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Dragon Room Escape Walkthrough

Dragon Room Escape

Dragon Room Escape is another Japanese point and click type room escape game from Sakura, who is also creator of Mouse Room Escape, Frog Room Escape, White Cat Escape, Dog Room Escape, Chicken Room Escape, Crawfish Room Escape, Sheep Room Escape , Hipopotamus Room Escape, Tiger Room Escape , Bear Room Escape and Horse Room Escape games. In this escape game, again you are locked in a room and you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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First and let's start :)

i've got blue ball (used), chair (used), paper, key and screwdriver (used), no more idea what to do


I have a key, paper, chair, and screwdiver, and now i stuck

where did you used the chair?

i'v pushed the buttons on the panel, as the symbol shows on the wall, but i think nothing happend.

did you set the colors of the buttons marie?

oh, if you stand on the chair, u can insert the paper into the lapm, that gives you another symbol with yellow color.

wmaster hint for you: chair has something to do with projector...i don't know what to do with panel, i had one idea but i was wrong...

I'm there too. Have put the chair under the projector. Now I'm stuck

Got three symbols and have a key which is unused. Now I'm stuck.

Have you used the blue bal already? Check the colors on the wall.

The paper is used in the lamp.
Anyone know where to use the key?

i finally out.

the key is for the door. does anybody found the coin?

i think that needs for the perfect clear.

Got the coin, where's the door

where is the door and the coin ?

Coin is in left bottom corner.

Ah, got coin. The only thing missing is the door. Guess it has something to do with the colored shapes and the three black boxes.

Hi - can't find the coin - left bottom corner of which view? I've clicked just about every pixel of every corner. . .can't find it.

What to do with the box with the squares?


Coin is in left bottom corner?? I dont see it but I only got a key from the left corner.

copier, colored circles view

What to do with the coin, now that I finally found it?

thanks Riclamin - duh, obvious as day once you pointed it out!

argh! need help with the squares on the wall panel!

       Anonymous  4/24/08, 2:29 AM  

Me too, Aimz. Totally stuck

yep - i'm stuck at that darn panel too

Me too

at least im not the only one! i tried to put the patterns together but that didnt work either....unless im missing something?

combine yellow,blue and red shapes which shown on the wall but only use red and blue shapes(is like a colon shpae)and the door is left screen of the panel.(hope it's clear)

       Anonymous  4/24/08, 2:35 AM  

got it, 2 and 8 purple ( don´t ask me why)

       Anonymous  4/24/08, 2:37 AM  

Shuchun just explained.. Thanks and thanks for posting too

Thanks full!!!

thanks shuchun!

       Anonymous  4/24/08, 2:43 AM  

figeringitout, i was just trying and trying and got out with the 2 and 8 in purple, pure luck but if you combine the blue and red shape doesn´t it actually need to be 4 and 6 ?

       Anonymous  4/24/08, 2:44 AM  

Imagining it would be the numbers as for a telephone ofcourse,sorry

woohoo im out!! finally lol

that's what i couldn't figure out - didn't make any sense - but maybe, because the yellow is pointing down, you're supposed to rotate the figure? or maybe, as per usual, i'm over thinking it? anyway - glad to be out!

       Anonymous  4/24/08, 2:46 AM  

BTW, don´t we have to find a dragon in the game? You usually do in this series

if combine red and blue is purple--- purple(color) and dragon(symbol) are only for the emperor to wear in ancient dynasty in China.

if my short memory is right, the dragon is on the door.

       Anonymous  4/24/08, 2:49 AM  

Figeringitout, You´re right about that it seems to be rotated, don´t get that either.
maybe i´m over thinking as well haha ;.)

where do you find the blue shapes?

       Anonymous  4/24/08, 2:53 AM  

Hey Shuchun, you´re right about the drawning of the dragon on the door, but i mean that it´s usually present in this series as if it would be an item ( or present in the inventory)
Ah well, i´ll play again. i´m at work now so i have nothing better to do, haha

       Anonymous  4/24/08, 2:55 AM  

Louise, put the chair under the projector and click it so you see the colour of the lens getting blue, than turn left and you see the shapes on the wall

thanks full

finally out. thanks shuchun

you have to combine the three colors..you get purple from combining only blue and red..so you mark the spots where only blue and red intersect..not all three colors..and those are the second and eight squares..

out, but couldn't have done it without your comments, thanks, I still do not see the 2 and 8 logic.

This was a nice little game to start the day..Thank you Shuchun

I must be really thick today. I don't get this 2 and 8 thing. Walkthrough please? :)

On a piece of paper,draw the grid.
draw a line of the blue pattern squares on top..now draw the pink pattern squares with a line..here you would think it would be 2,5,8..but now draw the yellow pattern squares with a line..the yellow intersects on #5 therefore changing #5,s color...what you have left that matches(purple)is #2 and #8
Dang, this was hard to explain..hope it makes sense

Click in dark looking hall, pick up key, back out.
Go right, click behind plant, click blue ball, it rolls away, pick up screwdriver.
Back out, click blue ball, go left.
Click panel on wall, highlight screwdriver, click panel.
Back out, go right twice, click on bottom black panel, highlight blue ball, click on right circle.
Back out, go right , see colored circles on wall, go left, click black panel, click circles until
colors match what you saw.
Click on chair, go right, notice pink blocks.
Click coin in lower left part of screen.
Click behind copier, pick up paper.
Back out, go left twice, highlight chair, click under projector.
Highlight screwdriver, click projector, lens turns blue.
Click middle light, highlight paper, click bottom of light.
Go around and around the room, notice the pink, blue, and yellow blocks.
Go to the wall panel with the purple blocks.
If you put all the pink, blue, and yellow colored grids on top of each other
Only two blocks would be purple, the second and the eighth, click purple blocks
So only two and eight are highlighted, back out, go down hall, highlight key, click door.

I meant to say to put the blue ball in the left circle, sorry.

This was nice I kept waiting for the light on the bottom of squares thing to light up, instead of checking for something.LOL

Not so easy lah..must think.....

not easy lah

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