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The Miniature Garden 2 Walkthrough

The Miniature Garden 2

Garden WalkthroughHaKoNiWa 2 – The Miniature Garden is sequel of The Garden - HaCoNiWa Japanese point and click room escape type game from Ep-Melody, who is also creator of Heart Key, Heaven's Key and Look Up Into The Sky pnc games. In this game, you have to search everywhere to find something and solve puzzles to finish the game successfully. Good luck and have fun!

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OMG I'm actually first to play. This has definitly never happened to me.

ohh nooooo

new game... i m off to sleep

I'm gonna join you. Found a clue already?

I clicked on the dark brick which gives you some kind of button but I cant figure it out.

going to sleep... good ni

I'm in too!

never mind I just got irritated and starting clicking them then I got in.

key = 756 (in my game). Notice how much each digit increases when you press each button. Make the total equal the key.

I got 3 little round balls with numbers and a book

Ooh, love this designer's games!

I have 8 numbered balls, a wine glass, a book, a hndle of some sort and a pink buttn/cap. anyone else?

And filled the glass with water

also, yellow triange and blue square (along with pink circle)

I have all the balls, 1-10, red book, wine glass, handle, and blue square, pink circle, and yellow triangle. I don't know what else to do.

Where are the yellow triangle and the blue square?

yellow (floor) and blue (desk) - right side of pool.

I have all the little silver balls except for 8.

new game! gonna try at it

did anyone get the gear and fork out of right side drawer? still missing ball#8 too.

hi, i am new at this blogging thing. but i have been playing these escape games for awhile now. i have all of the silver balls except 1 and 8. the wine glass, book, the handle, and the three shapes.

ball was behind bookshelf

i got 9 balls except #1.
A book, a glass, a heavy metal, round block

I need ball #1 as well. Also, I think we need to get the candle in order to go down the left hand staircase. Any ideas?

Has anyone figured out what to do with any of this stuff or how to get across the hole to get the book.

got all the balls now..

       Anonymous  4/30/08, 9:33 AM  

Silly question from a newbie... why is my game all in Japanese, and how do I translate it?

Where was #1, Tim?

Maybe the shapes in the first room have something to do with the shapes we have, plus the codes (817) and the hint (key -1) found in the book and pot.

I went back to the 3 gold vases on the floor and the first one now had a note. part in japanese and the bottom says key: -1

The far left drawer on the left side desk still shows a pink block in it, even after I took it. :P

Still looking for ball #1.

what about the purple book? several pages in shows a slot in a three-legged object, with roman numerals VIII, I, VII...

#1 ball is in the candle holder thing on the right side.

Did you look in the right candle holder? I think that was were 1 was.

Put #5 ball in left pot, # 2 in middle pot, and #10 in right pot.

An help for #1 ball?

Hello all! I've got all of the balls but 8, all of the shapes, a red book, a wine glass and something that I have no idea what it is. I can't pick up the gear in the drawer right desk.

What's with the candle? And where is 8?

I have clicked all over the silly thing. You do mean the one on the right hand side as I'm facing the pool?

anna-molly- you don't need to pick up the gear.

on the candle stick to right of the pool
2 wine glass
3 under the glass
4 behind the brown bins
5 in the plant
6 downstairs
7 next to the door
8 behind the bookshelf
9 right console
10 left console

ya its in the middle. u can see the desk behind it? it is right next to that

For # 1, check the base of the candle holder or middle, i think.

Think we have to get the candle off the top shelf and light the others, but how to get ?

key opens step to pool, and drop down panel opens left staircase - anything after that?

ok i put the balls in the vases and got a new lil mini game and something fell when that board came down

Got the passage on the left of pool open, leads to blue book. ^_^

also found a secret passage, led to the funny pod on legs, entered in code and the game froze on me. -_- lol

And why is there a view of the step into the pool ?

The stick from the step is a match for the dark hallway. Now stuck at the vault in the hallway

Never mind. Got it. Did the puzzle, opened the box by the pool, lit the torch, got the blue book. Now what?
helada para arriba?

explore with tab key in the hallway.

My first post ;) but played almost al of them

It doesn't load the game here, What can i do to play the game?

opened secret passage, insert code, received "level up" in top right, and now everything seems frozen...

Seems to be a loose brick. How did you find the passage way?

ok, got blue book and am still in hallway. there is a safe in the left wall that won'topen and it will not let me proceed forward even though there is an arrow to go forward. certain spot you click by where book was makes sound and a note comes up but not in english? what next?

Went through it again, reached the pod and entered the code, froze again saying level up. :-/

use something in inventory in the hallway

put code in little space ship looking thing in secrect room and now game wont move. can still hear the water running...HELP!!!

not sure how though
anyway i would help if i can

I guess that's where the game ends, huh?

Do we use the handlein the spot on hall floor? Cause it won't work for me...??

What floor view is yellow triangle at?

you use the handle on the right side of the passageway down the stairs

So Tim, is this where the game ends? Never got into the little door thing in the hall and am stuck in the room with the little rocket. Is that the end???

i got out of the rocket room alright though...
it's not the end
the end is on the other side of the passageway

Tim, how does the game end? We'll all just play vicariously through you. LOL

Ok, I'm having a blonde moment...I can see the highlighed spot on the floor where the blue book was, but no brick shows up anywhere in the hallway...i am so close, can you spell it out for me?

did you play the minigame on the otherside of the passageway before you get into the rocket room?
that's what i did and then i didn't get stuck in the rocket room

cant find the spot for the handle in the passageway

I couldn't get the panel to open. Er... guess I'll have to restart. :D

The handle goes in the hallway across from the door panel thingy. Use the tab key.

oh hell, tht's the only wall i didn't look at...lol

I did play the mini game first so I guess that's why I'm stuck. crap!
Now I'll have to start again. LOL

great now that i found it and put in the code i am stuck at the rocket i guess that is the end. i never could do anything with the panel on the other side.

OK, next blonde question...Tim..where am I missing the mini game?

And what's up with the wine glass filled with water? Hmmm...

the minigame is on the panel oppostie to the rocket room (where you put the handle)

...i am replaying the game and try to get everything straight..

Arg!! Made it to the purple pod and it froze on me too! It says level up, but I can't do anything. That's bunk.

Tim (my new best friend) so it's in the panel that I can't get into?

hello.....yellow triangle please :)

Hmmmm.... I can't seem to get a minigame. There's a spot below and to the left of the panel that's clickable, but doesn't do anything.

BTW, I have reached the purple pod and CAN go in an out of the room, so waiting to figure how to get into panel.

o..and pour water into the middle brown bin when you put the ball. That's what the paper says.

Yellow triangle on right side of the table (open the rightmost drawer)

yellow triangle: face the desk on the right side of the pool. Now look at the columns to the right of that.

@rusty coyote the yellow triangle is on the floor, very near the desk (close in view) on the right side of the pool.

How do you open the little door across from the passage and what code is used on the spaceship.

i think you have to click the panel on leftside of passageway while the water is frozen

that works for me

Rocket code is 817, but don't use it until you do the minigame behind the panel.

Dee, that's exactly where I am stuck...waiting patiently...

Frozen water? I just poured the water into the middle pot..

after you get the blue book down on the otherside of the hole, read it and click the pool. This will freeze the water.

This comment has been removed by the author.

I refilled my glass from the pool but how do you get frozen water.

AHHHHHHHHHHH! I never froze the water. That was my problem! LOL!


If the water melts (you'll hear it) just go back up and refreeze the pool (click blue book, click water)

To get the code right, I just kept rotating the shapes around and trying each set of numbers. I don't remember what the actual code was.

heh, I didn't see the arrow allowing me to walk on the frozen water to get the green idol thing, lol, dinnished now though. ^_^

I got into the place with the rocket, entered my code, and it popped up with a "level up" notice and now it's frozen and won't do anything. Wtf?

I got into the place with the rocket, entered my code, and it popped up with a "level up" notice and now it's frozen and won't do anything. Wtf?

I got into the place with the rocket, entered my code, and it popped up with a "level up" notice and now it's frozen and won't do anything. Wtf?

And I have no idea why it posted that 3 times. Sorry guys...

Alrighty then, that was quite challenging. Out, thanks Tim for hints.

WALKTHROUGH: (badly wrote but nevermind)

Click on dark brick a few times.
Click on Circle, Circle, Triangle and then Square.
Click on arrow back.
Take Ball #7, then go Left.
Click on top of the third pot, take ball #4.
Back out, then go left, take ball #1 from middle of the canle hodle.
Go Forward twice and take ball #6.
Back out to main room, then click on the drawers on the left.
Take ball #9 from left drawer, open middle drawer twice and get blue square, open right drawer and grab yellow triangle.
Back out to main room, then left twice and click on drawers on your right.
Take ball #10 and pink circle from left drawer and handle from the middle drawer.
Back out to main room and go left.
Take ball #8 from behind the bookcase and ball #5 from plant pot.
Zoom in on bookcase, take the red book and look at it. (not sure if important)
Read the puple book, see code 817 and note at back. (can read green too, not sure if that's important either)
Zoom in on upside down cup, click it and take ball #3.
Zoom in on glass, take ball #2 and glass.
Back out to main room, right twice and use glass on water.
Go right twice to pots and click on the main body of the pots (hear sounds).
Place ball #5 in left pot, ball #2 in middle pot and ball #10 in the last pot.
Zoom in on hanging puzzle, drag balls #4 and #6 into place.
Pour water from glass into the middle jar (not sure if inportant)
Go right three times and take key.
Go right once, zoom in on step, use key on step and take match.
Back out and go left twice.
Zoom in on bookcase, and then candle. Use match on candle.
Back out to main room, right and then forward five times, take blue book and read it.
Back out to main room, go right and use blue book on water.
Go left, then forward 4 times, left then click on the panel for next puzzle.
Use ball #9 at top and ball #3 at bottom, Square at top, triangle at bottom and circle on the right.
Back out to main room, turn right.
If water isn't frozen still, use the blue book again.
With the water frozen, go forward, click on panel and take green idol.
back out to main room, left, and forward five times.
Use green idon on pedestal.
Go back one, and turn right.
Use handle on the wall (lower left), then go through the door.
Zoom in on the pod, enter 817.
Back out into the passageway, turn left and go through the door that had the puzzle on it.
Take the light-blue book off the desk.
Use the light-blue book on the red thing with 2 stars.
and Finnished. ^_^

i can't get game to load, keeps saying service temporarly out, anyone else have this problem ?

what dark brick ???

I used firefox and than it loaded.
I just had to wait to see it starting.
Great game. THX Alcoholjunkie

tosca, do you where the dark brick is ? please

Sabrina, where are you in the game?

hi linda, just started only have a red button and paper with japanese writing on it.

So you found the dark brick? I did this game earlier, let me know if you need help.

i desperately need help, what dark brick ? where is it ? i'm a dufas with these games lol, yet i still keep trying, don't ask me why lol

1 sec Sabrina, let me restart and i'll let you know.

ok, thanks linda

I had problems it starting too- when I was using firefox. Restarted a few times then worked straight off!!
Also didn´t freeze on me, but was slow to respond at times, like trying to back out and access things.
Had to read red book to solve the pots and had to use water from too.
Then I tried solving the pots, without sound!!! Went to the hints and couldn´t understand why no-one else seemed to be having problems- gave in and read the walkthrough only to find out needed it!

Good game, took a while, but couldn´t have done it without everyones help- Thanks to you all.
Alcoholjunkie- thanks for the walkthrough, ur a star

oh and i just blew out the candle, maybe a mistake though, probably should have lit the other candle huh lol

Are you in the room yet?

nope just sitting here looking at a barred room with a sliding thing on the bars lol like i said i'm a dumb a** lol

if i could read japanese or chinese what ever the language is maybe i could get further lol

i love the food and can cook some of it but can't read it or speak it, i can make a mean stir fry lol

Sabrina I´ve found your problem, when you load there are 4 options to chose from on the left (or there was for me). To play this game you need to choose the 2nd option (just above download)- Not knowing the language you chose the 1st and are playing a different game- sorry honey you have to re-load!!!

ahh, i see, that is a lingo prob, i'll reload thanks niff, by the way niff are you fem or male ? just curious, you can call me bri so you won't have to type my whole name

i don't have an option above download hmmm, i'm hopeless

No problem Bri, when I saw your posts with Lindab and didn´t recognise ANYTHING I sort of realised what must have happened, so re-loaded. You were playing something called Ha Co Ni Wa!!!
I´m female by the way- Good Luck

Oh and I call everyone honey!!!

Bri- I had a few problems loading, so "refreshed" a few times until I got the ONLY way for me to load and was with 4 options- sorry don´t know the lingo either so can´t help

well i can't get the other game now, so i have given up, thanks for your response niff, i'm fem also married 23 yrs...i know this not the right forum for personal info so i'll leave as is

i'll see you guys later, time for dr. phil. no worries niff, i call everyone honey as well or hun lol

maybe i'll restat pc and try again later on, thanks for the help

Bri good to be gaming with you- just tried again from the original EG24 link and got there straight away. I think maybe their site was maybe too busy for the new game earlier. One last try?

I'm stuck at the second puzzle!!I even tried the walkthrough and I followed it to the letter, but I can't get the door open to the puzzle??! Tried using all inventory items on the door, but all I get is that stupid knocking sound..... Anyone got some help??

D&D do you mean the dark door from the main room, the door on the right or the door on the left? Help us or we can´t help you!!

Wow. That was a doozey. (How to spell that?) I would not have gotten this one without everybody's help on here! ^_^ Thanks for all your hints! I had to get through most of the puzzles with random clicking ><;;
Anyway, I like this game. It's got a very involved story...

In case anybody is interested, the red book tells you that use it to get a hint by clicking on it and then clicking on an object, but you can only use it once. My hint, I used on 1st jar from left: "1st jar puzzle hint: Key minus one. But what's it subtracting from? The letters of course!" And I cheated after that, because I suck at those.

Anyone know where ball #4 is? I can't find it! I've clicked all over the pots but to no avail.

I'm trying to put the numbered balls in the jars but it's not working!

Hey is anyone here..gonna try this one...:)

That took, a long time to load..wow..

im not sure how the hell i got in..but i did...looks like it could be a timed game..

this game is annoying me..am stuck here...

oh something happening now..i clicked bottom of pot and seen notes..and put in balls 2 5 10 in that order of pots..but i had to go through all balls first though..thats what i ended up with..and now something dropped from cieling..better be out soon..:)lol

wow that was a long game...and hard...glad im out..lol

       Anonymous  5/1/08, 12:00 AM  

Wow, what a nice but long and difficult game, it was impossible for me to make it to the end without using the walkthrough...Thanks Alcaholjunkie

is there another link to this game? i can't get it to load. thanks!

nm...it's just really slow. :)

*DOH!* I was at the pod, entering the code, and then I saw a 'level up' at the upper right of the screen. Great, so that's what that tiny little thing ment.. if I knew there was a limited time to this game I would have thought a lot faster! But nice game, anyway. :)

Stuck in rocket room. Somebody, please, post walkthrough. thnx

Er, Clyde1 there is a walkthrough earlier in the posts

thank you niff, 2 much coffee! grand son coming, not paying attenttion. DOH!

hey, niff, how do i get rid of that trash can, on posts?

Sorry clyde been away- which trash can? Could you tell me what was the last thing you did to help me out, so I could maybe help you?

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

Oh wow I see what you mean. No I see the trash can under my posts, so I can remove them if I want to. I can´t remove yours!

am i the only one who can see it, for my convenience? maybe i should use it!lol

Only YOU can see it under YOUR posts, you have a right to remove your posts if you like. I have a trash can under MY posts- well actually I´m English, so I have a rubbish bin

Like 4 posts up, Clyde

you're funny! thank you for your time. grandson is 2 and here now, must go for now. Pennsylvania, USA

Good to chat with you- enjoy him while you can- He´ll grow up!!

A good challenge, but would not be out without help thank you all.

finally out

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