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Test Kitchen Escape Walkthrough

Test Kitchen Escape

[REPLAY] 58Works - Test Kitchen Escape is another Japanese point and click room escape game developed by 58 Works. In this game, you are locked in a kitchen and you have to find and use items with clues to escape the kitchen. Good luck and have fun!

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Test Kitchen Walkthrough
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       Anonymous  3/31/08, 1:37 AM  

Am I the first? will try to help,but dont expect a walkthru,lol

       Anonymous  3/31/08, 1:38 AM  

First one here?

Just played this...good game and logical actions..so language not a problem

       Anonymous  3/31/08, 1:42 AM  

last barstool moves out underneath some kind of panel zoom in and it has a number code lock

       Anonymous  3/31/08, 1:45 AM  

upstairs....cocktail shaker behind plant,slip of paper under 2 books on blue table


Finish !!!! It's the first time for me !!! I can give help but in french ... sorry ...
This game is quite easy !

New game..

Way to go Shushun..!

I have 1 bottle wine (used), need second, 1 cocktil shaker and 1 sheet of paper. Now stuck, need help!

Hi...check out the cocktail shaker. where did you use the wine?

I'm stuck too. I have bottle of beer, put into the wall upstairs, piece of paper, got the stove working but for what? I don't have a pot or anything. I have a part of the key out of the shaker. Now what :D

I used wine upstairs, on wall. Found half key in shaker, found also ice cubes , get key by using icecubes on sink, opend wine cupboard und found something like a red weel. (Sorry for my English).

Put the envelope from under the books...I think, on the flame on stove.

       Anonymous  3/31/08, 2:36 AM  

there are some cube things I think in the freezer behind bar,use those and drop them into the sink in kitchen then you can get the key to the wine case,check topshelf on left of winecase and you find something,go back to kitchen stovetop and click near the floor under the stove counter and there is a pipe use the thing found in the winecase ,this turns gas on, take slip of paper and hold over flame,get symbols

Thanks, Hera :)

Babe, the red wheel is for the gas, right next to the stove.

       Anonymous  3/31/08, 2:38 AM  

what do you do with the wrench tool?

weel is for gas, near oven. I make fire und used paper on it, see forms.

The shapes on the paper remind me of the glasses in the cupbord, can't get it to work though, many combinations possible! And is it left to right or upside down?

Counted the glass shapes using the paper but the code doesn't go in!

it was upside down :)

How can it be upside down??

Cool game :) I'm out, thanks for the help!

Got it!

Well it's wineglass, then long sherry glass, then longdrinkglass, then martini glass... so from the back to the front!

Ok. I'm out, thanks to all! :-)

does this game remind anyone else of gotmail a little bit..?

Hey..pretty cool we don't have to use verification code anymore..


I still have to use verification :(, how come you don't, mercedes?
Oh and by the way, i'm playing Concertalino again, still can't get the carpet piece :D

Out...great game logical, quite easy but fun...

I don't have to i beleive because i'm a member here of the blog..

is all i can think of...

Cute game..i'm out!

I have the symbols and have been trying for ages to work out the glass cupboard section. I know what order to click but don't know where to start. Can anyone help? Please?

Have you got the paper upside down?

Anita - are you adding up the totals for each type of glass with the paper upside down?

just look at symbols and put them in backwards is all..:)

You on ly need to count them up and put in code backwards..Anita

how do you put the code in i feel so stupid

coundt up glasses...by looking at symbols

wine glasses

sherry glasses


cocktail glasses i beleive it wwas..

count them up and input code..

but put it in backwards..

so if the numbers are 5 2 3 6

put 6 3 2 5

thx mercedes i was trying to click the glasses in the order on the paper i am so thick even though i just wrote a walkthrough on escape m3106

don't feel bad..no doubt others did it too...loll was expecting a harder game mabye..this way was easier..not often you see that..!


no new games to play now :(

That was a neat game. Not too hard and just needed a little help. Oh and Merc, this definitely reminded me of gotmail.

I thought it was a bit like gotmail, too! Except WAY easier ^^''

Fun game!

Not difficult at all, and yes, a gotmail like feel to it.

Quite of few misleading cabinets to open, etc. Keeps ya guessing but in a good way.

Out finally!

Hi Diana

I think I've clicked just about every pixel of that fridge/freezer behind the bar (inside and out) and cannot find the ice-cubes. Any hints please?

Also, I have the dual/colored key, but nowhere to use it??


the cubes is in another freezer at the right hand side of the cupboard with lots of wine glass ( not the same we find the wine). You can only access it when you are facing right hand side of the cupboard.

Thank you Nightfly!!!!!

Pretty nifty game. It was easier than I thought it would be but I don't think I would've gotten the whole symbol thing without help from you guys.

Out simple thinking game. Good job

Thanks for the help everybody. Am out.

ah, just got to play this one..these types are my favorite kind...awesome game!

How do you combine the two key halves?

nevermind....power of posting

is anyone still playing

i couldnt seem to get that last game to start for me hope this one does

how do you combine the 2 key halves???

its driving me crazy!!

just veiw one then combine the other one to it mike

i think im just being thick... i click on 1 half, then when i click the other i just, view the other half....

ahhhh done it!!!

Hey guys, Just started playing this game, and when I click around I get white squares at the bottom instead of what I presume should be text? For example I got a row of squares under the beer fridge. Is this going to be a problem, or am I not supposed to read anything?

We all get that...

Language does not pose a problem finishing game..:)

Thanks Mercedes! Guess I'm going to try my hand at yet another one of these games. Guessing the addiction doesn't end easily from seeing you all here. :)

No it doesnt'..lol...you will be here for many years to come..:)

and WELCOME..~~~


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In Kitchen:
Get bottle from refrigerator
Get ice from icemaker
Put ice in sink
Take Key

Behind Bar:
Use Key on Glass Beer Chiller
Upper left ceiling of inside beer chiller - take key

Take Shaker from behind plant
Examine Shaker - take off cap and top half
Remove key (its actually half of a key)
Lift books from table
Take envelope from under books

go back to kitchen
put red dial under stove (this turns on gas)
Turn on one of stove burners
hold envelope over flames
notice diagram burns onto envelope.

code refers to glasses on shelf in bar
count the number of glasses of each style
there are five martini (short triangle)
six highball (tall cylander)
two champaign (tall triangle)
seven wine (oval)
this gives you 5627

notice glasses in diagram is upsidedown
thus, you should reverse your code to

go to front of bar - last chair
move chair and zoom to safe
enter code and press red button
take white bottle

go upstairs
but both bottles in wall
take key (other half)
examine one half of key
then combine with other half
use key on front door
you are out!

i h0pe dis heLps!

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