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Fairy Forest Walkthrough

Fairy Forest

[REPLAY] Fairy Forest (alias Escape from the Forest of the Fairy) is another Japanese point & click escape game developed by Tesshi-e for MildEscape. In this game, you are stuck in a forest, and your aim is to escape from there by finding and using items and looking for hints to solve all puzzles in the woods. There are two different endings. Good luck and have fun! ☺

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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wow i'm first

good morning Cupcake! how you doing on this game so far?

got some seeds, a note that says push which i think has to do with the flowers, a frying pan, a bird and now i'm stuck

hi. i have 2 acorns, a handle looking thing and a pan now stuck.

       Anonymous  5/7/08, 7:21 AM  

Hi All!
I managed to crush the acorns with the mallet.

I have 2 acorns and a hammer. hit acorns with hammer now have 2 little green things and I have a pot. didnt see a note? can't seem to do anything else either. Where is Diane when I need her!! lol

i put the smashed acorns on the table no note for me either

I have seeds on the table also and now suddenly as I clicked on the bird it flew away, I found it on the table, now have bird no more seeds. stuck again!

yes 5th on. i hope this game is a good one

after putting acorns on the table now i can get the bird the note is on his leg.

put the smashed acorns on the flat table...

then go click the bird, he'll escape..

find him again, click on his leg to get note.. note definately has something to do with the flowers but I cant make sense of it..

then you can put bird on bottle across the pond.. now Im stuck..

The colors on that note are the same as the 3 flowers where the guy is sleeping and there is a pole sticking out of the ground. tried clicking flowers in order of the colors on note but didnt work. I'm pretty sure that does have something to do with it though.


put smashed acorns back on table, go back to click the bird (may have to do these steps twice)

Bird will eventually fly off with bottle back to the 'camp site'.

Put bottle contents in the pan.. now not sure what to do.. lol.

After smashing acorns I put them on the table, clicked on bird. Bird went to them, I picked up bird.

I used bird on bottle across the pond, but it is just sitting there. It won't return to me.

use the note at the flowers where the sleeping guy is you get a flame

push the flowers on the screen with the sleeping bloke in the order on the paper, yellow, blue, blue, red, red, blue, red

I got it!!!!! follow the colors from note. click the corresponding flowers, and now I have a flame on that pole... yipee... lol

then set fire to the paper with the flame

fill empty bottle with water from pond.. getting closer..

and stuck again

put the seeds back on the table and the bird on the bottle, then click on the bird and it flys to the table

put note to flame and get fire but cant seem to light the fire by the table??? hmmmmm

put the flame on the stick out with the bottle of water to get an apple

then apple into pan with green liquid

very cute game....good way to start the morning. gl all

after lighting your paper, put out the flame where the sleeping guy is with the water from your bottle...

it gives you a red apple!

then you can cook it to get the green apple and feed snoozy :)

then you can get out very easily..

Nice little game..

I'm out!!!!! yipee

Put apple in pot with the other liquid, place on stove, light fire under stove. Get green apple. Give apple to sleeping dude, click him again, you're out.

well, kinda out. at bottom of stairs with green apple but that seems to be the end.

put the flame out with the water you get an apple put the apple in the pan

im out. cute game

And I'm out ^_^

       Anonymous  5/7/08, 7:41 AM  

Fun game, looks like a sequel coming?

put the pan on the bbq thing (campsite)and light the wood with the paper. the apple goes green click on it and give it to the man sleeping

what a wierd game your in a forest and then at some stares creepy

i cant find any acorns..... :(

nevermind,.. found them.. lol

aww, cute game... easy once i found the stupid acorns!

is anyone working on a walkthrough?

i can't light the fire in the fire-pit thing. where am i supposed to click it with the burning paper?

Nevermind. I got out! =^..^=

where is the note? help me!

Out! Very cute game.

Note is on bird's leg.


-Click one of the middle trees and get the acorns that fall. Note the bird.
-Turn left and get the hammer. Note the bottle on the other side of the pond.
-Left again and get the pan.
-View the acorns and use the hammer on them. Get the acorn seeds.
-Place the seeds on the table and go back to the screen where the bird is. Click him.
-Return to the table where the seeds were and get the bird. Place the seeds back on the table.
-Go to the pond and use the bird on the bottle. Click him.
-Return to the table and get the bird and green bottle.
-Use the green bottle in the pan.
-Use the empty bottle in the pond and get the bottle of water.
-View the bird and click the note on his leg.
-Go the to the screen with the sleeping fairy. Now looking at the note, click the flowers in the correct order (from left to right, top to bottom): yellow, blue, blue, red, red, blue, red
-There will now be a flame on the post. Use the note on the post and get the fire.
-Use the water in the bottle to put out the fire on the post. Get the red apple.
-Return to the view where you originally placed the acorn seeds on the table.
-Place the apple in the green dye in the pot, and then place the pot on the fire hearth.
-Get the green apple.
-Give the green apple to the sleeping fairy, click him and he wakes up!

Is there another ending? I tried again and was able to relight the post and get another red apple, but it didn't show up in my inventory. Might be a glitch. Also, you can still maneuver around after you give the fairy the green apple, and before you click him again and the game ends. The apple is alone on the stairwell. Should there be a fairy there?

A walkthrough so soon?

clicked the bird and it landed on the bottle, then clicked the bird again and it was in the item list went back to the table but there was no green bottle?

worked it out myself you have to return to the table put the seeds back on table, then click the bird with the bottle and they both turn back up on the table

just hav to combine the items not very hard to go.

anyone still here

I'm with Diana, I think there should be a fairy on the stairs. I have the green apple and can still relight the flame and take more water, but stuck again- don´t want to feed the fairy just yet. I'm going to see if I find the other ending, but don't hold out much hope. Anyone know what it says at the end for a clue?

good game ... i did see the 2 fairies and then the green apple on the stairs ... to bad i cant climb up the stairs to see whats up there :D

how do u get the green apple????I put the apple in the pan with the green dye on the fire hearth and I still cant see the green apple!! Can some one plz help me!!!!

       Anonymous  9/16/18, 12:16 AM  

Tesshi-e is creating games since 2008, i.e. MildEscape has its 10 year anniversary – CONGRATS! ♥
therefore, caught this one for the replay
it's the very first Tesshi-e game posted on EG24 - enjoy!

thx for all your creations, Tesshi ☺
& thx Diana for the WT

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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