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Portal New WalkthroughPortal(new) is another puzzle game from Kongregate. You wake up in a test facility somewhere in Middle America to a computer voice telling you there is no hope. What will you do? Inspired by the initial portal game for pc and 360. Use your mouse to click objects and shoot portals, use ASWD on your keyboard to move about and use your brain to figure out the puzzles within each level. Good luck and have fun!

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first :)

have you passed first level yet? am I the biggest idiot?

am stuck at first level too!!any 1 got anythng??

good god i must be stupid lol

Anyone got passed level 1 yet ?

Need help i have no clue what order the buttons go ?


OMG!!!!!this is nuts, has anyone been able to open the door

i hate the computer lady

does anyone else think this might be a joke?

There must be some way to get out ! If only we knewwwwwwww :(((

well im done!!!cant take anymore,i will check bac latter.PLEASE someoneOPEN THE DOOOOOOR

Don't bother paying it's a joke. There is no way to get past the first level the guy released a game before that was pretty much exactley the same. It's just irritating.

PLEASE lvl 1!!

How an stupid joke

How do you report this so they take it off the site?

Yep has to be a joke (and not a very funny one at that). Even if it's not can't stand the voice. O-well.

This is just a ridiculous joke so please don't waste your time on it. Apparently the guy said he will release some info on the combination on wednesday. Check out his last game on the kongregate site. He said the same thing and then told everyone the game was broken and they shouldn't play it. after looking at the source the game does appear to be empty as well, even the loading screen is fake.

Actually guys. This game is possible. It just isnt exactly what you expect. I have beat the first level and I would make a screenshot for you if I knew how. But. It asks to not tell how I made it through so, i wont

I fingered it out!


Oops! Somehow added extra text to the url. Try this one.


skot and donar just plz say the answer plz!!!!!!!!!!!!

plz just tell us how to figure out the code or at least give us a hint! I have been racking my brain out trying to figure it out!

yellow, something, something, something, yellow. No green involved.

Sorry, just don't want to blurt out the whole answer just yet.

I've tried every combo with Yellow, X, X, X, Yellow.

(Where X=some combo using Red and Blue at least once each)

Is this the right track? Or is there something else to do thats completely non-intuitive?

That's the right track. Either red or blue is used twice and don't forget to click the door knob to open the door. And also don't forget "Reset" in between tries.

this is rediculous
i tried all the y,?,?,?,y combinations i could think of w/o using green and nothing worked

Thanks Donar, I figured it out...
What I don't understand (and would like the creator of this game to explain): what are the "psychological mechanisms" that are being used? and the "2008 Freudian paradigm competition"??? I don't get it. Perhaps it has to do with how frustrating that voice is...

Fake, if you only use red and blue and one of them is used twice there are only six combinations none of which work. This game is fake or you are lying probably both.

pallisade: I guess since I am being called a lyer I will spoil it for everyone. Yellow, blue, red, red, yellow. Then click door knob.

Do I hear an apology pallisade? :-P

The game is real...I just had to reload the game each time I tried a new code. (for some reason the reset button didn't work for me)

I do apologise for calling you a liar, it was very rude of me and not like my usual behaviour, however I did try that combination twice (initially after a suggestion on another board by the author) and it didn't work until now. Perhaps like stephnie said i just needed to refresh my browser to enter fresh code instead of using the refresh button.

No worries. I didn't really expect an apology. I fought that damn game for an hour and was ready to call anyone any name in the book before I got it.

And just so you know, I never figured it out. Even knowing the answer I'm still not sure how the developer came up with it. I simply resorted to opening up notepad and making a list of every combo using only 3 colors. Imagine my frustration considering I started with green in the first spot, then blue, and just worked my way down. I ended up scrolling through more than 5 full notepad screens on a 21" monitor. Oof!

Hey everybody,
I also thought this game may be a hoax..This is what the author(Getspent) said at the Kongregate website.

getspent Jun. 02, 2008
@Everyone: I applaud all of you. Its understandable that you may have your doubts about this being a legitimate game. Currently one of my students is completing level 8. Once she has passed it I will provide the button combination which is needed to open the door in Level 1. But be patient since I do not teach that class again till Wednesday. I enjoy every bit of information people leave in the comments, whether they are negative or positive or just plain random. I will be honest, there are a few people that have stumbled on the brink of the answer for the first paradox.

For all of us here that were so frustrated, not knowing if this game was real or not..BTW, thank you Donor for proving that it was..Yall should read the comments at the Kongregate website..It starts on the same page you played the game on...Wheww, those are some angry players..Funny actually(only because it comes from sheer frustration)

I was reeeeealy frustrated at this game. Quite a few guys thought that he only just added the solution today. But I guess this site or kogregate wouldn't post a fake game. I still don't thin there is any logic to the game just a randomn code.

Yellow, blue, red, red, yellow
then clock door knob
so am i the first to complete this stupid game or what?

The code doesn't work for me i've tryed refreshing and retrying but no luck ! Is there a certain time u need too press the code in ???

I have been trying Y-B-R-R-Y many times even to start with it and it doesn't work. Am I doing something wrong? I hit reset between each try and only tried that combo.

The code (YBRRY) only works if you are playing it on http://www.kongregate.com/games/getspent/portal-new

OMG.....!%%^%#$%@ I was among the many who thought this game was a hoax. I read the note and listened to that annoying voice and tried to figure out the combo using only 3 colors 5x. Did anyone else find that, although the instructions said to use WASD to shoot portals, I couldn't get those to work worth beans?! I'm going to try the combo posted. TY to donor and skot!

oops....sorry for misspelling your name donar!!!! and thanks again!

I just had a thought about why you use those colours for the code. If you look at the portal colours, cooincidentally the colour green is not used. Also the annoying voice says that blue is not the second colour (but it is) and red is not the second or the third (but is the third and fourth) so this would leave yellow as the first and fifth.

You know what, this game absoultley sucks, you can even move the guy using the key's W A S D or even using the arrow keys. this game sucks

I have something else to complain about, why are there Japanese games on the site when the Americans cant even play them, even without a woalk through you cant even get though most of the game. The Japanese games should be taken off the website, and make a separate website for the Japanese's people.

You know what, this game doesnt work at all, i cant even use the Keys A S W D, or use my ouse for anything. This game sucks so much

This comment has been removed by the author.


The way the game works: their is only 1 level, and the voicei is used to confuse you thats it.you dont even use your keyboard,

the game ONLY works on
and the combo: yellow, blue, red, red, yellow

thats it game done.... easy...done.

       Anonymous  2/10/09, 6:51 AM  

You people are morons I just got to the second level and the alligators are driving me crazy. The author made an ending for cheaters and thats what you idiots dragged up. The game loads the second level with an onEvent handler that gets it from his personal server. You morons will never learn anything LOL

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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