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Easy Escape Game WalkthroughEasy Escape Game is another Japanese point and click room escape game created by Oshironoshiro, who is also creator of Dassyutu series. The purpose of the game is simply escaping the room. All you have to do is just pointing and clicking! It seems can be used by dragging them. Good luck and have fun!

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Wow, First! Lets play!

Ok Lets play

yay!! Hope its easy :)

Looks like we have to find all the pool balls

yay lets go

well, I have 2 pool sticks and 5 balls.

I also have half of an IOU and a pool equasion

6 balls two pool sticks two ripped pieces of paper and another paper from the copier... what next?

ok i have a few things, and i am already stuck... pooey

does anyone know what the brown thing behind the copier is?

Anyone figure out how to turn the computer on?

also, the white box on the wall behind the computer.... what is that?

Nothing seems to be useable

kristen, u an I have the same questions!!

ok, i found a button and climbed the coat rack, but which way to go?

I have the whole equations its say ERU IIO YU any ideas...


shannon, where did u get the other half of the equation?

oh let me think, I always forget where I get the stuff I think one was on the shelf and the other... hold on let me look, where is the button to climb the coat rack

oh, i found it...what does it mean tho?

Climbed the coat rack?,What button?

shannon look to the right of the shelf

I have 7 balls everything else, Kristen wher is botton?

please tell me that somebody has come upon some clue?

what is the arrow sign on the puter mean, and how do you turn it on?

Theres a colored ball in lower left pocket of pool table. Also have B5, A4

I have 8 balls, two pool sticks,, paper from the copier, and two pieces with ERU IIO YU
and I'm lost in labyrinth in upper floor

kristen, I even started or to see if I can find it and I can't One is on top of the shelf, still searching for the other half again

ok, button is to the right of the shelf... and i have 8 balls, 2 cues, a red note and a paper from the copier with a blue square on it... does anyone have anything different

B5 A4? whats that mean?

oh silly, on the floor near the shelf

I can't find the 8th ball. how do you get to another floor???

only have 7 balls. could someone list where balls are? thanks.

you can combine the two pool sticks.
veiw one and drap and drop the other one on that pool stick.

oh I don't do well with the arrows

@psb.... what do u mean a4 and b5?

what did anyone find upstairs?!?!

alice, did u get the ball from the pocket on the pool table?

ok i am trying to bash everything with the pool cue, no luck

shannon, i didnt get anywhere upstairs..... just lost

on top of the shelf is the other half of the red paper

A4, B5 are on the front of the copier drawers, but don't know what they mean.

anyone with a clue as to the brown thing behind the copier?

finally found 8th ball.. have red green brown yellow purple black orange and blue balls. Same with you?

kirsten, the ball is in the lowest left pocket of the pool table, just click on the hole and a ball is in it

The snooker chalk (if it's named so) is in the blue drawer below the num pad. Put A4 paper dimension required. Use it im the longer stick (combined).

thanks kristen, had found that one was missing one in nuts and bolts even though i clicked 100 times there.

7 balls, 1 stick, both halves of note and paper 274 mm and some lines on it. Lost in the left/right labrynth upstairs!! Where is the other pool cue?

walkthrough for passage upstaris:


A4 and B5 are different sizes for paper sheets. Like "legal" or "letter" in the US.

A4 has a certain size (of course), and the paper you get from the copier asks for the length of the shorter side of an A4 sized sheet of paper.

left, right, right, left, left

Thanks oranz.

ok, i am thinking the letter in the red paper correspond to the code box and the red and blue things underneath it on the wall, just cant seem to crack the code

A4= 210 x 297 mm
Blue code = ?
Look at the paper...

Dejavu the other pool stick- veiw the tall blue thing and look by the white cabint to the right and it should be on the floor.

thanks for the upstairs help... but what do i do with the guy?

looserball, mine was opposent. rllrr

oh, nevermind, got past the guy...and what is the code for the blue box? i dont do math

oh, so i guess it might switch,
your code for upstairs might me

tombarros, i dont do math. could you help me here. Cluess as to what you are saying. thanks

have you noticed, by the colors on the wall, this room has like 5 or 6 walls.

THanks Loserball, cant believe I didnt see it the first time!! LOL
I put 210 into the code box by pool table and got a yellow and blue box with a hold in the top. No idea what to do with it or what the number for the other box is.

thanks dejavu. never will know how you got code, guess its time to play pool.

dejavu... thats the chalk

red code anyone?

Dejavu the yellow and blue box is the blue chalk you use on your cue stick. veiw the 1 big cue stick(the two little ones combined) and drap and drop the blue chalk thing on the tip of the cue stick

BLUE CODE is one of the dimensions os A4 paper sheet.

RED CODE is the positions on your own keyboard of the number ABOVE the combinations of red paper, as the laptop shows.


upstairs in the maze, i found a man with a mohawk who seems to need to be defeated in order to get the white (cue) ball.

tombarris, you verry smart.

elizabeth..... give him a few mins, he will fall asleep

Alice, the number was just a wild guess based on the paper length that tombarros mentioned earlier.

Kritin, thanks! now I feel really silly. I assume we need 9 balls to play pool? I only have 8 and cant seem to get past the guy upstairs.

ok played pool. got black blue striped yellow balls in bottom of pool table. still cant move levers behind copier.

omg...tombarros, u are a friggin genious... i am no good at numbers

just leave the guy alone for a little while still veiwing him, and eventually he will go to sleep and you can get the keys and two balls from him

Ok I got the ball rack from the fileing cabnet, how do I open the drawer with the red key hole?

dejavu...just wait... as the noth says...he will zonk out...zzzzzzzzzzzz

That's exactly what the photo says, "Wait". LOL

did anyone pick up the brown lever thing in the red drawer?

and does anyone know if that white box on the wall does anything?

why can't I pick up the little browm mallot from the botom file drawer?

A4 is usual paper for printer, B5 is double protocol paper (are paper size)

kristen did you open red drawer?

alice, yes i did, and got the triangle for the pool balls.... but couldnt pick up the brown thing

played pool. got black, blue, striped and yellow balls. tried clicking those in the picture on wall but no joy. what's next?

oh reread toms hint for red code. Duh!

@dreamspinner.....i cant get it either... and i wanted it oh so bad!

dejavu... i did the same thing! lol

I still can't find the black 8 ball, where is it located???

help i only have seven balls and the cue ball.
i dont have the black ball

i have nothing left in my inventory that i havnt used......

Kirsten, I think it goes on the thing behind the copyier

Kristen, great minds think alike? well, I'm still stuck! LOL

ah, nvm, the black ball is in the round wheel-looking thing on the self above the hellicopter

numbers on normal pool balls

8 ball is on the shelf

Black: 8
Blue: 2
White/Yellow: 9
Yellow: 1


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darklight...you are my hero. I can't believe I didnt get that!!! LOL THanks and I'm out!

thanks Loser, that was dumb of me....

lol dajavu! i guess so.....
darklight.... i thought that had something to do with it, but i couldnt remember what the numbers were...i was about to google it!

were do you find the chalk

I guess you have to play pool to get ball codes. thanks joerg!

thanks for your help as usual guys!, till the next game!

Help! Where is the purple ball?

I'm out! We didn't even need the brown mallot from the fileing cabnet, it was a red herring.

call me stupid, but i just cant play pool. all i have on the pool table is the cue ball and thats all i can get

the purple ball is under the left corner of the white table

off to enjoy the sunshine! Have a great day everyone and thanks to all for the help!

black ball in shelf in big thing (spool)click black hole.

any one need help before i leave room?

Help! I must be stupid, i cant figure out the code for the red box.

yes alice, i cant play pool. its not letting me

Have all the balls on the pool table, but still can't play.

looserball, must have triangle thing highligh put balls in. put on table, combine 2 pool stick parts. highlight chalk combine with pool cue, put whiteball on table. hit white ball with pool cue. still will have calk in picture.

You lot still playin?

red code. take red letter. look how corrasponds to letters on you key board. would tell you code but im out. but for example if first 2 letters are rt first number would be 5

ive decided to restart my game so i dont mess up and do anything like 20 steps ahead of when its suppose to be done

Thanks for the help alice, was going crasy

ciao! how do you open the red and yellow drawers?
I've 8 balls, assembled stick + chalk ... and now?

What a fun game!! Thanks for the post people..

i have a triangle, arent i suppose to have a daimond?

Alice where do i get chalk from?

use key pad. for yellow go up stairs key blue see earlier hints or spoiler

code 210 red key4897

Oh, and thank you for posting game MegiPoland..

I can't get the brown ball! any clues?

Tell me the steps please

out, thanks for everyones help :)

niff look at coat rack

Where do i get keypad from?

how I can go up stairs?


Will do, thanks Alice!

What stairs?

if you get red key before coatrack stairs it will give you the upstairs directions to get 2 balls yellow key.

Ok. I've open the red drawer

You lot man awnser me, its like im talking to a wall.

click right side of shelf with nuts find a switch.

Upstairs click button right of shelves
Can't believe I missed that- Thanks Alice

where is orange ball???? :( :@

Wheres the red key and where the chalk for the pool stick?

key pad on wall by pool table

Thank you Alice at least someones nice

ok xec, one more time. next to pool table key pad on wall. enter 21o. get calk out of blue box under key pad. highlight key pad again enter 4897 for red key in red box.

sorry posted before i saw you post, everyone nice on escape games 24.

Someone tell me the directions please when you go up the stairs.

Alice Thank you for your help on the chalk

hows every one, i got to get going late for lunch. any one need help before I leave?

xec, get red key, use on bottom file drawer. click picture it turns over, directions will be there. when go get there just wait man will fall asleep take stuff.

out! thanks

Nope i wrote 4897 the red key didnt come in red box

Nope i wrote 4897 the red key didnt come in red box

Nope i wrote 4897 the red key didnt come in red box

These are hard!!!!!!!

Alice if you are still here.

I hit the balls on the pool table and have a blue, yellow stripe, Yellow ball how am I don't so far?
what the code for the other box lost don't know what to do next

? i swear its 18:03?

Ok have red key

ATVCOUNTRY help me please whats code to get the red key!

xec, ok to get red box code put 2 red pictures together. look at your key pad. mine says er ui io yu. now look at number on your key pad, number above er, 4 ui 8 io 9yu 7. go back to key pad type your numbers in , look in red box below get red key. hope that helps.

oops i meant to say look at your key board, on your computer desk.

I put in 4897 and it worked for me

Where do i get the 2 red pictures?

for last combination to liftdown a billard table:

code is number of each colored ball (for more help: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pool_ball)

I'm out, nice game

xce, one red picture on top of shelf when highlighted click top, other is in either behind plant or in one of nuts on floor, don't remember which.

I remember one red picture is on top the shelves

The other is on the floor near the shelves- all this has been posted before!!

Bye this game to hard

ok i gotta go. any last questions? hey niff. hope cats are well. have 3 orphans now, found home for two, black and white ones like yours,one white kitten left which shouldnt be hard cause everyone wants a white fluffy kitten. it nevers ends.

I'm trying to find a walkthough but no luck anyone making one

Out of here, good luck to all.

finally out , thanks oranz^

Bye Alice, good to play with you again- white fluffy kitten! That would complete my set of black, black and white, grey and ...
Enjoy your lunch

1. Yellow
2. Blue
3. Red
4. Purple (pink in some ball sets)
5. Orange
6. Green
7. Brown or burgundy (tan in some ball sets)
8. Black
9. Yellow and white
10. Blue and white
11. Red and white
12. Purple and white (pink and white in some ball sets)
13. Orange and white
14. Green and white
15. Brown (or burgundy) and white (tan and white in some ball sets)

what a fun game!
thanks for posting megi.. and to everyone else thanks for the hints.

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Hi All! Read all the posts twice. I think I have everything, but I can't find the purple ball. Anyone remember where it is?

purple ball under table with computer i think

I can't belive I missed that! Thanx Ice!

Hi all!! gonna try this one

Just opened the bottom filing cabinet and got a picture of the guy upstairs. Need triangle...where is it?

NVM. Went back to the guy and saw he was holding the yellow key for cabinet. lol

hello, where is the black ball?

please, if somebody knows....

edit. nvm I GOT IT AND OUT

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I cannot find that blasted orange ball!

The power of posting planted the ball firmly in my hand.


Pick up yellow ball
Click on lower left pocket on pool table and get the green ball
Turn right and take red ball from top of copier
Open copier drawers and collect blue ball (from top drawer) and paper (from bottom drawer)
Turn right and click on shelf
Take black ball from inside of round thing on shelf
Click above shelf and take red & white note (half)
Go back one screen and click on round thing on floor
Take other half of red and white note
Go back one screen and click left of the plant
Take orange ball
Go back one screen and click on wall to the right of the shelf
Click on red square (button)
Back one screen and turn right
Click under desk and take purple ball
Back one screen and click on the green (or blue) tube
Take stick from inside tube and from right side of file cabinet
Go back one screen and turn right
Climb the wooden "ladder" and take brown ball from the top of it
Go down hallway and click on arrows Order is: right, left, left, right, left
Wait for the guy to sit down
Take yellow key from guy, striped ball from floor, and white cue ball from table
Go back two screens and go down "ladder" and back another screen
Turn left and click on file cabinet
open top drawer with yellow key and take the triangle
Go back one screen and turn right twice
Click on key pad and enter 210 to get the chalk
Combine the two pieces of stick and place the chalk on the tip of the stick
Display the triangle and place colored balls inside of it
Place triangle, white cue ball, and cue stick w/ chalk on pool table
Go to keypad again and enter the code: 8291
Click on door and you're out

After entering the code 210 you have to back out and click on the boxes under the keypad

8291 is from the number of the colored balls that drop when items are placed on the table

4897 will get you the red key but you don't really need it

the brown lever in the bottom drawer of the file cabinet and the three levers on the right side of the copier mean nothing

Thank you for the walkthrough, but i've like to know, where the codes come from.

Please explain it.

The red key gives you hints with guy and direction at the 2nd floor also.

were is the tube on right side of cabinet as I can't find it? wont even let you get near right side of cabinet?

210 - width of A4 paper

Numbers from billard balls:
8 black billiard ball
2 blue billiard ball
9 white-yellow billiard ball
1 yellow billiard ball

From our keyboard:
4 is over ER letters
8 is over UI letters
9 is over IO letters
7 is iver YU letters

so easy

I'm with red. I have found everything save for the other half of the cue stick.

Nevermind. You have to look to the side of the filing cabinet WHILE you're looking down the blue tube that you got the first half of the cue stick from!

pool chalk???? any help on that detail???? please

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