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Submit Ideas and Help Create a Community Escape Game

We all have complaints about the different escape games that come through here: it's too difficult, too easy, senseless, boring, etc, etc. So, I thought that it might be interesting if I were to combine any ideas, artwork, or anything else imaginable in hopes of creating a single escape game that just about everyone will enjoy.

Therefore, I've created this thread for all you to submit or discuss anything that you might like to see in an escape game. After a while, when there is a decent number of ideas floating around, I will begin development (that of course doesn't mean that I won't be taking anymore ideas).

Also, I want you all to know that I will of course make sure to give each and everyone their due credit.

So have fun and go crazy!

Any submitted artwork can be sent to afallenapple@gmail.com. Also, the game views should be 500 (width) by 400 (height) and in PNG format. Once again, I would like to reassure you that I will be giving everyone their due credit.

If you find any broken link, please report it by using our contact us link.


yeah first

This sounds like a great idea!

I used to not like the idea of multiple endings but I realized that it makes the game all that more interesting to play. Also, just because you finish a game, it is not necessarily over if there are different endings to get.

I, myself, am not the great codebreaker. Some of the codes in the games are very involved (sometimes it's a language barrier and that can't be helped) and that sometimes can turn people away from playing. Apart from just asking straight up for a code (which I'm sure all of us have done in the past) it can take away from the fun we have in trying to escape.

I also find it fun to have to combine items to use them versus just using it for it's known purpose(e.g. having to find a brick and stick and some rope, combining them for form a "hammer" and using this to break a mirror instead of just finding a regular hammer).

I don't have anything concrete I can really think of now, but those are some of the things I find fun in playing escape games.

I can say that multiple endings are nice, but what I love in point'n'click games are puzzle that can be solved without any language problems.

Combining Items is great. And for the item usage method I much prefer clicking then dragging (the second option often takes way too much time, when you are trying to do it randomly).

But there are some other things - one and the most important is fun - not a thing easily definable. Fun as in gomail, submachines, mmoo.

Racing against time makes me quit most of the games quite soon. :D

The music and graphics are also quite important. :D

Would be useful to start with what we don't want to see in an escape game.
I really don't like pixel hunting for example (you can make a very hard and very bad game just with this).
I also don't like a lot when you need to talk a specific language to play (even if it's english).

Like Diana I like when you have to combine items, or use them in an original way.
I also like when it stays at least a bit logical (even if you realize it after =).

I think we can almost all agree about no slider puzzles.

I have to agree with crymoon in that the gotmail, mmoo, and submachine games are well made, well thought out, and very manageable codebreaking. Fun and creative.

Also, I'm not a fan of games under time constraints either. If you want to put at the very end of a game how long it took us to complete it, ok. But we should be able to take our time and think things through when we play.

I'm pretty new to point and click games, but really HATE click, click, click and not get anywhere, I love the thrill of finding something hidden so putting something on show to make the game too easy is boring, also I'm totally lost with mathematics and find number puzzles beyond my reach so have to give up or wait until someone posts the answer, like others who have posted before I love combining things, also the game does not have to be just escape, how about getting into a place just for a change.
PS. I hate timed games, they totally frustrate me, I like to think and find.
I hope you make the perfect game, one of my all time bests is MOTAS, so good luck.

The best games seem to not be pixel hunters but rather logical. There should be some reason involved as to why I do something, and not just random clicking around a screen. Another point is recently most of the games posted here have had a dark theme. I like to be able to see what I'm doing and what the gamemaker created. The idea that making it dark is going to scare someone is a rather large stretch.

In a game i really care about the graphics: in my opinion it's the most important thing..
I also love games like gotmail's ones.. they're fantastic!
they are difficult but simple enough to be solved..

I hate horror based escape games where you get scared..

Combining elements is funny and I like it
i don't like multiple endings or timed games..

another thing i don't like is the limit in the inventary like ecru room or orange room..

bye bye sorry for my english..

Definitely agree with no time constraint, and no death.
For me the games from Neutral are almost perfect. Gotmail are getting better (the first ones had beautiful graphics but there was a lot of pixel hunting).
It would also be good to avoid stuff that comes in each game, like batteries for a remote control, object that falls from curtains after opening / closing 100 times ...

first time posting! i love games like 'leaving your room' and other games like that. i hate the games where almost everything in the room can be picked up but only a few are use full.

Hate the slider games. Many of the newer games have codes that are impossible for me to break. I have to rely on people like Diana. Oh Yes, forget that horrible pixel hunting; takes too much time and I usually just quit the game. Let's not have timed games please

Well, Like many escapers have said above.I do not like timed games.It takes the fun out,and puts to much pressure.. I also dont like games within games..(RE:) Slider puzzles. Some have been okay, but others made it almost impossible to complete. I also dont like the dark games where you have to strain your eyes to be able to play.

I love the games where you have to use logic.. games that make you have to think, instead of being so obivious.. Im not big on pixel hunting either, but I do like a challenge of doing a game totally on my own when I can.. I do like combining objects that make no sense into something useful.

And when we have escaped from the room, house, closet etc.etc. we feel a since of accomplishment knowing we done everything just right. Whether its an hour game or a 5 minute game...

Oh yeah, one more thing I was thinking about..A lot of these games have huge language barriers..It seems you could translate these. If this isn't possible maybe you could input english sur-titles underneath, beside, on top, wherever, so we can all understand..That would be great

I enjoy games when you have to find something to give to someone in order to receive another item.

Language barrier, obscure codes and items and timed games make me close game.

I enjoyed MOTAS although I had to have walkthrough hints.

i love great graphics like the gotmail games and they not too hard to beat.

Great idea.. I will post as I think of things.. so far, I mostly agree with the masses..
No pixel clicking, no death, no time limit .. oh, and I hate dark games.. give me a light switch. And I play at work to rest my brain sometimes so I'm S.O.L if I need sound.

I like a game where there is more than one room to explore. I like a game that once you've solved a little something, it give subtle hints on your next required task..

ps.. call me crazy, I love the puzzles within a game.. ok.. I'll admit it.. I even like slider puzzles.. lol

Agree with everyone: no pixelhunt or timed games.
What I also really dislike is to have restart, because your death (by time or by an animal or by explosion) for instance when you managed half of the game. In the beginning of a game, I can appreciate it. Personally I ahte the timed reflexgames in a game. I must always call my daughter, who laughs with me.
A LONG GAME should have a SAVE KNOB. Like i hate to die, I dislike to replay my own game, certainly almost at the end.
Multiple endings I often dont replay. I just look at the comments what I missed and that's it. I cannot understand why a game should have multiple endings. The best solution is the best solution. It's the same as dying or clicking the wrong knob. If you want to return, you have to play the whole game again = KNOB TO RESET at the point where you went wrong.
No games like knabbernossi 5 where you gave to pickup the right person (of 5) to solve a problem without a hint in the beginning of the game (means restart the whole game + 1 hour lost until you read in comments you took the wrong girl or boy.)

Great comments so far! I can reassure you that there will be no pixel hunting. The reason I starting making these games was because I was getting sick of playing senseless (random letters and numbers written on things like chairs... who does that, really?) games that require a good eye more than logic.

I don't know if any of you guys played the two I created so far, but I make sure that the "clickables" are large enough for someone to get it if they want it.

A big concern for me was the setting. I was thinking of having it take place in something like an underground tunnel system. I figured it could be very dark, and you would start off with a flashlight that you could use to look around and pick things up with. What do you guys think?

Also, I'm a big no for time based escape games. I like it to be like chess, where you have to think and plan out your every move.

For me OK Hoctor, in the beginning of the game. Not the whole game. I also dislike to adjust brightness and contrast of my screen all the time.
Could you say what games you created. I like to replay them.

Object hidden in places, that you aren't aware of as possible hiding places, can be a good challence. For instance something hidden on the door of a safe, that you have just opened. You're anticipating what's in the safe, thus forgetting to look further. This example has been used plenty of times, but I'm sure you can think up another :-)

Concerning sounds, I think they are expendable. Especially loud sound whenever you select or move an object can destroy a game. If you want sound, make them good. Otherwise it just ruins it. A mute button is a must anyway!

Another possibility is using things for other purposes than their original one, that's fun too. Like using a wrench for destroying a window in stead of a hammer.

Graphics are of course important, but should not be at the expense of gameplay! Nice graphics, like the almost photorealistic ones from Gotmail, takes an enormous amount of time, which could be used for other things.

he created " escpae the lab" and escape the haunted mansion" they are great.. but please don't make another scary game..
i was alone in a dark room and when the ghost appeared.. i got so scared that i had to go to the toilet! no i'm joking.. but i was very scared and i hate scary games..

the other game it was fantastic apart for the death.. i had to restart 5 times.. good work!

Timed games
Pixel hunting
Dark/scary themed games
Language barrier
Annoying music
Illogical thinking(eg finding a memory card on a bread without explanation)
Using "flashlight" to find items in the dark
Slider puzzle which the picture is in motion!!!

No music
Sound effects to know that I have clicked certain place properly
Simple mathematics puzzle
Clear and bright screen
Graphic must be clear!!!!(i have played games which i cant tell whether its a pen or a blue stick)
Combining items to use
Jigsaw puzzle
Having onli one ending
Being able to save and progress the next time i play

Hopefully this game u are gonna make wun be v typical (eg stick n string and metal hook = fishing rod, maybe u can tink of stuff like chewing gum + rod can be used to reach stuff in the drain protected by grills. or egg white can be used as glue. i mean, be creative :D)

the possibilities are limitless!

I think a tunnel system would be good..But how long would we have to use that flashlight before we could see daylight?? Too long strains the eyes.. Too long makes it gloomy also..

good comments, i also dislike most minigames. When i'm trying to escape a room the last thing i want to do is have to play some asteroid game or something for a half an hour.

So i heard about this game where you have to plant booby traps and that seems like it could be a cool idea for a point and click, escape the prison or insane asylum or whatever, game. Like you could pick up items and then combine them and use them in the right spots to make a trap for somebody and then dissassemble them once your done and reassemble them with other items.

Or a survival game. Like you're stuck on an island and you need to use your ingenuity and things around you to survive... while unlocking mysteries of course.

I don't know, they're just some ideas that may be a slight variation of the typical room escape. Just a couple jumping off points

FlattenedCake had mentioned about sometimes not knowing what an item is because of bad graphics. I agree, but can also understand that it is quite a process to get graphics along the lines of gotmail, etc. Maybe to remedy this, you can give the name of the item when it is viewed in your inventory? That eliminates a whole other guessing game so we can focus more on the task at hand, rather than what the heck we have in our inventory.

I'm not a huge fan of dark setting games, but I can also understand it helps set the mood. As long as that is not the theme of the entire game. For example, if you are setting the game to start in a tunnel, of course it will be dark. But maybe one of the first things should be in finding a light switch or maybe finding a fuse to insert in a fuse box to help turn on lights. The flashlight can also then later be used to help see in dark crevices or holes.

Someone also mentioned getting rid of the "obvious" things like finding batteries for a remote control, etc. A better take on something that is "common" is to use this as your "signature" maybe. In MMOO's games, we can almost always count on nothing coming from pulling tissues out of a box (although she did do it once). In Submachine's games, there are the red marbles/balls to find as well as multi-level rooms. In 2keysgames (Escape Orange Room, Teal Room, etc) you know you have limited inventory. Annoying, but still a "signature". Wouldn't you love it if someone playing your games would say, "Hey, that's just like Daniel's game {insert game name here}!"

Okay, we are safe to assume there will be no timers or death, but possibly a time at the end. Maybe we need to get in a house, but then get locked in and get out. It would be great to have multiple rooms(same color wall paint the entire time is boring). And no dark. It's not that i'm scared (not lying) just want to be able to see. How bout a dim light from a flashlight in the entire screen. Or lights the entire time. And if there's a language other than english, have an english game translation(like mmoo)or at least subtitles.I usually don't open a japanese game unless it sounds cool.I also like using items for another purpose,but not too ridiculous(a toothpick to brick a mirror).And you can have a bunch of items, but not a limited inventory.Ecru room is fun, but most of the time is switching items.I don't like different endings, but if they are in there, it won't really matter to me. So these are my thoughts. Later.

Yes I'm the one who said I was bored with obvious common stuff like batteries for a remote.
But this can be used smartly if you need to use a common item in an uncommon way (batteries contain chemicals for example).

I also like that one can slide panels in a game to find items, not always by clicking.

As mentioned before, I, too, am not a big fan of "drag and drop" to use items. It can also depend on the way the game is programmed on whether or not the item will get used where it should. Say I have a key in my inventory. If I drag and drop that key on a locked drawer, I may not have had the "right" part of the key touching the drawer, and therefore it won't open. But had I moved the key a couple of millimeters to the right, it would have opened. But here I am thinking I need to use this key elsewhere.

I prefer to view an item in my inventory and then combine it that way. Of course that is something that can't please everyone b/c that is just a preference and you have a 50/50 chance in satisfying/dissatisfying someone. Nothing to dwell on.

There is a game series/creator that uses drag and drop to use items, but then to stop using the item you have to hit the spacebar. I'm not too keen on that style.

I have to agree with the no pixel hunting games. I mean whats the purpose of a game that just constantly ask you to keep clicking and clicking for no reason at all.

What I most like about escape games are the ones with puzzles and lots of puzzles in a game make it great and I'm not talking about shoving in a jigsaw or slide puzzles, no I'm talking about riddles, mathematical and logical puzzles.

Also I hate games that does not provide information about the collected items, you can pick up a black rectangular shaped object and after a while you discover that its a remote. The about button is a must have for any adventure game and I don't mind dragging and dropping stuff on each other well I like combining different stuff in real life, well maybe thats just me.

Of course a good story line is essential for escape and adventure games, just finding a way to escape a room is not worth it anymore, one has to know why the @#$% I'm trapped in a room. This, in my prospective point of view, would add another dimension to the game and even a good reason to play it with some cut scenes and one can play an excellent game.

I don't have any ideas for a game for now, but rest assured when it hits me I'll post it here.

Oh, and thanx for this excellent idea.

I'm a long time lurker and this is my first post here :-)

What I dislike:
Characters that talk and lots of dialog.
Bad graphics
Timed games
Limited inventories (I won't even play these kinds of games)
Items that have a time limit (like batteries that die in a flashlight)
Dark, bloody or moody games
Puzzles that use math
Puzzles that involve a computer, that particular item is so overdone!

What I like:
Bright and fun graphics
Photo graphics (like in Super Sneaky Spy Guy games)
Unusual items that aren't used in EVERY pnc game
Fun storyline
Sound effects when you find items
LONG games, not ones you can solve in 15 mintues.
Unusual locations For example, a deserted island instead of a room in a house.
No text in the game other than item descriptions and hints, like if you click on a wall and the text might say, this wall sounds hollow"
Easy navigation around room and I also like multiple rooms to explore.

long games
multiple use for items
combining items

multiple endings
too dark
math codes

so are we talking about just doing an escape game or could it be an adventure game also? cause those are always fun... having to perform tasks or having to talk to people to make things happen or get items.

Ok, so I'm thinking that the tunnel idea may not be so hot. I do like the idea of being on a stranded island though (it leaves the game open for potential like having a secret undergound chamber or the such).

You all don't need to worry about the language barrier... the game will be in English, though I guess that would make it a barrier for any of you non-English speakers.

No death sounds good. I like the idea of a way to save your game. I'm at college right now, and I typically play these during breaks between classes, and so many times I play for a good 30 minutes but then have to close it. Perhaps I could utilize chapters and have passwords for each chapter.

Is there anyone who might be interested in doing artwork for the game? Alot of you seem to really prefer good graphics, and I have to say that I am far from an artist (drawing anyways). If you are, the location views should be 500(width) x 400(height) and PNG format. Artwork can be sent to afallenapple@gmail.com, and again I want to reassure you that I will give all the due credit.

I don't think there should be a puzzle in an escape game- ex. slider puzzles. Pixel hunts are NOT fun. I can't really do timed games as I am usually distracted and the game ends before I get a chance to complete it. Finding & combining items is fun, as is figuring codes, although I have relied on comments here to help in the past when I got stuck - thanks Diana!- I've been playing these games for several years, and I like the Submachine & SSSG series.

I'm not sure about the chapters and passwords. A save option seems much better and it's pretty simple to program in Flash.

What I really enjoy in escape games are different types of puzzles to solve as you go along. Also good graphics are important so that the game is detailed but also pleasing to look at. I enjoy the Submachine series, Gan tan games are very cute.

I get annoyed by pixel hunts - where you have to search and search for the exact spot to click to collect an item. If you can just click near the right/left or top/bottom of scene to move around rather than an arrow the game is easier to navigate.

Combining items is better that singular ones. all for now. I'll try and locate the name of the best game I ever played.

What I do like in a room escape/point n' click game:

*Moderate length of time
*No language barrier
*A cool or hilarious storyline
*Challenging yet easy
*Perhaps a historical tie-in (Escape the Louvre or Escape from Versailles)
*ORIGINAL storyline (i.e. "Escape from the DMV" or "Escape from your cubicle").
*Combination of items

What I don't like:

*Language barriers
*Too long or too short
*Mathematical stuff involved
*Obscure or hard to find codes
*Timed games
*Games with horror themes
*Too difficult or stuff that's too obscure to find
*Crappy graphics
*Too many multiple endings (three at most)
*Too many "escape from your room/brother's room/sister's room/house/garage/etc."
*Anything that has to do with translating numbers from Morse Code or Roman numerals
*Used items that don't disappear from your item list after you're done using them
*Anything with a cutesy, Hello Kitty feel to it

I pretty much agree with mostly everyone here. However, I'd like a game that's original and not formulaic. Perhaps something with a touch of humor or even a historical adventure (escape the pyramids, parthenon, etc). Or maybe a theme to it (for Harry Potter fans....Escape from Voldemort or something).

I'm also not a good codebreaker so complicated codes are out but nothing too easy.

Dearest mr Hoctor,
Just make a combination of it all.
It must be difficult for all. So combine tunnels with sliding games, adventure talk, sliding panels, math's, code breakers, puzzles etc..
What I really want is a glamourous, spectacular, flashy, starsprankling ending as for example a 1 billion $ price for everyone cracking your game. We would love you for ever.
I am looking forward to this game.

This is a great idea, thank you for asking.
I dislike:
Dark games
Pixel hunts
Illogical games
Timed games
Einstein level puzzles
Language barrier
Bad graphics without description
Timed games

I like:
A challenge
Acknowledgement of correct action
Objects well hidden but findable
Save option
Combining objects
Different item usage (like a spark plug to shatter window or mirror, hey vandals do it)

I love pnc games to help keep my brain sharp and I have a be like MacGyver fantasy LOL.

No pressure there, right, tosca? ;)

I don't mind a mini-game occasionally. Definitely nothing harder than the game itself.

What I haven't seen in a game is the use of rebuses. I think that would be fun and interesting in see how we decipher them.

I agree with all the above comments..and love unusual places like in SSSG and gotmail games. So how about a spy or archaeologist that has to move locations to collect stuff to complete a task. At each location they need to find something and obtain the means to get to the next location. Places could be diverse from a Mexican bar to a research station in Alaska, each with its own problems such as making sure you have enough warm clothing for a trip to Alaska.
With SSSG they get round the graphics with great photos of exotic places, so you could ask gamers to send in photos of places you want to use.
I do like collecting things to make say a jigsaw puzzle, you know what you are looking for, but have the fun and frustration of searching.
HATE multiple endings. It leaves me so confused. I want to feel I finished the game.

Rebuses, crypto's= language barrier.

I have not read all of the above posts so I apologize if these have already been mentioned:

NO complicated math calculations! I really hate the games where you have to do a bunch of math calculations. . I don't mind where the formula is given (e.g. square = 6, star =7, code = square x star) but the ones where you're expected to know some archaic formula for the speed of a dung beetle in winter running on sand. . .no thanks. I usually leave those pretty early

I do like 'games within games', but NO slider puzzles (please!!!) and NO coordination games (like shooting games)and for crying out loud, no timer!!- I like pointing my mouse and clicking - if I could shoot down 60 asteroids in 30 seconds I would be going to those web pages to play (ok, I'm just not coordinated)

I just love some of the games that combine not only escape themes, but adventure - going from room to room (or town to town, or whatever) and talking to different people to find clues or objects and being sent to different places to find things to combine with stuff you already have to make new things. . .and so forth

hmmm, that's the stuff from the top of my head, more later, as I think of it!

Ok, that's it, I give up... what in God's name is a slider puzzle? At first, I figured that it was one of those square things that you slide the pieces around to complete a picture, but since so many people have spoken out against them, I better make sure I know what it is so I don't put it in...

You'll have to forgive me for not knowing. Believe it or not, I'm rather new to EscapeGames24 (since the beginning of last Winter and even then I wasn't as dedicated as I am now).

Also, I really like the idea of making the game feel more epic by not just taking you from room to room, but site to site (like getting on a plane or something and it crashing).

Yes, you are right Daniel..Thats exactly what it is..They can be all sizes.. If you play the game called "Confined" you will see what we are all talking about..Only in that game it was a moving slider puzzle...Oh, very frustrating...

Slider puzzles are easy and boring indeed.
For Diana, I don't think rebuses are a good idea, that could create a language barrier, even in english.

Little to no pixel hunting, it's incredibly frustrating to do that first sweep of a game with many item slots and turn up nothing. Items don't have to be out in the open or in predictable place but they shouldn't require mass clicking to find either. Preferably having the mouse icon change when rolling over something clickable.

No overly complicated math problems. If there are any formulas needed they should be seen somewhere in the game.

Item combinations are great and add to puzzle aspect of the game, also having to examine items for clues/other uses.

Arrows for turning around/going back a screen. It's really annoying to zoom in on things like a couch and be clicking around to find hidden items and keep getting thrown back to the room at large.

Puzzles within the game, like sliders/jigsaws/peg puzzles/etc. are nice but shouldn't be very hard. If we wanted to play puzzle games that's what we'd be doing not escape games.

Sound based puzzles/clues, can be neat but for people without working speakers or who simply can't hear they ruin the game.
On a similar note I have an oddly dark monitor and there is nothing I can do about it, any game with a dark screen or a puzzle that requires turning off a light I find often impossible. Please don't make them too dark. :(

Hi everyone!

i think this is a great idea!One of my favourite not only because of the actual game play but the graphics was that banner game with the stickman! i thought that was so different to other games i've played in the past and was v. clever!!!

I also like cute games with fun graphics.

Dnt really like games with loads of rooms would rather have one or two large rooms with lots of things in it like gotmail

hate the horror themed games

hate games with maths im useless at it and it just frustrates me!

as sugested i think it would be nice to maybe have the location of the game somewhere different (will get back with possible ideas on that one!!!)

I'm so glad that there's a way to get feedback about these things!!

I've become quite addicted to - but never very GOOD at - these games. I can usually do MMOOs and some of the 'animal escape' (the latest one was the Sheep room) games without much difficulty. But some which have you do things which are simply *not* what a normal person would do, are so aggrivating!!

** What I like about good games **

Clear, unique art - if it LOOKS like a pen, it should BE a pen, not a lipstick container etc.
Simple, light but not annoying music.
Sound f/x which tell me I'm doing it right.
Some kind of *reason* behind what you're doing (why look behind the milk in the fridge for a screwdriver? what?!); reasons that *normal people* have to do things.
Simple math/word games.
Learning while you play (I LOVE mmoo's because of that!!) but not so overbearing like it's a powerpoint presentation!
Multiple endings/multiple finish points.
Zoom In feature - not every flash game CAN zoom in, I haven't yet figured out why there's a difference, but since the screens are SO tiny let's PLEASE get a way of zooming in!!).
MULTIPLE LANGUAGE OPTIONS!! - pick someone from any given language to translate!!
Click to combine / click to use.
Minigames within the game - I love having a cute little extra, keep em simple.
Continuing themes and stories (like the ones most folks enjoy).

** What I do NOT like about games **
Endless clickclickcliks to find a single pixel. I do NOT like pixel hunts.
Complicated math games / word games which rely upon language or social knowledge.
Loud, bad, too repetitive music.
Poor art.
Drag and drop use - I hate hate hate that.
Unclear goals - why should I be taking the plate to the attic?
Timed games - suck.
Games which rely upon "surprises" jumping at you - and that's all they're about - BOOOO. No point.
"Frantically click to save your life" - boooo. No point.
MUST find this before doing that - I don't like them so much when you have to have "found" the message that tells you something. I understand it, but I don't like them - ESPECIALLY when they're combined with pixel hunts! Without the pixel hunt aspect, that'd be much easier to deal with HAVING to find one thing to do the next thing. But at least make them be a LOGICAL order.

I was actually thinking about trying to make an elevator-escape and then that week 2 of them came out. Neither of them were any good, imho, and both were so difficult I gave up on them - even reading hints I couldn't find the pixels to click, and that just frustrated me.

*raises glass* here's to hoping we get a batch of great games!!

I personally LOVED the original Super Sneaky Spy Guy games, set in those gorgeous luxury homes on beautiful exotic beaches...but I haven't enjoyed the later ones as much as they became too involved and too hard to negotiate, with lots of going backwards and forwards to places already visited etc.
I like the types also which involve finding hidden objects but without pixel hunting. I do enjoy mini games within the game but NOT slider puzzles or those ones where you have to get all the lights to turn green!!
I hate dark games and I hate using a torch to see and i would not like a game set in tunnels where I would most probably get lost and become a skeleton!
I love all of Bart Bonte's games...they are great and not too hard to figure out on your own. I also really love Hams Hopping Adventures....they are really fun and while some parts are tricky, they usually make sense.
Thank you!

i could potentially do some mock up drawings, though i don't have much time. And i don't have any animation skills, just drafting skills. Maybe i could draw up some ideas

I've been playing games here for over a year and this is my first comment. I figure it's a good way to start. I adore these games even though (even after a year) I am utter crap at them. :(

I fully agree with most of what's already been suggested:

--NO slider puzzles PLEEZE!
--NO pixel-hunting!
--NO click randomly until everything is on/off/up/down etc. puzzles! These three things will cause me to leave a game as soon as I see them.

--Decent graphics (SSSG; submachine; gotmail, some others)
--Good resolution and lighting. Some of us are on old monitors and have old eyes and we just don't see as well as we used to. Flashlights should only be necessary to look in holes, or find the light switch or torch! :)
--In the same vein--we should be able to get hold of items without clicking madly a thousand times--tired joints can't manage it.
--Sliding panels can be interesting. It's a break from constant clicking.
--Actions that have some logic and sense
--Codes that can be worked out logically from the clues but do not require six leaps of logic to do so. One or two max.
--I'm not fussy about the sort of codes, but I prefer not to have to go search other websites for things like Morse Code or obscure symbols. That's just a waste of time and doesn't add to the game experience. Clues should be in the game.
--No mini games that you have to win.
----No long intros or cut scenes, no having to switch from "view" to "take", for example.
--no timed games
--combining items can be fun, but again there should be some sense: randomly trying to combine everything with everything is tedious.
--surprises are good! Like going through a door thinking it's the end but it's not. Extra rooms.
--Jigsaw puzzles are good.
--Save features if the game is lengthy.
--NO restarts if you mess up! There should be ways of getting to the end regardless of how you move about the areas.

Then there is the indefinable that differs from game to game: call it the ratio of fun to frustration. If I abandon a game it is because the frustration level has exceeded the fun part. The best games manage to find that balance.

my perfect game was Mystery of time and space... lots of thinking and action... also to be able to start a journey like that and save it.. and come back to it...

Good graphics r good also but not mandatory......

We cant have the same type of game all the time it would get boring...

And I would suggest that you keep downloadable game separate...

I've been lurking here for about six months and playing most of the games, with lots of help from y'all (thanks!). My favourite games are the ones that are complex but logical and have an ongoing storyline line eg. Submachine, Covert Front, the Anode and Cathode games, Trapped-The White Rabbit/The Dark (but not so small!), the Aztec Games series that started with "Escape from Octlien, etc. I often need help to get through them the first time but will then go back and play them again because they were so much fun.

Can I help for spanish translate.

How about also a zoom on all games. I like to have to look for things too but sometimes it can be hard to see and a zoom is nice to have.
Then I hate games even good one's I like where your downloading over and over and over. Some your have to wait as it plays a movie or other things like who made it and your waiting for the game. Then when you do get to the start button it still has to download the.
Don't like the games that you have to lets a pop-up pop up so it takes you to another site. I want to play the game and not go all over to these other sites. Hate the .html games too.
Then most other things I hate I think has been said many times.

A couple of things people mentioned also made me think of the ease of manueverability. If I'm in a room with a door at each wall and I hit the back arrow, I expect to be returned to the exact view that I was at before. I don't like to be turned around and lose my sense of direction. Many times, I end up trying to go into the same room I've gone into before and wasted time trying to find which way is up, down, left, right. Time should be spent looking for items and figuring out ways to use them.

heloo............anyone still here??

I like the games mmoo does, with the different gods. I wish there were more games like that, where it is based on a fairy tale or folk tale. I also like how mmoo games teach about Japanese culture. And of course they are funny. I like the games that aren't just boring escape the room games, but they have an interesting story to go along with it. Could you make a game like that?

Alright, I thought of some other comments to add to my last one.

Someone mentioned Trapped. I love Trapped! I can't wait for the third one to come out. That is one of the best room escape games! It's not just finding a way out, but there is an interesting story to go along with it.

I think someone also mentioned you have made scary games. I like the scary games, but make sure the story is good. I like the scary games where there are diaries you find, and you can read them and see how crazy the people were or whatever. Scary combined with mystery make for a good story.

I hope my comments were helpful to you! Thanks for making games!

I love this XD

Okay so here are the things that I have opinions on.

-Games like 'Leaving Your Room' where you have to find the keys and there's a funny side to it.
-Puzzle-related Escape the Room games.
-Games where you have to tidy your room before leaving the room etc.
-Games with a slight adventure aspect, with a bit of a story to it.
-Multiple endings (in English versions, it's annoying in Japanese/other language versions)
-Games with clear graphics (i need to tell if a spade is a spade, not just some brown blob)

-Timed games.
-Games where you die.
-Games with box language.
-Games with no English translation
-Really annoying codebreaker games (i suck at breaking codes, just have the code in a book for crying out loud)
-Pixel clicking
-Slider puzzles
-Games that require sound (I play them in the shop so I can't really play them until the sound's off on the computer. Did that once and someone thought a car alarm had gone off but it was just the music of some jap game)

Basically if I see "Language may be a barrier to play this game" I won't play it.

I have nothing to say, but 1 word:


if you played with this game, you know what i am talking about.

i have a flash games blog, and this was the best game on it forever, and the number of comments of users show me, they love it as me.

Hey Daniel,
First of all thank you very much in posting this thread, i think it´s a great idea that a creator of games (as you are) checks this site, and post a thread to be able to know what game-players like about your games and games in general, and to invite players to bring in ideas, tips, hints, likes and dislikes with the purpose to be able to develop a (PERFECT?) new game.Very nice idea.
Me myself i don´t actually like these incredebily difficult codes to be found in some games.
Also i like it very much when the cursor (arrow) becomes a hand on (hot)spots, it´s usually pixel hunting if it is already and stays a hand the whole game.( or these weird formed arrows, i don´t like them neither)
Games could be a little bit longer as well, and i also apreciate some humour....
I think a good game should have some nice relaxing background music, or at least sounds by clicking along the game.No silent ones.
By posting comments on a game to help or ask help it´s confusing if codes on games are random, i think they should be the same for each player, although i admit that it makes a game more difficult and therefor more of a challenge.

For the rest i agree with the comments posted earlier by fellow escapers as; no timed games, no (time taking) sliding puzzles, no pixel hunting etc.
Language barriers are another great problem on many games, but as we can´t presume the whole world to speak the same language, i apreciate that some game makers let you choose the language before starting a game ( usually English or Japanese)Maybe a multi-language one? I could help you translating for a Dutch, Spanish or Catalan version.
I´ll think of anything more to be able to help, good luck and thanks again for this thread

First I must thank you for putting up these games. I really enjoy playing escape games.

What I like most:
1. Nice graphic as in gotmail games
2. Long logical games e.g. cageling
3. Some information about items we have collected so that we know what to do next instead of clicking blindly
4. A little bit of thinking and reasoning required to figure out next step.

What I dislike:
1. Long intro that you are not able to skip
2. Dark scenes
3. Drag-and-drop to use items

Yes, I forgot to add, language barrier is not a barrier at all, I think. Despite the fact that most people can't read Japanese, everybody is still playing Japanese escape games. I think the most important thing is that the game itself is attracting people to play and never give up. We always have one or two players who know Japanese and will do the translation at the forum, don't we?

There should be an easy start, where you can find maybe a couple of items quickly. That gives you a sense of succes and motivates you. There are few things worse than getting stuck within the first 2 minutes of a game.

I agree with most all comments about games so far.
Love escape games and I am sure yo will come up with a great one for us.
Thanks so much for asking for our opinions.
Big Fish has come out with a game that is the ULTIMATE "escape the room" puzzle game I have played so far.
It is called "Escape The Museum".
I am sure you will all love it.

Hi, This is a bit out of the thread perhaps, but me and my band Quarterhorse are about to release our second album this year and we are looking for someone to create an escape game in flash based on some of our ideas.

The creator will own all the rights to the game to post on any website and we will promote the game on our own site and our myspace.

The thing we´re thinking is an "escape the rehearsing room" game, with instruments and all kinds of stuff to help you break out.

We´ve got a lot of ideas, do you wanna help!???

Please drop us an email to fire_mitch@hotmail.com

/Mike & Quarterhorse

Beautiful graphic like in many japanese games - kind of logic which is not too obvious - codes are OK if they don't need a university degree to be solved - no pixel hunting - no fear/blood - moving panels/objects - no time limit - not depending on language - puzzles are OK - no sliders...


Well, since everyone seems to really want decent graphics, I should probably ask if what level of graphics would be ok.

If anyone of you played either of my two games, are those graphics decent enough? (Escape the Haunted Mansion and Escape the Lab) I'm far from a visual artist and those images were created with paint, but if people want better visuals let me know... I'll have to see what I can do.

Alright, scratch that. I just thought of something that I can do instead to make the visuals both better and easier to make.

Once I get a main basis for a theme, I'll use a 3D developer program to create the scenes and then take snapshots. Or something else that I was thinking, was perhaps taking screenshots from games. This could perhaps solve both problems of wanting good graphics and being in different and exotic places.

Ok, sorry for the 3 posts in a row, but I got it! What I'll do is use the CounterStrike custom mapping program to create a scene/s. Then, I'll play the map and take screenshots and what not.

What do you think?

Dislikes: Games that require google searches to figure out codes (every clue should already be in the game), games with no story lines (I particularly love MMOO's games for their story lines), ridiculously short games, timed games, games where you can die

Likes: Challenging but do-able games, multiple objects, being able to "view" and manipulate objects, Using objects more than once for various different things, mute buttons

Alright, here's the theme I have come up with. I just want to see if you all "approve."

I don't want to give away anything, so I'll just tell you the known information. You're stranded on an island and have located a boat, but the boat requires both fuel and keys to operate. Now there is an abandoned warehouse of some sort. You first have to find some way into the warehouse, locate the fuel and keys, and then manage to escape out of the warehouse and make your way to the boat.

I figure this combines those who want escaping new types of places as well the solving a way into something rather than just escaping.

So what do you think?

I think it would be amazing to combine certain types of games. For example: The eyemaze grow games are so much fun but are not really escape games. There is one called chronon that combines using a timeline where you have to place the items in the correct place at the correct time. It is very challenging and a lot of fun.

Also, I find that games with multiple rooms are more fun. Instead of getting stuck and going to the same four walls over and over you have other possibilites.

First person games like the japanese point and clikc games are fun but I think that a lot of times it is more fun to have a character complete the actions. Like the freeworldgroup game mental. Where the three little guys escape the mental hospital. You have to have each character do certain things that others cant. That brings in more logic. Who would be able to do what?

sounds great to me! can't wait to play.

Thanks for including us in your quest to make a game that everyone can enjoy.
Good luck!
I will be waiting to play.

I love a game that has mystery and detective work..involved..like a real story line..as opposed to just escaping..I think games that have puzzles in them are great..like jigsaw puzzles..paper cut up and put back together puzzles( drag pieces back together to form the paper again..but finding the papers first..not having them there for you do do.) Bright games..not very bright but not dark either..where u cant even see anything..
Also load fast, theres nothing like movie script flash games that take forever to load and are glitchy. How i tell the difference is in right clicking..if there is a menu of ff rw..play>> those are the best..if u right click page and you see "About flash and "Settings" Those take forever! and are mostly glitchy. NOT alot of text..everything you click on something so you are forced to click it to go away. Combining is fun alot fun. Especially if you have to use your head to put something to gether. I"m not crazy about equations..not all of us are math geniouses..so it makes it for a game u have to get someone else to crack it. LIke short ones are ok. NO..SLIDER puzzles..many have diffulty with them.including myself. I like a lot of colour in a game as well..with a cozy setting..similar to "Vision" "Gotmail games." Language barrier is an issue too and I'm not sure why cause most software gives u the option to distribute in alot of different languages. I prefer "hotspot" games as opposed to default cursor with just the hand..so u are forced toclick everything in site. For myself I am not crazy about multiple endings, only because its nice to finish it off, and most are set up u can leave too early thereby making it so u have a bad ending..Unless of course there are different multiple endings with different hotspots in the second time around. Then i like that idea.!Sound is very important. I love Adventure point and click as opposed to room escape only..more that one room is nice. If I think of anything else Ill add it.but this is a great thread!! I myself am designing a game and its ALOT of work..mind you im only working with paint right now..But I can respect anyone who takes the time to make one for our enjoyment only..I think thats terrific..:D

1. English
2. No time limit

I liked very much the games like viridian room, the doors and so on. These were the first room escape games i played, and since then i always look for new games :-) (a couple of years, i think ;-))

I liked very much the games like viridian room, the doors and so on. These were the first room escape games i played, and since then i always look for new games :-) (a couple of years, i think ;-))

Hi Daniel, Like your idea for the stranded island, so how about expanding it to how you were stranded? Plane crash (you were the only person on board) so you have stuff to find so you can explore the island. The boat was in the cargo so you have to put it together? Rather than a warehouse, how about an abandoned holiday house (more rooms).
Just ideas...interesting reading the comments..

I dont like horror escape games! if a game even looks a little scary i wont play it! also i like escape games that have lots of rooms like escape the house rather than escape the room! GRAPHICS HAVE TO BE THE BEST!!!!!! dont make it timed. i get soooooo frustrated when i run out of time because truefully im reeeeaaaallllyyyyy slooooooooooooooooooow! stranded on an island would be REALLY FUN also!!! i would play it alot! like have more than one person stranded on an island that have to help each other out! i like games that are really long too like if you made a save button so you can start where you left off! i never get to be on the computer for too long unless im alone which would be right now but thats beside the point anyways you should make it really long! please dont make too many mini games they are fun and all but they are frustrating when its just one after another, after another, etc. alternate endings are good too! i especially love it when the character talks and gives hints and stuff! thats the best!


what i prefer:
something not to easy, not to hard.
no hard codes...not a good codebreaker
graphics don't have to be great, just no bugs whenever you play it...so annoying!!!
don't like it when something happens that only turning on your sound system will happen or tell you something
no alternate endings
no annoying cursors
Sneaky spy guy is a great escape game to model after.
not to complicated things...

Hoctor that sounds cool. Maybe you can add to the story though. You know you can include your tunnel idea and maybe there's some weird stuff happening on the island like you come across ruins or statues or things that indicate there's something else on the island w/ you. And maybe you think that you're gonna use the plane to escape but instead it turns out you gotta use the key for something else that you wouldn't expect but still seems logical and instead you have to build a raft or who knows... and collect things from the island to build it. or some mysterious person sabotages the plane mid-game... i dunno, it would be cool to make it kinda exciting but not necessarily competetive

Oh I assure you that there will be more to the game than what I described. I just don't want to give alot away. Now that I'll be using a map editor to make all of this in 3D, I can spend more time working on the gameplay and what not. Before, when I was doing everything with paint, I would have to spend about 70% of the time drawing (very annoying).

Anyways, thank you all for your input. I've been going through and reading each comment and marking down specific requests. I'll try my hardest to accomadate as many of you as I can.

Thanks again everyone.

Very cool, Daniel.
Mystery-fantasy has such great potential. Some of the symbols associated with mystery-fantasy have psychological associations as well. A magic pond in a forest; a wise, old crone who gives invaluable insight or advice; the light that one follows to fortune or romance; the magic lamp; flying carpet; stupid giant (easliy outwitted).

Information is so stinking easy to access that it is inane that the only puzzles in point and click games are mathematical, mazes, or sliders. Something that requires a modicum of cultural literacy would be nice; for example: "Answer these three questions to cross the bridge . . ." If the questions had to do with presidents, nursery rhymes (or more sophisticated poetry), contemporary music, or whatever would be a pleasant innovation.

Dark screens are frustrating to navigate and work only when a light switch is available or the game is going for the horror effect. Elaborate art (obviously) is unnecessary, but garish hardly sets the bar. Simple but fairly accurate works.

Multiple screens (rooms, scenes, etc.) are more interesting that one or four, but anything that has to load every time you move from one room to another works on the nerves of ADDers like myself.

Talking animals can be cool. Especially if they represent specific qualities (owl=wisdom, lion=strength, horse=majestic, etc.).

Don't bother to give me credit (or blame). I'm looking forward to see what you develop.


how soon are you thinking about starting to work on this? Not pushing, just wondering

Well right now I'm in the early development stage. I'm basically mapping out the location, and determining the main plot. Once I finish that, I'll make the map in 3D and then run around taking different snapshots for the game.

Since this one will be much more indepth than my other games, it's going to take a little longer to complete, but I'll try to keep you guys updated every now and then.

My favorite game is MOTAS - I really like the types of games where there is multiple rooms...once you solve the first one you can move on and they get slightly harder as you go.

Games where there is too much area to explore at once can get frustrating. Limit to one or two rooms at a time is good.

I think it should be in english not japenese

( I know a lot of people don't like wrestling but a good game could be how Chris Beniot died if you saw that story on the news)

I like the island theme. Perhaps the shack could be mostly hidden, dug up, and an underground (sea, ocean) tunnel leading to other islands??? An under sea adventure? I agree with everyone's comments both pro and con. The one thing I dislike is when the cursor is an out-sized hand with a pointing finger or even worse those huge arrows that flicker and are hard to drag. I don't expect this game to be ready for a few months because we seem to have landed our problems on you to fix. The only comment I have is that I am a senior and would like it done in my life time, please.?/! Maybe this one time a walkthrough should not be posted (sorry Diana, Mers etc.) for at least a couple days. Thank You for taking this time away from your studies to think of us. Good Lucktxcdooi

I know I'm going to get hell for this, but I don't mind sliding puzzles. Here are a few ideas of my own.

Idea 1, a game in which there is a house that has a central hub which alters which doors you can enter and the shape of some rooms. I was thinking multiple configurations which you need to find key items to unlock.

Idea 2, you're a few inches tall, a single room is enormous, and things like paper clips and thumbtacks could be used for more inventive purposes.

I like games where you can control more than one person (esklavos, wish, etc.) having situations that differ slightly with each person enriches a game and makes it worth another go around.

I also like games where you can play two rooms at once. What happens in one room affects the other and vice versa. Sometimes where an individual might fail, a duo might succeed. Also (just throwing this out there) you could rig keyboard commands so a friend could join in or compete.

My favorites involve science or magic, how many times have we escaped a locked room that could currently exist anywhere on earth... It gets old.

I've noticed a lot of people are speaking out against dark games. I wasn't really sure whether you meant games with low lighting or games with a horror theme.

Obviously I don't like games with low lighting; that just makes it hard to see.

I have to say that I do enjoy scary games, though. I don't mean I like to see monsters and blood and guts everywhere. I just like when the game is a little creepy, and you get that unsettling feeling that something is not quite right. I even thought MOTAS was like that sometimes. It adds a little thrill to the game, and makes me feel more involved. It makes me feel like I need to escape from the room (solve the puzzle, whatever).

I mean, if a room is bright, happy, and as cute as cotton candy, why are we trying to escape from it anyway?

Hmmmm... about the idea of playing more than one character. I've been working on the plot and think that I could sort of use a two player system for it.

What do you guys think about flashback sequences where you play a different character in the same scene (but slightly different). Basically, things you do in the flashback alter how things are in the present.

What do you guys think?

It is so kind of you to have asked for players' opinion when developing new games. Thank you so much. The game you mentioned sounds interesting and I can't wait to play.

wow, 97 posts..took me a while to read them all. The suggestions all sound so good. Cant wait for you to get this game going. I did play your other two games and really liked them. Like everyone else,the language thing kills me! And no pixel hunting, darkness hurts my eyes and I can't handle math past the basics (thanks to Diane or I'd still be stuck in the second game I played!) The two player thing sounds cool. Not sure about the flashback thing. I guess I'd have to try it but at least it's something different. I also love the idea of multiple rooms. Just one room gets boring after a bit.
Daniel, thanks so much for asking for our input. It's going to make playing the game more fun when we know we have helped in some very small way!! Can't wait!!

Just to throw in my opinions, I pretty much agree with what's been said, and I really don't like being chased by creatures, or having to escape a particular person. I like complicated story lines and multiple endings, they make it an interesting challenge. I really, really hate "I woke up in this room...how did I get here?" beginnings.

Dear Daniel
Your idea about the island sounds great. But with two characters like Esclavos I hate. Thats double clicking. As in some games, where you need to proceed to get first one item, then you can restart clicking the whole room to find the next item. OK, found next item, you must click the same spots in the whole room to find another item. Spots you clicked already two times before they respond.
Now imagine ten characters. I exagerate. One have to click ten times the same spot to have a response. Next spot, the same. Phew, not for me. Let the game go straight forward. Hide your items good. Thanks for your attention.

Well, I don't have such great ideas, I would just like to mention somethings I might look for in an escape game.

I love Mmoo's games, renegade's games, and gamershoood's games. I look for comedy in games, and english, lol. It's kind of fun to have those obvious keys, but then it gets boring if you're just looking for keys. I hate pixel hunts, and it would be nice if the escape wasn't too hard, so that I wouldn't need TOO much help. Long, challenging escapes get annoying, and I hate escapes that take place throughout an entire town or house(well, things like Mmoo's escapes aren't bad), but having to press arrows over and over to get to one place is so frustrating! I also dislike people wandering around like the nurse in...ohhh, I'm sorry I can't remember the name! But I love having references to outside sources like movies or other websites, as I mentioned before, I love humor. I'm sorry, I know I'm not much of a help, just listing all the things I like and don't like. I might have some ideas later...=]

way back in time i heard that a mouse is supposed to endure for about two million clicks or so. since the day that i've started escape games (as well as other point 'n' click games) the lifetime of these things are significantly reduced to a few months, especially when it involves a pixel-hunter game!

as long as there is clicking involved, i'm in! the arrow-keys are still allright, but apart from that i'm pretty terrible using a keyboard when i'm gaming.

anyhoeeee.. having said that, the only major problem i think is the language barrier. french and german aren't supposed to be a problem for the most of us (i suppose), but russian an japanese often spoil all the fun.

i also noticed there isn't any e-mail address or other channel to reach a webmaster or host, which could be useful some day.

is it me, or does everybody have to post their comments on the blogger-site, instead of the escapegames24-site itself?

and last but not least, i'd like to draw the attention to the creators from eyezmaze to make more grow-games!!! yihaa!!

i want a game that invose all escape the room game makeing it the bst game and the unbetible game in the world most imporntly i want a game tha you can design you own levels on that way people at home can callange the brothes and thir siters and only them know the ansewer after that thay can add it to the game themself= 99999..leves no that wii be escape hevean

Odio los juegos que, por algún "error", te ogligan a empezar de nuevo. No juego los juego.

I hate games that anything "wrong", you ogligan to start over. Not playing the game.

A GOOD GAME (to me) needs:

1. A GOOD BASIC IDEA OF STRATEGY: including puzles to solve. But that the IDEA were based on the strategy, and not in the difficulty of solving each single puzzle.
That means too: not to include maths problems as the central solving point of the game, for example.

2. GOOD NAVIGATION: it is not nessesary to make a game with a lot of heavy graphics resources but a clare resolution of details and mode to go through the screens and zooming points of the story.

3. GOOD GRAPHICS: i'm remembering just now games with a high grade of graphic details (like Cover Front- BUT also others whith a minimun of resources but excelent as well -like Daymare Town-
And in the middle of these we can find Crimsom room, etc.

4. AVOID DARKNESS extreme because it makes me feel that something is wrong whit the game: why to do games so dark if the idea is really good?
And it's not funny at all go through a dark screen guessing what is going on in the game.

To finish i can say that this is a very very good idea ESCAPEGAMES24: I'm a old fan of this site, and even more since this calling to our opinions.
(And sorry my english, i hope you can understand what i mean)
Thanks and good luck!!!!

My all time favorite game is "Vision" from Neutral, creator of RGB and Sphere. I think because every activity is interconnected. There are so different types of puzzles to play and it is a nice length.

Alright everyone, here's something I thought of that I would love to get your opinion on. Now, I feel that the puzzles for these types of games shouldn't be about trying to find the items, but rather determining how and where to use them. Therefore, I was thinking of placing an info box in the main HUD that tells you how many items you have found in whatever room your in versus the number of items you can find.

Again, the total number of items in the room would only be for that room and not the entire game. Also, I would note that if there is an item that is in the room but unobtainable at the moment, it would not be part of the count.

Say, for example, the room has a safe, and in the safe are 3 items you can pickup. If the safe were locked, then the HUD would show 0/0, but if the safe were unlocked, it would show 0/3.

So what do you think?

I think thats a great idea..this way you know you still have three items that are attainable..but if not..u have to search more for code for safe.

Island to explore is fantastic..i loved every game there was an island involved..escape island games...they're the best..I can't wait, i look forward to it..I seen your comment on working in paint...lol..Yes my hands are cramped right up..drawing in there...Is it possible you can make it full screen? I really enjoy a game in full screen..just a thought.:D

I could make it full screen, but then it would probably have to be downloadable. Right now, I think I would rather stick with the basic online type format. Someday, if I do make a fullscreen game, it will probably be much more indepth.

Your idea sounds good but I think it isn't necessary.
By the way, no-one mentioned music puzzles. As I am a complete stranger about notes or remember them, I usually quit when I see a notequiz or something like replay this on a piano. I think i'am not the only-one.

I like having mini games involved (such as the move the disks from one side to another with no larger on top of smaller, trace the shape without crossing the same path, etc) but not slider puzzles.


Check out "Tipping Point" which just came out on this site a day ago. To me this is a beautifully made flash game which incorporated many of the ideas people expressed here. If you can even come close to that game, you will have made a very good game!

I've gotta say I'm addicted to horror escape games. I kinda wish there was a separate tag for them here, lol.

I also suggest giving a game a good backstory and plot, like the ExMortis games have.

Hi All

I have been playing point-and-click and escape-the-room games on this site but I never post. But since I am here often, I thought I should contribute. I apologise for unnecessary overlap with previous posts

Firstly, examples of games i've liked: the submachine series, the intruder, the scarlet and veridion (sp?) rooms.

Ok things I like:

- dark themes (but not exclusively). I don't like it to be visually dark, but I like a bit of a scary theme sometimes

- using objects in ways for which they were not invented - so using a remote as a way to balance a table with uneven legs, or using a a padlock as a counter-weight etc

- number codes which do not require a degree in trigonometry (!)

- a wide range of objects

- the ability to save

- objects which require you to only use a part of that object, so the lid of a jar or the battery in a phone or the cord of an extension lead

- graphics that are not so underdone that I can't tell a TV from a microwave

- clues which lead to more clues

I dislike:

- pixel hunting

- death, making me start from scratch (maybe have 3 or more lives)

- long stretches of dialogue that I can't skip

- an inability to turn of the sound

- games which let me take strings of useless items

- games which don't tell us that a certain amount of fluency in a particular language (incl. english) will make the game virtually impossible

- timers

- tiny writing that strains my eyes

- games that take too long to upload (more than 3 minutes and I get annoyed - I have a pretty good internet connection so most games take less than a minute to upload)

- games that start off in the dark so you have to click around like a maniac to find a light switch, match, torch etc

- games that send me to different sites to find information

- games that require sound

Will add more if I think of anything

Chantelle; I would say you hit the nail on the head...Those are pretty much all my likes and dislikes in a game also.Although I like sound in a game...Full screen and also lOVE scary themes..

I like to move to zoom in a frame and have it be a small puzzle of sorts also.I just love it when they put jigsaw puzzles in a point and click game..

I personally hate mazes, especially if it's dark or everything looks the same, unless you have a map (map can fill out as you visit each location, to avoid giving too much away too soon). It's really frustrating if you take a wrong turn and the maze isn't exactly linear so you can't try drawing your own map to find your way back. So avoid mazes, tunnels, unless you provide a map, or leave some sort of symbols at each junction or turn/curve so that we can make notes on where we are. I love additional puzzles/mini-games that are based on logic. Hate timed, or death. Great plot is crucial. Blurry or dark graphics are a definite no-no (causes problems especially with hidden object games ... some of us wear glasses). I personally hate shooters (though some people love them) ... I use a touch pad, so it's hard aiming to shoot and click.

I didnt read the comments above, so this may be a repeat. (sorry)

I always love when there is more then one part to the game. ( ex. escape the room, escape the room 2, escape the room 3, etc.. ) that way, if someone loves the game, they have something to keep looking forward too.

If you do choose that, dont always make an ending that cant be added onto so you can say part 4 coming soon or something.

My friend and I love to play together and definitely agree that is is very fun to find 20 or 25 boxes, puzzle pieces, keys, etc.. hidden in different places, which have a letter or long code on them in which you can place inside a vault. they would be programmed to slide into a certain spot no matter where the player places them. Then, it would read a message or number code (number would probably be better so the players couldnt just guess what the message said.)

It is also hilarious to read funny comments when a player clicks to use an object on something. ( such as: "no way im touching that with MY hands" or Id rather not die)

And if you have younger players like 8 or 9 i suggest not to use bad language or inappropriate objects ( not like guns or knifes but like dead bodies with blood)

NEVER do a one-room escape game.. try to have locked doors and maybe an attic or basment. One rooms are TOO easy because you know that you will need something in that room. Plus, you can do more with more rooms and its not as boring.

I also hate limited inventorys. seens of people talking or explaning something is fun to watch to (like trapped, persuit and escape. those are my favorite escape games, and they are the same story in 3 parts. )

Also, suduko, equations, and sliders are so annoying. Me and friends quit many games because we couldnt figure them out. Maybe like a four or six slider is okay tho. they're not THAT hard.

Also, what about finding a bunch of hiden objects in order to construct on big object? (such a a hook, stick, bait, line, a base, handle, and glue to constrruct a fishing rod)

Sorry for the long post.. unless everyones is this long. I hope you can cretae a good escape game soon!

what i like is easy navigation, lots of items to obtain, no math problems or sliders, scary atmosphere is fine, no darkness, no pixel, or timer, or death.

I also like multiple endings, jigsaw puzzles, strategy to help me out. I like to go through room to room like inside a house. one locked door, get that unlocked, try getting the other door unlocked until you get out in the last door.

I like hints that helps keep me focused on looking or combining items. I really did not wish to rely on comments because it only shows just how bad it is to find out what i need to do or find. I like to not have to rely on walkthroughs so much. The game needs to be easier to do.

I like thinking a lot in escape games and bit of detective work as well.

I do hope you still check this thread from time to time. If not, maybe someone else will come across after clicking "random game" as I did :)

I enjoy escape games that have the cursor change to a hand when I am over a hotspot. Pixel hunts aren't so bad, so long as I have that little clue :)

Also, single room games can be boring. I really like the ones that take you to at least two or three rooms total. Not only does it make the game less short, but it also makes me feel like "yay! One challenge down! On to the next!" Sort of makes me feel excited that I tackled one room, but oh-ho! You're not done yet!

Easy navigation. Make sure to at least have arrows always there OR pop up when I hover. In games with no indication, sure we all know "click left go left", but sometimes I think I'm over a hotspot, and all of the sudden I'm in a new scene, when I wasn't done with the last one. Small annoyance, but annoying nonetheless.

Math. No Math! Or, little math. it can also be annoying when I have to pull out a calculator, and then the order of operations is wrong, and I get the code wrong. At least use parentheses :) also, having to switch between scenes to remember the numbers you saw at the beginning of a game, in order to solve a math problem at the end, isn't really fun. But...

Puzzles! Puzzles are always a fun additive. The same ol' "find this, use it here, ket the key, out" can get boring. But please, no slider puzzles ;)

I hope you are still making games, and I hope you check this thread every so often, to gain ideas. I love that you are asking the players what they like! It shows you are in it for the fun, and the players! That's always a good quality in ANY game developer, no matter the game type.

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