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Tipping Point - Chapter 3 Walkthrough

Tipping Point - Chapter 3

Tipping Point 3 WalkthroughTipping Point C3 is the third chapter of Tipping Point point and click adventure game. Tipping Point is an online point-and-click adventure game that I designed to help me learn Flash. Like most adventure games, there are no rules and you can't do anything wrong. Just look closely at your surroundings and the items on the screen. Try to figure out what to click, pick up, etc. to move the story forward." Good luck and have fun!

Play Tipping Point - Chapter 3

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did u follow step for step

...did u turn on TV button...i also shined light in birds face...before i played song...not sure if that made a difference or not..to get his attention then played song.

Thank you very much for the help and I am sorry for wasting your time. I am quitting the game and will tray some other day.
Best regards

I don't know why its not falling for you...there's has to be something u are missing ..is the cassette player still in close view..do u hear the song..I dont know...it has to be something u are missing..did u press start button on the keypad thing...i don't think that makes a difference but still..also played with plug thing..tried to plug it in..

Ok well im sorry Dralkova..:(

ı'm stuck at thıs''d...n'merman game...%&\\)+^^??

IT DRIVES ME CRAZY...!!!!!!!!!

the fırst too parts dınd't ınclude thıs ...merman... game!!:S:S

ıts really drivıng me crazy!!!no logıcalıty....grrrrrrr
ıf yes...then ı'm dumm..:(

??? ıt opend...lol...just pushed around...lol...maybe that was the problem...?just play ıs here the rule...hahahaha..

@ virus

are u still here..

the message looked like gibersish in my email..with the keyboard functions u have I don't know..so strange..lol

as for combo for merlin..I think i might have to do it again..

i was sure it ws

bottom left-until only corner is only lit..so maybe push twice

bottom right..ditto..

top right

top left..

then the middle button on the inside..once

then the other side middle button on the inside once

Then the actual middle button

This is really hard to explain..i beleive that's how this one works


Top right
Top left

bottom left
bottom right..

middle button twice..This one works for wanting all of them lit up..it might work for this one too..

If you are still having problems with it..I'll load it again and try it again..:)

let me know

Well this SUCKS!!

I was so stuck from the get-go and even printed all of the walk through (waste of ink) just to find out that he must have changed it!

When I call on the phone to the 800 # I don't hear a prompt for 1, I only hear...heloo, helooo, heloooo?

I went from so excited to utterly disappointed in zero flat!!

I have tried everything to...grrr/ Surely I am doing something wrong but whomever the modest man who made this was has the last laugh.

First project my arse!


which chapter are you in

I don't ever remember hitting a 800#

there's an 804 channel in part one..

there's not a phone in part 3..


which part are you at..?

mercedes, Are U here

Sure..what's up..?

I am again on the same place as on Friday - the dancing-making-me-crazy-bird.
One question - when you are playing the tape do you hear the music, because I do not. I just see how the bird is dancing, but no music

Yes you are supposed to hear music

when u put tape in.

do u see a glow around the machine..?

when I take the tape and put it over the cassette-player, the tape is glowing and entering the device. Afterthat I am oushing the middle button and the tape is starting to rolling inside the player and the bird is starting to dance. But I do not hear a music

ok..that's a bit odd..I'm pretty sure there was music..same as black tape there was sound..

do u hear sound for black tape? make sure speakers are turned completely up..

u mean the speakers of my computer??
No music. Just the same moises as when the player is not working

yes speakers for you pc..but i assume you have done that..

And you don't hear either tape..?

Well the only thing i can think of

what browser are you using..?

Internet Explorer?? Is this a browser

But with the other parts I haven`t any problems

I'm assuming at this point you have;

gotten bug from stump..grabbed ladder..
approached table with meds..added all stuff required.

have gotten glass shard and used it...on bird outside
have gotten fruit from tree..
have made medicin for man and he has said thanks and needs rest
grabbed book ..

played merlin..
turned on T.V..

yes, I have made all thease things

WEll internet explore is more strict and it may not allow you to run certain scripts..

here is something that you can try..not related to I.E.

right click game screen..

choose settings..

under hard ware tab..
tell me if there is a check mark in hardware acceleration

Also make sure that speakeres are allowed..that game is allowed to access speakers..

If you want...if you have Firefox..try loading the game in Firefox..maybe that might solve it..There are certain games that are play better in Firefox then they do in Internet Explorer..

I will explain you what I see when I chose Settings:

1. Adobe Flash Player Settings
Privacy - there is a mark in front of Allow www.tippingpointgame.com to accsess your camara and microphone
2. Local storage - 10MB information
3. Microphone - SounfMax Digital Audio - Record volume - max
4. Camera - there is no camera

All i can think of is..try Firefox..Internet Explorer is funny thatway...i'ts probably not allowing to run the script ..

with the mozilla firefox is the same

really!..well at this point it has to be something you are missing..it just has to be..i know when i was playing, the music didn't play for me up until i did all those things..also shined light in birds face..before i played it..
not sure if that made a difference or not..but

how many inventory items do you have..i think at this point you should have 7 i beleive..so strange..

I don't know..the only other thing i can think of is play at the exact same time...and do as i do..if you want to try that..lol

what it could be too is that you said you didn't hear the music..i beleive the bird is meant to hear it...there fore it falls after dancing..if it can't hear the music..same as for black tape...it has to hear it..

like it has to play..and if you aren't hearing it..then its not playing as far as im concerned..u would think

mercedes, are u here

yes i am here...

not sure when u put that message..

Hi!I have a problem.I know that I have to put somehow 105 40 on the remote but I don't know how. Someone please explain me.I'm trying different ways but it doesn't work.(Sorry for my English)

Hi!I have a problem.I know that I have to put somehow 105 40 on the remote but I don't know how. Someone please explain me.I'm trying different ways but it doesn't work.(Sorry for my English)

i played parts 1 and 2 with no problem awhile ago...now i go to try 3 and all i get after it loads is a black screen. i went to their site and tried it from there but for all 3 levels all i get is a black screen. has anyone else had this problem? is there an alternative link?

Oh my God! The game is Ultima! I haven't seen this in over a decade! I used to LOVE this game when I was a kid!

Ok, can someone please help me? I have done most of the game sucsessfully by my self, until now. I have the holde device and it says that it is connected, but all i get is a frizzy screen!

( I am wondering if I shouldn't turned the Tv on..? )

please help, i am done with the devicer, i'm connected, but still ony a grey frizzy screen :(

Anyone know what to do?

Since it was bugging me, it seems starting with black tape THEN pink to make the toucan fall. Click him to reveal the lion. then play black tape (waking the lion). Heres the b!tch...you gotta enter the # while tape is still playing. 12squared is 12X12 then +12= 144+12=156

hey, I tried about a million times but am not able to guess the equation code which is to be entered in the lion's mouth calculator-thingy. Can anybody help me out? I looked at the black tape but was that was of no help.

where is the circuit board!?!?!?

Anyone know what to do with the egg, if anything?

working link:


(you can also load any other chapter from opening screen.)

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