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Small Wings of 80

Small Wings of 80 is by the same author who made 80 Shumiration point and click type escape the room game by Accell World. In this game you have to collect 10 feathers to make a pair of wings and then help the little mouse go back to the heaven. Language may be barrier to figure out this game. Good luck and have fun!

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oh flip! ironing might have to wait after all!

hmm...maybe not

thinking same thing pink.....all i can do is look at arabian nights poster....

I cant get into the game,,It appears we have to type something in the box under Arabian Nights...or have I missed something?

Good to know its part of the game then...Okay we need Shuchun..

Hi everyone , just like to say thanks for the help with other games. and is anyone else having problems loading this new one :(

Yes, I did cherry..took a pretty good while, then went to the poster..Thought something was wrong but other players have same thing..

since i have no clue what it wants us to put in the box..... cleaning sounds like a good thing right now.
good luck all will be in and out maybe someone will figure it out. lol

I dont have a box, I have a door I cant get into.

Yeah, me to Bre...Got lots of stuff to do... Maybe Shuchun will be here by then to translate for us.. I,ll be back later to..

same here christine, I have tried clicking everwhere with no joy

Maybe a bug. I guess I'll check back later.

back with breakfast. lol click on one of the white circles till you get poster.

yes ty bre, I found it in the end lol, but just like the rest I'm now stuck.

Can't get into the game. No matter how many times I reload all I get is a white screen. Any alternative site??

Im back and forth here to guys...I tried main characters in that famous dinner show/movie ..Aladdin.Ali Baba, Sinbad, 1001 nights... to no avail.. I think here in a few I will re-start the game to see if I missed something... Will keep checking (in & out)

well i went to google and to a translator site and typed it a bunch of things copied and pasted and still got nowhere so i give up. lol

Tried "Genie of the Lamp" and "Genie of the Ring" nothing.. I maybe on the wrong track...Sure could use some translation

Boater, I am not sure if you were able to get it to load yet, but I tried Firefox and it started working. No more white screen.

What is the blue genie's name?

Ok thats it have given up for now, will check back later to see if anyone can shed some light on this one

Not even sure if he has a name.. just, Blue Genie...Any progress guys???

Also Boater, it took a pretty good while to load this one.. ??

Thanks for the help. I used alternative link, then back to the original link and am now in. Now at poster but am stuck.

Does it have something to do with the Yahoo Japan Ad on the right upper screen??? I was all over the ad (start,,,PR)...still cant go further

I don't get this game at all going back to my house work

Tried typing Open Sesame and 40 thieves. Even tried just typing enter. Nothing.

Any Luck, Boater?

did anyone else have to wait a while while it loaded...taking a long time here...hmm

Hi all just as stuck this crazy


Yeah, it took a while to load for me to Mercedes...Still stuck trying to enter...

came back after a couple of hours, see everyone still stuck in the same spot.

Lol, Robi...We need Shuchun for translation...

Tried Jasmin(e), Apu, mahararji, genie, king, desert still nothing

grrr, tried abracadabra, genie and all things connected to Arabian Nights and still nothing! Shuchun, help pls. before I lose my sanity LOL :) OR have you solved it yourself yet Shuchun? hmm... maybe you need help too, huh? Heheh... well, hope somebody figure this out coz we all seems to be stumped on this...

ok well ive tried everything..and I"m too tired to think..think I'll wait to find out if answer u are supposed to type is even in english..:)

see u guys lata..

japanese's caracters seems to be numbers or date non?

perdon. 1797.p-.?4?4

What kind of idiotic game starts with the password, no one knows about?

I guess the writer thought it would be funny to make a game that is impossible to play?!?
I have a hard enough time playing with the clues under your nose...lol
anyone found it yet?
I usually find help on here...At least I'm not alone lol.

tried going to the yahoo japan page and using all the numbers there but that didnt work

and now have tried pasting the various parts from the address bar in and stuck now ... surely the answer must be in the starting animation.
Unless it is in some way related to the previous game where they wanted a one word name from aladdin as the password .. but i cant remember what that was

OK I have tried the author of the book and the authors of the reprints too no luck!
Wish I could read this language!

This comment has been removed by the author.

I tried to work off of
1797 + ?4?4. I substituted the ? with 0,2,3,5,6,8 and did the math. Then I tried all the different sums, but that didn't work either. Just sharing in case anyone thought to do that too.

ok, this is just crazy. i've tried everything i can think of and nothing

i think we are all just bouncing around ideas here diana in the hope someone will stumble over the answer... if the game is this hard just to start what can it be like inside??
or is this the exit door lol

keeping an eye on another site but they are getting nowhere ... think they are keeping an eye on us too pmsl

i'm trying to translate this:
イフタフ ヤ シムシム

to babelfish.
but the translation doesnt mean anything to me.

I am at a complete loss here..Ive googled everything imaginable..Used translator stuff.. still notta ..zilch...nothing..0

       Anonymous  4/7/08, 11:57 AM  

The password is not angelmouse or daffodil either :-)

On top of the poster is written something that might be a number?

I went to wikipedia to see if I could get any further info. I used every single name mention, characters from every version in every story, aladin, arabian nights, sheherezas (sp?) no luck. Wish the author would stop by and give us a clue! What language is it anyway??

Also looked in the source...found shinobi and komusou...still no luck

this is driving me insane

The designer may be having a great laugh at our expense. This is rediculous.

dejavu - japanese

Ok so I restarted thinking maybe a clue in the opening. There is an angel then at the top some writing and the # 80. clicked enter and little mouse angel on a cloud, with a tulip,fishing.bunch of unreadable text boxes. then he catches the little man the little man also has angel wings but they are black. He screams and mouse angel falls off the cloud. more text, little man in top looking at me from small hole, flashlight falls,mouse face with text then the door. don't know if any of that helped but now I'm back stuck at the poster....

Is that Katakana? One of the simpliest form of the Japanese writing system?

Yep ,Dejavu..been there done that,,didnt work..(over 7 over) notta, notta notta LOL

I do believe its there upfront though...Just passes me by..The last game (80 shumiration) was hard to get into also...

tried typing in wish, threewishes, magic, lamp..ughy T-T

Where are you Shuchun???

same here, was trying that and even tried different variations of the name of the game "Small Wings of 80"...but of course nothing

At first I thought it was Chinese as I'm not well versed in the world's languages and symbols, but I did some digging around and I'm pretty sure it is Japanese Katakana. I don't know if this is gonna help me any though, trying to translate those characters on top of the poster right now and I've only come up with a few meanings, just don't know how to put together these stuff into the English language though...so, now I'll get back to it, hope I make some progress...

tried clicking all of the white things around the door except the one that takes you to the poster, and yet again, nothing

If you go to the bottom right corner of screen it shows @accellhttp: etc..at the end of that line if you put your cursor right next to 00/ a little box shows above it that says ninja tools, shows 1234 then today 3911 and yesterday 886 any idea what that is? Im really grasping at any straw at this point. LOL

And up on the top left corner is a little black box that says Ninja Tools

ok so I just clicked it and it took me to http://www.ninja.co.jp/ but of course I dont read boxes either so I have no clue...again.

omg! this is soooo ridiculous

it's just the number of person who have visit the page

i have a feeling that might be one of those "how many people visited the site" thingies...

my top box is yahoo japan. cant read that website either.

       Anonymous  4/7/08, 12:25 PM  

Clicking the evil man a sounds like a phonecall....the password could be a phone number?

wow i never thought as a college student i`d be so into games like these >_>;; oh well..whatever lol

ashlee_mar, any luck translating those characters on the poster?

ashlee_mar..i think you`re right on it being katakana...hm i was thinking..what if you had to translate the katakana into a more complex japanese characters like hiragana or something..hmm...i shall try it...

This is japanese katakana

イフタフ ヤ シムシム

I put it in babelfish and says:
"if tough (sign: ya) shim shim" (or shi-mu shi-mu)

Dont know what is it

sur, I did an search for that writing and it comes up saying open sesame!, but that does not work as the password.

so i was translating it..and at the last four characters came out to be shimu shimu like sur said..then i realized that the phrase backwards spells out mushi mushi..which is what japanese people use to say when they pick up the phone..what if the phrase in the poster is backwards?

just went over to nordinho and found that same translation there sur but that seems to be it for them too. Also shows a note that they have been watching us to see if we can figure it out. Looks like everyone is stummped.. LOL

Now there is also a note that says to click the top right hand corner of the first page and that he is at a page with 3 doores. Then there is this note from another person saying ("i've got an arab man with a kalashnikov now!!

and a dusky maiden!!

and a river girl- not that it's helping in the slightest, i don't understand a word!!)
Dont know how he/she found that?

and someone found a feather. I'm gonna ask there for some help.

I was so desperate that I went to Escapegames24 turkish site and used a translator to see if they were any closer, they have a reference to the English site in they're comments I guess they are checking us and are just as stuck. LOL

OK here is a start. Restart your game and instead of clicking on the door, click the top right hand corner of the screen several times then you get 3 doors. that's as far as I got so far.

ok..the top right part of the game screen or the computer screen?

Allright...Do we go into the bar???

as usual, i'm lost

From the middle door I did get a feather from the blue genie lamp..

Nasgirl...start over and when you get to the door(dont click on nails this time) ...click upper right corner of screen...there you will see 3 more doors...

Top right of the picture of the door. it took me about 10 clicks and there is no specific spot.

each of the 3 door shows something different but I clicked the star on the left, then I think the middle door and now I just broke a majic lamp. all I can do is go back to the three doors. Ok, I got in here now somebody please get meout!!! LOL

you can get another feather inside Klims bar..

It seems our goal is to collect feathers..

found santa lounging on the beach with some beer cans and a reindeer and santa suit on a clothes line but didnt find anything there. Think we are searching for feathers?

We need to get into the private quaters in the bar area...there is a key on the bar (0715) cant pick it up..

got 3 feathers so far. 1 bar, 1 by santa suit and 1 from lamp. now in a place with a bird nest but didnt find any feathers yet. still searching!!

Okay, I got 3 feathers..one from each door...dont think we are done with the bar yet???

dejavu, can you pick up the key for the private quarters in bar...

I'm playing ... where is a single port click on upper right corner of the picture and u can see a room with 3 doors... u can click on little stars to oper this doors :D

no vbranam I couldnt pick it up either. There are more than 3 doors though. if you go back to the three doors and click on the left or right star you get 3 more places. I found and arab guy with a machine gun but no feather, then found a place that looks like a little store with a barber pole. found another feather there.

in the first door ..you can also go to the bottom of sea..but i cant pick up the sword or crown??

Its actually a birdcage I think (not a crown)

have 5 feathers so far. couple of places I couldnt find any though. Still have no idea what the point of this game is and now I am stuck! aarrrgghhh! (that's my angry pirate imitation!! LOL)

dont go under the sea. go up to the top of the water.

I have 4 feathers..Last one I got from the barbershop..

Did you get one from the darkened bedroom/garbage can?? looks like you can get one here but I cant..

where did you guys click in the barber shop and at the beach with the santa to get the feathers?

still only have 5. there is a room with a girl in it. cant find anything there the garbage ws empty and nothing under blanket and then that arab guy with the uzzi...and I think it's just you and me vbranam!

Hi sat. I think it was the top of the smoke stack in that picture. and the beach it was in santa's clothes. I think in a pocket.

i think you mat have to do certain things to be able to get the feathers sat ... clicking around the chimney in the barber shop got me one there sat

got 6 so far and really bored with this lol

I think Im in heaven now!! 3 more doors appeared and there was an angel first...In these doors its heaven I think...Did you go through these yet??

i also found one in the waterpipe and
one from tower in train scene

Some pretty nice graphics though Kingman..and you have 6 feathers..

Heeey Lasers

btw does anyone recognize the music in the scene where the girl is looking at the moon in the snow? really nice.

wanna use them to make a nice pillow and get some sleep vbranam lol

hi vbranam1!

i think i've been in about 9 places. just found one with an oriental girl and a cat in a field. then to the left of that was a river and to the right a unicorn but can't find anything. also the girl on the bed in the dark room you can turn on the light. didnt help me though.

Lasers: what water pipe?

thanks guys

dejavu, in the arab scene, with the women wearing scarfs. if you click the cat it takes you to a waterpipe (or maybe a teapot, i'm not sure lol).

I have 6 feathers and noticed radio can turn on in santa beach scene and if you click bubbles in underwater where cage and sword are this makes more bubbles go up and more stars come down then the still bubbles land back in original positions

lol kingman...I dont recognize the music, but it is relaxing..I have 5 feathers now, and Im going to re-trace through the doors...Missed some somewhere..

THanks Lasers, i had gotten that one already, I think it's a majic lamp, or a really neat tea pot. I have 6 feathers and Kingmans idea of making a pillow with them is starting to sound good!! LOL

vbranam, did you get the one from the angel girl. if you are at the 3 doors, click the star at the bottom. she has it in her hand. that is the 6 I have at this point and I'm stuck

anyone find anything in the girls bedroom yet? can lift pillow, corner of blanket and look in trash but that is all and found nothing.

yep, Dejavu that was my 5th one..Did you get anything from the birds nest?? You can lift the eggs, but I dont see a feather here..

got 8 now ... my finger hurts lol

From the angel Dejavu,I didnt find anything in the bedroom..

i have found 9 feathers so far there is one more somewhere grrrr

Great, Kingman where r u finding them???

vbranam1, there is one in the birds nest

I got one from there somewhere but I dont think it was under the eggs. Ill go see if I can find that room again and see if I can remember. My finger hurts too Kingman. how'd ya get 8?

Dang, Bens way to go...Im lagging here..

found the 10th one it was in the bird nest

oo i just found another feather..if you go to the place with the bird cage and moon and what not..and go up to the surface..click on the reflection of the gate looking thingie in the center..that`ll give you another feather

there is also one on the unicorn

ok, that was weird. I went back to the bird nest and lifted the eggs clicked on the bottom part of the nest and got my 7th feather? maybe you have to get them in a certain order. although I did go to the down star and open all the flowers so maybe that was it. So maybe there should be two in that group of scenes. or maybe I've lost my mind playing this maddening pixil hunt and I just thought I got one there......

Laser, in the birdnest?? Im here and cant find it..

lol, Dejavu,, gonna keep trying the birdnests then..

Sheeessssh, tried the unicorn a while back,,didnt find one there either..

There is a feather on the left hand side of the glass in the room with the girl. There is a feather in the tail of the unicorn. There is another feather in the sand beside the man with the gun ( on the right hand side). Its a bit of pixle hunting but they are there! However now that I have all 10 I have no idea what to do with them !

got 9 ... one from angel when you go down... one from nest... one from chimney stack at barbers ... one from sand dunes on right in desert scene... one from jar in arab street scene.... one off bar...one on unocorns head... one from right diagram thing in top scene with the sword and birdcage... not sure where i got the ninth.... gotta be one in the bedroom somewhere

im out wooohooo

you can enter the private area in the bar if you gat all 10

whoops, i just got shot. game over

omgosh finally found the one of the unicorn -_-

got out! you click the flower in the private room, then the picture at the window, then the guy. click the first question box and he makes you wings!

Hurray!! finally got them. it was the one in the sand and the one in the girls room I couldnt fin. Thank you Thekiss for that help. now that I have all the feathers....Ben...how do I get out of here???? LOL

ut oh lasers ... why you always getting shot ??? lol

oh yeah .. ninth one i got from santas pocket in the jacket on the right

never mind... I'm out...woo hoo...thanks for the help..All that pixel hunting made me hungry!!

The hello kitty sewing machine was a cute touch!!!

I'll stick around a while if you need help.

hehe, last week i didn't get shot. although i was bitten by an alien then.

thank you all for the desert sand one... now have 6

Oh no, you can get shot in this game..Okay, gonna be lokking out for that..

clicking myself to death on the vase in the bedroom grrrrrrr

but at least i havent got to start again like lasers :p


Lasers, how'd you get shot?

how did you guys find the feather in the bird`s nest? i lifted all the eggs and started clicking like mad but i still can`t seem to get it T-T

omg, I got the one from the birdsnest...lots of clicking..

just click and click and click till you think you cant click any more sat lol

im still clickong the danged vase grrrrrrr

dejavu, in the final scene, the guy asked me a question. i guess he didn't like my answer. i think i should have chosen the left option.

Sat, try opening all the flowers in the bottom screen first then go back to the nest. feather is towar the bottom of the nest on the left I think.

Where exactly on the unicorn?? Ive been clicking all over him..

got it finally...whoa

In the girls bedroom there's one near the flowers in the vase.

got mine from the head vbranam ... but someone else said the tail .. maybe its not where you click but how hard and how often lol

omg, this was a headbanger! lovely graphics though and soothing music :)

I picked the left one. being left handed I tend to go left first all the time!! LOL

vbranam, how many you got now?

the kiss, Im in the bedroom,,,i click on left side of flower vase???

Dejavu, I have 9.... Im checking in the bedroom,,,no luck so far

Bah, stupid EMO game. just started 10 min ago, bah, after chesnut room, I cannot play this game.

ive been clicking that vase for hours vbranam ... good luck lol

that vase was a b***h to get to. it will eventually give you a new view of the back of the vase to see the feather.

also got feather from unicorns head. that one was hard too.

lasers you still playing?

is the end worth all this clicking .. i want to pick that vase up and throw it at the window ...if i hadnt got carpal tunnel from all this clicking

I know this is where my last one is, but I cant get anything from the vase..

LOL Kingman... I feel your pain...

yeah ... got it finally !!!!

Ohhhh okay, Dejavu,,let me go try again..

where exactly did you find the one in the desert?

don't give up now vbranam. you'll miss the hello kitty sewing machine!!!

Christina it was in the sand to the right of the guy with the guy. it's a very annoying pixel hunt but just keep clicking.

lol,, cant wait for that part...Surely, Im not mistaken the closeup of a garbage can versus the vase,,am I??

christina, near the horizon on the right, where the 2 hills meet

That's the spirit vbranam!!! I'm sitting here with my pom pom's cheering you on... LOL

wow, that would not be a sight anyone should see!!! me and pom poms??? LOL

dejavu, can you be more specific? I clicked about a million times...

out finally !!!

remind me never to play another one by this creator lol

Hey Kingman, you out yet? If not, remember when he asks you a question take the answer on the left....or die!! ?

thank you thank you thank you !!!!!!

congrats Kingman!! hows the wrist and finger doing? Don't think I'll play another of this creators games either.

vbranam1, i think its a bit on the left side of the vase. i did it with the lights on, pillow up and blanket turned, but i don't know if that matters...

no it is the vase vbranam... not the garbage can... believe it or not after a million clicks it gives you a close=up rear view

off to emergency to see if i can get my whole arm put in traction deja lol

Kingman...you crack me up. seriously my wrist really is sore!! how's the vase coming vbranam?

Omg, I found it...Yep, he made me some wings with the hello kitty sewing machine...How cute...Okay, Dejavu, I appreciate you breaking out your poms poms...It worked...Yay..

This has been fun...Fun playing with all of you..lol Got to get my day started now (5:45) in the evening lol...See you all next game... Oh yeah, thank you for the help...

congrats vbranam! I'm gonna put the pom poms away and pull out the pots and pans..dinner time!!

Talking with you all has been as fun as this game was aggrivating!

See ya'll next game!!!

lol, there is a strange contradiction in this game: the guy either shoots you in the face or he sews you some wings on his hello kitty sewing machine.

seems like either way you die? heaven or hell? LOL.. take care lasers.

i guess you're right, dejavu. goodnight and thanks for your help.

Finally 10 feathers, it took forever to get the zoom in of feather near glass in room with girl.

while youve all been nattering away here i have finished the in a room escape ... took all of about 2 mins lol

Thank you Dejavu, Lasers, Kingman, kiss, Sat, everyone...Yall were just as much fun as the game itself.. Lots of fun..

Wow, out and all for the mighty mouse remake LOL

help... I have all feather... but... i cannot go in private room!!! :( What I do I do to go in private room??? pleeeeeeaaaaseeeeeee :( I want finish this game...

if you have all 10 feathers just click on the door till it opens adamantia

hmm okie dokie :)

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