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[REPLAY] 2KeysGames - Khaki Room Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Paskapet for 2keys Games. In this game, Rupert has been detained by the military, and they are going to torture him for information. Help Rupert escape before they come back. Good luck and have fun!

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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Khaki Room Escape Walkthrough

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I love this series of games..Been waiting for this next one..

Nothing to say it's just the first time that I'm first!

Oooops! I was before I signed in!

Finally, I can type. Couldn't log in.

How many items do you guys have, I think I found all.

I have boots, coat, belt, hat, letter, 2 whips, silver pointy thing, green bottle wine, ashtray can, and blue bottle.

There's a trap door under the bed, trying to figure out in what order to move the chains above to the handcuffs.

Remember guys,,in these games you dont have room in inventory to keep all items...Im keeping all the darts so far..

Found the safe but my numbers arent working..(if its the numbers from the dice that is)

Do you have any hints for the bed?

Yeah,,lift pillow,lift blanket,lift mattresses then move the bed..fast so they stay in the air...

Put two darts on the dartboard -found an Ace of hearts... whips n chains-the creator is becoming kinky :) I like it!!

can't lift pillow- i have been playing with the chains but its not doing anything... poop

i can't lift the pillow either

I found two darts that I put into the dart board, as well as a card that I found hidden

I put 3 in dartboard, and didnt get nothing..lol.. Looks like were searching for all the aces then..In the cellar on a pipe is the layout of suites.

haha sorry someone already said that :P

where are u guys finding the darts and card?

vbranam- please please how do we lift the pillow- we want to catch up!!!

does anyone have any hints about the chains

card was behind one of the pictures on table..I think the one dart was in the curtains

i think with the chains u have to try to get them all up or all down in order for the bed to move.

       Anonymous  5/27/08, 1:14 PM  

if you move the bed you go underneath in the basement through the trap door

how do you move the bed?

Get the chains all up, then pillow and blanket and both mattress, crow bar or something on bed.

put chains in order...1st almost to ceiling 2nd with hook and part chain showing 3rd only hook showing...move the pillow up to the ceiling out of sight if you can,,then hurry and do the blanket up high,then mattresses up high and get carving fork and move the bed..Make take a few trys

up or down? do the chains all have to be at an even level?

i'm not very bright today.... i can't seem to get the bed or chains to go anything :-{

ty vbranam... we posted at same time

zoom in green jacket get key

yyeeeaaa got it thanx!!!

i can finally move them but not fast enough urgghhh

how does the bed move? does it go up or out? I keep trying can move the matrsses then it falls again but i got the carving fork

The rocks move in the basement..lolz.

it moves out towards the left

Shannon, bed moves the to the left,,exposing the trap door..Then go down the ladder..

finally, i was grabbing it in the wrong place thanks guys

got a knife from boxes in depot room

For yall having problem with chains

1st---hook & one link showing
2nd---hook only showing
3rd---half of hook showing

I clicked on the bottom of the post, on the left hand side, then the bed moved, like it was on wheels.

Well the drill sure works..turn volume down (whew)...dont know if we need this item yet or not..

don't tell me we have to hit these stones in the right ordr or something... when i hit one it seemed to have stuck in and made a click noise

zoom in on the pocket of the army jacket, outline of a key is there, keep clicking it until you get it out

whoops didnt see someone had already said that, nvm

well that wasnt asbad as i thought it would be...


Stones help the levers stay in place

knife sharpens the pencil... no idea what to do with it

Haha, the drill scared me as well.

hmm im trying to figure out the hint about the stones and levers

sharpened pencil can be thrown at dartboard

found ace of diamonds

fork can be thrown on dart board as well

collecting forks and cards haha

lovely girl if you click around in the stones in the foreground you will hear a click... you will be able to keep one of the levers held down, then move to the stones on the right and click around for the click and then the ones on the left

found the ace of spades. where is he ace of diamonds?

whered you fnd the ace of diamonds?

whats the safe? is it the numbers on the othr side of the die

me too lundin...Did yall get anything from pencil in bullseye yet??

where are yall finding the cards?

Thanxz a bunch Shannon! :)

where's the ace of spades?

I tries my dice #'s a while back and they didnt work..maybe that has something to do with bullseye..

ace of diamonds in stool by the door - use knife

where is the diamonds and spades nd clubs forthat matter? Anyone have a hint for the safe

I only have (ace-hearts) and (ace-diamonds)

where do u find the knife?

the ace of spades is in the depot room on the top shelf and u'll see a fork sticking in it

I think maybe the safe will open after we have the four cards in place..then we can move other 2 levers..

the knife is one of the boxes u have to remove one beer can in order to get the knife

knife is one of the boxes under a beer

knife is in one of the boxes in depot room - box that has non alcoholic beer

Yay!!! Found the knife yoo hoo

ooohh,good one critic

where on the shelf in the depot room should i click, cuz i dont see a fork

found all four cards

made dartboard fall down

i noticed if you add all the numbers on each die it adds up to either 10 or 11. If you write them down in order it's a nice binary number. Convert it to decimal and... it still doesn't work

try the 2nd shelf on the right corner

how do you get the card from the dartboard?? I'd throw the 2 darts, the fork and the pencil..cant see any card

Got dartboard down to and found note,,but no card..

where's the club?

dartboard - throw 3 darts, pencil, and 2 forks and it will fall down

That knob behind dartboard looks like one of the levers..

ace of clubs is in depot room

Why can't I get the key from the jacket?? Which pocket is it in??

gracias Lundin :D

Lundin,,,how about a little hint for that spade...please

left pocket!! no club behind dartboard...just a note :(

Club not spade

i'm playing this game for 2 hours now and i still can't find the third dart.. i found one in the shou and the plant.. where's the
3th one?

spade on shelf in depot room.clickto the right on the inside

where is the 3. dart?? got one from flowerbed and one from coat

Thanks Shannon

ace of club is found somewhere around the box full of tools

And THANX for the hints for spade card :-))

cad,,on top of light fixture in 2nd room in cellar..

3rd dart on light in basement

Got it..Thank you Lundin

can't find it.. :S when i click on the lamp it swings.. but still no 3th dart

picture of outhouse and shovel..??

cad,,its on the other lamp..the green one ..behind the yellow door

Hello everybody

hint for the safe?

sorry cad,,the other lamp is yellow also..anyway, where the safe is (that lamp)

ClickSaronno,,were thinking its our dice..

no idea what to do with telescope - just see different views of outside

i am missing something don't i? yellow door? second room? is it the door with the lightning on it? can't open that one ( i'm not that great in these kind of games.. but i love them .. and i'm also a bit tired.. i'm from holland and its half past 11 in the evening right now)


I can't use the dice in the wooden dice cup... and you?

Does the knob behind the dart board belong on periscope?

Also, any word on the passcode? I can never figure this guy's codes out.

me too Lundin..Makes no sense yet...Rupert cant see his captors out there..I thought we would see them before he escapes..

Cad,,move the levers on the right side, to open that yellow door..

No I cant either ClickSaronno..Thought maybe we shuffled them a bit..I held on to that cup the whole game..Had to put it back to get last card..We still may need to it, who knows..At least we know where its at..lol

I only got one lever on the right side.. hmm but i don't remember how i fixed that .. LOL i just pushed some stones:S

I tried that to fille_d ...It looks just like the levers..

I've tried to use the drill on the knob and the periscope, to no avail. Hmmmm....

Well, this is getting a bit annoying.

Help us!

On the periscope views, the one of the moon, there are shooting stars that look like they exit the view on certain numbers. Any help to anyone?

my clock sign 23.27 ... I'm very tired... please help!!!

the levers:
clıck on the stones and you will hear some noise. when you hear a different noise click one of the levers. do thıs for other levers too. the door will open. ı wish ı could explain. sorry for my english

thanks :D

one periscope view is upside....

.. stupid paper..

Is anyone any closer to the safe code??

So, I play all of these games but I have never posted! First post...woohoo! Anyway, I have collected the vodka and champagne just in case hehehe...looks like we're gonna need it huh?

Hello everyone, did anyone notice there is a 40 degree on the bottle of vodka? Could this have something to do with the parascope?

good nigth to you all... I'll try tomorrow,

You can see part of the same pictures out the window, as in the periscope (but not all)

well.. gotta go now..
i'll finish this game tomorrow..
Goodluck everyone..

Hey Christene...Goodnight ClickSaronno

mumma3: the dices is a clue for opening the safe;)

Bye, Cad

i still cant find the ace of clubs lol

anybody figured out what to do with the arrow-thingy that was in the safe?

I think it does have something to do with the stars. The belt has 1 star, one of the cards on the table has 5 stars, out the window has 5 stars,.....any others?

How did you open the safe Timo?

how did you open the safe? what's the combo?

in the periscope u can kinda see a piece of the tank like the nuzzle i think

the ace of spades was (I think !!) the one in the depot roo. the bottom shelf on the right side

ty saint but i need the ace of clubs

The dices give you the safe-code. Take the amount of eyes on each dice and there you go! Mine was: 2-2-3-4-5-5

i've entered the numbers on my dice a million times and it still won't open...


i got the safe open :)

tried using the number on the dice that are showing and it didn't work
does it just open atomatically once you have the right combo?

which part of the dice to open safe? not working for me!

has anybody noticed the moving stars in the periscope?

Have tried many times..mine dont work 163132...Did you have your inventory empty when your safe opened?

sorry "kev wales.."
I think other cards were on the table, behind one of the pics. one in the little stool (use knife) by the door. the last one (I hope its NOT the ace of clubs... I dont remember

@TIMO: what amount are you talking about?? Each dice shows 3 sets of numbers and I tried them all!! No luck, did you do anything specific before in the room??

someone said that the ace of clubs is around the tool box area but i cannot find it....help please ty

how i got the safe open was to figure out the number on the bottom of the dice mine was221466

kevwales..It is underneath it

I cant find clubs, and where is the periscope/telescope?

one of the cards was under the box in the depot room

one is under the tool box
one is at the right side of the bottom shelf in the same room

The ace of clubs is in the depot room...I put all the contents of the box in my inventory and then the box would slide over. ;-)

shera, does the safe just open or do you do something after you input the numbers?

@shera: thanx, but sadly didnt work for me neither. Maybe you all set your periscope to a certain view, if so WHICH???

@kevwales, look at my post with the hint for the shelf !!!!!!!!

hollie thanks so much ....i have the clubs at last

saintj it was club i was looking for not spade but thanks anyway

i have the tank moving!!wohoo

Ok Im back, and I see we are all having trouble with the safe :( my #'s dont work either.. further assistance please please :)

I at least had one empty space in my inventory whene I opened the safe. But I don't think that has any to do with it. It's weird that I got the right combo and you didn't. I tried to place the dices in the wooden cup before opening the safe(it didn't work), maybe that's the trick?

oh nvm I found the periscope duhhhh

the safe opens right away once the number is right

ill be back later

Nice for you shera :-))
But would you share with us how you got there, pleeeaaase!!???

My safe opened when I put the numbers from the back of the dice numbers in backwards. Go figure.

the opposiste of the the dice must add up to 7 and well i'm still not getting it to open :(

Maybe we need all the aces before the safe will open can someone tell me where the ace of clubs is

THANKS TEXTIGER! I got the safe open!

Wooooow, maaaaaaany THANX to you textiger, i thought I would have to give up! :-)

my safe-combo seems to be pure luck then:P but at least we know where to get the numbers...

lovely... help me out wheres the club

anyone got a hint for the location of the ace of harts

thank u so much textiger !

finally, thank you textiger :), that safe thing was really frustrating!

       Anonymous  5/27/08, 3:20 PM  

shannon..zoom in bottom left to middle of box that had drill etc the box moves

       Anonymous  5/27/08, 3:21 PM  

shannon, sorry zoom in right shelf of depot room get card.

214441 ... its hard to tell what #'s are on the back, some help please

can anybody tell me wheres the ace of heart? i need only this...thx

What to do with the remote? I put the antenna on it, but it doesn't seem to have any power. Batteries?

you are awesome alice Thank you :D

anyone know what to do with remote control found in safe?

shannon go to tool box in depot take everything out of it and then you can move it and the club is underneath

shannon the numbers on a dice add to 7 on opposite sides, so if you have 214441 on one side the opposite would be 563336

@shannon: the amount of the opposite sites of the dice is always 7...

the heart ace I think is hidding in a boot but Im not sure I know one of them is hiding in an object or check the flower box

       Anonymous  5/27/08, 3:26 PM  

andras one dice in foot stool cut with knife, one dice in card on table, click side you will see a white spot

oh my gosh ican't use this remote my tank is going all over the place! haha

Thnaks textiger,,thats how mine worked also..got it

       Anonymous  5/27/08, 3:27 PM  

oops I meant card... still cant figure out dice thing. dont how dice numbers are placed on dice ... help please

whene you have places the antenna on the remote, veiw the periscope. Find the screen where you can see the nuzzel of the periscope. You can get the tank to move forword with the remote

Ok I can add but that did not work either for the dice I am soooo mad... what to do?

thx Alice, found it...

       Anonymous  5/27/08, 3:30 PM  

going to google pictures of dice maybe that will help.

I've tried all sides of the dice, and it still won't open.

alice i think u meant cards in ur post u must have dice on the brains like me and andreas was saying that the #s on the back will add to 7 so if u see a 2 the # on the other side is 5 but that didnt work for me -what is in that damn safe anyways?!?!

can't get tank to move with remote
how does it work?

tell me what numbers you see on thdice facing you and i can tell you the code if you want

LOL..all this time the knob is actually for the remote..

       Anonymous  5/27/08, 3:35 PM  

googling did'nt help.
thanks shannon going try the 7 thing

nvm got it to move

greenma 421312

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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