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Cinderella Escape Walkthrough

Cinderella Escape

Cinderella Escape is another new Japanese point and click type room escape game from Miss Twinkle, who is also creator of Escape from Pink Door game. Cinderella is locked in a warehouse on the party day. Help Cinderella get out of the warehouse in time and then she can go to the party. Good luck and have fun!

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yessss, first !! i am from norway.


Hej, nemi! Jeg bor i Danmark.

Shuchun, you beat me to it. I was JUST posting it but decided to check if you did it first ;)

I'm stuck on the piano part.

Ok, unlocked the piano.

well i have also problems, what to do with chees ???

i'm stuck too on the piano part, pffff

so stuck !!!!!

Cheese is for the mouse. Move the box.

Elsker Danmark, skal dit i sommer. Har vært der på ferie siden jeg var liten !

Ok...i've open the piano! Sorry, my english is very bad. I'm spanish

I have a box that needs a password. Hmmm...

Oh! I have no idea about music! And no idea about japanese! agggggh! We need to play a song, I think...

Hey guys...Top o' the mornin to ya...:D

puh.. cant move the box !!

For the sheet music for the piano. Just know that the first note on the paper is "A". You can work out the rest from there.

Hey, merc!

Why must we type in word verification every time we want to write a coment ?? Enoying !!


Is it wierd that i don't have to write out the verification anymore..

what about you diana..do u? i ask cause you a member..thought mabye that has something to do with it...strange i only have too once when i first log in

Hello everyone. I am so stuck here.

Got matches
broom and dustpan (used)
key (used)

No idea what to do now, I have got finger soreness from clicking.

No, no more word verification for me either.

my sound every loud and if that door didn't; freaken just shake my screen it felt like...woah..

Help I need somebody, help..

Check the inside of the armoire again, jenva. You will find a place for your "screwdriver" (shoehorn thing you mentioned).

Where are you stuck, nemi?

I need a password for this silly box. I'm sure it is easy, but for the life of me I can't get it. It says "YOU & I" so I tried typing in "US".


i don't have to play piano do i..that looks to me very much like a piana

You sure do, merc. It's not that difficult. I gave a hint that you just have to know the first note on the sheet music is "A". Then you can figure out the rest of the letters from there.

ok ive got broom and handle..cheese..key used..batterie what looks like a hair pin..matches..

i had other stuff too but gone now..


the door is making different noise now....

I cant move that .... box !!

Key - used, broom + dustpan - used, found battery and cheese - now stuck.

How do you move the box?

Danish in Italy! :-)

And yes - it's irritating to fill out word verification....

How did you do to avoid that, Diana? :-)

Have you opened the box yet, nemi?

ROFL, thanks Diana, I managed to fling out a screw with the shoehorn thingy, and see a white box on the inside, but I have no idea where the screw went. I must be having a senior moment. I dont know why I persist with these games, I am just not that good at them. Now where did that screw go?...LOL

Hej, escaper!
The box needs to be opened first, before it can be moved.

Because I have permissions to post new games to this site, I no longer have word verification. Sorry, everyone!

Don't worry about the screw itself, jenva. Just think of what it may have been holding shut...


The door makes a different sound if you click the doorknob vs. just clicking the door itself. That's all :) (I think...)

i just took a screw out of the armoire..but its gone now..

gota flashlight now..

Ok, Diana - sounds reasonable! :-)

I am still stuck - where did you find the "screwdriver? And how to open box? :-)

Ok managed to get the piano open...I dont read music, so I am guessing there has to be clues somewhere for the notes to play. Thats one sad looking mouse too. :-)

cant open the box ! what do I use ??

i love the idea i don't have word verification anymore..man that sucked..why wont box movee...

Check the piano, escapegamer, for the "screwdriver".


power of post..~~

If you have the flashlight and battery. Use it in a "dark" place. You should be able to find something that helps you open the box.

something just exploded in my face from the box...

The first note on the sheet of music is "A". Just work the notes up from there. I have the sequence if anyone doesn't want to be bothered figuring it out.

Diana - I have clicked all over more than 500 times but I will give it another try... :-)

whre do i get notes for piano

Look UNDER the piano. It looks like a piano pedal...

Do you have a white piece of paper? Use the matches on it.

its not a screwdriver escape gamer its a box cutter and u find it unde4r armoire with flashlight

A hint about WHERE on the piano?

where is paper

ops, i dont have flashlight. where can I find that ?

not piano..armoire is where u find..

There is a blue object under the piano. It doesn't look like a screwdriver, but it does help to remove a screw.

its under armoire diana..not piano..:)

there are two ending...bad and good.the code for the box ccdehfhe

When the armoire doors are open, click on the right side (inside). You will see a screw and a white paper.

ok this "you&I" thing is driving me nuts, I've tried a bazillion words and none work.. please can someone tell me the password.. it's too early in the morning for my brain to be working this hard :)

flashlight in botom drawer..u need to take out screw in armoire then get flashlight

I got a locked box out of the piano top, and now I need a password to open it. Clue is You&I?...tried we, and us....maybe I am not thinking abstract enough. I keep laughing at that mouse...LOL

oh that paper..yes of course..lol

first use cuttter on paper then matches..

There is a boxcutter and a screwdriver type tool. Boxcutter is under armoire. "Screwdriver" is under piano.

Ahh, thanks geo!

I had typed in the entire sequence for the piano. Now, I'm moving along.

OK - a little bit further - I have arrived to where we need to put a code in the box in the piano...And "Us" is not working..

Any hints? :-)

I CAN'T READ NOTES..ARGG..hint please

Hi Diana,
can you play the piano game if you are deaf like me?

Thanks, I got it finally =)

oooh, I seem to have a huge language barrier on that paper in the armoire. Hope that's not the clue for the locked box, or I am going to look as strange as that mouse.

how do u play piano...

I'm out! Good ending it looks like!

Anyone can play the piano :)

This comment has been removed by the author.

out with good ending too

what do u put in piano..what notes...do u know eikaldir

The piano notes don't fit with my knowledge : c,d,e,f,g,a,h,c...

oh u play anything..

play anything the piano opens..from what it looked like..

This comment has been removed by the author.

OK, OUT - without playing the piano - and a good ending too :-)

just put the code "ccdehfhe" into the box that you get inside piano.

did u guuys not go outside..??

i'm water plants and stuff...did anyone else go outside..she cast a spell on me..

Well I got out ! Thanks for all help !!

im trying to water plants and its not working...also i didnt get a screwdriver either..

Of course we did Mercedes, what would cinderella be without a prince ...

marcedes, you need to find a pumpkin seed

Did you plant a seed first, merc?

it wont let me water plants....!!!!!!

Clean up some mess leaves.

finally good god man i clicked and clicked on that stupid seed..lol

Finally made my coach...i really had to click on her to give her stuff ....didnt seem glitchy....

thanks guys!!


-Pick up the broom.
-Go right, click to the left of the box and get the battery.
-Go right again, click on the left side of the armoire and get the dustpan.
-Right again and get the ”screwdriver” from under the piano.
-Combine the broom and dustpan. Go left (or right) twice and use them on the dust in the corner. Get the armoire key.
-Use the key on the armoire and get the matches and the cheese.
-With the armoire doors still open, click on the inside right side. Use the screwdriver on the screw.
-Zoom out and now you can open the bottom drawer. Get the flashlight.
-View the flashlight in your inventory and open the bottom of it. Insert the battery.
-Use the flashlight under the armoire and get the boxcutter.
-Open the armoire again and click the right side. Use the boxcutter on the white paper on the inside wall. Get the white paper.
-Use the boxcutter on the box and release the wizard/witch. Click the box to move it and it reveals a mouse hole.
-Use the cheese on the mouse hole to place it on the floor. Click the cheese and the mouse runs out. Get the mouse and click the key on his tail to get the piano key.
-Go to the piano and unlock it. Use the matches on the white paper and now you have the sheet music.
-You don’t have to be musically inclined to figure it out. Just know that the very first note on the sheet is the “A” note.
-Play any note.
-Zoom out of the view and click the top of the piano. Get the lockbox.
-Type in “CCDEHFHE”, the second line of music on the sheet. Get the wand.
-Give the wand to the wizard/witch and he opens the door.
-Go outside and left and use the broom/dustpan on the leaves. Get the seed.
-Go left and get the watering can. Click the right side of the door and look at yourself in the mirror.
-Zoom out and go left again and fill the watering can with water.
-Go left (or right) and plant the seed in the dirt patch. Use the watering can on it. Use the boxcutter and get the pumpkin.
-Give the pumpkin to the wizard/witch. He will do some magic.
-Now give him the mouse. Magic again and he turns them into a horse and carriage. GOOD END!

If you don't look at yourself in the mirror, that is the BAD END.

well i looked at myself in the mirror abouta hundred times..lol..they danced in the end..i think i twas good ending...i hope..lol

He he, had to play again, got bad end. think Im gonna look in the mirror this time =)

what did u use screwdriver on? i never had it..

The "screwdriver" was the item under the piano. You used it to undo the screw to open the bottom drawer of the armoire.

Yepp, god end !!!

i Used box cutter to un screw the screw in t he Armoire..lol

either that..or it may have been unscrewed for me...if i remember correctly it may have been...i think i used box cutter..but i don't think it did anything..i think it was undone...oh well..

Good game ! oh and i see you posted walkthrough..been awhile since i seen one..lookin gooood..Diana..!~:D Tell me with me putting squiggly line in front of D with colon that it doesnt look like a smilie with mohalk..lol

I gave the fairy the watering can full of water and she turned my dress into a ball gown.

Well, finally got to play,,server down for a while...I thought I was gonna have a big problem with the piano stuff...Got through it though..Thanks for the help...BTW, when you enter your 2nd line on sheet music for the locked box be sure and not use caps...ccdehfhe.. good game..

This is my first post. Been playin' on here for months and just wanna say Hi Everyone! Also, Diana, Mercedes, Full, Shuchun, you guys are awesome.

This comment has been removed by the author.

hello everebody i post for the first time. try to play at the piano: c cd ee g ee dd c e ef g c a c g c c h g aaaa g

Mercedes, you must have used the "screwdriver" (which doesn't look like a screwdriver) to get the screw out. You can't get the box cutter until you use the flashlight under the armoire, and the flashlight is in the drawer of the armoire, which is screwed shut with that screw! LOL


you only have to play it..everyone can play this piano..lol..

the notes go into box u find in top of piano

The notes for this sheet music has NOTHING to do with real music. The letters or not the correct notes. FYI!!!

This comment has been removed by the author.

Thank you all of you. this was a cute one. Thanks Sunchun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm trying to type in CCDEHFHE into the sheet music but I can't do it.

I kind of scrolled through the comments, so if anyone already explained the box code, I apologize for repeating.

The second line of the sheet music reads "anata to watashi" which means "you and I" in Japanese. So the code is that series of notes (which I know have already been posted. I just didn't know if anyone had explained it.) :D

My pleasure,Luly.

Shannon, no caps...That happen to me too... ccdehfhe

Thanx 4 all your hel guys "i'm out"

YAY! I went to the ball via my cute mouse/horse. He makes me happy.

I'm proud to say that I only needed help with the password box.

i am stuck and i think im alone just perfect oh well ill try

Where are u stuck Jackie

How tragic she couldn't walk the last half mile to the castle!

After playing 2 bad ends, i finaly managed to get to good end pffff ... First forgot to look into the mirror, then i did.

Did you guys look a second time into the mirror ? Other dress :D

I gave the wizard the pumpkin, he did his magic ... clicked the mouse, try to give it to him, but wasn't working ... i looked into the inventory and the pumpkin was still there, so i gave it twice :D
Then i could give him the mouse and when typing this i see the happy couple dancing ... Gr8 !

Nice game. I needed hints thou. First time I got the bad end because didnt look at the mirror. Second try I got the good end. Yay.

Anyone else think the Prince looks like Bob Ross?

It's not the piano that the sheet music is important for. You don't need to be able to read the notes (Which I can) just the LYRICS! (which I can't very well) I can read the hirigana, but not translate it. However, the second line goes: Anata to watashi. Meaning "you and me"! There you go! The hint for the box!

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