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Death Row Walkthrough

Death Row

Death Row WalkthroughDeath Row is an addicting and funny game from Fizzy. "Hector Van Daemon will be executed in 14 days - if he lasts that long in this super-max facility. Wrongly sentenced to death for acts of terrorism, you are his only hope. Can you reform him enough to save him from death row, or even find enough evidence to prove his innocence?" Good luck and have fun!

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Thank you for posting new games at this time, mostly they appear overnight, so its nice to have a go....hope there are others playing!

1st time commenting...long time player..(thanks to all for hints and help)...now this game i really like...get more soon ,please

I can only find 6/8 clues.

for more clues you have to keep buying items..I finished the game, took a good about of time, but cool, really bad ending though

How do you get his work ethic up???

old game, but nice, and not so hard, work, get money, and bye things, will make him happy, and there is a good ending

I was able to get the governor to pardon Hector..(after 3 times)..My ending said "its not over yet" got to play full version to see what happens next...Soooo, what happens next?? I really like this game..

you can get the work ethic up by making him look in the mirror when he's happy, letting him read books about working harder and sometimes when he looks at the calendar.

I did not like the end, I have played for hours, made it a 100% and they tell me to play another game, grrr.

If you want to make money fast, you should work on the metal shop with the work-ethic high, if the work-ethic reach to 75 of higher, he will work furiously. If you want to boost the respect, health and work-ethic, you can use the computer to plus 20. But be careful, if he accidently choose the game maker test, he will drop the mood fast.
If your bars are full, you can email to... (forgot the name) to prove you are innosence. If the bars are low, he will drop the mood and respect bar fast as falling from a building. :D
One of the envidence is in the cell. The other are in the furniture you bought.

Sorry for my English, cause I'm Vietnamese

He can't talk to me.... When I try to talk with him, it says something about contacting customer support? Anybody else have problems?

First clue is under the mattress
Second is in the window.
When you buy a proper toilet, the third is in the back part
Once you buy the mirror, the 5ht clue will be in one of the corners
6th is under the desk, (when you buy it)
7th is in the plant
And 8th is in the trash

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ehs how do i make him respect me?? he keep sayin I HAVE NO RESPECT FOR YOU!!! it sux...

If you want him to respect you, you must play games with him, if you win, he will increase the respect bar by 1 or 2. Or may be you can buy a TV so he can watch it to increase by 4, or you can make him use computer to do some course online to make him increase by 40.

I can't find the clue thats in the mirror. Can someone help me.

never click the bottom option on the computer ul loose the computr

if u get wrk wthc up 2 21 it will be at : hardly working go higer and tell us the work ranks

i've found the other 7 clues but i cant find the one in the mirror...is there actualy one in there???

The clues are as follows:

First clue is under the mattress

Second is in the window.

When you buy a proper toilet, the third is in the back part

The fourth is in the corner of the rug

The Fifth one is in the trash.

6th is under the desk, (when you buy it)

7th is in the plant

And the 8th and final One is in the T.V Cabinet

Also dot email the govenor unless u have high respect or he'll fail and get put in solitary for trying to strangle you where he will hang himself and you have to start again.

i've found all the clues . Its easy just buy all the objects

What is the gouverner's code???????

Death Row Walkthrough

Death Row Walkthrough

Can be played for free online at Fizzy.com.

Hector Van Daemen has 14 days before his execution to find (9) pieces of evidence, in ordered to be pardoned by the governor of Texas.

Start Game Fund: $200
Food: Donut: $20
Work: Find out what it is my trial and error. He will indicate that it is his FAVOURITE. (this varies from game to game).

Buy Mirror for $150

Play Hang Man until you have 25 RESPECT points.

Hangman Words

Brush Teeth, look in mirror, play hang man everyday, and eat donuts everyday. (Need 50 MOOD points, and 25 RESPECT points, first).

Let him sleep and turn off lights. When he sleeps you get MOOD AND STAMINA points.

Go to favorite work. Get $.

Watch TV, listen to RADIO, play GAMES.

Read Book, for HEALTH, MOOD AND RESPECT points. (You will need to re-buy book after each use) $60).

Buy all furniture, bathroom supplies and games. (Total $)

Toilet $250
Blanket $80
TV $150
Dumbbell $60
Desk $300
Plant $90
Sink $250
Rug $300
Radio $180
Ball $50
Computer $1200
Bin $45
Mirror $130
Memory Game $95
Calendar $130
Shelf $80
Tic Tac Toe $60
Book $60

Take online course. Get degree. (WORK ETHIC, points)

Email the governor of Texas, to be pardoned and get code.
But first:
Collect all of the Clues.
Death Row CLUES
Under the Mattress.
Back Part of Proper Toilet.
Corner of Mirror.
Under Desk.
Trash Bin.
TV Set cupboard.

Read all of Book .
Read Book, for HEALTH, MOOD AND RESPECT points. (You will need to rebuy book after each use).

Go to Work and have lots of money.

If not, the governor will reject you and you will lose -25 RESPECT points.

Once you have the code, go to CLUES, and enter code. Part II.

how do u turn off the lights

the -25 respect points thing is a lie because i had 14 respect points and still got the pardon.
Also there is no clue hidden in mirror theyre all in this order---
1st clue- under matress-once you get the blanket
2nd clue-bared window
3rd clue- under rug(left corner-once bought)
4th clue- back of the proper toilet
5th clue- leg of desk
6th clue- plant
7th clue- trash bin
8th clue- tv desk (in the cuburd under the t.v.)

Whats his favorite job???

i like the game if you finish it with all stats 100 it will have a nice ending :D
i recomend playing computer games with him for respect, eat donuts for health and mood, and do online courses for work ethic and other stuff... be carefull if he gets flash thingies youll get -30 mood

i did everything that exclusive said and the governer still didn't pardon me!

How do I make him take the online courses?

How did i turn of the lightsssssssssss

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