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Room Fake Escape

Fake Room Walkthrough[REPLAY] Akarika - Fake Room Escape is another Japanese point and click escape the room game developed by Akarika. In this game, you are locked in a room and you need to escape the room by collecting items and solving puzzles. There are 2 possible endings in this game. Good luck and have fun!

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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       Anonymous  4/28/08, 8:36 AM  


       Anonymous  4/28/08, 8:37 AM  

ohoh... this means I have to figure it out by myself....

still playing??

Has anyone found a key or a screwdriver? I'm stuck.

So far I have gotten several number (used), one battery, a screwdriver, couple pieces of paper, and 2 screws

       Anonymous  4/28/08, 8:46 AM  

Aiaiai, found some batteries, two pieces of paper (with codes), 3 coloured buttons with the number 3 on it and 3 pieces of the slidepuzzle... furthermore some places where you need a screwdriver or a key... Going to try the 3-digit code on the safe...

       Anonymous  4/28/08, 8:47 AM  

you can use the batteries on the cat, but it doesn´t do anything...

Now I also have a battery charger.

Way ahead of me Stephanie. Help!

       Anonymous  4/28/08, 8:50 AM  

opened the safe, found a flashlight and another piece of the slidepuzzle... (the 3 by 3 numbered puzzle or something like that)

Found both batteries and am now charging them.

       Anonymous  4/28/08, 8:51 AM  

I think I found a screwdriver instead of a flashlight!!!

Where do you need help?

I don't think its a slider puzzle. I have all the remaining numbers for it and there are no blank spaces in the puzzle.

       Anonymous  4/28/08, 8:55 AM  

I have 4 screws now... I think you have to use them for a doorknob... found a batterycharger, but I think I need a cable to be able to use it.

the 3x3 thing add up to 15 for each row

Aha! All the rows and columns have to add up to 15 in the puzzle. You will get a letter after pushing the small button (if your numbers are in correctly!)

It seems to be a magic square, all rows and colums must be the same sum. Look behind that paper thingie on the wall.

No cable needed ... just have to remover the cover to the outlet next to the door

Oops, too late :)
Where is that charger?

no wire is needed for battery charger, all you need is screwdriver

       Anonymous  4/28/08, 8:57 AM  

also found the letter E... Stephanie, where did you find the 9?

the plug is next to door for the charger

       Anonymous  4/28/08, 8:58 AM  

nvm.. found it!

stuck at the door, one color button(?) missed

Plugged in the door and tiny button turned red....

       Anonymous  4/28/08, 9:04 AM  

what are the coloured buttons for? think I´m missing one... and what about the note c-arrow-blue dot??

The square puzzle is a magic square, shown by the piece of paper on the wall.
Where do you get the third round thing with a number on? Ive got the red and blue ones.

       Anonymous  4/28/08, 9:06 AM  

and the letters? so far found a K, E and the C on the paper... also found a pink paper which I used on the brown liquid from the vase.... I´m stuck now!

green button in the plant.

where's the screwdriver?

how do i get into the safe?? I have the static charged plastic bottle and Im stuck in the room with the safe.

So L is blue, O is purple, C is red, K is green(or red?)

What is the use of the blue E?

still missing the last color button, the third button down(RHS), can anyone help?

Clean window with wet rag

Also, my c -> is a purple dot

hi every1...
where did u find the screwdriver? thx

       Anonymous  4/28/08, 9:07 AM  

and what about the empty area next to the closet?? something should be there?

leanhe, that's a cloth, use it on windows

doodlefish: it means O is purple

hey everybody. Did I get ahead of myself when I went into the room with explosives? 'Cuz I don't have the screwdriver etc. I need to get into the safe but not sure how. It also won't let me leave this room. Ugh. I should be working but have to finish lol.

Where is the charger? I found the plug, but no luck with the charger,,,or the pink paper

What do you do with these number dots (I have 6)?

finally i find the last button...

       Anonymous  4/28/08, 9:13 AM  

Haku, where did you find the O?? And my C is aqua coloured, but my buttons are green (2), blue (3) and red (3)...

got it...never mind. duh.

I have 3 blue buttons, 2 red, and 1 green

       Anonymous  4/28/08, 9:15 AM  

hey!!! you can mix the colours... duh....

It seems no-one is willing to help on where to find the screwdriver or charger...I've seen about three people ask and be ignored, so guess there's no point in me asking again?

Where is the 2nd green? I have the one from the plant

nvm got it!

If I remember correctly the charger is in the locked drawer at the bottom of the cabinet.

for screwdriver, use code on paper(it is inverted), you will get a torch like thing, check it and it will become screwdriver

       Anonymous  4/28/08, 9:21 AM  

the screwdriver is in the safe in the second drawer of the closet

Thank you for responding Stephanie :o) I don't have any keys yet though, so that's a no go for now :o(

O is the rubbish bin

This comment has been removed by the author.

The screwdriver is in the locked box in the middle drawer. The code is upside down. Looks like a flashlight.

the flashlight is the screwdriver, click ir in view

       Anonymous  4/28/08, 9:23 AM  

I found the O under the paperbin, but the colour is white!! How can I get a white colour out of blue green and red?

How many buttons do we need and where are they? I have 6 altogether.

where is the other green button? i have the one from the plant.

the screwdriver is the torch- select and inspect it

when u see the white O. click the top of rubbish bin and will see a purple dot under the rubbish bin

Click the bottom of the trash can and you will see a purple dot.

the other green one is in the save behind the paper on wall, need gold key to open

Thanks Haku and Leanhe...didn't realise I had it all along!! (Stuck again now though! Lol)

How can i mix colors?

i can't crack the door color code, maybe the L is light blue? still cannot crack it

to mix color, a blue 3 and a red 3 make purple etc

       Anonymous  4/28/08, 9:28 AM  

thanx guys... found the dot... now stuck on the doorlock... Made a red L, a purple O, an aqua C, but now I can´t make the green K... any help??

haku, the highest number has priority. Hint- you don´t need 2 red for the first!!


       Anonymous  4/28/08, 9:32 AM  

thanx niff... I´m out too!!! Yippee!!

Code for door: L=3red,2blue, O=3red, 3blue, C=3blue, green, K=2green, 1 red.

out finally...

Don't suppose you are into making walkthroughs Stephanie? ;o) I am still v much stuck! Oh, and the dot under my bin is green, not purple. I haven't found any keys, so no charger, and only one button of each colour...no cloth either. I suck!

This comment has been removed by the author.

how can i get in to the bottom drawer? and what's with the time shining on the cabinet?
please help im very very stuck

oops, deleted my comment. can some one post a walkthrough?

divinyl have you taken the screws out of the side of the small cupboard with one drawer and a vase on top? You´ll be able to open the drawer if you do

What about the hammer? There is a hammer that you can get out of the side of the closet when it opens up.

Where is pink paper?

Thanks Niff...had just managed to do that...now have another red button and a purple K, but still no keys! Lol

a hammer??? sorry i really don;t get that, never seen it, and can;t fin dit :( sorry im not the best one in this game!
which closet? the green one?

Hi, where is the pink paper and the 9 tile?

it says at the end that there are 2 endings. so i am going for the 2nd one now.
this is where the hammer come into use...
i need help on finding a 'F' though

Same with me no hammer in closet. Does anyone know where the pink paper is?

Hello, where is the pink cloth? And what this web has not a forum? It's so difficult enter in this blog

i'm still stuck. so far i have: 2batteries, 3 pieces of torn paper, 1 blue dot w/a 3 on it, 1 green dot w/a 3 on it, and 3 square tiles with 1, 4, and 6 on them. i can't find any thing else. please help.

there is a light shining om the small closet (brown one) with 5:30 om it! i dont know what to do with it! someone???

Wait, hammer is to smash the vase which has another letter in it. And the tablet with the magic square can be flipped and it has another color on it. Also the lock text is now FAKE with the K inverted which is the hint for the color on the back of the tablet I'm assuming.

the 5:30 is for the code behind the picture above the bed

Lisavs...behind the picture you can enter it. I am making v slow progress! I now have 2 red buttons, 2 blue, one green...and a small red dagger!

how do you mix the colors? i know that red + blue = purple, but how do you actually mix them? i've clicked the holy hell out of those buttons and can't figure out how to combine them. do you have to do it in the door? or is it done in your inventory? i also have a red knife that seems to serve no purpose (yet).

Hold up...have used dagger. Might be finally getting somewhere!

ok got the true end now phew

So where is the F wlh8649? I can't find it.

you should have it with you all along
it's on one of the item

OH DUH! Thanks, now it makes sense.

Stuck again...now have 3 red buttons, 2 green and 2 blue. I have the doorknob on and don't know what to do now. No hammer...3 spaces left in inventory altogether...


Sorry about the caps, grandson's little fingers.

where did u use the dagger and where is the door knob?

I have 2 red, 1 green and 1 blue button. I have white "O" under bin and red dot on bottom of bin. I have green "K" on sukoku square with red back. I have blue "E" on outlet cover. My note has "C" > purple. Cannot locate pink paper, knife, keys. Have set knobs to 5:30 but nothing has happened and can still turn knobs. help?

Sorry, ....sudoku

There is a sign for you to use the dagger where you used the batteries...then you'll find a key, then the doorknob. I'm still stuck not knowing what to do next :o(

where is the key for the safe behide the pic next to the window?

Now I still need to find the E, hmm.

Thanks. Forgot about that red dagger on the statue!

use the dagger on the toy dog(?) after you have turned it on

notice the 'hands' of the knobs

finally figured out 5:30......ya gotta look at the clock!!

Can some PLEASE post a walkthrough? Too many unanswered questions. What is the code for the box in the drawer? Where is the rag?

Ok, for everyone trying to get into the locked box, click on the picture next to the window...behind it is a paper with a code...the code is upside down.

Left bottom of door. Click, it opens and plug the cable. Then?? I can´t find the combination of the colors.

where is the dagger????

How do you figure out the combo to unlock the door? I have the 8 colored numbers but can't figure out where to put them. My colors are as followed:
K=purple (or red)

dagger in wall safe

i think the charger was in the bottom drawer on the night stand with the spilled vase on top. don't know how i actually got that to open though

can anyone let me know where the plastic bottle and pink paper are located? thanks

I have no "F" nor "A"

Finnaly out!
L=3red, 2 blue
O=3 red, 3 blue
C and K can´t remember but try it. There are not many combinatios!

thx norman....and now anther question...how do i open the safe? (sorry if my english is not very good)

Ok, out with 'lock' ending...what's this with a room with explosives? And how to get the true ('fake') ending?

there has to be a key but i'm unable to find it:(((to open the safe on the wall)

I have the following: 2 red buttons, 1 green, 1 blue, screwdriver, 4 screws. I finished the sudoku thing, so I know that I need a purple K, as well as a green C, an aqua E. There's a white circle in the trashcan.
I've turned the dials behind the picture until they correspond to the "5:30" thing, but nothing happened. I can't find a hammer or a dagger or a cloth or any keys. Please someone post a walk-through!

Aargh...trying to get second ending...but screen is all red where green closet should be, so can't get hammer to get 'A'...guess it's a problem with my computer, but don't want to start all over again :o(

keys,keys,pink cloth, cant go on dont want to go back

i can't believe that there have been 125 comments and no one has done a walkthro yet.. these games are getting too complex now!!

Can someone please provide the code to open the box in the middle drawer. thank you.

the knobs behind the paper on the wall have to be set to 6 and 5 and underneath the clock will open to get pink paper and dagger.....

Click the right side of the desk and you will see two screws. Unscrew them and take them. The drawer will now be open. Take the charger and put the batteries in. Unscrew the plate on the wall and plug the charger in. Once you've charged them you can put them in the dog thing and turn it on. It will turn it's head and you'll get another tile and a key. Do the tile puzzle (each row adds to 15) and it will open the cow picture. Set the dials to 5:30 and a box will come out of the clock. I forget what you get, but at this point you should have the key to open the closet drawer which is where you get the dagger. Put the dagger in the dog and you get the key to the wall safe. That's where you get the doorknow and another ball. Now I'm stuck!!!

to get the pink cloth and dagger: once you turn on the toy dog, you'll see 5:30 on the side of the brown dresser. if you've solved the puzzle on the desk, the painting on the wall will fall down, revealing two knobs. zoom in on the knobs and set them to 5:30. then, a tray will come out of the wall under the clock. it has the key to the bottom drawer of the green wardrobe. the pink cloth and red dagger are inside. use the dagger on the toy dog and you'll also get the key to the safe.

please please post where to find the pink cloth

The pink cloth is also in the bottom drawer of the closet. The code to open the box in the drawer is:


code for the box is taped to the back of the paper on the wall.

Okay you guys...I've got 3 red balls, 2 blue and 2 green. I've opened everything and put the doorknob on the door. What do I do now? How do you combine colors? Where do those knobs even go?

you need 3 blue balls, do you have the one from the window?

once you put the nobs behind the picture to 5:30, look next to the nightstand thingy with the vase. (something will be opened)
that's where you will find a key and the dagger (?)

where is the hammer?? no one likes to answer questions...

once you have the LOCK code in the door, the cupboard will open. The hammer is on the right hand side of the drawers.

thanks, mate!

wont give me the blue one in the window. Still no hammer.

yes, I have the one from the window...I have the number 2 and 3 blue balls. no idea where the third is. any help? also, once I have all of the balls, will there be someplace to put them?

blue ball at window is near the pole at the top

I put in the LOCK code with the correct colors, but nothing happened .... still no hammer. What am I doing wrong?

OK where is the #1 tile?

Hey.. Could anyone make a Walkthrough.. bc I'm kinda stuck right now...

another is in the bottom of the door where the cable is. Zoom in the plug socket and click the door, plug in the cable and take blue ball

I don't remember which was which, but here's the tile locations:
Dog's Head (use the batteries and turn it on)
In the bed (pull back the blankets)
Between the bed and the dresser thing next to it
In the trashcan
One was in a drawer - maybe in the locked box? Don't remember.
I feel like the #1 was either in the bed or next to it.

thnx it was by the bed.

Samantha did you press the white button on the right hand side of white bit where the pegs are?

I'll bite where is the cable?

Yes... about 8 times! This is driving me nuts. And I can't believe we've gone through 150 posts with no walk-through.

For the cable, click the very bottom right hand corner. A panel will open, revealing the cable and a blue peg.

Close up of plug socket, click bottom of door, it´ll open up. You need to plug in the door!!

I just need the hammer to continue...I have clicked for the close up of the right side of the closet cabinet but I am not seeing a hammer...any help pls.

Samantha, it seems we all have different colours, what are yours maybe I can help?

Got it! And wow and the opening of the cabinet. Open Sesame indeed...

Where the drawers are "steps"- right hand side, underneath

It turns out you have to use all your pegs, no matter what. And I escaped into green pastures. Assuming this is the good ending?



I'm going to go through it again and see if I can work on a walk-through.

I am feeling just a bit stupid now.....I just cant find the hammer.

thanks samantha. i'm stuck on the lock code right now

No, now you go back in (click the longer left hand option on the writing when your in the field). Take hammer from under the steps and go back to the door, it will now say FAKE, you need to re-do the puzzle

nvm i'm out

I never found the F, just guessed it was yellow. When you get it right you get a golden peg to put in the dog thing for the True end

is there someone writing a walkthrough already? if there's no one i'd be glad to post it.

@ Like- Do you have the cupboard open that leads to the field?

samantha is working on one, i think

ah, ok..

Hey niff...apparently I do not since I have no idea what field you are speaking of. Hmmm seems a blonde shouldnt attempt this type stuff...lol.

Samantha never finished it

well, the pegs: we have four coloured letters, brigth green K, bright blue L, Red C and purple O, these letters gives us the word lock. We have to combine the pegs under the letters to achieve the color they have, then the door will open and we are gone.

You can´t get the hammer until you have completed the LOCK puzzle. You won´t need it until then either. What else do you need to find?

Niff I guess I truly dont know....since my L is light blue, my O (under the trash can?) appears to be white, I have a slip of paper that shows my C being purple (which I made) and my K is green....I am lost, lol...did I mention I am a blonde. :)

When the bin is lifted up, click the bottom- there is a color there

where can i find the letter F?

Ahhh what a dork I am lol thanks, I am assuming the numbers are important as well? This is my second attempt at this type of puzzle.... :)

the o from the trash can is purple, click under the base of it and you will see the colour, the other letters are ok. Now you have to combine the pegs and get the colours you need. for example, to get the purple O, mix a red and a blue peg. try till you get it.

I never found it Paul, but for some reason red and green of the same number (3) makes yellow- that wworked for me- hope it helps

Help.. I found all the colours I need..
L = blue
0 = green
C = red
K = Purple
I've set all the colours on the door but still.. nothing ! !
Damn, I got this far with no help at all.. now I'm stumped.

Light blue= blue and green same number
purple= red and blue same number
red= at least 1 red higher number than other peg
If you get stuck tell me the colour of your O and I´ll try it out

iche...my O is clearly red and my C is clearly purple....did I do something wrong?

Christine, is your L light blue or dark blue?

although I'm not that far because, as of right now .. I have discovered nothing that requires an F... but before using the yellow key on the safe.. I had jotted down that it was an "F".. a yellow "F"

I must be missing a green ball...with that I think I can complete the LOCK...you guys are great to help out. :)

even i put F in yellow - still can't solve it

A is cyan
K inverted is Red
E is blue

am i right?

Colours different for everyone

THANK YOU NIFF... geez !!!

@ like
green 3, blue 3= light blue
red 3, blue 2= red
red 3, blue 3= purple
green 2, red 1= green

OK !?! .. SO I'm out.. (and good game btw)
But what is with the "F"... I'm confused !! I didn't see anything like that ?

How do you mix the colours..?

OH... and the game continues.. nm, I'm on it ..


1.Turn right.
2.Zoom into desk, get green button from plant.
3.Zoom out. Zoom to rubbish bin.
4.Get paper (#4) and paper ball.
5.Zoom out and click bottom of bin, then click the bin. Note the color of the dot and the letter 'O'
6.Click bed twice. Get paper (#6)near the blanket. Get red button under bed.
7.Zoom out.Turn right. Click between bed and wardrobe. Get #1.
8.Open wardrobe, get paper and battery.
9.Turn right, open curtain, get blue button near the top.
10.Click paper next to curtain. Get paper stuck behind it. Notice a safe behind paper.
11.click cupboard. Get battery under cupboard.
12.Go back to the wardrobe. enter code into the safe in 2nd drawer. From the paper it reads 961, it's upside down so input 196. Get torch and #7. Check torch and get screwdriver.
13.Go to the white thing next to the door, open with screwdriver. Get screws and note the color of 'E' at the back of the cover.
14.Go to the side of the cupboard (next to the curtain), use screwdriver to get screws. Now the bottom drawer can be opened. Get charger and red button.
15.Charge the batteries at the socket (white thing next to door). Get charged batteries.
16.Go to the toy dog, insert batteries and press button. Get #9 and note the light shone onto the cupboard (5:30).
17.Go to the desk and put the number cards into the squares so that each row, column, diagonal sum to 15. Press white button and note the color of 'K'. Note also color of the back.
18.Found the dials behind the picture. Turn them so that it reads 5:30. Note that the one on the right has hour arm while the left one has minute arm.
19.Turn left, get blue button and key under the clock.
20.Use key on bottom drawer of green wardrobe. Get cloth and dagger.
21.Click vase on the brown cupboard, wipe with cloth. Use wet cloth to wipe windows (both sides).
note color of 'L'.
22.Click right bottom of door (screen with the socket), get blue button and plug.
23.Insert dagger into toy dog. Get red button and key. use key on safe behind paper next to curtain. Get door knob and green button. Take key back.
24.Fix door knob on door and press it. Now mix the color of buttons so that LOCK matches the color noted. (see end of walkthru for guide on color mixing). Press the button and it says open. (End 1)
25.Click side of steps, get hammer. Smash the vase and note color of 'A'.
26.Click on door knob again. Mix color to match FAK(inverted)E. K(inverted) is the color at the back of K. color of F is the key that you are holding.
27.Click button and it should read "TRUE". Get the new button.
28.Put new button into toy dog. (End 2)

bigger numbers has dominance over small numbers. For example, mixing 3 and 1 will give color of 3.
Color with same number mixes as follows:
red+blue = purple
red+green = yellow
blue + green = light blue

Walk-through, finally...

-Click under the brown table, get a battery.
-Go right once. Click inside the trashcan, retrieve a number and ball of paper.
-Zoom back out, click on the bed to pull down the covers, then zoom in on the bed. There is another number hidden under the cover, and a red ball underneath the bed. Take both.
-Zoom back out from the bed, click between the bed and cabinet. Take the number.
-Go right again, open the green cabinet. Take the piece of paper on the top shelf and the battery on the middle shelf.
-Go right again. Zoom in on the window. Open the blinds, and take the blue ball at the top.
-Zoom back out, zoom in on the paper. Behind the paper is a torn bit of paper with some numbers on it. Take it.
-Go back to the green cabinet, open the middle drawer. The code to the locked box is on that little bit of paper, but it's upside down, so invert it. Inside the box you'll find a number tile and what looks like a flashlight.
-Examine the flashlight - click on the string, and it becomes a screw driver. Use it on the little white box next to the door, and on the side of the little brown cabinet. Now you should have 4 screws, and you can open both the white box and the drawer in the cabinet.
-Take the cover off the white thing, and, behold! It's a socket! While there, turn over the socket cover, and you should see the letter "e". Also, click on the door. A panel will open, giving you a blue ball and a cord. Leave the cord alone for now, but take the blue thing.
-Open the brown drawer. You'll get a red ball and a battery charger. Use it with your 2 batteries, then plug it into the socket. After a few seconds,the light will change to green and take it again. Now, you can click on the cable thing and it should plug itself in.
-Take your newly-charged batteries, add them to the little mechanical cat on the shelf, and push the button. Its head will turn, and give you another number.
-Now you should have 5 numbers. Go to the desk, and look at the little puzzle. Each row, column, and diagonal should add up to 15. When you have the right combination, click on the little white dot and you should see the letter K - note the color.
-While at the desk, look closely at the plant and take the green thing.
-When you zoom back out, you'll notice that the painting has fallen. Turn the green dial to what would be 6 on a clock, the purple dial to 5 (the clock on the wall behind you says 5:30).
-Zoom out, turn a few times, and you'll see an opening under the clock. Here, you get a blue thing and a key.
-Use the key on the bottom drawer of the green cabinet. You'll get a red dagger and a pink cloth.
-Use the red dagger on the dog. Its head comes up (creepy), and you can get another red thing and a key.
-Zoom in on the vase on top of the brown cabinet. Knock it over, spilling the water. Use the pink cloth to soak up the water.
-Turn left, zoom in on the paper on the wall. Use your gold key on the safe behind it. Open it to get a doorknob and a green thing.
-Zoom in on the window. Open the curtain, use your wet cloth on the window to get a letter/color combination. Take note.
-Now, you're ready to finish the puzzle. Zoom in on the door, use the doorknob and 4 screws where they should obviously be. Click on the knob, you should get a puzzle.
-Remember all those letter/color combinations? Use your red, blue, and green things under each letter until the circles become the appropriate colors. Once you have used all your pegs, you can click on the little white button and the "lock" should change to "open"
-After a few seconds of "open sesame", it'll zoom out and the green cabinet transforms itself. Click on the right of the steps, take the hammer. Use the hammer on the vase, and you'll get a letter A. You can't take it - it's just there.
-Now, click on the world inside the green cabinet, and you're free!

Ha, we were doing walkthroughs at the same time. I'm done escaping for the day. Enjoy, everyone!

green 3 red 3= yellow
blue 2 green 2= cyan
red 1 red 3= red!
blue 3 blue3 =blue!

Niff...thanks so much, my brain had a fleeing moment of brightness and I had just figured it out when yo posted....thanks so much, I even got the hammer!!

don't remember the combinations I made. i think, blue + green for bright blue, red + red for red, red + blue for purple, and blue + green for green.

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