the left side. Do not activate the switch next to you. Shift.again. Activate the switch. Go to the another switch on the right. shift. Fall down. Shift again and fall down to the door.
11. Jump on the highest platform. Shift and take the lightbulb. Fall to the lowest place and shift. Take the lightbulb on the lower left above the door. Take the key, activate the switch and take lightbulb (automatically.) Go to the another switch and shift to get the lightbulb.
12. Take the lightbulb. Then activate the switch and shift. Activate the another switch. Take the key. Go right. shift. Go to the third switch. Then shift and fall the another switch (Be careful with the spikes!) Hard to explain: Try to stay at the place where you can shift. Then shift, activate the switch and fall to the door.
13. Take the keys you can find. Jump to the platform on the right and shift. try to grab the key and then shift. Grab the lightbulb on the upper left, then shift and take all the keys. Shift again, go to the lower left, shift and take the key. Activate the switch and go to the door.
14. Grac the lightbulb and fall to the right side, not to the left side. Shift and take key. Activate the switch next to you and fall to the right side. Shift and jump ON the door. Shift, go to the switch and go to the door.
15. Shift, take the lightbulb and switch again. Jump onto the lowest place and shift. Fall onto the switch and than fall to the right side. Go to the switch and then right. Shift and go left, take the lightbulb next to you (Not that one above you, no need) and dangerous: go right. Jump to the switch. Jump to another switch take the lightbulb, shift and activate the switch, and fall to the door.
15. Attention: Go left and fall. Then Go to the switch and fall onto the door.
16. Get ze Trophy! and go to the door.
17. Switch - all keys - 2nd switch - lightbulb - door - bye - cool view = end.
(Note: I needed 2806.3 seconds to do and write the walkthrough.)

- Beat the game.
- Beat the game in 5 minutes. But I think if you get the trophy you'll get this medal too. (I beat it in 467 seconds.)
- Get the trophy: You get it if you walk on the level before the snakes-room to the left.
- Joke's on me: Finish the level with crosses in 71 seconds.
- The title crasher: Click at the face on the upper right corner. Follow the instructions.
- Support the developers: Visit Armor Games.
- Appreciation: Visit Credits

CC is a lie.
If someone enhance and reduce the walkthrough, I'll thank him.

on shift 2 i got all badges so since they have all been posted ill just post the hardest
go to the top right coner of the title screen and click on the face then the mouse is messed up so hit settings then the button dont work so catch settings (impossible) then after failing click on the button again and you get the title trasher badge and also

What a game pfff ... got to the suecide time :P ... stuck there, but not gone commit suecide :D

Love these games.

cc is a lie! ha ha a little later than every on else - but better late than never, right? :))


CC is a lie!!!!!!!

can some one help me with LEVEL 70 os SHIFT 2 for IPOD TOUCH?????
I cant pass!!!!!

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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