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The Fog Fall 1 Walkthrough

The Fog Fall 1

The Fog Fall Cheats[REPLAY] The Fog Fall Episode 1 is an addicting point and click adventure game from Pastel Games, which is also creator of Submachine game series. The Fog Fall is a psychological thriller set in an alternate-history around the Cuban Missile Crisis. Descend into your basement / bomb shelter after a mysterious nighttime fog to see what has changed...and what hasn't. The Fog Fall will haunt your dreams as it challenges your imagination to solve a series of fiendishly challenging puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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The Fog Fall Walkthrough
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new game...yay!! Good morning!

Yes electricity!!!!

I have electricity, but that's about all I've managed so far...left with a wrench and a tape reel.

Ok, have played tape, so just left with wrench and seemingly a bit stuck!

I got the power on too but now I'm stuck. I have a matches, wrench, sticking plaster, paste, tape and a bottle of somthing toxic. what now?

You've got way more items than me Dejavu! I have only the wrench! Where on earth did you find all those other things??

just went thru all the rooms and every time my cursor turned into a hand i clicked. I think i found 2 things in a storage room and something in a garbage can. got the bike chain from the nightstand drawer. can't really remember..the paste is in the bathroom and so is the poison. hope that helps a bit.

Ooh, hold on...only just found the bathroom! So now just missing matches from your list!

matches...either in the storage room on in the basket in the room where we played the tape. sorry divinyl, my memory is so bad. that's why I always need hints to get thru them... lol

found # 2285 on wall upstairs. not sure where it goes. I tried the cabinet with the yellow suit in it but it doesnt seem to do anything.
Tosca, how are you doing with this?

you can use wrench and matches in kitchen

Lol Dejavu...no worries...can't find them, but pretty sure I'd still be stuck even if I did! The numbers dotted around must be useful to enter into one of these keypads or something...the "76 first" from the newspaper and there's a 15...

No idea how to use the items I've currently got! I'm rubbish at these games too...lol.

used wrench on the gas thibng in the kitchen

Thanks Dr. now i've got a handle!

does someone knows how to use the stickin plaster? and where can i find the matches ?

No clue what to do with my "sticking plaster" "paste" and "toxic." Found a lot of plans/maps on the top floor though.

Can't find the matches!

Still haven't found the matches...have been round in lots of circles looking! Have used my wrench now though...thanks Drergo :o)

found switch under the radio

I've got a meeting to get to so I'll have to check back later and see if ya'll figured this out yet. good luck all!

The matches are upstairs in the wires near the bricked wall.

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See you later Dejavu...hopefully we'll have progressed by then!!

cress.. use paste and toxic in hallway on main floor..

Can't find matches either..

thanx perdigota, used matches and wrench now in the kitchen, thers a litlle switch under the radio, but doesnt do enything

Found a console. Don't know what to do with it though. lol

Oh... I used the matches.. now I have a piece of metal...and a sticky plaster

Brb...gonna get something to eat...good luck to everyone in the meantime :o)

Use wrench on gas thing in kitchen, then use the matches to make a fire, the metal will turn red, then switch the gas thing off en take a piece of metal

Console to be used upstairs in the room with the scope

place the console in the room with the tapeplayer. then enter the code that is on the wall upstairs

       Anonymous  4/23/08, 6:13 AM  

So now there is the code for the protection suit. I have found "First 76" in the newspaper and 19 in the periscope. Have anyone found anything else?

to get the suit you have to combine the numbers from the newspaper and periscope. use the plaster on the mask.

I've got what looks like a handle and the sticky paper and I've looked through the telescope! (Thanks for help with the matches!)

lovisa, press the "e"

use the metal piece on the lever next to the door and you're out

I'm out! Yay!

OUT .. fun, I like these games

entering code on console not working is it


i have 8 things and not a clue what to do with them

Yey. I`m out...

Thanks for the hints Lasers...This was fun..

I'm back....what console are we talking about? I haven't been able to use the paste and toxic bottle on any floor anywhere...

I'm back too. I just cant seem to get the cabinet with the suit open. I must be brain dead today..lol

I've been looking for the console for about 20 minutes and I can't find it anywhere.

Sure would help if someone would post a walkthrough.

the console is in the desk drawer upstairs. first you need the key. use the paste and toxic on the cabinet in hall behind stair case on main level

The code for the suit is 7619e

The buttons for the numbers are above the numbers. The last row of buttons are for the letters underneath them.

what's the code for the tele-scope?

Oh, thank you dejavu

thanks jared. i knew i had the right code just pushing the wrong buttons!! lol

and I'm out... pretty cool game. Nice playing with ya'll. Have a great day and see ya next time!!!

Got console attached. Thanks to dejavu, but it doesn't seem to have any power. I'm thinking that the switch and knobs in the other room where the suit was, have something to do with powering it on.

the key for keypad to get safe equipement is 76 (from newspaper) and 16 (from calendar)

think i must be confused does the hand/finger only happens when you find something ? and not where to use items ?

Yeah, the hand doesn't show up where you use items. You just have to click until it works.

any chance of a walkthrough? i've been trying to get the console working for 30 mins but as totally stuck

Jared,after you find your parts, turn the generator(bicycle)on in the cellar.

you have got to have electricity on.

Where did you go Lasers? Why dont you go ahead and do a walkthrough..

thanks jared

Dejavu? you want to do the walkthrough..


1. Startpoint. Look at the newspaper and notice the number in the corner 76
2. From startpoint turn right into the storageroom, find a sprocket and a wrench.
3. Turn back and then left into the bathroom. Collect toothpaste, poison and sticking plaster.
4. Turn back to startpoint and go upstairs. Turn left and than right. Look in wastebasket to find a key.
5. Go back once, notice the wires sticking from the wall. Zoom in to see matches.
6. Go left into the room. Look in the basket to get a tape. Put in the tape player on the wall and listen.
7.Go back two times and then down again. Back at the startpoint, go straight ahead. Open cupboard with key and get chain.
8. Go back onde and turn left into the kitchen. Use wrench on gas can then use matches. When it's done click gas can again to turn heat of and collect handle.
9. Go back once. In the hall use toothpaste on box on the wall. Then the toxic bottle. Open and collect another key.
10. Back out to startpoint and go downstairs. Put sprocket and chain on bike and voila power.
11. Go up to the top floor. Turn left and then right again. Use key on desk and get console.
12. Go back and then left. Put console in the console in the wall with the red button. Zoom into console and put in 2285 (from the wall two screens back)
13. Telescope comes down, look through it and notice the number 19 on the bottom.
14. Back out. Go back twice and then turn right. Zoom into the keypad and enter 7619 then "e". Get the suit. Repair the mask with the sticking plaster.
15. Go back and then straight ahead. Open the door, you see a second door. Use handle on the panel on the right and open.

And you're out!

I think there is something wrong with the walkthrough first you can't listen to the tape untill you but the sprocket and chain o the bike for power.

I put the console in the wall with the red button and put code 2285 from the wall but nothing happens the scope will not come down
I think something is missing for power should the red button turn green ?


yeah, atv you have to have the power on before you can do any codes..

The code is right for the console though..just get the power turned on first..

OK complete walkthrough was a fun but a short game though. By the way I couldnt finish it without the tip of matches by the way.

1. From starting position, turn left bathroom, take toothpaste from the left closet and toxic thing right closet. Now you will see a bag (first aid bag actually) behind the bath tub, click and get the sticking plaster. Go Back

2. Starting position, newspaper on ground at right click it note the number 76 first.

3. Go right, storage room, on the left middle shelf click the box get sprocket, middle top shelf click the box get the wrench and go back to starting position.

4. go upstairs, turn left, see a door covered with bricks and some colorful cords on its left side, click cords then click cords again you will see matches get them

5. go back turn left in the room click the basket and get the tape, plug to the machine at the right wall go back, right door from the corridor click waste basket and get the key. Go back to the corridor with brick door (wall whatever) go back

5. Downstairs, go forward, click the left door -kitchen- use wrench on gas tube and matches after the metal thing above gets red and kinda shatters, click the gas tube again to turn it off and get the shattered metal.

6. go back, enter the door you are facing, click the key and the drawer get the chain. go back to starting position.

6. Go downstairs a room with a bicycle, under the big wheel on left you will see an empty spot put sprocket there and the chain to bicycle, a little animation and there you go with electricity.

7. Go upstairs to starting position, click ahead to the hall where kitchen and the room (you got chain from) stays. See a drawer on the left wall goo use tooth paste first and toxic lotion second on the closet, kind a chemical reaction and tata here it opens, click and get the small key. Go back to the starting position.

8. So far you must have small key, sticking plaster and metal thing on your inventory, ok go upstairs, first click to right wall where you will see a number written. 2285 write it down go back. Turn left, turn right (or click whatever)use small key on the desks drawer get console get back from the room facing to brick door,

9. Take left, if you want you can click the machine with the tape and listen the recording. Useless though. There are 3 drawings on the wall click on them, the one on le left you will see where you have to put the console device. Put your device on the console just above the basket with red light on it.

10. Click on the device requires a code and yes it is the code written on the wall enter 2285 and there you go you have the periscope. Click and look at it, it is not the view thats important but the number written on left side note it. (19)

11. Go back, go back now facing the stairs click left to the room with the radiation suit. Ok. there is a numberic pd on the door click on it so what can be the password. Right, First 76 (from the newspaper) and 19 (from the periscope) now enter 7619 and press "e" door opens

12. Click the suit, then click the helmet (gas mask) says mask is thorn. No problem you have sticking plaster, click on it and to the mask now get the mask too.

13. You are ready to go out, go back facing the stairs go forward click the door handle it opens go forward, use piece of metal on the control at the right of the door click the door opens go forward 2 times and you are out.

Hope it was clear enough. It was my first and English is not my mother tongue.

Its a good walkthrough anjer,,maybe just your 10.(line) should be up around 4. or 5.

good job

good job to,,Leon

Vbranam1 thank you for getting back to me I must just be very stupid I did put the bike together and power came on but still nothing when I put the code in 2285
I give up.
I have gone over and over the walkthrough step by step
I just don't know what I am doing wrong and I know this is not a very hard game.

If anyone can help me Please let me know thanks I will come back a little bit later.

Boy I am very stupid I see what I did wrong I was punching in the wrong code number yes 5 comes afer 4 lol I now can kick my self lol

atv, I am re-playing to see if there is a glitch..

Its working for me..When your in the room with the chair and box on wall(when the top button is red) place your console on top of that box and it should work..

Okay, then atv, just a mis-hit of a button..lol..
see ya later

Vbranam1 Thank you so much for trying to help me it was very nice of you.
Thanks :)

@Leon, when you said, "11. Go back, go back now facing the stairs click left to the room with the radiation suit.", I think you meant "click RIGHT to the room w/ the radiatioin suit."

Oh yayyy..i love games made by Pastel...awesome..

Jumping right in..~~

I'm back again...gonna try and play this...

Was wondering if anyone else had the same beginning i did...[the intro]..where it was jumpy and might have missed some sentences..or it could've just looked like that...Just curious...:)

Even my words look blurry...and are doubled...

The "description" sentence appears twice.One right under each other..the bottom sentence description is more jumbled...

It's always like that in this game. Try to read the white text, and ignore the black copies, just use them as a black background.

i would have never figured this out without a walkthrough

Om my goodness, the noises really got to me. For a sec there I thought I was in one of those Saw movies!!! It was creepy the whole time! And I'm sittin' here and it's LATE thinking someone is going to jump out at me! Oh geese.


is the radiation hurt that much?

woAahh..aWesoMe...i jUst pLay tHis gAme 2Day...,anD i WoUlD liKe tO thAnK LeOn 4 thE hElp, cOz w/ouT hIs help,idk, maybe im
in D mEntAl hOstpItAl...cOz itS knDa cRAzy
pLayinG advEnturouS gAmes,esPecially whN u dnt knw tHE gAMe..LoL..niWeiz tHnx AGaiN LEON...MwAhHH..:D

aWesOme...Im oUt..,tNx 2 LeOn..:D

i finally go out but i haven't use the consol!LOL

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working link:


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