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One Room of a Cottage Walkthrough

One Room of a Cottage

One Room of a Cottage aka Escape From The Villa is another Japanese point and click room escape game by the same creator of Room of Lion. In this escape room game, you need to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Search around carefully to escape the room. Language may be problem to figure out this game. Good luck and have fun!

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New one...nice

Let's see...

Oh dear...notes in Japanese and Japanese character chart...this doesn't look promising!

I am so stuck have phone cord(used) and multi colored thing. I can use but aahhh help please. Is anyone else playing?

thank goodness saved from geek quest..must say if i ever see another 1 of those games i'm running......OK now let's start this 1.
GL all

I have found all the obvious stuff. I can use the phone but if the numbers are in japanese I'm hooped. ;P

ihave found a key, a lighter, a thing with colors, screwdriver, and phone cord, but no way of figuring out codes, need 3 diifferent codes, but everything is in japanese

oh a paper with metronome directions

can anyone read japanese, please share the codes

that's it i'm going to try and find a learn japanese site. i'll let you know when i do. hey thanks everyone for all your help on the other games you all rock!

found one time to dicifer lol my spelling stinks.

thanks to you holly as well

think i'll play another game for a while til someone can do the codes, i'm missing 2 items but probably not able to get them without the codes

I might be off a bit breaking the note beside the door on the wall first. lol easiest. I can tell this the first letter top left is wa. I'll keep trying to play too so I don't fall behind. but translation comes first.

holly i can tell you where i found my items, but since my keyboard doesn't make japanese chracters i can't help with translations

i'd appreciate it. i can tell you the first word is wa ? n/m top to bottom left to right. lol Sabrina i thought about changing my language over for my keyboard but then i'd really be screwed Lmao i am lame.:s

i found crewdriver on bottom left door, used it on picture, get metronome directions from picture, then do the directions on the metronome get key, use key on drawer to get lighter...get phone cord from potted plant, colored paper from end of bed...that's all i have for now

The second row is the vowels sort of ra

i now have 2 empty spaces in item list, i have no idea what to do with lighter, or colored paper

i did notice that when i used certain items they would turn grey, yet i used the key but it hasn't faded hmmm

well i'm off for the night it's nearly 2:00 A.M. here and my eyes are drooping lol, good night

has anyone noticed that if you click on the note on the table with the multi colored thing selected you get da da da da .....more japanese! lol least this time you can choose 1 2 or 3

night sabrina. i'll keep at it. till 1 am here 15 more min. oh yeah you need another code for the paper on the table. i think i'l try random things. lol

more japanese on back of picture. ok i give up i'd be here for like 3 days trying to translate this pphhhhttXP.

if anyone else wants to try look up hiragana japanese. the letters are not crisp so it might take a bit to find them. Might *shakes head* it will!

maybe it's a bug..
but i only use the key from the metronome and get the lighter from the drawer and use the lighter on the meat which on the picture and get a gray key ...and use the key to the door ...out...

       Anonymous  5/26/08, 12:19 AM  

Hey Shuchun, nice to see you again.
I got out the same way you did, no codes etc. needed, must be different endings. Thanks for posting the game and see you soon...

hi full..really long time no see..
i tried to crack the codes..but now i have to leave..see you later.

Do you think, that all those letters on ha wall right of the door might be actually numbers? it looks like 43 and then I don't know 111111???

i found some hints from a japanese site.

I'm a Chinese, i don't know much about Japanese, but i can guess some meaning of it.


1. on the right edge of the bed, get the box of color pencil.

2. get the phone cord on the plant at the right.

3. go to the door, there's a memo at the door. at the bottom left side of the door, get the screwdriver

4. go to the Lion picture, take it off using the screwdriver, you'll get the script on the mirror - that's the metrodome's code

5. go to the metrodome, click the arm with the direction on the script (L R R L L top), get the key on the right side

6. open the drawer below - get the lighter in the locked drawer

7. use the color pencil on the memo on the small table - there're some words on it.

the boxes writen 1, 2, 3 are actually HINT 1, 2 and 3. sorry i can't understand what they exactly mean. All you need to do is to input "きん" in the white box, and click - you'll get the code '8393'

8. go to the window, there's a floor tile with different color. open it and input the code - you'll get another memo.

9. use lighter on the memo, you'll get the emergency phone number

10. plug the phone cord to the phone, dial the number you get: key in the number and press the green button - you'll hear the helicopter's sound and get out.


thanks paul!!!!
glad i could at least finish.

Is anyone still playin plz reply :(

emergancy number is 01120 or 01121,(cant remeber which one) so all you have to do is.
1.Click plant get cord attach it to the phone.
2.put in 01120 or 01121 (if 1 dnt work try the other one)
3.ur out thx paul i couldnt see the screwdriver but on my computer i can zoom in and out so i did. XD lol

what is the walkthrough saying to add to the white box as it looks like double dutch to me?

thank you Paul!!!! your WT helped me finish...time to get Rosetta Stone!!

I also beat the game in a different way by doing the following:

1. Figuring out the metronome by chance, get the key.
2. Use the key on the shelf, get the lighter.
3. Use the lighter on the painting (the meat specifically) and you get another key.
4. Use this key on the door, get out.

TY Paul definitely not doable without your help.

I need to learn Japanese! Thanks all for the help.

How About Some English Please... lol... AAHHHH!!!

working link:


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