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Ruins of Pantheon

[REPLAY] AztecGames - Aztec Ruins of Pantheon Escape is another Japanese point and click escape game developed by Aztec Games. Octorian is approaching Earth again for the final attack. Find the treasures that sleep in the ruins and protect the earth. Good luck and have fun!

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Ruins of Pantheon Escape Walkthrough

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Haha--no assholes get to say 'first!'

I was wondering when they were going to make a new game!

Anyone else in the underground cave?

wtf is a 'carnelian?'


No idea.

I have several items including a key, but no idea where to use or where to go after underground cavern inside shack. Anyone any further?

Use the key on the big stones with holes in them. That will open more passageways.

I've dug a couple of places, given the rabbit a carrot, and he revealed a hole in the ground, but it won't stay open.

Light the candle in the lava.

Argh, I just clicked an ad and left the page! I'll try again tomorrow, goodnight!

I threw the rock at the large rock thing with a button and another large rock appeared.

Hmm I can use the candle where there's smoke coming out of the ground, but doesn't seem to be effective.

I've tried throwing that rock at everything, but nothing happens.

oztiff : where is "the large rock thing with a button", is it the one which grow red?

diana: where is the carrot?

Carrot is buried under the leaves to the right of the lava.

There's also some dot symbols on the rock near where you find the carrot.

Diana...I think it was to left of smoke room, there was a large brownish edifice with a button. I threw the rock at the button and another large grey rock appeared and a shaft of light.

diana : use candle in the first sence after u go down, use it in the little hole in the right hand side

sorry for my english

Noticed I could remove some pieces from the "machine" in the lava room.

Can't get to the left of the smoke room. I keep using the candle and it makes an explosion, but it doesn't reveal a new room.

In room with "birdbath" thing, you can also use key in small door down low, near middle of back wall.

I tried putting the candle in there unlit and then after I lit it, but it won't fit.

Sory...it's not to left of smoke room...it's actually IN smoke room...large brownish rock with button...throw rock at button.

Had tried that, but it doesn't do anything. I must be missing something.

I think I'll restart.

I gave carrot to rabbit but he just ran away. Tied rope to tree and climbed down....just took me back to underground where I dug up carrot. Can't get to button or whatever it is when I click around leaves as there is dirt there which will not brush off. Any idea where to place candle?

Ah, it was glitch! I started over and it worked.

The rabbit appears in the underground cave and helps uncover soemthing.

Anyone use the bronze key yet?

I thought the candle goes in the niche in the wall, but it won't insert itself.

after i restarted, i forgot where i can get the crowbar....can anyone tell me?

Go outside and throw rock at the roof of the temple.

place the red round thing in the niche

There is a crowbar? Where please? :)

never mind got crowbar now

Did anyone find the second lever for the lava machine?

I see a cave drawing with an octopus?

OK...just saw your post Diana...got crowbar...or "lever" thanks. I thought it would help me open stone box in first room to left, but it still just moves and creaks. Didn't help with hole revealed by rabbit either. What is the red round thing mentioned? Where is it I mean? :)

Crowbar in area where you dug up carrot.

crowbar is at the room with grass between the rocks at right hand side, use crowbar in the room at your right hand side after u climb down the stairs

then you will get a red round thing, use it in the niche

what did you use to dig up the carrot? i can't find it

The shovel is in the smoke room.

I used the crowbar in the room to the left after climbing down.

smoke room? u mean the room with the statue?

The room where there are poofs of smoking coming out of the ground on the left side. You can use the candle on it to make it explode, but for me, nothing happens.

Have you used the key as many times as you could to move the rocks?

Oh yes, with the statue.

I put fire on the fire that's under the octopus in the drawing.

Thanks Haku and Diana....have done the red ball in niche. Where to use lever and funny stick thing? No...I do not have a bronze key either....where was that? Anyone worked out where to put candle other than to make explosion? And have you thrown rock at button Diana?

Got the big rock puzzle to move.

Set the "man" with a circle head to the top.

Lever is used on the left side of lava machine.
Use the candle in one of the darkened holes to find the bronze key.
I used the candle on the drawing of the octopus and it revealed a symbol to help with the rock puzzle. Then the candle disappeared so it's not for the explosion.
Yes, got rock to work on button after I restarted.

Has anyone had any luck getting the "thing" that you can just see the tip of in the room with the leaves? It appears to be covered with dirt which I can't remove. Also...does anyone have any idea of the correct "figures" to make with the rotating dial in large rock in room with "birdbath"?

thx diana~

use the candle and find the bronze key:
after u climb down , go down
use candle one of the little whole
use will find the bronze key

ps i just find out that tab key works~

The brush didn't work to help you remove the dirt? Haha, also in that room on the rocks top left, they have a little icon for their website for Aztec Games.

Not to sound dumb, but where do you get the rock?

Yes, TAB key helped me find the octopus drawing *blush*

Rock is in the room to the left after you climb down the ladder. It is in a hole in one of the stands, I think.

use crowbar one the rabbit whole~

Duh, use crowbar on the hole that the rabbit revealed.

Diana...thanks for your help. Where is the "octopus"picture? The only picture I can find is one on what looks like a tombstone that I dusted off with brush in first room on left...but it is just a symmetrical pattern. Do you see this also?

Use mirror to reflect the moonlight in the smoke room.

Octo pic is in the room right before the room with the 3 levers and dripping water. It's on the left side.

Have you gotten lava machine to work? I put in the pieces, but now the lever won't move at all. I also think the stone bowl is for the statue with hands held out?

No, or maybe he gives you something and it falls in the "birdbath".

diana get water for the stone bowl and give that to her

Ah yeah!

Got pentagon piece for the wall.

don't forget to go back to the shrine again to get the pentagon piece and solve the puzzle

use pentagon piece where u use the red round thing, reveal a treasure box throw stone at it(2 times) use bronze key on it get another parts no.3

dunno how to solve puzzle yet

but i have to go now, why doesn't this game have a save function?

Hmm, I tried throwing the rock but it doesn't work...

If I have to restart AGAIN, I won't be very happy.

Rock isn't working on anything. Wonder if it's limited use. I guess I'll restart :(

Hi all,
someone was telling that you have to throw the stone on the roof outside, I have tried this many times, where do I have to throw it and where should I stand outside... please help

Go outside and click the roof, then throw it at the center.

Thanks Diana, hmmm ... didn't click the roof before...

Ok Diana and Haku...thanks again! I have the statue with hands outstretched. Diana...where did you find mirror to use in smoke room? If you remember! Also, I only have one lever and one cog for machine in lava room...can you remember where others were? Do you have a decorated kind of stick? If so...where did you use it? Thanks for the help...I couldn't do this myself!

Ok, almost back to where I was before. Mirror is down through the rabbit hole.

When you go down through the rabbit hole, see there is an arrow to go forward, that is a different room than just going back up through the hole.

I have been down rabbit hole but there are only 2 holes in the floor which don't do anything when I click. Can you remember exactly where the mirror was? Thank you...appreciate your help! :)

Go down the rabbit hole, then click the forward arrow (not the hole to go back up), there are two "cribs" that each have an item. You can also use the weird stick part to repair.

LOL...you had already answered me at the same time as I was asking. Psychic as well as great at these games?? LOL :) Thank you!

No problem :)
All I have is this Parts3 piece and the puzzle in the temple to work out.

The gears on the wall with the statue with the outstretched hands, I think something is stuck in there? My rock is all used up and I only have one usable item in my inventory. Gonna go hunt around some more. Still have to use those 3 dots that were on the rocks where we got the carrot.

OK....found the place for my funny stick "part00", in mirror room. The picture on the double doors matches the one I brushed off at beginning on tombstone. Has anyone opened the doors? Any ideas on which levers should be up or down at this point in time? Am going to do the water in bowl and giving to statue bit now.

Am i stupid >.< Where is this lava room everyone is talking about?!

how do you get the water for the statue (or the bird-pool thingie)?

OK, got the bowl

Stone bowl is down the rabbit hole that appears underground after you give the rabbit a carrot.

Use the key to "open" extra passageways that are blocked by stones.

Not sure about the order of the levers yet, either. There has to be more clues than just those dots to help with the puzzle up in the temple.

Yes Diana...I have several gaps along the bottom of my inventory. Have you used the bronze key yet? I haven't found where to use it. I have everything lit up in the mirror room, but have not yet found everything to make lava room machine work. Also, can't get rid of thing that seems to be jamming cogs in birdbath/statuue room.

Use the pentagon piece in the hole that the red ball initially created. Then there will be a hole above it. Use the rock to knock down the treasure chest, then use the bronze key on it.

Where do you place part 3? I have two empty spaces in my inventory, and yet to solve the puzzle in the temple and the levers.

I'm there too, aleks. Still trying to figure it out and how to get the gears unjammed.

I think that the three dots are the clue for the room where the water is. I don't think they have anything to do with the puzzle in the temple. But that's just me :D

Ahh, right. All I did was click the levers from right to left when I first entered. Haha.

I just don't see any more clues around for the temple puzzle. The Parts3 has 5 slots and the puzzle has only 4. There has to be something showing what colors (white, grey, or black) the puzzle should be in.

The only thing I can think of referring back to is the text in the temple about the moon and the fire, which is what you see when you go down the rabbit hole.

That cat makes a very annoying screeching noise haha! And where's the rabbit? He was good at finding things.

I must admit that the texts make no sense to me :D In the left text, they mention right eye, and that corresponds to the mirror room. The right text says that Izanami was killed by the fire. What is Izanami? Left text mentions Izanagi (the moon)?! Hmmmm...

Got the door open! Trial and error!

Left side levers, left one down.

Right side levers, 2 left down.

Maybe we should scratch something with the part3 :)))

Used the Parts3 piece, but I'm need a piece from the temple puzzle I think.

Way to go, Diana!!

I figured out the door. Look closely at the tombstone--it isn't the same as the design on the door. Use the differences to figure out the levers.

Remember, they mirror each other

Oh, someone found the intelligent way of opening them. Haha.

Ah, I see it now on the tombstone.

I've clicked all levers from right to left and also left to right....nothing happens that I can see or hear either time. Did you get the doors to open Diana?

What's with he diagram on the left in the newly opened room? Lots of circles. Maybe it relates to the ones on the rock for the temple puzzle solution?

Was wondering about that too.

the levers should be in this position:

up down
up down
down up

read it from top to bottom, left and right columns :D

You think that figure is a map?

Well, I have no more usable items in my inventory right now, got to figure out the temple puzzle, and get another piece for the "machine" underground, as well as getting those gears unjammed.

Never mind....boy...this is the first time I have ever posted at the same time as others on this site, and the comments move soooo fast!! LOL! Hard to keep up. I have the door open and have used the Part 3. Still no idea about the grid puzzle. Would love to try to work it out myself, but just can't think! Has everyone got the jammed cog working and everything?

maybe the circles are, for example, white; half circles are grey etc. but it's not 4x4 so i'm not sure whether the drawing is applicable to the puzzle in the temple. aaargh, i'm not contributing!!!

Probably. Can't figure out how to use it though.

I tried going room to room looking for color patterns, but I didn't notice anything...

Also, tried making the 3 circles in the same orientation as the ones on the rock. Got nowhere with that.

Stumped at the moment.

I cant find the octopus

yeah, ozz, we are all there - jammed machinery, no available items, 2 blank spaces in inventory.

Octo is in the room before the room with 3 levers and dripping water. Left wall.

octopus is in the room south of the three levers and water. check the upper left side on the wall of the room. (try pressing tab :))

Yes thx Diana finally found it!!!!!!!


Did you mean to imply that you have the gears working? If so, praytell. I can't seem to do anything right now.

did you find OOParts2? and where? I'm searching for it and for the last hidden object...

You can still click the smoke and the crate when you go down the ladder. I think I'm just reaching for things now.

Oooh no! I never meant to imply I had the gears working! LOL! I wish I could be more helpful...but I'm just stumbling around the place in a confused state. I think I got injured in the explosion! LOL! That's my excuse anyway!

Haven't gotten Parts2 here yet, either. That temple puzzle is stumping me.

I have three empty spaces left. I couldn't find the "funny stick," I can't activate the lava machine, I can't get the thing wedged between the gears, and I can't solve the puzzle with the three logs or the one in the shrine.

Funny stick is in the room with the 3 sticks and dripping water. Click them right to left, it is buried.

Okay...I got the stick (actually a pipe) after I figured out the log puzzle. But my problems with the lava machine and the shrine puzzle remain.

there's something in the gears near the statue but I can't take it...

Three logs - click from right to left

Yeah, we're almost all stuck with the temple puzzle and getting those gears unjammed. It almost looks like a sword or something, maybe like the one on the banner in the temple.

This is no help at all...just an observation....but I wonder why the little figure to the bottom right of the octopus picture is high-lighted blue? Perhaps that was a clue to where the bronze key could be found? It just seems like it is different to the other figures for a reason!

Contrary to popular belief, staring at the puzzle does not help the answer come to you.

I use the ooparts1 in the room down in the cave (excuse my english) and so I've connect the pipes. The blue ball or mirror in the room with smoke. Stuck with the temple puzzle...

       Anonymous  6/27/08, 2:51 AM  

where did u find the pentagon and the stone bowl? i'm lost...
and how to open the right stone "crib" in the rabbit hole??

Hello everyone, I managed to get the part thats blocking the gears by pressing tab and space when the blocking part was highlighted. Used the item on the last room (machine room). Nothing new though... still stuck with the temple puzzle :(

Pentagon is in the temple. Mirrow and bowl are down in the rabbit hole, just move forward.

Interesting about the thing blocking the gears. Got it now and put it in the machine.

i don't know if this means anything . i was looking at the lava room and noticed the bolts have a black white and gray color. do u think it is some kind of clue?

what's with the space? i thought this was supposed to be a mouse-clicking game...

Oooh, good observation!

Pentagon is where in the temple??

cnp5.....Tab button doesn't work for me! There must be another way to get that thing! Also wonder why cursor turns to hand on that crate by the ladder. Really annoying me!!

I forgot when the pentagon piece appears in the temple. After something is activated, a board is removed from the wall in the temple, revealing a pentagon piece and a puzzle.

diana how did you take the thing blocking the gears?

wait, where are the bolts you are talking about? i've become blind, obviously...

Aaargh! Tab does not work in this game on my computer. Diana...is that how you got the jamming part? Oh, I hope someone manages to get it just by clicking or I will have to give up!

I followed cnp5's advice about tabbing to it and then hitting space. I don't think this is how it is normally done, but it worked for me!

on the pipes, maybe nuts

thaks this work for me also... and you've put the ooparts2 in the lava machine? right?

I think that's just the lighting, actually.

Yup, I've put 2 parts into the machine, still figuring out what the diagram means on the left side of it, and of course, the temple puzzle.

I can't put the oopart2 in thhe machine... so I'm stuck... and for the temple puzzle? any idea?

Sorry, Parts2 goes in the machine down in the rabbit hole where Parts3 went.

Well I'm doomed! The tab key does nothing but move my whole page down! Please...if anyone manages to get the Part 002 without using TAB, could you let me know how? I have been to other scenes in the game and tried tab...and it works in other scenes, but not at all in the scene I need it to!!

Don't give up oz!

I bet this solution the temple puzzle is right in front of us. I've just been looking at too many things for too long, nothing is standing out. I guess I'll go room to room again and see.

Hi 2 you all ;-)

1. I cant get the carrot.... I can click the grass but thats all- NO carrot
2. Also: Where is the smoke room everybody's talking about????????

The shovel to dig up the carrot is in the room where there are poofs of smoke. Use a key to "open" the rocks that are blocking passageways. You can use this key multiple times.

You get the carrot by using the shovel on the pile of leaves.

The "smoke room" is the room with bursts of steam coming out of the ground. To get there, go south and west from the room with the ladder.

Oz :click the gears first and then use tab

Figured out the temple puzzle... :) The answer is on the picture in the temple room, rocks and standing man. Check the colors.

Will check it out cnp!

Thanks Diana :)
Im sure I tried this key on the rocks before, lol !!

And thanx to Tabby too:))

Hmm, I see the rocks and the man, but I can't convert it to something meaningful on the puzzle.

Uh...could you be more specific about the rocks?

Oh, wait.

No, don't have it.

Should you put the colors diagonally in the puzzle? I got the colors: grey grey white black, but I got nowhere.

Do you have to make his hair black too?

omg got it, it is the picture

I'm out.

For the temple puzzle:
Check out the rock colors, 2 gray and one dark gray (more like black), also the man standing in the middle is wearing a white robe. Now use their distance to solve the puzzle (the further away the closer to the top of the grid).

gray on first line first block, gray on second line second block,white on forth line third block, black on third line forth block

Tosca...thanks for trying to help....but that doesn't work. Tab simply does not show up anything at all in that particular scene!There just HAS to be a way to get it without using Tab surely? I have never used Tab before to play any of these games. I am soo frustrated!

Got it! Thanks cnp! I wouldn't have figured that out on my own, I don't think!

bravo, cnp5!!

if you use tab in the room with smoke and select space on the orizzontal line you'll see a symbol... but I'm stuck... I can't use the lava machine and I've oopart2 and 3 and one last space for an object in my inventory... and I've to solve the temple puzzle also.


I think if you get the temple puzzle first, that is how you get the jammed piece instead of using tab space.

OK...thanks for the help...solved grid puzzle....part002 flicked loose when all machinery started working. Where do I now put this part? And I still have 1 empty spot on inventory.

OK...thanks for the help...solved grid puzzle....part002 flicked loose when all machinery started working. Where do I now put this part? And I still have 1 empty spot on inventory.

I think so too diana (about the temple puzzle)

Click, that just shows you the previous rock that was there. This game was a big glitchy with me.

I'm sure if you get the temple puzzle first, the item jamming the gears will be released.

I don't like cats, but this one saved the world!

Great game Great players.
Did the temple puzzle.
Still stuck with the bronze key

I've solve the puzzle and the machine work now but I've part2 and 3 and one empty space in my inventory. What about the levers in the last room?

Oh dear...the poor cat has electrocuted itself to fix the exposed sparking wire!I still have one space left to fill. Have been up in a spaceship, been shot at, now everything is buzzing and lit up. What am I missing?

Put the pentagon piece in the wall where the red ball opened a niche. This well created another hole with a treasure chest. Use the stone to knock it down and then use bronze key on it.

I ended with an empty space in inventory.

For levers, look at the tombstone in the room to the left of the ladder.

I have to say, this was a great game.

Before I head off to bed....thank you everyone for all the help...and one last thing....have I finished if I have a lit up sparking, buzzing room with an electrocuted cat? Is that the end? Or is there more?

WOW What an ending
THX everyone and specially Diana.

well,me too!i'm boozing,and cat it,s stil here.

The empty space is now filled with the ded cat. Wait long enough after congratulations.

ok, out with one space empty... ciao!

Power of posting! I ended up back in a lab and brought cat back to life! he was the last item in inventory! Great game!!

Haha, dead cat. Nice!

Game is not finished yet. Looking for a place to put Joyce (name of the cat)

Now I am in a modern office.

very brutal LOL

poor cat!!!!!!!

YES I electrocuted the cat once more with fibrillationmachine and pussy is back to life.
Real finish now.
Isn't that a pity.


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